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5 FERRO MANGANESE PLANT, JODA CONSENT FOR EXISTING/NEW OPERATION OF THE PLANT (Under Sec.21 of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 Consent Details of the Consent Condition Condition No. Special Conditions 1 Particulate matter emission from the furnace stacks at the GCP shall not exceeds 100mg/Nm 3. 2 The industry shall operate the Gas Cleaning System always so that the emission shall confirm to the prescribed standard of 100mg/Nm 3 for particulate matter. 3 Appropriate measures shall be adopted to collect the fumes from metal tapping area 4 D G Sets shall be made acoustically designed enclose to control the noise level & over anti vibration pads to avoid vibration. 5 Adequate pollution control measures shall be taken for controlling fugitive dust emission from all process areas like raw material handling, feeding etc. and the ambient air quality inside the factory premises shall confirm to the National Air Quality Standards. 6 The board reserves the right to revoke/refuse consent to appropriate at any time during period for which consent is granted in case any violation is observed & to modify /stipulated additional conditions as deemed appropriate. 7 a. The height of the stack shall be: H=14Q 0.3, where H is the stack height in meter, Q= emission of SO2 in kg/hr. b. The height of the DG stack should be 3.5 meters above the roof top. Complied Complied Compliance status Fume extraction system installed at tap hole. D G Set installed inside the closed room over antivibration pads to avoid vibration. Sprinkling system provide at raw material feeding and handling areas.through monitoring of ambient air quality inside the factory premises it is confirmed that National Air Quality Standards has been maintained. There is no violation against the consent. The stack height complies with the prescribed standards. The DG stack has been heightened to comply with the norms (4mtrs.) 8 Energy meter shall be installed in GCPs. Already installed in MCC room & are working effectively. Complied 9 The Industry shall abide by the E.P. Act, 1986 and rules framed there under. ANNEXURE-1 Ambient air quality monitoring. Monitored as per the parameters of the OPCB by M/s S.S. Environics, BBSR General Conditions 1 To provide accessibility for air sampling. Provided for all stacks. 2 To monitor parameter as indicate in 4(4). Monitored as per the norms. 3 Any change in the operating practice other than mentioned in the consent application and review of consent order. 4 Change in quality quality/rate of emission, alteration in pollution control facilities & permission from the OPCB for the same. 5 Maintaining 1/2/3 monitoring stations for monitoring as per Annexure I and send monitoring report on monthly basis. No Enhancement in the quality of production is informed to board through consent application. 24 hrly monitoring is done thro Respirable dust samplers at two stations (both upstream and downstream) with a frequency of twice in a week. AII-5

6 Consent Details of the Consent Condition Condition No. 6 Installation of Metrological station to record wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, rainfall and etc. 7 a. Submission of Monthly report on progress on installation of air pollution control equipment. b. Progress on procurement & installation of monitoring facilities for ambient air quality and metrological data. Compliance status The data are collected from the Geological Office which is 1 km far and are furnished in the Consent application annually. Not Applicable. as it is complied since long. c. Monthly extract on daily discharge. Not applicable, since the entire process water is recycled. d. Progress on plantation. Undertook plantation inside plant. 8 Any upset condition in any of the plant(s) No which is likely to result in increased emission and/or result in violation of the standards and information to Board telegraphically. 9 Providing request information to the visiting Officer of the Board. Provided whenever asked for. 10 Submission of flow sheet and particulars of proposed control equipment, monitoring equipment. Time schedule for completing installation of the same. Flow sheet has been submitted once with the consent application and no alternation has been made in the system thereafter. 11 Revocation condition under section-21. No 12 Application for consent renewal in time. Yes (Applied 4 months in advance i.e. on for Payment of necessary fees for obtaining consent. 14 Submission of revised consent application in case of change in quality/quality of raw materials, manufacturing process, rate of emission & air pollution control equipment. 15 a. Provision of alternate source of power to operate the air pollution control facilities. b. Information to Board on the event of failure of primary source of power. 16 Alternation/replacement of any pollution control facility or chimney with prior approval of the Board. 17 Treatment of liquid effluent arising out of the air pollution control equipment. Requisite fees have been deposited along with the consent application. No change has been made. DG set of 300 KVA capacity is available as an alternate power source which would be substituted by a 380 KVA DG set with inbuilt acoustic enclosure. Shall be done when required. No alternation has been done. The GCP sludge is dried in the sludge drying pit and then is disposed of in the earmarked area. 18 Proper disposal of solid waste. Done as per EMS procedure. 19 trees/acre. Planted 1500 saplings over an area of half an acre. 20 Providing facilities to the Board staff for air sampling. Provided whenever asked for. 21 The monitoring system adopted by the It is complied as and when AII-6

7 Consent Details of the Consent Condition Compliance status Condition No. applicant to be opened for inspection by the required. Board at any time. 22 Any fugitive or episodal discharge. No 23 Action to be taken to bring down the emission level within the norm of the Board. The emission level always meets the Board s norm by having the GCP operation of more than 95% 24 Maintenance and operation of the air pollution control facilities to achieve the terms & conditions of the Consent. 25 Any injury to private property/invasion of any personal rights /infringement of central, State Laws or Regulations. 26 Cleanly maintenance of Industry, air pollution control facility (to make them leak proof) and all the places accessible including sampling ports. GCP operation, Haul road sparkling and avenue plantation has improved the air quality. No These are effectively maintained and sampling ports are made accessible. 27 Display of consent in prominent places. Latest consents are displayed conspicuously. 28 Opening of inspection book and making Complied available to the Board Officials. 29 Part or whole variation in consent condition Not Applicable. after hearing the applicant 30 The applicant shall have no claim whatsoever to the condition or renewal of the consent after its expiry. Yes 31 Board has the right to review, impose Agreed. additional conditions, revoke, change or alter the terms & conditions of this consent. 32 Information to the Board regarding the Complied change of Occupier. FERRO MANGANESE PLANT, JODA CONSENT FOR DISCHARGE OF TRADE/DOMESTIC EFFULENT (Under Sec.25/26 of the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 Consent Details of the Consent Condition Condition No. Special Conditions 1 The cooling water shall be completely recycled and shall not be discharged to outside under any circumstances. Periodically discharge of cooling water shall be made on its own land inside the factory premises. 2 The domestic effluent shall be discharged to sock pit via septic tank constructed as per BIS specification. 3 There shall be no discharge of any type of waste water to outside of the factory premises. 4 Solid waste shall be dumped inside the factory premises in such a manner to prevent ground water contamination and any public nuisance or used for road making. Retaining wall shall be provided around the sludge dump yard to restrict Compliance Status Cooling water has been recycled inside the plant and not discharged to outside the premises. Complied No waste water discharge from the plant to outside factory premises. Complied AII-7

8 Consent Details of the Consent Condition Condition No. washout to nearby Kundra Nallah. 5 The industry shall abide by the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and rules framed there under. 6 In case the consent fee is revised, the unit shall pay the differentials amount to the Board to keep the consent order in force. If they fail to pay the amount within the period stipulated to the Board the consent order will be revoked without prior notice. 7 No discharge of industrial effluent outside the factory premises. Compliance Status Complied Complied. 8 Domestic effluent to be discharged to septic tank followed by a soak pit. 9 The industry shall abide by the EP Act.1986 Complied General Conditions 1 Installation of water meters at the entrance of the water supply. 2 Installation of water meters at the inlet of consumption of process, cooling and domestic purpose. 3 Installation of mechanical composite sampling equipment. And continuous flow measuring/recording devices on the effluent drains o trade as well as domestic effluent. A record of daily discharge is to be maintained. 4 Information to the Board in case of any alternation/deviation from the parameters prescribed in the application. 5 Any change in the quality/quantity of rate of discharge or the route of discharge and Board s approval thereof 6 To comply with the directives/conditions of the Consent Order 7 Forwarding the following to Board before 10 th of every month: a. Performance/progress on ETP b. Status of installation of mechanical composite sampling & continuous flow recording/measuring devices. No trade effluent is discharged out due to closed system. 100% Complied. Water meters have been installed at the entrance of the supply. Water meters have been installed for cooling, process and domestic consumption. Not applicable as we have zero discharge. Complied c. Monthly statement of daily discharge 8 Any upset condition which may violet the standards and its reporting to Board 9 Furnishing information to the inspecting officials Furnishing as and when of the Board asked for 10 Review of consent condition by the Board NO 11 Revocation of consent condition NO 12 trees/acre. Planted 1500 saplings over an area of half an acre (approx) 13 Making application 30 days prior to the expiry of consent. Applied on for Change in quality/quantity of raw material, NO AII-8

9 Consent Details of the Consent Condition Condition No. products, manufacturing process etc. and submission of revised consent application to the Board. 15 Display of caution board where effluent enters into water body or any other area. 16 a. Information to Board on alternation power source to maintain facilities b. Information on compliance to the terms and conditions of the consent in case of power failure. 17 The discharge from the other premises should not be allowed to mix with discharge from own premises 18 Storm water shall not be allowed to mix with the trade and/or domestic effluent on the upstream of the terminal manholes, where the flow measuring devices shall be installed. 19 Classification and proper disposal of the solid wastes a. Land fill in case of inert materials, care to be taken to avoid round water pollution through leaching b. Controlled incineration, whenever possible in case of combustible organic materials c. Compositing of Biodegradable materials 20 Management of toxic materials and obtaining of authorization for handling of hazardous wastes. 21 Leak proofing of all the pipes, valves, sewers and drains 22 Facility to be provided to the Board staff for collection of samples 23 Efficient working of treatment system and control facilities 24 Encroachment of facilities/breaching of Central or State Laws due to the issuance of consent 25 Unauthorized construction of any facility/structure in the natural water course 26 Communication to the consent issue authority in case of difficulty in complying to the consent condition(s) 27 Diversion/bypass of any discharge other than that is mentioned in the condition of the consent and notify the same to Board 28 Submission of water quality analysis report to Board every month. Compliance Status DG set of 300 KVA capacity is available as an alternate power source which would be substituted by a 380 KVA DG set with inbuilt acoustic enclosure. Shall be done when required. Done as per the environmental management system procedure. Controlled incineration is done in the Reduction Arc Furnace. Done regularly Authorization has been granted by the Board vide letter No.-Ind/IV/HW- 54/8639 dated and all the conditions are complied with Maintained very effectively to prevent leakage Facilities are provided whenever ask for Continuous function is ensured at all time NO Communicated verbally or in writing as and when required Submitted to Board on a monthly basis and as and when required 29 Installation of mechanical dosers for water Chemical (flocculent) is done AII-9

10 Consent Details of the Consent Condition Compliance Status Condition No. treatment through dosing pumps only 30 Maintenance of anaerobic lagoons 31 Utilization of treated effluent on Factory s own The treated water is re land, if any and there should not be any effluent circulated into the system going into the water course 32 Effluent disposal on land without any nuisance of inundation 33 Alternate disposal in case of dispute on land disposal/other problem 34 Drying of sludge in sludge drying peds and Complied fully recirculation of the over flow/drained liquids 35 Measures to be taken for disposal of treated effluent on land for irrigation 36 Complaints from surrounding areas as a result of NO discharge of sewage/trade effluent 37 ETP units and disposal measures shall become operative at the time of commencement of production 38 The fact of commissioning of the industry shall be intimated to the Board in time 39 Any change in the Occupier shall be informed to the Board AII-10

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