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1 L1 i Now available commercially Sulfur Tetraf uoride S4 Available in commercial quantities, or from stock in 1, 5, 15 and 45 lb. cylinders as a liquefied gas under its own vapor pressuire of about 140 p.s.i.g. at 70 F. Purity is typically 97 h and typically contains 1.5 o sulfuryl fluoride, O carbon tetrachloride and 0.900% trichlorofluoromethane. Write for fact sheet to Matheson, P.O. Box 85, East Rutherford, New Jersey, U9 EATHFSNN East Rutherford, N. J.; Joliet, Ill.; LaPorte, Texas; Morrow, Ga.; Cucamonga, Calif.; Newark, Calif. Matheson of Canada, Ltd., Whitby, Ont, Big One - I.." Is New Again and Bigger New Gases / New Equipment New 12 Page Mixture Section Write for your copy today * WATHESON P. 0. Box 85, East Rutherford, N. J Physicians entering practice are denied privileges in some hospitals uintil they belong to the local coulnty mcedical societv. FuLrthermore, the Joint Comnmission on Hospital Accreditation is controlled by the AMA, the American Hospital Assoca-tion. ancd the American College of Surgeons. WithouLt aiccreditation. hospitals are not approv Ced for certain tv pes of health insurance care. for federal t tinds for building (Hill- Harris fnlds) and are othersw ise hampered. In addition. ANMA membership is required for certification bs some ( iot all ) specialty bocards. Thts, for one reason or another, miany physiciains eventltallk are forced to pay dules to the AM\A in order to fullfill their priniary obligation wm hich is to their patients. (It is well known that the AMA has almple funds for lobby ing and public relations and does incleed serve its members swell in these and in marnv other respects. such as grotp insurance.) One admirable objective olf all this is to mnaintain high stalndards of miledical practice. blt it remnains to he seen whether this could be better accomplishecl by ain agency other than the AMA. At present there is little or no control over the quality of medicall practice oultside hospitals. and little enough inside. A more Sibtle, less known objective of the AMA has been to protect the economic interests of its members, and in this it has been singul,arly SUCcessful. So, while there are marnv phbsiclans s ho might wish to revolt against the ANMA, wvhen the chips are down. few will do so. HERBERT L. JOSEPH 1516 Nvoapa St-eet. Vallejo., Cliforntia The StLident American Medical Associ ation, although enjoying a close working relationship with the AMIA as well as atll other major medical organizations, is in no w av financiallk or politically tieci to it as Langer's dlescription junior AMA- wouldi imply I anger also implies that SANI A and the Student Health Organizations are in opposition and work-ing at cross pulrpose. She neglects to menitioln thl the itiitiil national SHO meeting Was sponsored hv SAM A at the Univ ersitv of Chicago in 1966, that mranv of the SHO groups are SANIA chapters that hav e clected to aflilate with hoth orga'nizations. and that national SANIA has a formal liaison with the SHO. SAMIA has indeed becn energized" with respect to community health procrlrams hv the impressive efforts of SHO Creating a 'temperature plateau' to calibrate temperature transducers IKs; in~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.vti, prv The L&N 8411 Fixed Temperature Standard consists of a vertical electric furnace and a cell containing a pure metal sample. It's virtually infallible inprvding equi I a known, fixed-reference I temperature (such as the zinc-point) tor calibrating resistance thermometers or thermocouples. Here's why. The sample-any of seven metals whose freezing points are used to define the International Practical Temperature Scale-surrounds a Pyrex thermometer well, within the cell. Furnace temperature is raised to a point above the melting point of the sample, then power is reduced. When sample temperature drops to the point of eqilibrium between solid and liquid states (freezing point), the design of the 8411 helps hold this temperature constant on a "plateau" for an extended period (up to six hours). Precise and uniform temperature is assured, since metal samples employed are bdetter than , pure. Furthermore, the cell is designed to permit the element Linder test to be immersed in tie well to a depthn o 18 inches. providing maximum support tor the glass tubes of platinum resistance thermomete rs atrid a ss uri ng ad eq uate h eat retention at the thermometer. Cells are interchangeable, so a singl'e tuirnace can provi'de any or all of the seven freezigl points. Interested? For further details, contact yomr nearby L&N Field Office, or write us at 4926Stenton Avenue, Piladelplhia, Pa [N1 LEEDS & Philadelphia 44 * NORtHrFJP= Pioneers in Precision SCIENCE. VOL. 157

2 in this area, and we have established an ad hoc committee on community health problems to establish similar projects in the areas outside of California, New York, and Chicago where SHO has little representation. In addition, we will continue to represent responsibly our membership of 60,000 medical students, interns, and residents in the areas of evaluation and financing of medical education, international health, house staff salaries, the doctors draft, medical legislation, and any other pertinent concerns. DAVID A. KINDIG 1424 East 58 Street, Clhicago, Illinois World Weather Watch As a member of the U.S. delegation to the congress of the World Meteorological Organization, I found Walsh's article ("World weather watch: meteorologists of the world unite," 16 June. p. 1470) gave a good account of the actions taken to implement plans for the World Weather Watch. Unfortunately in his brief review of the development of the world weather programs, he has used confusing expressions such as ".. bringing meteorologists and atmospheric scientists closer together..." and "... the meteorologists need the scientists.... Most of the scientists working on the world weather programs are meteorologists. The World Weather Watch, conceived by the WMO, is under the direction of meteorologists employed by the governmental agencies. The special committee of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and the International Council of Scientific Unions which has been working on the formulation of the Global Atmospheric Research Program also is made up largely of meteorologists. The major goals of GARP and WWW have a great deal in common. The former is chiefly concerned with developing a better understanding of the entire atmosphere. The WWW shares this goal, but also is aimed at improving weather service, particularly weather forecasting. The meteorological scientists involved recognize that success can be achieved only if the available talent is unified in this ambitious and worthwhile undertaking. Louis J. BATTAN Am eric(an Meteorological Society, 45 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts SEPTEMBER 1967 Tens of thousands of dissertations have been written. That's not news. But we can find the one you want in seconds. That is. Finding the right dissertation at the right time is a problem. Compiling a bibliography of relevant titles means days-even weeks-of searching. It's a formidable, time-wasting problem for researchers and librarians. Now there's a way that greatly reduces the time needed to put together a bibliography of pertinent dissertations. It's a way to quickly and inexpensively get actual research started sooner. It's a service named DATRIX. A computer is the core of DATRIX. Here's what it does: It performs a thorough search of the more than 126,000 post-1938 dissertations we have in our files (including 95(o of those written last year at U.S. and Canadian universities); retrieves, with computer speed, titles of desired dissertations; and prints out the desired bibliograplhy. Positive microfilm or bound xerographic copies of the complete dissertations can be ordered. DATRIX is another new service of University Microfilms, a pioneer in making the library a more efficient research tool. Using DATRIX is simple and direct. With our order form and descriptive words selected from a key-word list supplied, the researcher defines his specific area of interest. When this request is transmitted to a computer, a bibliograplhy of relevant titles is printed and mailed to the library or individual so that they'll have what they need in working days instead of waiting weeks. For the DATRIX brochu re, write: University Microfilms Library Services, Xerox Corporation, 300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan XEROX El ATIC N DVlIII J UNIVERSITY MICROFILMS LIBRARY SERVICES DATRIX IS A TRADEMARK OF XEROX CORPORATION. 1263

3 fig r Q X.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7 I trssting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1.t... separate: POL YPEP TIDES ALL AM/NO ACIDS NUCLEO TIDES MANY OTHER COMPOUNDS MODEL D v ~ high-voltage =1 i;znizr.]ji * Easy loading with folding rack * 5,000 volts at 300 ma. * Paper immersed in bifurcated fiberglass tank containing Varsol * Varsol, a light petroleum fraction, has a high flash point (over 100' C.), does not conduct electricity, and has the proper degree of volatility * Cold tap water run through stainless steel coils at top of tank is only coolant necessary HE.....E.. -I.auUEUinUm.a. Om ELECTROPHORESIS IN ONE DIMENSION on 181/4" x 221/2" sheets of filter paper (Chromatography may be done in second dimension). Many complex mixtures can be rapidly resolved by electrophoresis in one dimension on papers up to 4 feet long. Developed in the Laboratory of Cellular Physiology and Metabolism, National Heart Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. Special thanks are due to Dr. William J. Dreyer, whose co-operation and suggestions are gratefully acknowledged by Gilson Medical Electronics. * Safety features: Strong, joint-free fiberglass trical and fluid leaks tank eliminates elec- High voltage connected to inside of tank by Nylon and stainless steel plugs attached to edge of tank Highly reliable interlock of the cover handle provided by an extension When cover is / turned off removed, high voltage is ipso facto No capacitors paratus to sneakily store electricity in ap- GILSON MEDICAL ELECTRONICS Middleton, Wisconsin Telephone 608/ GILSON products are also manufactured in Europe: GME * 69, Rue Gambetta - 95, Villiers-Le-Bel, FRANCE 1264 SCIENCE, VOL. 157

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5 with the new series of 800 kc MULTISONSRO Generators MODEL 250 FF RF po(wer output: 125 watts Submersible trans- "_ ', ducer output: 80 watts 5- - Temperature range: up to 212F Price: $ RF power output: 30 watts Submersible transducer output: 18 watts Temperature range: up to 212F Price: $ Special transducers available for irradiation in corrosive liquids. APPLICATIONS Cell destruction, selective extraction, accelerated dissolution, particles dispersion, sterilization, oxydations, hydrogenation, hydrocarbons decomposition, polymerization, depolymerization, catalysts activation, micronic aerosolization, flame spectro- photometry. PIONEERS IN APPLIED SONICS AND ULTRASONICS MACROSONICS CORPORATION 1001 Roosevelt Avenue Carteret, New Jersey Phone barriers to the transfer ol' molecuiles, bhit this mechanism has not becn xvorkcdl OLIt satistactorilv. l-he tiunction of the notnial aind the abtiornmal p1lacenta needts Li great deal C SttLidV.\Vi rtlilx nothinll is kno\s ii of the correlation betwencii abnorm alities in the pli ccnta aind abnormalities in the ctuis. l-ic sitc ol oricili of plas11m cells alind thlc Pr-oCuLIction1 of Ll t ti ) *1C S iiil t 61C l1 tx1 L "I 1 I-) t C C [1 t, Sit dletel-i illt(i bx hiopsx, examinitioll of dclis ci edi placeut is, 01i hbx C\i iapolltill IrmII ain1im1a1l llmodels. hxlve vct to be aisccrttainllc Onie of the ihiost promisiiie animail 0lel0t lsl'ot- in-1111a111 Conecllit al mall, o- ntiit iniis is t le babooii 4 lic tx( o*ss tc,t S - tiiic of its placiie.lital is cotillatmrable to the hiimaii li1 ir-odlictinl of IlIIOo- 1clia \\sithl thallidoll-iildc iii d(oscs "iiiiir to t il.l rcornded f or liliu,1l1iihemiits S c ii ti'pi a t le. 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NIt i-(l mi,i /X(~~~~~i I/, Woo,.nslomr-,l B I / cvt,1 I a1- /a si Nalamb [li( ( a/ i s IC Of Ch (lil.h /miall IBc/iiIiil(lll('if d(ili (, Calendar of Events,t ('oturses MNoderni Developments in Lows Speedi yerodna mmics xx ithl applicatioti to VT0L.t Tilll.ahonia. Teunii.. 2'5 Sept.- Oct. Fee: S3(0(0. I)allnd/n: 1X8Sept. (D)i rector. ( oiitinuincll Fiucatioti. tuitv. of I etitiessee SpaIee istitlite. 1.lllahomna I cniii ) Applied Transducer X\ orkshop. Ho4n;tconig. N.J.. 0) Cet.- Noxv. I usti rtictiti ill llstrrinmeratiot a tild priness t raiisd LIcer tier fornmiace. desictia. arila a pp lication. I-ce: S20f). D)r. S. D. Black. ( cotter fot P'rofessiorial ALdsvlxtcenerit. P'.O. Box 66 Hopateorig ff7843 ) Researchl and D)evelopmienit Managenienit C L'0I illbins ( Ist s cek- atill Athens ( 2nd! xeck ). Ohio. 24 Sept.-6 Ocr. Fomscicit ists anti( eiigiiieesr x ii tiianacei al -espotisiliil ties. ILimiteL to 65 patrticiparnts. I(i ec t(tor. C enter fot NI atiacageniit Dex elopiiierir. ('ohiceee of BLUsiness Adliiiistration. ()hio tninersitx. Athens 457(1) St It NC E, VOL. 157