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1 Arab Water World ww. April / Vol. XXXIII XXIII - Issue No. 4 Recycling & Water Reuse Modern reuse technologies address growing water demand Desalination Technology Environmental prediction and management of brine discharges from desalination plants Groundwater Development Methods of operation and the hazards of over-pumping Photo by: Severn Trent Services Serving the Water, Wastewater, Desalination & Energy Sectors in the Middle East & North Africa - Since 1977

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3 Arab Water World Vol. XXXIII - Issue No. 4, April 2009 عالم املياه العربي مجلد - 33 عدد رقم 4 نيسان )أبريل( 2009 I S S u E C O n T E n T S 1-5 InTrOduCTIOn 1 Issue Contents 2 CPH Team 4 Opening Letter 6-19 FEATurE desalination Technology 6 BrineDis - Environmental planning, prediction, and man- of BRINE DIScharges from seawater desalination agement plants EnErGY FOCuS Wave / Tidal Energy 20 New wave power systems: 1.5 MW steel wave energy buoys InduSTrY SPOTLIGHTS 26 recycling & Water reuse UV technology for wastewater treatment and water reuse 32 Groundwater development 34 - The method of operation determines the quality and quantity of water harvested from groundwater wells 39 Pipes & Leak detectors Active leakage control in low pressure situations 46 Laboratory Equipment & Instruments Connects: Elevating the role of laboratory informatics into the enterprise COunTrY / regional reports 50 Iraq New strategies and monitoring for the requirements of water projects in Iraq 53 Turkey Water sector privatization and management in Turkey 56 Scandinavia Jungle Book (Volvo) departments 60 Industry Literature 62 Interviews & Profiles 64 Corporate Happenings 69 Products & Services 71 Project & development 72 E-news EVEnTS 73 Event Preview 74 Event review SErVICES 76 Industry Contacts 80 Coming Events 81 Buyers Guide InFO 84 Advertisers Index 85 AWW regulations & Guidelines 86 Word of the Expert Cover photo by: Severn Trent Services p.10 p.22 p.26 p.50 Arab Water World (AWW) magazine (ISSN ) published by Chatila Publishing House (CPH) All rights reserved عالم املياه العربي (ISSN ) تصدر عن دار شاتيال للنشر جميع احلقوق محفوظة p.60 p.74 مقدمة محتويات العدد 2 فريق العمل 4 الرسالة اإلفتتاحية 19-6 موضوع خاص تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه - 6 يةة التخطيط واإلستباق واإلدارة البيئية للمياه العالية امللوحة الناجتة عن طاا محطات التحلية الطاقة توليد الطاقة بواسطة األمواج واملد واجلزر وة - 20 أنظمة عوا أخبار صناعية امة جديدة لتوليد الطاقة من األمواج بقوة 1,5 ميغاواط 26 إعادة التدوير وإعادة إستعمال املياه ملعاجلة مياه الصرف حيي الصحي وإلعادة إستعمال ما فوق البنفسجي يةة تقنية األشع عةة املياه 3 2 تطوير املياه يةة اجلوفية املستقاة من آبار املياه وكمية املياه 34 تأثير طريقة التشغيل على نوعيةة يةة اجلوفية التسرب 39 األنابيب وأجهزة كشف بالتسربات في املنشآت ذات الضغط املنخفض التحكم 46 املعدات يةة املخبرية وأجهزة القياس Connects اإللكتروني اجلديد للمنشآت يةة املخبرية برنامج تقارير البلدان / املناطق 5 0 العراق حتكم حلاجات مشاريع املياه في العراق استراتيجي ياات جديدة وخطط 53 تركيا خصخصة وإدارة قطاع املياه في تركيا 5 6 الدول االسكندينافية تفوق ماكينات Volvo في األدغال البانامية أقسام مكتبة العدد 60 مقابالت فاا وملفات الشركات 62 أخبار الشركات 6 4 منتجات وخدمات 69 مشاريع وتطويرات 71 أخبار إلكترونية معارض ومؤمترات عرض مسبق ملعارض ومؤمترات 73 معارض ومؤمترات سابقة 74 خدمات مرجع الصناعات املائية 76 معارض ومؤمترات مقبلة 80 دليل املشترين 81 معلومات فهرس املعلنني 84 شروط نشر املقاالت اإلشتراكات 85 كلمة اخلبير 86 محتو يا ا لع

4 Arab Water World (AWW) magazine Vol. XXXIII - April 2009 CPH Team Members Founders Mr. Fathi Chatila Mrs. Mona Chatila ( ) Management President / Publisher Fathi Chatila (Eng.) / Administrative Manager Abdul Rahman Hallak / Editorial & research Editor-in-Chief Fathi Chatila (Eng.) / Associate Editor & researcher Jad Sarkis / Circulation & Marketing Circulation & Marketing Manager Jad Aboulhosn / Information Technology Advanced IT Operator / Assistant Accountant Hala Nizam / Mail & Services Mail & Service Manager Abdul Rahman Hallak / Graphic design Senior Graphic designer Samer Manasfi / Honorary Editorial Consultants (HEC Board) Mr. Abdullatif I. Al-Mugrin Water Science & Technology Association (WSTA), Bahrain dr. Bakenaz A. Zeydan - Head of Water Engineering Department, Tanta University, Egypt dr. Eng. darwish Ibrahim Yousef Prof. of Yousef Office for Science & Engineering, Syria dr. Jalal Halwani - The Lebanese University, Lebanon Eng. Mohamad Amin Saad President Masar Technologies, USA dr. Mritunjay Chaubey - Pentair Water, India Euro Ing. Prof. nidal Hilal Head of Advanced Water Treatment Research Group, School of Chemical, Environmental & Mining Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK dr. riyad Abou Maizar Associated Consultants Engineers (ACE), Bahrain dr. Walid Saleh - Int l Network on water, Environmental & Health (INWEH), The United Nations University, Jordan dr. Yousef Al. rumikhani - Assistant Professor - King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia Prof. Adel Sharif - University of Surrey, UK dr. Ing. Aiman Eid Al-rawajfeh - Tafila Technical University Dep. Chemical Engineering - Jordan dr. Sajid Mahmood (Azeemi) - Assistant Professor in Water Resources Management, COE in Water Resources Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan dr. Adil AL Tamimi - Associate Professor of civil enginering and Director of the institute of Materials Systems IMS School of Engineering, Anerican University of Sharjah UAE If you are interested in joining the AWW HEC board, kindly send us an with your resume and work samples to: A WOrLd OF BuSInESS OPPOrTunITIES The current issue of Arab Water World (AWW) magazine as well as archived issues is available online, free of charge (for registered users) CPH SErVICES Business Links Industry links: Section announcing international and regional manufacturers and suppliers of particular equipment and products. Agents and distributors available in the MEnA: This section carries the contact details of agents and distributors as well as companies active in a certain sector in the Middle East and North Africa. Buyers Guide: This section features a 9 x 6 cm space where every company can include its logo, contact details and over 50 words introducing its products & services Career Center Area opening up doors before employers to find the right candidate for the right job. Coming Events The coming events service offers a comprehensive listing of water events, conferences, seminars, and workshops. It enables interested users to set their calendars ahead. Information includes name of exhibition, venue, date, organizers complete details and addresses. Project Monitor (Coming Soon) This section highlights the latest news about major projects in the MENA. It is divided into four subsections: - Tenders announcements, requesting interested companies to make proposals, noting the deadline to do so; - Biddings presented by the different interested parties; - Awarded contracts with info about the company; and - Latest updates about the projects status along with work progress. Promo Shots (Coming Soon) Promo Shots is a new service serving to promote companies products and/or services via direct . A mail merge is sent to a vast number of regional and international decision-makers found in the AWW database. All firms, governmental agencies, event organizers, agents, distributors, suppliers and professional industrialists wishing to benefit from AWW services can write to

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6 opening letter Mistakes and incompetence in the implementation of water storage projects With rapid population growth and increasing demands for water, it was deemed necessary to find additional water resources to meet those needs. Concerned authorities usually resort for this purpose to build dams and artificial lakes, exploit groundwater aquifers, build water desalination plants, wastewater treatment, etc I will, in this article, touch on the main difficulties and obstacles that many Arab countries face when it comes to storing water. After preliminary studies of the course where the water is going to be stored, a working schedule is implemented, including hydrological and geological studies of the dam s location and the area over which the water will be stored. An electric measurement of the geological layers is also conducted, test wells are drilled to have a better understanding of the nature of these geological layers and the groundwater surface level; water wells existing in the dam s basin are also studied. Several other studies are also conducted for additional data. These studies should only have a duration of one year approximately, provided they re conducted under the supervision of professional experts. The results should indicate how reliable the dam location is, and the approximate amount of water that can be stored, in addition to the right type of dam required and the relevant costs. In Lebanon, however, such studies carry on for years and sometimes decades. For example, studies to assess the storage capacity at the Karaoun dam of the Litani River s water were initiated prior to Lebanon s independence in 1943 and the dam was only completed in Technical studies for the Shabrouh dam started in the mid 1970s and the dam was only completed two years ago. Studies conducted by the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water for the Janna dam on the Nahr-Ibrahim river, began in the late 1960s and are still being conducted at present. The same goes for the studies concerning the storing of the Damour River water, the Ministry had completely given up on the project and if it weren t for the studies I have conducted in 1996, the project would have been completely forgotten. So what are the real obstacles behind these delays in water storage studies in Lebanon and the rest of the Arab World? These can be narrowed to two main obstacles: First, the failure to assign the right man to the right job. An individual suitable for these kinds of tasks would be a professional expert in the field of Hyderogeology. Although the concerned authorities might have among their staff hydrology and geology professionals, but what they lack would be a leading hydrogeologist who can act as the catalyst and basis for the several required study projects. With the absence of such a professional, the remaining professionals are as blind as bats, unable to fulfill the necessary tasks. The second main obstacle is the absence of monitoring and control official bodies. These institutions operate freely without any boundaries and can easily and shamelessly stall the duration of such studies year after year. The best example relating to the abovementioned would be what is happening nowadays in Lebanon concerning the storing of the Damour River s water. Although I had expressed my opposition to the project s Book of Conditions, put together by the Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR), for it didn t include several required studies, the council went on and commissioned the project s works which yielded the expected results: The CDR failed in providing comprehensible studies that would reveal the actual storing capacity for the River s water, and the succession of flawed studies and recommendations persists Fathi Chatila Editor-in-Chief الرسالة اإلفتتاحية أخطاء في تنفيذ مشاريع تخزين املياه مع ازدياد عدد السك ان وارتفاع م عد ل إحتياجات الفرد للمياه كان من الضروري إيجاد مصادر مائية إضافية لكي ت لب ي هذه املتطل بات. ومن أهم األساليب التي يتم اللجوء إليها حلل هذه امل عضلة إقامة السدود والبحيرات اجلبلية إستثمار اخلز انات املائية اجلوفية بناء محط ات لتحلية املياه املاحلة معاجلة مياه الصرف الصح ي وغيرها. وسأتطر ق في كلمتي هذه إلى الصعاب والعراقيل التي تواجهها العديد من البلدان العربي ة لتخزين املياه. بعد القيام بدراسات أو لية للمجرى املائي امل راد تخزين املياه عنده يتم وضع برنامج عمل يشمل دراسات هيدرولوجية وجيولوجية ملوقع السد واملنطقة التي من املتوق ع جتميع املياه فوقها جس كهربائي للطبقات اجليولوجية عند موقع السد وحوضه حفر آبار إستقصائية لتحديد مواصفات الطبقات اجليولوجية وعمق سطح املياه اجلوفية دراسة اآلبار املنتشرة في حوض السد باإلضافة إلى غيرها من الدراسات التي تساهم في جالء الغوامض التي حتيط مبوقع السد والبحيرة. إن املد ة التي تستغرقها هذه الدراسات واألشغال إذا تم تنفيذها حتت إشراف أخصائيني كفوءين يجب أن ال تتجاوز سنة واحدة يتبني في نهايتها مدى صالحية موقع السد والتخزين وحت د د كمية املياه املمكن تخزينها ونوع السد املناسب للتخزين فضال عن أكالف املشروع. غير أن ما يحصل في لبنان خاصة هو أن هذه الدراسات متتد من عام إلى عام لتصل إلى عقد أو عقدين. فالدراسات امل تعل قة بتخزين مياه نهر الليطاني عند سد القرعون بدأت قبل أن ينال لبنان إستقالله في العام 1943 ولم ينته بناء السد قبل العام أما سد الشبروح فقد بدأت الدراسات الفنية له في أواسط السبعينات من القرن املاضي ولم ينته بناء السد سوى منذ عامني فقط. أما الدراسات التي قامت بها وزارة الطاقة واملياه لسد "جنة" على نهر إبراهيم فقد بدأت منذ أوائل الستينات وما زالت قائمة حتى الوقت الراهن وكذلك الدراسات املتعل قة بتخزين مياه نهر الدامور. فقد تخل ت الوزارة نهائيا عن تخزين مياه هذا النهر ولوال الدراسات التي أجريتها عام 1996 لبقي موضوع تخزين مياهه أمرا منسيا. فما هي األخطاء التي تقع فيه األجهزة املختصة إن في لبنان أو غيره من البلدان العربية والتي تؤد ي إلى إطالة أمد الدراسات العائدة لبناء السدود وتخزين املياه وي كن إختصار هذه األخطاء بإثنني أو لهما: "عدم وضع الرجل املناسب في املكان املناسب". فالرجل املناسب لوضع دراسات سليمة لتخزين املياه هو من يتمت ع باختصاص في علم "الهيدروجيولوجيا". فقد يتوف ر لدى هذه املؤس سات أهم العناصر امل ختص ة بعلم اجليولوجيا أو الهيدرولوجيا أو بناء السدود واجلس الكهربائي وغيرها غير أنها تفتقر إلى اإلختصاصي الذي ي شك ل العمود الفقري أو حجر األساس لتتمك ن هذه املؤس سات من القيام بدراسات علمية سليمة حت د د مدى صالحية املوقع الذي يتم دراسته لتخزين املياه. وعند االفتقار ملن هو ضليع بعلم "الهيدروجيولوجيا" فإن األخص ائيني املكلفني بهذه الدراسات يتصرفون مثل الضرير إذا طلب منه أن يصف الفيل. فمنهم من يصفه كاحلائط األملس ومنهم من يصفه كخرطوم طويل وغيرهم يصفه كالشجرة أو كالعامود املستدير الشكل. أم ا اخلطأ اآلخر فهو إنعدام عنصر املراقبة. فهذه املؤس سات تعمل على هواها وبدون أي حسيب أو رقيب وباستطاعتها إطالة أمد الدراسات عاما بعد عام دون أن ي شك ل لها ذلك أي إحراج. إن خير مثال على ما أشرت إليه هو ما يحصل حاليا في لبنان ويتعلق مبشروع تخزين مياه نهر الدامور. وبالرغم من إعتراضي على دفتر شروط خاص باملشروع قام مجلس اإلمناء واإلعمار بوضعه لكونه يخلو من العديد من الدراسات الضرورية فقد تم تلزيم األشغال وأتت نتائجها كما كان م توق ع. فقد أخفق املجلس في وضع دراسات شاملة تكشف حقيقة الوضع التخزيني للنهر ومسلسل الدراسات والتوصيات اخلاطئة م ستمر... فتحي شاتيال رئيس التحرير

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8 feature Desalination Technology تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه BrineDis - Environmental planning, prediction, and management of BRINE DIScharges from seawater desalination plants By Tobias Bleninger 1, Sabine Lattemann 2, Anton Purnama 3, Hamdi H. Al-Barwani 3, Robert L. Doneker 4, Gerhard H. Jirka 1 The authors are currently working together in a research project funded by the Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC, on the planning, design and environmental assessment of brine discharges (www. The article summarizes the first results presented during a workshop in November 2008 in Oman. The objective is to discuss the elaborated tools before finalizing the project with the aim to develop a modeling framework for the environmental-hydraulic design of the outfall system for desalination plants. The novelty of the work is the interdisciplinary combination of environmental issues with physical processes, discharge modeling, related plant design and regulatory issues for discharge permits. Environmental impacts The latest figures from the 20th IDA Worldwide Desalting Plant Inventory indicate that the combined capacity of all seawater desalination plants approached 28 million m³/day by the end of 2007 of which about 76% was situated in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Southern Europe, and is still strongly growing. The largest number of desalination plants can be found in the Arabian Gulf with an installed capacity of 11 million m³/day (Figure 1), or about half (45%) of the worldwide daily production. While in the Gulf region thermal processes (MSF, MED) account for 90% of the water production, the predominating process in the Mediterranean Sea is reverse osmosis (95% of all plants). Also noteworthy are the increasing plant sizes for these industrial size installations (Figure 2), such as the Al-Jubail (Saudi Arabia) MSF plant with 1.5 million m³/day capacity. But also outside the MENA region desalination is a fast growing market with hot-spots in Spain, California, Australia, and China. Figure 1: Seawater desalination capacity in the Arabian Gulf. The map shows all sites with capacities > 1,000 m³/day, the capacity by country, and the total installed capacity in the sea area (Lattemann and Höpner, 2007) Figure 2: Al Ghubrah desalination plant (largest in Oman, production capacity 191,000 m³/day): Brine waste discharge through an open channel at the beach into the Gulf of Oman (photo: H.H. Al- Barwani) Environmental impacts of seawater desalination plants are related to energy consumption and land use, but mainly to brine and cooling water effluent discharges into the marine environment (Einav, 2003). Due to the desalting process only approximately 10% (MSF) up to 50% (RO) of the intake water can be desalted, the rest is usually discharged back to the sea. In addition, desalination plants carry a number of waste products into the coastal environment (Lattemann and Höpner, 2003). Concentrated salt brine with increased temperature, residual chlorine levels, antiscalant and antifoaming additives are characteristic of reject streams from distillation plants. In RO reject streams, antiscalants as well as coagulants may be present if the backwash water from coagulation and media filtration is combined with the process wastewater before discharge. Metals from corrosion are usually found in varying, but relatively low concentrations. Copper contamination may be a concern in the reject streams of distillation plants, if copper-nickel alloys are used as heat exchangers. In addition, the reject streams, especially of RO plants, may contain harmful cleaning solutions if these are mixed with the concentrate and discharged into the sea. The environmental impacts of selected reject stream characteristics (salinity and temperature, chlorine, copper) are summarized in Lattemann and Höpner (2007). Negative effects on the marine environment can occur especially when high wastewater discharges coincide with sensitive ecosystems. The impacts of a desalination plant on the marine en- 06 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

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10 feature Desalination Technology تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه vironment depend on both, the physico-chemical properties of the reject streams and the hydrographical and biological features of the receiving environment. Enclosed and shallow sites with abundant marine life can generally be assumed to be more sensitive to desalination plant discharges than exposed, high energy, open-sea locations, which are more capable of diluting and dispersing the discharges. Water quality regulations Effluent discharges are usually regulated by limiting pollutant levels in the reject streams at the point of discharge (ES - effluent standards) and in the receiving environment (AS - ambient standards). By way of example, Table 1 contains the values for two chemical pollutants (copper and chlorine) usually defined in national or international regulations (here US-EPA and Worldbank standards). The ratio ES/AS is approximately 100 for copper and 27 for chlorine. The range of 5 to 1,000 is typical for most chemical as well as physical parameters, such as heat (temperature). This ratio describes the impact of the pollutants on the ecosystem, since the ES is considered to protect against acute (lethal) effects on organisms, while the AS is supposed to prevent long-time chronic influences. The ratio also expresses the necessary dilution that must be attained through physical mixing or - to some extent - through biological decay and chemical transformation processes. Table 1 Examples for effluent standards (ES) and ambient standards (AS) for two selected pollutants Pollutant example Emission standard ES Ambient standard AS ES/AS Copper 500 µg/l (Worldbank) 4.8 µg/l (USEPA) 104 Chlorine 200 µg/l (Worldbank) 7.5 µg/ (USEPA) 27 A combined approach, in analogy to wastewater discharges is proposed, which requires a regulatory mixing zone regulation (Jirka et al., 2004) that preserves the water quality objectives and accounts for the physical aspects of the mixing processes, with the following wording: The ambient standards apply in the case of point sources outside and at the edge of the mixing zone. The mixing zone is a spatially restricted region around the point source whose dimensions shall be specified either according to water body type and use or on an ad-hoc basis. A similar approach is used in the United States, the Sultanate of Oman, and other countries already. Furthermore, total allowable emission loads may be specified for certain pollutants, especially those that have a tendency for accumulating in the environment, taking the pollutant concentration and the wastewater flow rate into account. Therefore, a good knowledge of both the effluent properties and the receiving environments is required in order to evaluate the potential impacts of desalination plants on the marine environment. Mixing processes To comply with the above described regulations, modern, large capacity plants require submerged discharges that ensure a high dilution in order to minimize harmful impacts on the marine environment. Therefore worldwide, the use of submerged multiport diffusers is increasing rapidly gaining increased acceptance as effective means for the disposal of brine effluents into coastal waters. Mixing and dispersal of the discharge plume can be enhanced by installing a diffuser system, and by locating the discharge in a favorable oceanographic site which dissipates the heat and salinity load quickly. Salinity and temperature directly influence the density of the effluent. The various density differences between the brine and the receiving water represented by the buoyancy flux causes different flow characteristics of the discharge (Figure 3). The dense RO effluent flow has the tendency to fall as negatively buoyant plume and spread as a density current on the sea-floor. The effluent from thermal desalination plants is distinguished by a neutral to positive buoyant flux causing the plume to rise and to spread on the sea-surface. Figure 3: Brine discharge characteristics of desalination plants (Niepelt, 2008) For a first order of magnitude analysis a discharge calculator has been developed to compute the effluent properties (i.e. density, flow, temperature, salinity, etc.) and substance concentrations at the discharge point. The results are used to interpret the discharge situation. Two calculators have been developed. One for dense discharges, called RO-dischargecalculator, which also includes an estimation of the near-field / initial dilution in the near-field for very simplified conditions (Jirka, 2008). The other for thermal discharges, called MSFdischarge-calculator which yet does not include an estimator for the initial dilution. This is because of the variety of configurations for plant complexes, where thermal desalination is only a small part. The calculators are programmed in a MS Excel spreadsheet and available for download under www. Results of computations for different case-studies demonstrate the potential of the calculator to estimate the order of magnitude of expected dilutions at the discharge point and its surroundings. It furthermore allows analyzing the need for advanced discharge technologies which aim for enhanced effluent dispersion in the receiving environment and adequate discharge siting to avoid pollutant accumulation and to protect sensitive regions (Bleninger and Jirka, 2008). It also allows the interpretation of the probability of interaction with the intake. 08 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

11 Refer to RIN 05 on page 88

12 feature Desalination Technology تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه Discharge design and modeling The previously mentioned screening equations are useful for an order of magnitude analysis, but are not applicable for the design and analysis of discharge systems. Prediction models are needed, which include the effect of ambient currents, ambient density variations (i.e. stratified water bodies), and boundary interactions, as well as different discharge configurations, including multiport diffuser designs, and surface discharges. An optimized approach has been developed by coupling two different hydrodynamic models for the prediction of either the near-field mixing (CORMIX model, and/or the transport processes in the far-field (Delft3D, The coupling procedure has been described in Niepelt et al (2008). The developed tools are in the beta-testing phase and will be available for interested people. Further details, preliminary results, such as a comparison with laboratory studies can be found on the project homepage and have been presented Thus, the system will improve the permitting process for desalination brine discharges considerably for both the dischargers and the regulatory authorities. Furthermore, the analysis improves the plant design and operational conditions by optimizing the siting and design of the intake in relation to the outfall. Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the Middle East Desalination Research Center for its financial support and technical guidance. Furthermore, we are grateful that the European Desalination Society (EDS) sponsored our workshop activities. We thank the consultant Paul Akar (Lebanon) and the research assistant Anne Niepelt (University of Karlsruhe) and the student assistant Frank Münk (University of Karlsruhe) and the student John Bandas (Texas A&M University) for their continuous support of the project. References are available upon request Figure 4: Left: Laboratory setup to visualize a dense brine discharge resulting from a RO plant (Niepelt, 2008); Right: Modeled dense discharge with CORMIX. during the first project workshop in Oman (November 3 and 4, 2008) and the International Conference on Marine Waste Water Discharges and Coastal Environment , Croatia, sponsored by the IAHR/IWA Committee on Marine Outfall Systems. Conclusions The presented modeling framework has been adapted to state-of-the-art water quality regulations and relevant environmental impacts from desalination plants. The modeling framework includes simple order of magnitude calculators up to planning and design models to describe the concentration distribution and optimize the design and siting of multiport diffusers. 1 Institute for Hydromechanics, University Karlsruhe, Germany 2 Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM), University of Oldenburg, Germany 3 Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman 4 MixZon Inc. and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Portland State University, Oregon, USA يتناول هذا املشروع النتائج األولية ملشروع أبحاث قام به الدكتور Tobias Bleninger وشركاؤه بتمويل من مركز الشرق األوسط ألبحاث حتلية املياه لدراسة التخطيط والتصميم والتقييم البيئي لعملية تصريف املياه العالية امللوحة. ق د مت هذه النتائج خالل ورشة عمل أ قيمت في سلطنة ع مان في شهر تشرين الثاني )نوفمبر( املاضي. تهدف هذه األبحاث إلى مناقشة الوسائل املعتمدة في هذا املجال قبيل تطوير نطاق عمل لتشكيل مناذج وتصاميم هيدرولية مراعية للبيئة ألنظمة تصريف محط ات حتلية املياه. وكانت آخر األرقام من رابطة حتلية املياه الدولي ة قد أشارت إلى أن القدرة الشاملة عامليا حملطات التحلية بلغت 28 مليون متر مكع ب من املياه احملالة يوميا مع نهاية العام باملئة منها في مناطق الشرق األوسط وأفريقيا وجنوب أوروبا. أكبر عدد من محطات التحلية موجود في منطقة اخلليج العربي مع قدرة شاملة تبلغ 11 مليون متر مكع ب يومي ا. وتتزايد قدرات هذه احملط ات الضخمة تدريجيا كمحط ة اجلبيل في اململكة العربية السعودية العاملة بواسطة تقنية الوميض البرقي املتعد د املراحل والبالغة قدرتها 1,5 مليون متر مكعب يوميا. يتسارع منو هذا القطاع خارج منطقة اخلليج العربي في إسبانيا ووالية كاليفورنيا األميركية وأستراليا والصني. Refer to RIN 06 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

13 Refer to RIN 07 on page 88

14 feature Desalination Technology تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه Energy-efficient desalination technology development in Egyptian industries By Essam E. Khalil 1, and Mahmoud Shaaban 2 Water seems to be a superabundant natural resource on planet Earth. However, only 0.3 percent of the world s total amount of water can be used as clean drinking water. Man requires huge amounts of drinking water every day and extracts it from nature for innumerable purposes. As natural fresh water resources are limited, seawater plays an important part as a source for drinking water as well. In order to use this water, it has to be desalinated. Hence seawater desalination is a real challenge for Western Civilization. The base method for seawater desalination is distillation. Approximately 620 kwh of evaporation enthalpy is necessary to obtain 1 ton of drinking water. In technical installations, a multiple stage flash (MSF) evaporator is used requiring approximately 100 kwh/t (hot steam at 2 bars) and 3.5 kwh/t of electric energy for pumps. In contrast, the energy demand for reverse osmosis (RO) can be brought down to 7 kwh (large plants with pump pressure recycling and low water recovery rate) of electric energy for pump operation to produce 1 ton of drinking water with a salt content of below 500 ppm from seawater (total salt content of 3.7 percent). In small plants, however, pump pressure recycling is not applicable. In this case, energy requirements rise to of kwh/t water. In electrodialysis however, by means of ion exchange membranes, the driving force is the electric power removing the ions from the water which is to be desalinated. As the amount of electric power needed is proportional to the salt content of the water, it is impossible to give a specific required amount of electric energy. Therefore, this method is much more favorable in case of low salt contents, such as brackish water or water extracted from briny sources (heavily exploited fresh water sources near the sea) with an energy consumption of 3-8 kwh/t, than in case of high salt concentrations (energy required up to kwh/t). In case of relatively low salt contents, electrodialysis is fully competitive with regard to RO. To opt for one method or the other, the differences between both as discussed below have to be considered. Recently, seawater desalination demand in Egypt increased during 2007 and 2008 by almost 100,000 m 3 /day; this can be attributed to the vast development of industrial plants and touristic resorts. It is expected that the Egyptian market would be expanding to large reverse osmosis plant capacities; also a general increase in desalinated water production capacities is expected. The Egyptian private sector is seeking the establishment, operation, and maintenance of larger plants between 4,000 and 6,000 m 3 /day or more due to the continuous improvement of the durability and performance of modern equipment which leads to reduced power consumption by 25% in comparison with earlier models. This would contribute to green energy efforts in the country. The recent modifications of the national touristic policies encouraged business development along the north coast, in areas south of Marsa Alam and the western desert. Therefore, a larger potable water demand is expected and reverse osmosis would be the best solution to secure such water demands rather than transporting of Nile water through pipelines. The western parts of the north coast would require the establishment of at least 5 plants each of 500 m 3 /day capacity at the eastern parts of Marsa Matrouh and another 2 plants each of 1,000 m 3 /day capacity will be erected soon in tourist hotels at Matrouh. With touristic development and recreational facilities, many new golf courses are being established that would naturally require treated irrigation water. Desalination processes Table 1 outlines the commercially viable desalination processes in use worldwide today. The links from the table headings lead to descriptions of the processes. These are only general guidelines. There is no perfect process that covers all situations. For example the electrodialysis EDR schematic principles are shown in Figure 1. Electrodialysis (ED) is a process in which solutions are desalted or concentrated electrically. Salts in water dissociate into positively and negatively charged ions. The key to the ED process is a semi-permeable barrier which allows passage of either positively charged ions (cations) or negatively charged ions (anions) while excluding passage of ions of the opposite charge. These semi-permeable barriers are commonly known as ion-exchange, ion-selective, or electrodialysis membranes. The electrodialysis reversal (EDR) process was developed and introduced in the early 1970s to deal with this problem. By reversing the electric current and exchanging the fresh product water and the concentrate wastewater streams within the membrane stack several times per hour, fouling and scaling constituents Figure 1: Electrodialysis principles that build up on the membrane surface in one cycle are removed in the next reversing cycle. In addition to their significant role in desalination and water treatment, the ED or EDR processes are used in products and systems for processing food, chemical, and pharmaceutical products. Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO), Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR), and Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) are all membrane separation processes. The product water resulting from these processes is referred to as permeate. As a rule of thumb 1-2 % of salt in the source, or feed water, will pass through the membrane into the permeate. For example SWRO 12 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

15 Refer to RIN 08 on page 88

16 feature Desalination Technology تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه Table 1: Types of Desalination Processes for different water Quality Source Typical Feed TDS BWRO EDR MED MSF MVC SWRO Potable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Brackish 7,500 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Seawater 35,000 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Brine 60,000 No No Yes Yes Yes No produces around 350 PPM permeate from 35,000 PPM seawater. Multiple Effect Distillation (MED), Multiple Stage Flash (MSF), and Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) are all thermal processes which produce distilled water. Typically this distillate is very pure with total dissolved solids (TDS) of 1-50 PPM. Energy consumption Membrane processes normally utilize electric driven pumps as the prime source of energy but in remote locations diesel engines have been used. The thermal processes on the other hand use steam. MVC is a notable exception as this process frequently incorporates electric or diesel driven steam compressors as the primary source of energy. MED and MSF are classical thermal processes as they utilize steam from dedicated boilers, waste heat boilers or the extraction or back pressure steam from the turbines in power stations. Since all desalination processes can use some combination of energy sources and can be designed for different levels of energy efficiency, simple comparisons are difficult to make. The units for steam consumption are shown as kilograms of steam per kilogram of distillate produced. The industry norm for presenting this information is: Gained Output Ratio (GOR) = kg of distillate/ kg of steam Some smart soul in the annals of history noticed that one pound (lb) of steam has an energy content of approximately 1,000 British Thermal Units (BTU). This gave rise to the popular performance ratio, also known as economy, which is almost equal to GOR. PVC, FRP/RTRP and other non metallic pipes are not suitable for the high pressure services of SWRO Aluminum Bronze is only suitable for non-welded applications such as bolted tube sheets Special steels and other exotic stainless steels may only be available in plate and sheet form. Pipe fittings, instrumentation, and other components may not be available. Concluding remarks and recommendations The following is a summary of the most important conclusions of the present work: 1. The present work demonstrates the significance of seawater treatment for national development in Egypt. Emphases were placed on local manufacture utilizing appropriate clean technology transfer. Comprehensive technical assessments of the different alternative routes for desalination of small and medium sized units were underway. 2. The unit size for small communities was optimized as 50 m 3 / day and its multiplication. Reverse Osmosis units are of typical units of 250 m 3 /day and multiplications. 3. The selection of the appropriate water desalination scheme was strongly based on site-oriented parameters such as salinity, low grade energy availability, pollution, demand, land cost, etc Low-grade energy sources are available as waste heat from refineries and power plants in coastal areas. For independent, environmentally clean energy, reverse osmosis is recommended particularly at low feed salinity. 5. It is highly recommended to use cogeneration principles in desalination and power generation at off-grid locations. 6. The local manufacturing of desalination units in Egypt had started with promising potentials, particularly with the Reverse Osmosis methods. Acknowledgement The authors wish to express their thanks to their colleagues at Cairo University and TAM for valuable discussions and support. References are available upon request Economy = Performance Ratio = lb of distillate/1000btu, Also Performance Ratio = kg of distillate/2326 kj Energy consumption, operational costs and capital investment must all be compared simultaneously to provide the lowest evaluated cost process for any given project. While some processes may be excluded from any particular project simple guidelines are difficult to provide. Desalination material Some desalination materials may be incompatible with each other due to galvanic corrosion or other reasons. Some materials may not be available for all duties; examples are: 1 Professor of Mechanical Engineering, F.ASME, ASHRAE, F.AIAA Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University Egypt 2 Desalination Consultant, TAM Company, Cairo Egypt هذه الدراسة ت رك ز على ندرة املياه في املناطق الصحراوية والتي فيها زيادة سكانية مثل مصر وتوضح اإلحتياج الشديد إلى املياه والطاقة نظرا للزيادة السكانية وإنشاء مناطق جديدة لإلسكان وكذلك ارتفاع مستوى احلياة للفرد وزيادة االستهالك في املياه وأيضا نظرا للزيادة في كل من املجاالت البترولية والصناعية والسياحية في السنوات السابقة واملقبلة مما أد ى إلى التفكير في التوس ع في إنشاء محطات حتلية مياه البحر واآلبار نظرا للتقدم الكبير في تكنولوجيا محط ات التحلية والتي تتضم ن تقنيات التحلية بالتناضح العكسي والتحلية بالوميض البرقي املتعد د املراحل وغيرها من التقنيات. Refer to RIN 09 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

17 Refer to RIN 10 on page 88

18 feature Desalination Technology تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه In response to the needs of businesses and families, SBCC established a water producing and supplying company capable of providing good quality water, free from salt and odor at an affordable price and a reliable delivery service. Due to increasing demand from industry, a rapidly growing population, and climatic changes resulting in very little rainfall over the past few years, public desalination plants are struggling to provide enough fresh water for the communities needs. The current process of bringing water from natural wells is insufficient to cater to the demands of large Saudi cities, and obviously the price is not affordable, especially during the periods of high demand. SAWACO is the answer for KSA s water shortage. Refer to RIN 11 on page 88 SAWACO is blended with international process technologies and operational experience from the leading process and equipment suppliers. Its state-ofthe-art facility is equipped with the most advanced technology processes at every stage of production, this ensures high quality water conforming to international standards. SAWACO assures quality water surpasses the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO). In recognition of SAWACO s advancement to such high production standards, SAWACO is the first commercial water production company to operate in the Kingdom under a license awarded by the Ministry of Water and Agriculture. SAWACO has its headquarters in North Obhur, Jeddah. SAWACO s desalination Technologies SAWACO Water Desalination is the main company of Saudi Brothers Commercial Company (SBCC) in the water sector. Saudi Brothers Commercial Company is one of the largest conglomerates in the Middle East and is based SAWACO- Water Desalination in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. SBCC has a diverse range of business activities and is one of the top ranking business groups in the Middle East having various developing companies and strategic partnerships. SAWACO currently owns over 22,500 m 3 /day of desalination capacity under 24-hr operation, the company is ISO and HACCP certified. أ س ست شركة SAWACO Water Desalination التابعة ل SBCC السعودية للعمل في قطاع املياه وهي ت ؤم ن من مركزها في جد ة املياه وتقوم بتوزيعها على القطاعات الصناعية والتجارية والسكنية. لدى SAWACO حاليا قدرة حتلية مياه شاملة تبلغ 22,500 متر مكع ب يوميا تعمل عى مدار الساعة بواسطة احملط ات املتعد دة التي متلكها الشركة. Refer to RIN 12 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

19 موضوع خاص تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه Desalination Technology Surrey professor named as winner in first pan-european awards for academic enterprise Dow aims to reduce cost of desalination by 35% by 2015 Dow s ilec interlocking endcaps achieve a direct, leak-tight connection between adjacent element permeate tubes, dramatically reducing the potential for seal leakage Schematic of the Reverse Osmosis Desalination process, where seawater is pressurized (normally bar) through the membrane to produce clean water Professor Adel Sharif, founder of Surrey Aquatechnology Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Surrey, was recently named as a winner of the inaugural ACES, the Academic Enterprise Awards 2008, at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. The award is in recognition of his achievements in developing water purification and desalination technologies. At Surrey, Professor Sharif and his team at the Centre of Osmosis Research and Applications (CORA) have conducted research into desalination and water treatment for the provision of clean drinking water in regions of the world with low natural water resources. Surrey Aquatechnology, which is now owned by Modern Water Plc, was spun-out to commercialize a range of water purification, desalination, and renewable energy technologies developed in CORA at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Professor Sharif comments: I am delighted and honored to receive this award. It is very encouraging and extremely exciting to be selected in this category by the Science Business Innovation Panel. The selection reflects the timely importance of our desalination and water purification technologies for addressing, in a sustainable way, the issues of fresh water availability and environmental responsibility. The prizes awarded by the Science Business Innovation Board, a blue-ribbon panel of leaders in industry, academia, and policy at a ceremony at Sweden s Royal Academy of Engineering, go to companies tackling major issues of health, the environment and security, and leaders of technology transfer. فاز البروفسور عادل شريف من جامعة Surrey في اململكة املتحدة وم ؤس س شركة rsu rey Aquatechnology Ltd باجلائزة اإلفتتاحية جلوائز ACES للعام 2008 خالل حفل أ قيم في العاصمة السويدية ستوكهولم. أتى هذا الفوز تكرميا إلجنازات الدكتور عادل شريف في مجال تطوير تقني ات حتلية املياه وتنقيتها. أعرب شريف عن مدى تشر فه بحصوله على هذه اجلائزة وعن تشكيلها تشجيعا ودافعا له للمثابرة في هذا املجال. Dow Water Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), is dedicated to providing innovative, technology-based solutions to a broad spectrum of water needs from making seawater fit for human consumption and industrial use, to contaminant removal in municipal water supplies, to purifying industrial and residential water, and reducing and reclaiming water used in industrial processing. Dow Water Solutions is a comprehensive global provider of water and non-water treatment and separation solutions and services: Reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) elements Ion exchange resins Ultrafiltration (UF) Electrodeionization (EDI) Titanium-based arsenic removal media Over the past 20 years, the company made great progress in being able to produce more water from the sea for less cost. The key success factor in achieving this goal is reducing the overall energy consumption of desalination. Dow has introduced elements with increased flow rates and significantly higher salt rejection. Because FILMTEC elements require less pressure, less energy is needed to produce more water. Other factors are at play, too, including energy recovery devices which use some of the pressure energy contained in the brine from the RO element. Through the introduction of new technologies, the cost of producing fresh water from seawater has dropped from US$ 2.43/m 3 in 1980 to US$ 0.65/m 3 in 2007, according to the Affordable Desalination Collaboration. Dow s overarching goal is to further reduce the cost of seawater desalination by 35% by These advancements are good news for countries such as Saudi Arabia, where desalination is an obvious choice for producing fresh water. Saudi Arabia is the world s largest producer of desalinated water and, while most of the country s facilities use evaporation and other technologies, the number of plants using reverse osmosis desalination is rising. تعمل شركة Dow Water Solutions منذ سنوات في مجال تأمني حلول تقنية م ستحدثة في مجاالت حتلية ومعاجلة املياه. وتهدف مشاريع الشركة مؤخرا بشكل خاص إلى تخفيض تكاليف حتلية مياه البحر بنسبة 35 باملئة مع حلول العام Refer to RIN 13 on page 88 Refer to RIN 14 on page 88 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4 17 عالم املياه العربي

20 feature Desalination Technology تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه 50 years and still growing strong Osmo Sistemi S.r.l would like to offer its heart-felt congratulations to Caramondani Group for celebrating their 50 th anniversary. Osmo Sistemi, S.r.l has been a member of the Caramondani Group since its acquisition by the Group in Caramondani Group is a multidisciplinary organization and it is currently one of the major electrical and mechanical engineering contracting companies in Cyprus and abroad with significant operations in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and the Middle East. The Group consists of 14 companies with offices around the island of Cyprus, Athens - Greece, Fano - Italy, Amman Jordan, and a new office in Nigbo - China. These companies offer a wide range of businesses including: Electrical and mechanical contracting, refrigeration, public health, steel construction and erection, trading (wholesale, retail and commission base sales of machinery, telecommunications, traffic, road, airport and building equipment, raw materials, gases, electric, electronic devices, swimming pools, pipes, pumps etc), consultancy services, boat and car parks, O&M of large desalination plants and manufacturing of seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis units, repair and leas- ing of sea going containers, manufacture of spiral and oval air-conditioning steel ducts, renewable energy solar and wind plants. CARAMONDANI ENGINEERS (registered today as CARAMONDANI BROS PUPLIC CO LTD), is the principal Group company and is one of the major Mechanical and Electrical contracting companies in Cyprus. Since the company was founded in 1959 by brothers Stavros and Gerasimos Caramondanis, it has won and successfully completed a great number of projects, and it was the first company in Cyprus to introduce the PFI Private Finance Investment by Build Own Operate and Transfer BOOT, the first RO desalination plant in Cyprus back in The Group is proud to have contributed to the development of the island of Cyprus infrastructure, as well as the rebuilding and expansion of its economy after the 1974 Turkish invasion by equipping efficiently engineered hotels, hospitals, stadiums, sewage treatment plants, irrigation networks, pumping stations, dams, airports, orts, power stations, HV switchyards, cement factories and many other major projects. All this has led to valuable know how and experience which in turn justifies the Group s motto You can depend on it. Dhekelia Desalination Plant - Cyprus, SWRO 60,000 m³/day With its outstanding reputation and quality services, Group member Caramondani Desalination Plants Ltd., has helped in solving the island s drought situation and in achieving independence from weather conditions by supplying fresh pure potable water through SWRO desalination plants. We take pride in being a part of the Caramondani group and hope that the next 50 years will be even more successful than the last. ت قد م شركة Osmo Sistemi الرائدة في مجال حتلية املياه والتابعة ملجموعة شركات Caramondani Group التهنئة لألخيرة على مرور 50 عاما على تأسيسها. وكانت Osmo Sistemi قد أصبحت عضوا في املجموعة في العام املجموعة رائدة في مجال تعه د املشاريع الضخمة في قبرص واليونان وإيطاليا والشرق األوسط وهي م ؤل فة من 14 شركة موز عة على هذه البلدان واملناطق. New desalination contracts for Severn Trent Services Severn Trent Services, a leading supplier of water and wastewater solutions, has been selected to supply TETRA LP Block filter underdrain systems for use in pre-treatment filtration systems at two desalination plants in North Africa and South America. The desalination plants have been designed and constructed by ACCIONA Agua, Spain. Refer to RIN 15 on page 88 The contracts are the latest of a number of recent orders for TETRA LP Block systems in the desalination market, including an order for their use at the largest desalination plant in Europe. The TETRA LP Block system will form the floors of the rapid gravity sand filters اختيرت شركة Severn Trent Services لتأمني أنظمة TETRA LP Block للترشيح إلستخدامها في املعاجلة امل سبقة بواسطة الترشيح في محط تي حتلية املياه في أفريقيا الشمالية وأميركا اجلنوبية. Refer to RIN 16 on page 88 that will treat seawater prior to desalination by reverse osmosis membranes. The TETRA LP Block floor supports the sand media during filter operation and provides excellent distribution of air and water during backwashing to enhance filter cleaning and extend run times. The desalination plants are scheduled for commissioning in The filter for the 300 million liters-per-day (MLD) plant in North Africa will employ more than 3,500 TETRA LP Blocks across 20 cells, each 5m wide and 15.5m in length, while the 400 MLD South American plant will use a total of 4,500 blocks in 18 cells, each measuring 19m x 6m. 18 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

21 Refer to RIN 17 on page 88

22 energy focus Wave / Tidal Energy توليد الطاقة بواسطة األمواج والمد والجزر New wave power systems: 1.5 MW steel wave energy buoys A limitless power source to end our reliance on fossil fuels and with it, reduce the effects of global warming might sound like a dream but this is the reality on offer from the sea. It is a vast, mostly untapped, power source that could well hold the key to our energy needs in the future. UK-based Orecon, a leading company in the development of new wave power systems, has developed a 1.5 MW steel wave energy buoy consisting of three multi-resonant chambers (MRC) held in place by a gravity base which forms a tension mooring system designed to compensate for the tide, but resist movement caused by waves and increases the energy capture efficiency by more than 90%. Originally a spin-out of Plymouth University, Orecon s technology was developed by marine engineer Fraser Johnson who credits his problem-solving success to learning the hard way. Fraser said: I decided not to do A- levels and joined the Merchant Navy instead. For a number of years I worked as a Deck Officer on vessels involved in the oil and gas industry. Those vessels don t tend to carry their own engineers so when something went wrong it was a steep learning curve and extremely hands-on. It taught me more about the problems of coping with the damage caused by extreme offshore conditions than I could ever have hoped to learn anywhere else. Experience that Fraser put to good use upon completion of his Marine Engineering degree, when he opted to study for a PhD his topic of choice was wave energy systems. Fraser explained: After all my time at sea and my knowledge of the power industry, it was a subject that held a great fascination for me although I did seem to approach it from a rather different perspective to the academics around me. While they were all concentrating on creating the biggest, most technologically impressive system that would generate the most power, I looked at the mechanics already proven in the oil and gas industries and concentrated on producing a device that would actually survive the environment it was intended for. The result was the MRC a device designed from day one to be simple, robust, and to remain in operation on site for a minimum of 25 years. Simple and efficient Like other systems before it, the Orecon buoy is based on Oscillating Water Columns (OWC). However, unlike its predecessors, Orecon s device contains three 500KW OWC chambers, which, though identical in cross-section, are different in length. The result is a device significantly more efficient than earlier models, which is equipped to extract maximum energy across all seasonal sea states. Current ratings mean that each buoy will be capable of generating 1.5 MW that s enough power to satisfy 1,000 homes. Simplicity is at the heart of Orecon s entire philosophy. The 40-meter buoys are deliberately low-tech with few moving parts and none that come into contact with the water. Indeed, only the turbines and drive shafts rotate and they are housed in the machinery room contained within the structure of the buoy. The tension mooring system ensures the buoy is also kind to the environment with no continual sweeping and scouring of the sea bed. Its synthetic material tendons, already in service in other offshore structures, are highly visible to sea life and their deliberately open arrangement in the sea means larger mammals can pass freely around them without danger of being ensnared. Maintenance is made easy as well - the lack of complex mechanics means there will be no enforced shutdowns in severe weather conditions and it also has the benefit of ensuring that all maintenance work can all be carried out on site with no requirement for large, complex support vessels. Testing and implementation Final tank testing was completed in December Quarter scale models were produced to test the turbine, generator and power conversion systems and so far, say the team; the only surprises have been good ones. An early off-shore test of a scale model produced equally pleasing results and Orecon s designers are confident that MRC s components will perform well under even the most extreme conditions. Orecon signed an exclusive agreement with Dresser-Rand for the use of their unique HydroAir turbine technology for OWCs. The agreement will allow the companies to work closely together in offshore deep water with Orecon s MRC and also on shoreline with breakwater projects. By sharing their expertise the companies will provide total OWC based solutions backed up by Dresser-Rand s existing worldwide service network. Together they will be giving customers a high level of confidence in an emerging wave market that is normally only available in long established markets such as oil and gas. Orecon s first full-size buoy will be deployed, probably off the coast of Cornwall, in After further tests additional buoys will be added to create the UK s first commercial array. It s a prospect that is likely to prove irresistible to the world s energy companies as they attempt to dilute their reliance on oil and gas in favor of more renewable sources. According to Orecon the 20 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

23 الطاقة توليد الطاقة بواسطة األمواج واملد واجلزر Wave / Tidal Energy cost of power produced from waves will be just as attractive as wind power. Where the MRC soars ahead is in power density with a yield of 100 MW of power for every square kilometer of ocean compared to around 11 MW for offshore wind power. But there are still many hurdles to overcome, not least of which is winning back the support of the UK Government. With most of the major power companies playing a waiting game, the wave industry is still heavily reliant on private investors to fund the development. It is vital work that could reap billions of pounds in the future a point made by David Crisp when he chaired London s first ever Wave Energy Summit last summer. Mr. Crisp told the conference: It is time for Government and all political parties to put real support into the industry. Political and regulatory uncertainty is a significant risk and, as such, a deterrent for investors. The Government must now send out the right signals and make real and reliable commitments to the industry. قامت شركة Orecon البريطانية الرائدة في مجال أنظمة توليد الطاقة بواسطة األمواج واملد واجلزر بتطوير عو امات فوالذية بقدرة توليد 1,5 ميغاواط من الطاقة بواسطة األمواج وهي م ؤل فة من ثالث حجرات رن انة م صم مة للتعويض عن قو ة املد واجلزر ومقاومة احلركة التي ت سب بها األمواج وزيادة فعالية إلتقاف الطاقة بنسبة أكثر من 90 باملئة. ط و رت تقنية الشركة هذه بواسطة املهندس البحري Fraser Johnson وبإمكان كل عو امة بحسب األرقام أن ت ؤ من طاقة كافية أللف منزل إذا كانت بقدرة 1,5 ميغاواط. Refer to RIN 18 on page 88 Significant political support, he said, could produce dramatic results for the UK wave industry with substantial, positive knock-on effects for the rest of the UK economy for years to come. Mr. Crisp said: As I speak the UK leads the world in Wave Energy and we also have the best wave resources in Europe. This is a tremendous opportunity for us all it s about jobs and economic benefit in an industry we can be proud of for its sustainability. Conclusion With a team boasting almost 200 years of combined experience of working offshore, Orecon proves that the UK has the experts and expertise required to take on the world. And with 70% of our planet covered in this valuable energy resource, the battle of the waves is one, they say, that the UK can ill afford to lose. Refer to RIN 19 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 21 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

24 energy focus Wave / Tidal Energy توليد الطاقة بواسطة األمواج والمد والجزر Marine Current Turbines enters partnership with Canadian resources company to develop tidal energy project in Nova Scotia generating facility. Tidal power has significant potential benefits for all Nova Scotians, he concluded. Martin Wright, Managing Director of MCT welcomed the development. This is an excellent opportunity to work together with a substantial local partner in MBPP and expand our activities into Canada. It builds on the development of our technology in Northern Ireland and will complement our first 10 MW farm development in the UK, planned for off the North Wales coast. MBPP will make an excellent fit because both our organizations bring complementary experience and important resources to the table. HR SeaGen crossbeam raised with yacht in front Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT), the UK tidal energy company, has agreed a partnership with Canada s Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company Ltd to demonstrate and develop tidal power technology and facilities in Canada s Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company Limited (MBPP) of Hantsport, Nova Scotia is a leading sustainable energy and resources company. Working in partnership with MBPP, Marine Current Turbines (MCT) will participate in the tidal power demonstration center established by the Province of Nova Scotia. MBPP and MCT intend to deploy a 1.5 MW tidal generator when the in-stream tidal energy center enters full operation and is connected to the Nova Scotia grid. He added: Given the growing need for new and alternative forms of power generation, there is a sizeable and exciting opportunity for both our firms to work together in Canada to harness the power of the tides on a commercial basis. We hope first to be in a position to address the potential investment and job creation prize for Nova Scotians when tidal power commercial development moves to the next step. There is a potential new industry here employing hundreds of people in operations and manufacturing and deployment of tidal power technology, here and globally, concluded MBPP s Scott Travers. MCT is one of the world s leading tidal technology developers. The company installed the world s first offshore tidal current device in 2003 off the south west coast of England (the 300 kw SeaFlow) and during 2008, it installed and commissioned its 1.2 MW SeaGen commercial prototype tidal current turbine in Strangford Narrows in Northern Ireland. SeaGen generated at its full output of 1.2 MW onto the local grid in December 2008, becoming the most powerful marine energy device in the world. It has the capacity to generate power for approximately 1,000 homes. We are very excited to combine our extensive experience in resource and energy development with MCT s leading UK tidal power technology, said Scott Travers, President and COO of MBPP. We were one of the original developers of power generation, transmission and distribution in Nova Scotia, and we still operate a major renewable hydro وق عت شركة Marine Current Turbines البريطانية إتفاق شراكة مع شركة Minas Basin Pulp and Power الكندي ة لعرض وتطوير تقنيات طاقة من املد واجلزر ومرافق تابعة في خليج Bay of Fundy في مقاطعة Nova Scotia في كندا. وت خط ط الشركتني لتركيب نظام توليد طاقة بواسطة املد واجلزر بقدرة 1,5 ميغاواط لدى إكتمال مركز توليد الطاقة بواسطة املد واجلزر وبدأ العمل به ووصله بالشبكة الكهربائية ملقاطعة.Nova Scotia Refer to RIN 20 on page 88 HR SeaGen installed with graphic inset Marine Current Turbines Ltd is based in Bristol, England. The company was established in 2000 and its principal corporate shareholders include BankInvest, ESB International, EDF Energy, Guernsey Electricity, and Triodos Bank. In September 2008, MCT was ranked in The Guardian/Library House Top 10 of European clean-tech firms. In November 2008, the company appointed Cavendish Corporate Finance to secure new investment in the company in order to take forward its development plans. 22 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

25 الطاقة توليد الطاقة بواسطة األمواج واملد واجلزر Wave / Tidal Energy Wave Hub chooses Orecon as new device developer Nick Harrington, Head of Marine Energy at the South West Regional Development Agency (RDA), which is leading the Wave Hub project, said: This is just the latest exciting development for Wave Hub, which is on course to be built next summer. We are now tendering for the electrical equipment and sub-sea cable, have agreed a new design that potentially gives us more generating capacity as technology evolves, and have applied for a safety zone around the project. Orecon is at a crucial stage in developing its technology and we hope Wave Hub will be the springboard to full scale commercialization. أعلن مشروع Wave Hub الرائد في مجال الطاقة من األمواج وامل قر ر بناؤه السنة املقبلة قبالة شاطىء جنوب غرب إنكلترا عن بدأ شراكة مع Orecon التي ستقوم بشغل املرسى الرابع في املشروع والذي سيبدأ العمل به في شهر آب )أغسطس( من العام املقبل. Refer to RIN 21 on page 88 Wave Hub, the pioneering wave energy project on course to be built next year off the coast of South West England, has announced another wave energy development partner. Orecon Limited will occupy the fourth berth at Wave Hub, which aims to be operational from August next year. Orecon succeeded last year in raising US$ 24 million of private investment for the development of its wave to energy buoy, which can generate enough power for 1,000 homes. Orecon takes the place of Australian company Oceanlinx, which was expected to use Wave Hub. The company has since received a grant from the Australian Government and has decided to make its next deployment in Australian waters. Wave Hub will be a giant electrical socket on the seabed, some 16 kilometers offshore and connected to the National Grid, into which wave energy device developers can plug their devices and carry out pre-commercial testing on a scale not seen before. It is already being hailed as one of the UK s flagship renewable energy projects and is one of just six case studies to feature in the Government s Low Carbon Industrial Strategy, which was launched in London on March 6, 2009 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband, and Business Secretary Lord Peter Mandelson. Refer to RIN 22 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 23 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

26 energy focus Renewable Energy News أخبار الطاقة المتجد دة Enviromena power systems amongst UAE s first CarbonNeutral companies Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Chief Executive Officer of the Masdar Initiative, welcomed Enviromena to the growing pool of alternative energy service providers in the UAE. Masdar is a platform for collaboration in future energy and sustainability technologies, Dr. Al Jaber said. We welcome and encourage regional and global companies to this promising sector. We see them as helping us meet the growing energy challenges whilst contributing to economic growth and the goal of achieving a clean energy future for the world. Enviromena Power Systems ( Enviromena ), an Abu Dhabi-based solar power systems integrator, announced in November 2008 that it has achieved the international Carbon- Neutral certification as part of its commitment to sustainable development. This certification, awarded by The CarbonNeutral Company ( CarbonNeutral ), a leading London-based carbon offset and climate change organization, recognizes that Enviromena has committed to tackling climate change by reducing their business emissions to net zero. Established in Abu Dhabi in October 2007, Enviromena is one of the first alternative energy providers in the United Arab Emirates. Enviromena is a solar power systems integrator dedicated to meeting the growing energy needs of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through the creation of environmentally friendly, zero carbon, turnkey solar power solutions. The company specializes in custom-designed photovoltaic power systems for residential and commercial developments, utility scale solar farms, and also designs and installs solar hot water systems and solar powered lighting. Enviromena is one of the first companies in the UAE to offset and neutralize their carbon emissions, noted Shezan Amiji, Managing Director of EcoVentures, CarbonNeutral s affiliate partner in the Middle East. Sami Khoreibi, Chief Executive Officer of Enviromena, summarized his company s commitment, Reducing the impact of climate change is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Our decision to become a carbon neutral company is simply an example of our values put into action. He continued, By taking responsibility for our own carbon footprint and reducing it to net zero, we are supporting the environmental initiatives taken by the UAE and contributing to valuable long-term solutions to climate change overall. Sami Khoreibi commented, We decided to launch our company in Abu Dhabi based on the ambitions and vision of the Masdar Initiative. Private sector developers and government bodies have also shown their dedication to the environment through the implementation of solar technologies in their developments and we expect this practice to continue. He continued, Solar integration is a critical component of sustainable building design it addresses the root cause of global warming through the creation of smart clean energy production and we are very excited to provide developers with green solutions. Enviromena has attracted a dynamic team of highly experienced engineers and project managers since its inception, including industry expert Robert Dally, Enviromena s Director of Engineering, who has over 30 years experience in the California solar industry and was a lead solar energy system designer for numerous spacecrafts for the US space program. Enviromena s solar power solutions create clean power, actively contributing to reducing climate change and creating a sustainable future. The CarbonNeutral Company is the world s leading carbon offset and climate consulting business, working with over 300 major businesses and 60,000+ consumer clients. Over the last ten years, the company has purchased carbon credits from almost 200 projects spread over six continents. CarbonNeutral is the registered trademark of The Carbon- Neutral Company (TCNC) and is the leading brand mark and quality standard for action on climate change. Permission to display the CarbonNeutral mark is only given to clients of TCNC when CO 2 emissions have been measured and reduced to net zero through a program implemented in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. This Protocol assures quality of offset projects, carbon footprint assessments and communication and is regularly reviewed by an Independent Advisory Group. The audit trail includes an annual independent verification of CarbonNeutral programs from contracts with carbon offset partners through to contracts with clients and everything in between. The Head Office is located in London with offices in New York and San Francisco and a network of affiliates in Japan, Canada, France, the UAE, and Asia Pacific. أعلنت شركة Enviromena Power Systems وهي شركة جتميع أنظمة الطاقة الشمسية التي تتخذ من أبو ظبي مقرا لها في شهر تشرين الثاني )نوفمبر( املاضي عن حصولها على شهادة CarbonNeutral كجزء من إلتزامها بالتنمية املستدامة. وتأتي هذه الشهادة التي متنحها شركة CarbonNeutral وهي منظ مة ت عنى باحلد من إنبعاثات الكربون والتغي ر املناخي وتت خذ من العاصمة البريطانية لندن مقرا لها لتقر بأن شركة Enviromena إلتزمت مبعاجلة التغي ر املناخي وذلك من خالل تقليل إنبعاثات الكربون من مشاريعها بشكل كامل. Refer to RIN 23 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

27 Refer to RIN 24 on page 88

28 industry spotlights Recycling & Water Reuse إعادة التدوير وإعادة إستعمال املياه UV technology for wastewater treatment and water reuse By Dr. Bertrand W. Dussert* In the past two decades, ultraviolet (UV) technology has received increasing attention for a variety of applications, including drinking water, wastewater, industrial, residential, aquatic, and commercial. Perhaps the largest of these applications is for treating municipal wastewater as an alternative to chlorination and dechlorination for secondary effluents, prior to discharge in the natural environment. UV continues to emerge as a preferred technology for a number of reasons, including concerns associated with the handling, transport, and storage of chemicals, as well as the requirement for dechlorination post-chlorination. A chemical-free treatment, UV is not corrosive nor poses a hazard because of accidental overdosing. capital investment of new or additional construction due to the condensed design. The systems are also easy to install into the existing pipe work, again decreasing the initial capital costs and avoiding plant downtime. This compact UV system uses powerful medium-pressure lamp technology UV is also gaining in popularity for water reuse applications. Many arid regions, especially those with growing populations such as the Middle East, are cleaning wastewater to a high standard and then reusing it for applications such as irrigation. Chlorine disinfection has traditionally been the most common method for wastewater reuse treatment, but concerns regarding the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs) are driving a switch to other methods like UV, which does not produce DBPs. Reduced capital and operational costs with open-channel systems Capital and operational costs of units are being driven down by increasing competition and technological advances in the market. Capital costs, other than those of the initial equipment purchase, are decreasing through the benefits of smaller system footprints. Using a UV unit it is not necessary for large new infrastructure to be built to house the units, and in some cases the unit can fit into existing buildings and treatment channels. Open-channel vertical UV systems design also helps reduce operational costs. The module s top door can be opened, and the lamp can be simply pulled out. This makes the system easier to maintain and more user-friendly, cutting down on the amount of time and cost associated with maintenance. Open-channel vertical systems are also more economical to operate than horizontal systems through the increased control of flow pacing. In a basic horizontal system, flow pacing can be carried out by turning on/off the entire module or by dimming the lamps. Vertical systems allow operators to turn modules partially or fully on/off. Doing so saves power and extends lamp life. Open-channel horizontal systems are ideal for smaller flows and can be more economical than vertical systems for these capacities. They can be preengineered or custom-designed to fit into any existing space. Additionally, remote-mounted electronics enhance the installation flexibility. Compact, easy-to-install closed-vessel systems Closed-vessel systems are usually the system of choice for pressurized facilities. They are also able to offer capital cost reductions when the installation cost is critical. Closed-vessel systems are able to offer a compact design and therefore, considerable savings in space. This design feature saves on Common features of both types of systems Both open and closed systems have a number of factors in common that make UV an effective alternative to other methods of disinfection. Continuous treatment performance is critical. Systems benefit from automatic cleaning to prevent quartz sleeve fouling which, in turn, ensures optimum treatment. Multiple lamp technologies are available, such as low-pressure/high-output, lowpressure/amalgam, and medium-pressure lamps. The product can therefore be tailored to the plant s specific application needs and treatment objectives. Open-Channel Barrier VE Sunlight UV System from Siemens Water Technologies Conclusion The UV market has matured and advanced considerably in recent years. Both open-channel and closed-vessel systems are able to provide both capital and operational cost advantages over traditional chlorine treatment. 26 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

29 أخبار صناعية إعادة التدوير وإعادة إستعمال املياه Recycling & Water Reuse UV in water Siemens Barrier UV System Growing populations, combined with already limited water resources and increasingly stringent water discharge regulations, have led to an increased acceptance towards the use of UV for water reuse and wastewater treatment. A proven chemical-free technology that is effective at treating water and at disabling harmful waterborne pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, UV will continue to gain popularity well into the future. Siemens Water Technologies line of Barrier UV disinfection systems can be used for drinking water, industrial, aquatics, residential, commercial, wastewater, and water reuse applications. Siemens Barrier UV systems for wastewater applications have a variety of features, including vertical and horizontal open-channel configurations as well as closed-vessel, chambered configurations. As UV technology has become more popular for reuse applications, Siemens certified its Barrier Sunlight V-48E-A300 UV system for water reuse applications (National Water Research Institute Guidelines; Title 22 requirements). *Bertrand W. Dussert, Ph.D. is global product manager for UV technologies at Siemens Water Technologies, based in Vineland, N.J., USA. The newly appointed President-Elect of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) can be reached at تزايدت نسبة إستعمال تقني ات املعاجلة بواسطة األشعة ما فوق البنفسجي ة في السنوات ال 20 األخيرة وذلك في مجاالت معاجلة مياه الشرب ومياه الصرف الصح ي الصناعية واملنزلية والبحرية والتجارية. التقنية م ستعملة بشكل أوسع في مجال معاجلة مياه الصرف الصح ي البلدية. هذه األنظمة تساهم بخفض التكاليف الرئيسية لتركيبها وتكاليف تشغيلها وهي سهلة التركيب والصيانة نظرا لتصاميمها املتراصة. ت قد م شركة Siemens Water Technologies في هذا املجال سلسلة أنظمة Barrier للتنقية بواسطة األشعة ما فوق البنفسجية وهي م صد قة عامليا لإلستعمال بشكل خاص في مجال إعادة إستعمال املياه وهو قطاع تتنامى شعبيته في اآلونة األخيرة. Refer to RIN 25 on page 88 Refer to RIN 26 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 27 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

30 industry spotlights Recycling & Water Reuse إعادة التدوير وإعادة إستعمال املياه Sharjah parks become truly green as Bee ah brings recycling facilities to visitors Bee ah has invested heavily in making the pedestrian recycling centers available. As well as purchasing several thousand of the centers, specialized equipment has been procured, making installation by trained personnel possible in as little as seven minutes. Kevin Croucher, Director, Logistics & Procurement explained, By carefully selecting equipment and skilled people, we are able to install the centers in a highly efficient manner. As well as maximizing the speed with which we make these facilities available to the public, the reduction in installation time cuts down on the resources we use, bringing further environmental benefits. Bee ah, the Sharjah Environment Company, announced in December 2008 that its continuing expansion of the provision of recycling facilities has now brought 268 pedestrian recycling centers to several parks in Sharjah, in the UAE. The pedestrian recycling centers allow visitors to the parks to deposit their recyclable waste and contribute to the pilot recycling schemes of Bee ah. The parks where visitors can benefit from the expansion of the pedestrian recycling center scheme include Sharjah National Park, the largest park in the Emirate. Its 630,000 square meters are now served by 33 three-stream pedestrian recycling centers, making the park more environmentally-friendly as well as cleaner. In the areas that see the greatest footfall, visitors will have to walk no further than 50 meters to deposit their recyclable waste. In addition to the provision of pedestrian recycling centers, Bee ah is operating: Pilot commercial recycling schemes that have seen more than 4,000 Blue Bins delivered to offices and commercial operations around Sharjah, including at the Finance Department of the Sharjah Government; a pilot residential recycling scheme in Lagoon Tower, Sharjah; the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hamriyah Free Zone whereby Bee ah acts as regulatory and monitoring partner of the Free Zone Authority; and continued work on the improvement and development of the Al Saja a waste management site in cooperation with Emirates Environmental Technology (EET) Co. LLC. Commenting on the expansion, Samer Kamal, Managing Director, Bee ah said, It s appropriate that visitors to some of Sharjah s most beautiful areas can now contribute to the environmental health of the Emirate. We re fully confident that this phase of expansion will prove to be as successful as the first phase of the pedestrian recycling center roll-out, paving the way for a continued expansion that will see a huge proportion of the Sharjah population given easy access to the centers. Now the parks of Sharjah are green in more than just appearance. The installation of the centers follows a highly successful trial on the Buhairah Corniche, where the 130 centers are heavily used, requiring them to be emptied daily. A correct usage rate of more than 80% is on par with long-established facilities in western countries, demonstrating the desire of the Sharjah populace to play a key role in contributing to the environmental well-being of the Emirate. أعلنت بيئة وهي شركة الشارقة للبيئة في كانون األو ل )ديسمبر( املاضي أن عملياتها التوس عية امل ستمرة التي تهدف إلى توفير خدمات إعادة التدوير للمشاة قد وف رت في الوقت احلالي مراكز إلعادة التدوير اخلاصة باملشاة في الكثير من احلدائق في الشارقة. وتسمح مراكز إعادة التدوير لزو ار احلدائق برمي مخل فاتهم القابلة للتدوير في مستوعبات خاصة واملشاركة في خطط التدوير التجريبية التي تتبن اها شركة بيئة. وتشمل مجموعة احلدائق التي ي ك ن لزو راها اإلستفادة من مراكز إعادة التدوير: حديقة الشارقة الوطنية وهي أكبر حديقة في اإلمارة. ويخدم هذه احلديقة التي تبلغ مساحتها 630 ألف متر مربع مراكز إلعادة التدوير مكونة من 33 خط في الوقت الراهن ما يجعل احلديقة أكثر حفاظا على البيئة مع احلرص على نظافتها في الوقت ذاته. وفي املناطق التي يزداد ترد د الناس عليها ي طلب من الزوار املشي ملسافة ال تزيد على 50 متر لرمي مخل فاتهم القابلة للتدوير. Refer to RIN 27 on page 88 Bee ah is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Environmental Company, founded in 2007 and operating in the Emirate of Sharjah. The primary mission of Bee ah is to help transform Sharjah into a green Emirate with sustainable environmental best practices, providing fully integrated environmental strategic solutions and services for commercial, industrial, and residential groups. 28 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

31 أخبار صناعية إعادة التدوير وإعادة إستعمال املياه Recycling & Water Reuse KWT Group, a leading Dutch based manufacturer of high quality water management systems, has been selected to deliver all 10 heavy duty penstocks for Pumping Station X1 in Dubai, UAE. KWT Group records another first, after having been selected for the Sharjah Sewage Plant extension #7 and parts of Dubai Sports and Motor City. Known as the leading manufacturer of HDPE and stainless steel 316L penstocks, valves, tilting and overflow weirs in water-rich Holland, KWT is proud to be a supplier in this important initiative. KWT Group selected penstock supplier for project DS161 The entire project started in September 2007, and comprises the construction of phase 1 of pumping station X1 with a capacity of 4,500 liters per second (total capacity 9,000 lps), also known as project DS161. اختيرت شركة KWT Group الهولندية لتأمني 10 قنوات ضبط جريان مياه م صم مة للعمل في البيئات القاسية وذلك لصالح محطة ضخ X1 في دبي من دولة اإلمارات العربية املتحدة. كان قد بدأ العمل بهذا املشروع في شهر أيلول )سبتمبر( 2007 ويتضم ن بناء احملط ة بقدرة ضخ 4,500 ليتر في الثانية ويعرف هذا املشروع بإسم.DS161 Refer to RIN 28 on page 88 The pumping station site is adjacent to the roundabout at the Emirates Road near Dubai Sports City and Dubai Autodrome. Its rising mains will be linked to other pumping stations and more than 16 km of DN1400 mm GRP pipes leading to the new sewage treatment plant at Jebel Ali, currently under design and positioned not far from Jebel Ali Airport. The project has been initiated by the Dubai Municipality. KWT Group is vendor listed and fully approved by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authorities (DEWA). Its aim is at achieving the strategic objective of linking all areas of Dubai with a drainage network by the end of It forms part of the Drainage and Irrigation Department s vision and strategic direction to provide drainage and irrigation services for creating an excellent city that provides the essence of success and comfort of living, according to the Municipality. Refer to RIN 29 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 29 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

32 industry spotlights Recycling & Water Reuse إعادة التدوير وإعادة إستعمال املياه Innovative reuse technologies address growing demand for water The world s population is expected to increase dramatically between now and the year With this growth will come an increased need for water as well as an increased wastewater production. With many communities throughout the world approaching the limits of their available water supplies, the water and wastewater industry is turning to a variety of innovative technologies to help conserve this precious resource. Water reuse is increasingly being used as a method for conserving and extending available water supplies. Independent research studies project over a 150% increase in global water reuse capacity from 19.4 million cubic meters a day in 2005 to 54.5 million cubic meters a day in A majority of the additional capacity will involve tertiary treatment (e.g., natural systems, disinfection, filtration and coagulation/ filtration) or quaternary treatment. The remainder, predominantly in emerging markets, will involve secondary treatment only. Among tertiary filtration technologies, deep bed media filtration demonstrates a strong record of performance in the United States and other countries. One technology, the TETRA DeepBed filtration system from Severn Trent Services, is a down-flow unit that features a gravity sand filter. The system achieves excellent retention of solids at high hydraulic and solids loading rates, does not require the effluent to be prescreened and can be readily switched on and off to optimize operating costs. Its high-efficiency backwash process maximizes solids release after a single operation with virtually no media loss. In the United States, the state of Florida s wastewater treatment plants and water reclamation facilities so often select the TETRA DeepBed system that 12 of the last 15 winners of the Florida Water Environment Association s Earle B. Phelps Award in the advanced water treatment plant category have used the system. In China, where the Central Government has recently enacted a number of measures to manage natural resource consumption and reduce environmental degradation, the TETRA DeepBed technology is being used in several new wastewater treatment facilities. For example, a TETRA system in China s Zhejiang province was part of a pilot test of a patented three-stage biofiltration process in which the system is preceded by an up-flow submerged denitrification filter reactor and a submerged aerated filter reactor. During the two-month pilot study, average BOD was reduced from 200 to 2mg/L, NH 4 -N from 82 to 3 mg/l, T-N from 88 to 112 mg/l and TSS from 165 to non-detect. In Australia, Severn Trent Services has been awarded a contract to supply TET- RA Denite biological denitrification filters for Stage 1A of the Bundamba Advanced Water Treatment Plant the first stage of the Queensland Government s Western Corridor Recycled Water (WCRW) Project. The six-step treatment process used at the advanced water treatment plant involves removing the nutrient concentrate. This will provide environmental benefits by lowering the amount of nutrients that are currently discharged from the wastewater treatment plants into the region s waterways and Moreton Bay. Precipitation and clarification processes will remove phosphate, and TETRA Denite biological denitrification filters then remove nitrate. Together these steps will lower total phosphorous and total nitrogen in the waste stream. ي توق ع زيادة عدد سكان العالم بشكل ملحوظ من اآلن وحتى العام 2020 مم ا سيزيد الضغط على موارد املياه وسيدفع مبعظم الدول إلى إعتماد تقنيات جديدة لتأمني املياه كإعادة إستعمالها. وت ؤم ن Severn Trent أنظمة TETRAللترشيح DeepBed في هذا املجال وتقوم بتركيبها في عدة منشآت حول العالم. Niagara closed-loop, evaporative wet surface air coolers conserve water Niagara Wastewater WSAC Niagara designs and manufactures Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC ) closed-loop, evaporative coolers and condensers as a cost-effective technology for both heat transfer and water conservation. Used in a wide variety of industries, applications for these WSAC coolers and condensers include fluid loop cooling, direct vapor condensing, hydrocarbon de-superheating, and subcooling. The system enables reusing low quality water to condense steam The use of WSAC systems may reduce the amount of water required in a plant due to the ability to use low quality water as spray makeup. Commonly used for adding capacity in thermally challenged plants, WSAC coolers and condensers offer additional direct cooling without having additional tower capacity or makeup water. The basic principle of WSAC technology is that heat is rejected by means of latent (evaporative) heat transfer. Warm process fluids or vapors are cooled in a closed-loop tube bundle. Open-loop water is sprayed and air is induced over the tube bundle resulting in the cooling effect. The process fluid being cooled never comes in contact with the environment. Due to the closed-loop design, spray water never contaminates the process stream and higher cycles of concentration can be achieved. Niagara Blower is a design-build manufacturer providing engineered solutions to heat transfer applications at power, process, refinery, food, and brewing facilities worldwide since تقوم شركة Niagara بتصميم وتصنيع أنظمة WSAC للتبريد والتكثيف وهي ت شك ل تقنيات فع الة لنقل احلرارة واحملافظة على وتوفير املياه التي حتتاج إليها احملط ات وإعادة إستعمال املياه امل نخفضة النوعية لتكثيف البخار. Refer to RIN 30 on page 88 Refer to RIN 31 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

33 Refer to RIN 32 on page 88

34 industry spotlights Groundwater Development تطوير املياه اجلوفي ة The different techniques of traditional catchment of water for the Algerian Sahara By Bensaada M. and Remini B.* The Algerian Sahara is a vast desert covering more than three-quarters of Algeria s land, it includes several sandy terrain, including extensive dunes. For centuries oases were covered with a series of ingenious techniques for wells and springs that captured the underground galleries (foggara), extracted or drained local groundwater, thus ensuring a permanent supply of water while minimizing costs and considerable animal backtracking for water (wells pendulum, pulleys, noria). The water is collected in reservoirs; dispatcher-shaped comb divergent channels (séguias) distribute water in the oasis. Each cultivated plot is surrounded by ditches; the water gets under a stringent regulation, which sets the time and the duration of the water tower. Engine pumps have helped increase the extraction of and tapping into deep artesian, and sometimes non-renewable groundwater. Ghouts The wells A well is often associated with the technique of drawing that accompanies it. In developing countries, there are still wells with pendulums, well pulleys, coupled with an animal or motor, and wells with gear wheels operated by the circular movement of a workhorse. To supply water nowadays, wells are often used with a pump placed at the bottom of the shaft or at the top. Wells used for irrigation in the Sahara can be reduced to two basic types: The well-pulley and animal traction, and pendulum wells. A third type is the shaft pulley and human traction (kerka or aghram). a) Animal traction wells Animal traction wells are characteristic of the Mzab oases, with depths ranging from 10 to 60 meters. The wells can be constructed with the use of stone and masonry to withstand the drawing of the device. The type of sink for these wells is not exclusive of Mzab, it extends to the shore of Laghouat, the Sahel area of Tunisia, and to the Djerba area in Libya. This same system exists across the central Sahara, with variations that relate to the materials available, the nature of aquifers, and the depth of the water. b) Pendulum wells A pendulum well is essentially a rotating lever around a set of two wooden bars, brick or masonry. The lever is made from a palm tree trunk, sometimes two poles made of tamarisk wood slide so as to track changes in the water level. At one end of the short arm, a counterweight is fixed; on the other end hangs a utensil which serves as a water bucket and distributor. The well is maneuvered by hand; pulling the rope attached to the suspended bucket enough to counterbalance the rise. The flow of a single well is always lower than that of a well with animal traction. The ghouts In some regions of the Algerian desert, on the periphery of the great ergs in the East where the water table is near the surface, a method is used to transform a massive area into a constellation of gardens. Seen from the air, the city appears fraught with deep excavations of about fifteen meters, they are planted with palm trees, with tree tops that come out only at ground level. This method of planting is characteristic of the Oued Souf region: The ghout which designates the toilet, the funnel, and the manmade hole. Ghouts have the advantage of reducing evaporation. The foggara South Western Algeria is characterized by an irrigation system called foggara delivering water to palm trees. The foggara underground canal has a very slight angle which draws water to the surface under the effect of gravity from the aquifer area beneath the hills upstream to the driest land located downstream in the direction of the palm trees. It has a section gallery of variable drainage, typically 50 to 80 cm wide, and 90 to 150 cm in height, and a series of wells spaced at 12 meters. The principle is simple if the topography of the region has a terrain causing a change in the profile of piezometric unconfined aquifers, local aquifers that do find outlets in low-lying areas. The waterworks of the foggara a) The gallery At the exit of the foggara, water is divided by a stone comb that is soft and easy to scratch, it is the main kasria. The latter must have a sufficient number of openings where water can easily escape without turning back. These openings allow the water to flow into gutters or channels which can be further divided by another comb and sofor in all directions towards the palm trees. b) The main kasria It is a triangular-shaped basin helmed by a large comb, playing the role of water stabilizer. This technique consists in calming water before its distribution. The main kasria receives the entire flow of the foggara also called the kasria-lak bira. This divides the flow of the foggara usually into three, four, or five big ditches (mjara). From that pool, the channels will range in all directions to the plots designated for irrigation. After these mjara, kasria on the other side divide the water. c) The secondary kasria It is a new basin found after the first, this basin is characterized by being shared among families from each tribe or group involved in carrying out the foggara. d) Minimal kasria Others are minimal kasria along the different routes depending on the need. These kasria come after the secondary distribution, they lead water to madjens. 32 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

35 أخبار صناعية تطوير املياه اجلوفي ة Groundwater Development The main kasria e) The Madjen It is a shallow rectangular watershed for recovery and adjustment, which is situated at the top of the garden where water accumulates for twenty four hours. Irrigation is carried out usually in the early morning in the summer, and a little later in the morning in the winter. Each garden has a built clay or concrete madjen in order to avoid unnecessary wastage of irrigation surplus. Currently some foggaras are abandoned (due to the problems of collapsed galleries and the locations of drying wells, etc ). The rest of foggaras saw their rates reduced over time as is the case of M ghaer and most of Timimoun. Conclusion The techniques for controlling groundwater in the Sahara are an example of very rational use of natural resources. People that run oases through these techniques learned from the observation of the surrounding natural environment, and have applied the lessons learned by imitating nature and sometimes even improving it. These techniques do not cause erosion or salinization of farmland. Today, we are witnessing a sharp devaluation of local know-how that seems to have little chance of success at the technical level. References are available upon request *Laboratoire Eau Roche Plante, Centre Universitaire Khemis Meliana, Algeria الصحراء اجلزائرية هي صحراء شاسعة ت غط ي أكثر من ثالثة أرباع أراضي البالد وهي تضم عددا كبيرا من األراضي الرملية الواسعة مبا فيها الكثبان والرمال الصخرية. منذ عدة قرون إنسان الواحة تعلم السيطرة على الطبيعة بواسطة إبداعه وسلسلة من التقنيات الستخراج املياه اجلوفية. من أهم هذه التقنيات هي اآلبار والينابيع واآلبار األفقية )نفق استخراج و صرف املياه :الفقارة( ضمان وجود دائم في إمدادات املياه واإلنفاق على الطاقة البشرية والتغذية امل رتد ة لقدر كبير من املياه )آبار رقاص الساعة بكرة ساقية ناعورة...(. ت شك ل شبكة السقي بالفقارة إجنازا عالي التقنية فهي متاثل من حيث الشكل الشبكات احلديثة لتوزيع املياه حيث يأخذ نفق الفقارة ''أنفاذ'' شكل منبع مائي على السطح األرض فيشكل ما يسمى باملجرى لينتهي هذا األخير إلى حوض م ثل ث الشكل قاعدته املشط وي سم ى ''القصرية الكبيرة'' كما تتكو ن القصرية في املقدمة من مثبت خلفض سرعة املياه و ت قس م املياه إلى سواقي بحيث كل ساقية تؤد ي إلى قصري ة ثانية لت قسم املياه إلى سواقي أخري ثم لت صرف أخيرا في ''املاجن'' وهو حوض يأخذ أشكاال مختلفة و هذا العتبارات تقنية حيث ي حد د عمق املاجن بحساب الفارق بني نهاية ساقية التجميع و أعلى نقطة من األرض املسقية مع االحتفاظ بارتفاع الشحنة حتى يكسب التيار سرعة كافية و يأخذ كل ماجن أبعاد م حد دة بحيث ساقية واحدة كافية ملأله في ظرف 24 ساعة و يظهر دور املاجن في توزيع املياه مبنسوب كافي للسقي بعد أن تخرج املياه من املاجن ير عبر ''أنفيف'' و هو احلاجز الوحيد الذي يعمل بالتوقيت ليسلك مرة أخرى قناة سقي ت سم ى ''القنطرة'' تتبع بتفرعات تدعى ''عبادو'' لتتصل أخيرا مبربعات البساتني ''قمون'' ذات مساحة 2,6 أمتار على العموم لتبقى السبخة آخر زريدة في هذه البنية املتفرعة. كانت و ال تزال الفقارة املصدر الرئيسي حلياة الكثير من أهالي واحات الصحراء و هذا نظرا لتعدد أبعادها االقتصادية و السياحية واالجتماعية لكن مع مرور الزمن تدهورت وضيعة الفقارة لعدة أسباب منها:إهمال أشغال الصيانة االستعمال الواسع و املفرط للنقب التطور العمراني الكبير. وانطالقا من أبعاد الفقارة و احلالة املزرية التي تعانيها بات من الضروري التفكير في إيجاد حلول تقنية و إدارية إلحياء و بعث الفقارة من جديد. Refer to RIN 34 on page 88 Refer to RIN 33 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 33 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

36 industry spotlights Groundwater Development تطوير املياه اجلوفي ة The method of operation determines the quality and quantity of water harvested from groundwater wells By J Andrew Reid* The groundwater well has been with us since ancient times and has allowed mankind to populate areas where surface water is not available. Though the design and construction of wells has changed and technology has produced pumps with amazing capabilities, the aquifer that supplies the well remains the same. We have become so fascinated by pumping technology that we have lost sight of the natural mechanisms that produce the potable groundwater we seek to harvest. Nature s way A virgin aquifer has little exposure to the atmosphere since its contact with the surface is through springs and bleeding fractures that are under positive pressure most of the time. When we begin drilling wells into the ground we create connections to the atmosphere that did not exist previously. These connections have minimal effect when the well is pumped at a rate that is less than well yield because the water level in the well remains fairly high. When low yield wells are operated using standard pumping systems they are frequently over-pumped. This turns the wells into breathing holes that draw in air as the water level is drawn down and then slowly expel it as the water level rises. Overpumping empties the geology around the well, changes the direction of flow within the aquifer creating inflow at submerged outflow points, accelerates water movement picking up particles that had settled out and introduces oxygen. All of this activity in a natural infrastructure that normally produces potable water as a result of long residence time in a cool, dark place that is devoid of oxygen where water moves at a snail s pace. Our current method of collection works against the natural mechanisms by which freshwater aquifers produce potable water. Wells influence aquifers Every well that is pumped has some influence on the surrounding geology. As the pump draws the well down, nearby water flows in draining the ground around the well while distant water moves in slowly to replace that which entered the well. The difference in rate of travel results in a dewatered area in the shape of a cone in the aquifer around the well. This cone of depression is deepest at the well and shallower as you get further from it, growing in depth and diameter the longer and harder the well is pumped. Once pumping ceases the depression slowly fills in as water from a distance moves toward the area of lower pressure that is the cone of depression. The cone influences water movement through the aquifer so its existence creates a zone of influence. When water is withdrawn slowly from an aquifer the well s influence is minimal and the only contaminants that are likely to affect it are those directly upstream but over-pumping increases the radius of influence and results in reversing the natural direction of flow in the aquifer. Pumping hard can draw water from 360 degrees around the well, bringing contaminants such as brine from nearby bodies of salt water, nitrates and pesticides from adjacent farm land, surface water from streams, leachate from landfills and trash pits, and leakage from underground storage tanks to the last place you want it: Your water well. 34 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

37 أخبار صناعية تطوير املياه اجلوفي ة Groundwater Development Improving water quality Looking at the well/aquifer relationship in this way we quickly realize that the quality of water harvested can be affected by the rate at which we pump water from a well. If you examine a water test report you see that most of the contaminant levels listed are expressed in concentration per unit of volume; mg/l, ppm, etc. When we pump hard and create a cone of depression that dewaters the area and draws contaminants to the well, concentrations are likely to be higher than when we harvest at a rate that is more in line with natural aquifer flows. This is a picture of the San Joaquin Valley southwest of Mendota in the agricultural area of California. Years of pumping groundwater for irrigation has caused the land to drop. The top sign shows where the land surface was back in 1925! Compare that to where the man is standing (about 1977) The table at the right compares two water tests taken from the same low yield well. The test sample from May 2008 was taken when the well was harvested using a submersible pump feeding a captive air pressure tank. This arrangement over-pumped the well constantly and caused the owner to run out of water regularly. The second test in December 2008 was taken several months after a time control was installed to run the existing well pump for a couple of minutes several times an hour to fill an atmospheric tank with booster pump. The second test showed a remarkable decrease in the concentration of many test parameters. The cone of depression was eliminated so the well ceased to be the center of attraction and with the volume of water up in the well and surrounding geology, the dilution rate was also higher. The result was a much improved water test. Arsenic in groundwater is one contaminant that has been a topic of concern in the US and abroad. The current US Federal limit is 10 ppb (parts per billion) but some local jurisdictions have already adopted a lower 5 ppb limit for drinking water. Arsenic exists in nature in combination with other elements like iron or sulfur in the form of various naturally occurring compounds. Many experts are convinced that it is the oxidative breakdown of these mineral compounds that is a major cause of arsenic release into groundwater. Natural changes in the water table can result in some mineral oxidation but over-pumping can make the situation worse because it leads to increased oxygen levels in the water around the well and exposes the geology in the cone of depression to air drawn in when the well is pumped down. Arsenic bearing minerals in that geology can be made soluble by oxidation and picked up in the water when the cone of depression fills back in after pumping ceases. In addition to oxidizing mineral the cone of depression also raises the concentration of arsenic per unit of volume in the same manner discussed above. It is beginning to appear that the unacceptable level of arsenic in well water may be another unintended consequence of over-pumping. Over-pumping causes well and aquifer damage The negative effects of over-pumping can be cumulative and lasting. When an aquifer is over-pumped the result can be the spreading of contamination or even land subsidence. Subsidence is the settling of ground and it has been shown that more than 80% of the subsidence in the United States is related to the withdrawal of groundwater, a phenomenon that is reported elsewhere around the globe. When land subsides, it is compacting. The spaces in the ground are closing and therefore the ground sinks or subsides. These spaces contain the groundwater that makes up the aquifer so once they disappear the aquifer s ability to store water is reduced forever. A long rainy season or good snow melt is not going to recreate voids that have closed. When a well is over-pumped, water is withdrawn faster than it is coming in. This results in a dramatic drop in the well water level and the geology around the well drains. The longer this goes on the more widespread the dewatered area is. When the nearby cracks and voids are emptied of water they may collapse if they are not self supporting. This phenomenon can be seen in hydrofractured wells that suffer from diminishing yield. Though many hydrofractured wells show an increase in production, it is often not enough to convert them from low yield to great producers. When a low yield well is pumped by conventional means there are times when it is pumped quite low. If the level in the well is lowered to the point at which the fractures opened by hydrofracting are exposed and draining, they can suffer from subsidence. The water was the wedge that created or widened the fracture and has been helping hold it open. Once the wedge is removed the fracture can slowly close back up decreasing yield and increasing the frequency of عالم املياه العربي 35 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

38 industry spotlights Groundwater Development تطوير املياه اجلوفي ة out-of-water events. The end result is that the effect of the hydrofracting may not last. Even in the short term over-pumping can result in decreased well yield. The only real difference between a dewatering operation and water harvesting is the way the well is operated. Over-pumping is what causes the cone of depression around a well and dewatering is simply extended over-pumping. The longer over-pumping goes on the larger the cone of depression becomes. The deeper and wider the cone, the smaller the interface between the well and aquifer and the poorer the well yield will be. The result of over-pumping is dewatering, not a good way to insure the sustainability of a well or an aquifer. Get more by pumping less Recently a client asked us how to get more water from the two 900 wells that fed a 4,200-gallon (15,900 liters) buried storage tank used to supply his irrigation system. The well pumps ran continually trying to keep up with the irrigation system s needs but were failing to do so. When it was suggested that he would get more water by running the pumps less he thought we were insane. It took a great deal of convincing but in the end he installed a control system that pumped the wells at timed intervals based on their yield capability to avoid over-pumping. The end result was that the 4,200-gallon tank now fills in 1/3 the time and the same wells are easily keeping up with irrigation. Now, you may be wondering, how this could be? The explanation can be found in a combination of factors. First, the well pumps are delivering more water now because the wells are running nearly full and the pumps do not have to lift the water from 800 feet (244 meters). Second, the well yield is increased because the client is no longer dewatering the area and reducing the well s interface with the aquifer. Of course, since the pumps run a lot less, his electric bill is also reduced dramatically. This demonstrates that when withdrawals are in step with the rate at which the aquifer functions the well produces more water over time. When pumping is in excess of the transmission rate the operation changes from water harvesting to dewatering and well yield begins to decline. Over-pumping threatens a well s longevity not only through subsidence and dewatering but also through mineral and biological buildup. Wells are susceptible to loss of production from clogging caused by sediment and buildup of mineral crust or bio-slimes. The repeated exposure of the well walls to air hastens the development of these problems which can seal the well off from the aquifer. Change is needed Though many are beginning to agree that over-pumping is the number one cause of well failure and there is reason to believe it causes the other problems discussed, the topic has not received the attention needed and few have taken concrete steps toward the prevention of over-pumping. There are some commercial enterprises marketing equipment and promoting environmentally sensitive groundwater harvesting like John Dartnall of the University of Sydney, Australia, who has been working on low volume pumps that install easily by hand and run on 40 to 60 watts of power. Dartnall s pump can be run on solar power, grid electricity, gas, propane, or even human power and can be adjusted to various pumping rates. These pumps are made to run continuously until an atmospheric storage tank is full and have been in use in Australia for ten years. In the United States, Reid Plumbing Products, LLC has been using its Well Manager time-based pump controls to increase the amount of water that can be harvested from wells without over pumping. This approach works with any well and pump combination powered by electric or solar power and has been used to either maximize production or limit it to the water rights of the owner. These systems have been used successfully in North America for the last 15 years. When a natural infrastructure is operated in a way that ignores all of the relationships that make it function, we should not be surprised if results are less than desirable. Sir Francis Bacon ( ) put it most elegantly when he said Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. If we expect to continue using aquifers as a source of potable water we must work within the natural parameters by which they function. Bigger, more powerful pumps will not produce the result we need, but adapting our methods to work with nature will. Slow and time-based pumping will allow the use of poorer aquifers more than we thought possible and relieve the stress and associated problems currently caused by over-pumping. References are available upon request *J Andrew Reid is CEO of Reid Plumbing Products, LLC of Hopewell, NJ, manufacturers of Well Manager, PumpChamber and Herculan ConstaBoost Storage Systems. These products for low yield wells are in use across the United States and Canada in homes, businesses, institutions, communities, and national parks. ت ستخدم آبار املياه اجلوفي ة منذ القدم وهي قد سمحت بتوطني اإلنسان في أماكن عد ة ال تتوافر فيها املياه السطحي ة. على الرغم من التغي رات التي طرأت على تصاميم وبناء اآلبار والتقني ات التي ت قد م مضخ ات بقدرات عالية فإن مستودعات املياه اجلوفية التي تغذ ي اآلبار ما زالت كما هي منذ القدم. وي ناقش هذا املقال مدى التأثيرات السلبية للضخ الزائد للمياه على اآلبار وعلى املياه اجلوفي ة يتناول املقال بطريقة شاملة السياق الطبيعي ودورة املياه اجلوفية وكيفي ة تأثير اآلبار على مستودعات املياه اجلوفية. على العاملني في هذا املجال وفي القطاعات الزراعية إتخاذ إجراءات دقيقة للمحافظة على نوعية املياه اجلوفي ة فطريقة التشغيل حت د د كمية ونوعي ة املياه امل ستخرجة من آبار املياه اجلوفية. ويشرح J Andrew Reid في املقال كيف ي ساعد زبائن شركته في احلصول على كم يات مياه إضافية من دون احلاجة إلى زيادة نسبة الضخ ال بل على العكس وذلك من خالل تركيب أنظمة حتك م لتنظيم الضخ على مراحل بحسب الطلب وبذلك يكون امل شغ ل قد جتن ب الضخ الزائد للمياه. Refer to RIN 35 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

39 Refer to RIN 36 on page 88

40 industry spotlights Groundwater Development تطوير املياه اجلوفي ة Nanoparticles offer promise in groundwater remediation says Rice University researcher Nanotechnology, the science of matter on the atomic scale, offers much promise for making water clean and safe for the world s citizens, but care also should be taken to study possible unwanted environmental side effects, says researcher Vicki Colvin, Ph.D., of Rice University. Colvin s presentation, Nanotechnology in the Environment: Clean Water from Small Materials, explored the emerging science of nanotechnology at the National Ground Water Association s Ground Water Expo and Annual meeting recently. golf clubs, crossing many industries, Colvin said. The question is, do they find their way into aquifers and are they going to be part of drinking water systems? The same qualities that make nanoparticles so useful and effective can also present dangers to the environment. Small amounts in mass could be huge amounts in surface area so that you could moderate and change environmental processes drastically, she said. Among the potential issues: Nanoparticles could facilitate the transport of contaminants The reactive properties of some nanoparticles could create unwanted byproducts At its atomic-scale size, nanoparticles could invade and affect biological organisms in ways larger particles cannot They could persist in the environment for a long time. A nanoparticle is 1 to 100 nanometers in diameter a nanometer being one billionth of a meter in length. While some nanoparticles occur naturally, nanotechnology has resulted in the development of nanoparticles that have very specific properties. In the context of remediating contaminated water, two such properties are: For all those reasons, we want to be cautious with them. The science of application of nanoparticles has been around for 10 years or longer. What s newer and less evolved is the science of how to deal with the unwanted consequences, said Colvin. This evolving science is complicated by the fact that it can be difficult to differentiate between naturally occurring and manmade nanoparticles. Sequestration, where the nanoparticle locks up a contaminant to where it s not harmful, and Reaction, where a nanoparticle reacts with another substance to render it harmless. The real benefits to groundwater are all related to the surface area of nanoparticles. A gram of nanoparticle material might have the surface area of a football field. Nanoparticles have huge surface areas for reaction and sequestrations, Colvin said. Another advantage to nanoparticles is that they are so small they do not settle in water but are a part of the water flow, thus facilitating their ability to react with or sequester contaminants. Colvin said the ability to design and produce nanoparticles to do very specific things is so good that you can make a nanoanything these days. The field of nanotechnology is projected to be a US$ 1 trillion business in the next five to 10 years. They are in many consumer products from deodorants to sunscreen and car tires to My take-home message is that nanoparticles are already out there in nature. People already are dealing with them and don t know it, she said. And, we don t want to make the same mistakes as in the past by introducing technologies that create problems. SOURCE: Rice University تقد م التكنولوجيا الدق ية (Nanotechnology) حال مم كنا لتأمني مياه عذبة نظيفة وآمنة لإلنسان بحسب الدكتورة Vicki Colvin من جامعة Rice University ولكن هذا األمر يتطل ب دراسات م كث فة إضافية للتأك د من مدى خطورة العوارض اجلانبية امل ضر ة بالبيئة لهكذا تقنية. ي كن إستعمال هذه التقنية في معاجلة وتنقية املياه اجلوفي ة وذلك بحسب دراسة ل Colvin قد متها مؤخ را من ضمن مؤمتر ومعرض Ground Water Expo الذي تقيمه رابطة املياه اجلوفي ة الوطني ة في الواليات املت حدة األميركية. Refer to RIN 37 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

41 أخبار صناعية األنابيب وأجهزة كشف التسر ب Pipes & Leak Detectors Active leakage control in low pressure situations Is it possible to carry out an active leakage control strategy using traditional methods and equipment when pressures are extraordinarily low? Leaks make noise or acoustic sound because the pressurized water forced out through a leak loses energy to the pipe wall and to the surrounding soil area. This acoustic sound, depending on the material of the pipe work either dissipates over a long distance or is absorbed very quickly into the pipe wall. In metallic or hard walled pipes, the sound transfer is extremely good and in non metallic or soft walled pipes, the transfer is extremely bad. Other considerations are pressure and size of the orifice. The higher the pressure and the smaller the leak, the greater the noise or energy is created and this can be reduced depending on the orifice size or pressure. Table 1 shows what is ideal for leakage location or detection. Leak Noise Factors Factors producing good quality Factors producing poor quality leak noise leak noise High water pressure Low water pressure Hard backfill Soft backfill Small rupture Split mains Clean pipes Encrusted pipes Metallic pipes Soft/Lined pipes Small diameter pipes Large diameter pipes Case study - Hanoi The initial water balance as well as the measurements in the five pilot areas indicated very high levels of leakage. It was uncertain which percentage of the existing leaks could be detected given the extraordinarily low pressure (6.6 m average pressure system-wide). The leak detection was carried out between 23:00 and 04:00 during the period from October 2007 to February The equipment used included: Listening stick, stethoscope, ground microphone (Gutermann Aqua Scope 3), leak noise correlator (Gutermann Aqua Scan 610), and advanced noise loggers (Gutermann Zone Scan 800). Hanoi has carried out a large-scale pressure monitoring program on about 140 points on transmission, distribution, and service lines. The weighted average pressures observed were: Transmission lines: 9.0 m Distribution lines: 7.4 m Service lines: 6.0 m The system-wide weighted average was calculated to be 6.6 meter, +/- 10%. Pilot areas were selected in different parts of the distribution system. For each of the five pilot areas, data was collected which comprised of length of distribution, service lines and number of service connections. Flow and pressure data was collected for each of these regions over a 48-hour period. The period was restricted to this time as low pressure was being experienced in adjoining systems, preventing a permanent DMA from being established or extending the measurement period. Summary of findings during leakage survey By Stuart Hamilton* Another leaking meter A mixture of approaches was decided to see which ones could be used within a low pressure system and to ascertain if acoustic equipment can be used in low pressure areas with different service and mains materials. Decisions for the methodology of Active Leakage Control (ALC) were originally made from studying the distribution system plans. It was clear that the ALC methodology had to be different for each area to obtain best results from the equipment; this was mainly dependent on the pressure available, the material of pipe work, background noise level, and the availability of fittings. Here, we will discuss pilot areas 1, 2, and 5. Area 1 The leakage model indicated that there might be up to five ESPBs (Equivalent Service Pipe Bursts) after adjustment for pressure. For area 1 it was decided that all fittings should be listened on for audible leak noise. However, it was quickly realized that there was a distinct lack of visible service connections to enable ALC to be satisfactory completed. This is a major problem in ALC and it can be assumed that a number of small leaks may have been missed. The noise transfer from the leaks within the distribution system was very poor and can be accredited to the service pipe and mains material which in certain areas was found to be polythene. The quantity of polythene pipes in this area is unknown. When a leaking service was located, the noise transfer from the ground close to the leak was very good and the leak noise was clearly audible. However, when listening on the water meter some 0.5m away from the leak position, the leak noise was barely audible. When this leak was excavated, it was found that the service pipe was black polythene. The only feasible way of detecting all leaks in a situation like Area 1 will be to carry out a comprehensive ground microphone leak detection survey listening to all distribution mains and service connections, keeping the distances between contact points as short as possible. Any other acoustic methodology may be unsuccessful due to the distinct lack of fittings, be it distribution mains or service connections. Area 2 The leakage model indicated that there might be up to 19 burst after adjustment for pressure. This was deemed as the oldest and the most problematic of the five chosen areas due عالم املياه العربي 39 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

42 industry spotlights Pipes & Leak Detectors األنابيب وأجهزة كشف التسر ب valve was shown to be quiet and no other leaks were present. This was confirmed from the flow data obtained. No other ALC method was used in this area i.e. sounding of services. AquaScope 3 training with Hanoi Water to its age, service connection material, mains material and usage. The methodology of ALC in this area was to listen on all services with a listening device of both electronic amplified and non electronic types. This method was chosen as the deemed approach as there were only a small number of mains fittings available and a large number of suspected leaks in the area. It was not known at this early stage if the leaks were present on service connections or distribution mains. Noise loggers were deployed on the valves that were present within the distribution system and with success as they indicated an area where a leak could be present. This area was investigated and the leak was located and repaired. More success would have been possible but with the low number of valves within this area not enough coverage was possible. A large number of leaks were found in area 2 between that of the communication pipe and supply pipe. The majority of the property/private (supply pipe) side leaks located were that of open taps (could not be closed), leaking joints, homemade repairs or just general deterioration of the pipe work where no good metal was left within the galvanized iron pipe work. Nearly all the leaks that were found on the communication pipe work were that of deterioration of the pipe work where no good metal was left within the galvanized iron pipe work or on joints. Area 5 The leakage model indicated that there might be up to 5 bursts after adjustment for pressure. It was after viewing the distribution network/plans for this area that it was decided that noise loggers could be tried on this distribution system. The noise loggers were deployed and left in situ and downloaded each morning to view the reports of where leaks may be present. On each download occasion, a leak position was clearly indicated on the sluice valve closest to the water meter. This was thought to be the meter causing the noise and was ignored on the first night reading. On the second night, this was much the same and was investigated during the early hours of the morning to see if a leak is present or not. A leak position was located with the use of the electronic listening device and the ground was marked for excavation. On the following day, the ground was excavated and a leak was located and repaired on a 63mm polythene service/main. Several excavations had been made in this vicinity in the past as the water was seen to be running from the ground, causing problems. The position was logged again with the noise loggers and the Conclusions Leak detection The most important conclusion of the trial leak detection campaign is that it is possible to detect leaks in the Hanoi water distribution network using acoustic equipment. It should be noted that the trials were conducted by a fully trained engineer and it cannot be assumed that the same results could be obtained by a non-trained member of staff. This trial has demonstrated that using acoustic technology, with the help of an experienced engineer, leakage detection can be achieved in areas where the night time pressure does not reach 10m. However, experiences from this trial show that not all techniques work in every situation and that the correct method of approach should be used to gain maximum benefit. Data collection Electronic listening stick Electronic technology like the one used for this trial is very easy to use for both the experienced and non experienced engineer. The Aqua-scope 3 used in Hanoi had a numerical display which indicated the level of noise, thereby eliminating the limitations of human hearing. Ground microphone The ground microphone is mainly used for leak pinpointing this means to finally decide the exact location of the leak (for excavation) after it has been localized by any of the other methods. Leak noise correlator Leak noise correlation on soft walled pipes i.e. non metallic pipes is generally not as effective as on hard walled pipes i.e. metallic pipes. Hence, only short distances must be kept between the two sensors up to a maximum of 60m and this is depending on the pressure within the distribution system at the time of correlation. Due to this problem, in many areas in the Hanoi distribution network, where there are (i) plastic pipes and (ii) a lack of access points to the network, the use of correlators will be limited. A successful correlation was possible in Hanoi where the correlator was used to locate a leak on a 200mm PVC main over short distances (maximum of 60m at 10m pressure) during the early hours of the morning between 2am and 4am. It was 40 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

43 أخبار صناعية األنابيب وأجهزة كشف التسر ب Pipes & Leak Detectors Deploying Zonescan in Hanoi Area 2 found that the leak was an illegal connection to a house and workshop which contained a leak or open end causing the leak noise. Leak noise loggers The biggest surprise of the leak detection trial was that leak noise loggers worked well despite the extraordinarily low pressures. However, a serious problem for the large scale use of noise loggers is the lack of access points to the network. In the future, if access points were made available, such as fittings in chambers, valves and underground hydrants, then the use of noise loggers may become more common. Permanently installed leak noise loggers may not be an option, labor being cheap. However, it must be considered as new technology now allows for remote reading of the loggers giving a 24-hour report on the state of the distribution system. Refer to RIN 39 on page 88 Leaks located A total of 19 leaks on service connections were reported and repaired. However there was one leak that has to be accounted for and one big leak on a service line was detected bringing the total to 21. In addition, an even larger number of smaller leaks before and after the customer meter have been found. Some of these were so minor that repairing them was deemed uneconomical but 12 were deemed large enough to report for repairing. Quantification of leaks has been tried but with the low level of confidence in the flow or DMA data, this may not be totally accurate *Stuart Hamilton is secretary to IWA s Water Loss Task Force and is leading an initiative on acoustic leakage detection techniques and methodologies. He recently joined the Miya Group, a water efficiency solutions provider. For his contact details, please the editor. يتناول هذا املقال عمليات التحك م بتسربات املياه من األنابيب في املنشآت املنخفضة الضغط بواسطة األدوات السمعي ة. ي ناقش املؤل ف التقنيات املت بعة ويت خذ مثاال األعمال التي ن ف ذت في هذا املجال في مدينة هانوي الفييتنامية. أقيمت أعمال الكشف على التسر بات في هانوي من الساعة 11 ليال حتى الرابعة صباحا على فترة إمتدت من تشرين األو ل )أكتوبر( 2007 إلى شباط )فبراير( 2008 وذلك بإستخدام عد ة أدوات من مكب رات صوت وأدوات تنص ت لرصد أصوات التسربات ومعد ات تسجيل ضجيج متطو رة. وكانت املدينة قد نف ذت برنامج مراقبة ضغط واسعة النطاق في 140 نقطة على خطوط أنابيب لنقل وتوزيع وتأمني املياه. أك دت هذه التجارب إمكانية إجراء إختبارات كشف عن التسربات بواسطة معد ات كشف سمعية وصوتية وذلك إذا ما أجريت اإلختبارات بواسطة مهندس ذات خبرة عالية وخاصة في املنشآت املنخفضة الضغط. ك شف عن 19 حالة تسر ب تم معاجلتها ضمن هذه احلملة ذلك قبل الكشف عن تسربني إضافيني أحدهما كبير على خطة خدمة. بعض التسربات كانت أصغر من أن تعالج نظرا لتكلفة صيانتها التي هي أعلى من تكلفة اخلسارة التي قد ت سب بها فقط 12 تسرب من ضمن التسربات الصغيرة عوجلت نظرا حلجمها اخلطير نسبيا على املدى الطويل. *Jon Hill Hidrostal s Export Development Manager Refer to RIN 38 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 41 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

44 industry spotlights Pipes & Leak Detectors األنابيب وأجهزة كشف التسر ب HOBAS for a Blue Danube In Hungary s capital Budapest 600,000 m³ of water run into the Danube daily, 51% of which are completely untreated. This does not only endanger the area s wildlife but also conflicts with the objectives of the Sofia Convention in 1993 to protect and sustainably use the Danube. HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems are absolutely leak tight, long lasting, have excellent hydraulic and long-term static properties. Their handling and installation is remarkably easy due to their light weight, simple push to fit couplings, and compatibility with other materials. These advantages and numerous industrial projects successfully realized with HOBAS in the past, convinced the client to utilize HOBAS CC-GRP pipe systems for further parts of the treatment plant: A twin line DN 1200, SN 5000, PN 6 leads to the plant from the west and another two paralleling pipelines DN 1400, SN 5000, PN 6 come from the east adding up to a total length of around 2 km. Around 2 km of HOBAS pressure pipes were utilized to build Europe s second largest treatment plant Already in 1974, a program with the working title Sewage Treatment and Disposal for the capital Budapest was set up envisaging the establishment of 4 wastewater treatment plants in Budapest. The first is the Budapest Central Sewage Treatment Plant (BKSZTT) that was planned to be built on the Danube s island Csepel. Budapest Central Sewage Treatment Plant is the biggest environmental investment in Europe. No efforts and costs were spared concerning architecture and landscaping, so that the plant, which will be commissioned this year, harmoniously blends in with its surroundings. A bypass with short pipes and a loose collar joint were installed in the plant building for an inductive flow meter The project is financed by the EU from the design to construction and a first feasibility study was made by a consortium lead by the Swedish engineering company SWECO in Latest technologies will increase the efficiency of biological treatment by three times and enable 92% of wastewater to be treated biologically. With a planned maximal capacity of 900,000 m³ per day, it is the largest sewage treatment plant in Hungary and the 2 nd largest in Europe. It will easily cope with the current 350,000 m 3 sewage coming from the area s main. This covers approximately half of Budapest s stormwater and wastewater originating from households and industry. Located on a floor space of 29 hectares in the north of Csepel, the sewage treatment plant lies between km 1641 and 1642 of the Danube. A bypass with short pipes and a loose collar joint was installed in the plant building for an inductive flow meter. HOBAS CC-GRP Pipes were selected for this thanks to their relatively light weight, distinguished chemical resistance, and excellent hydraulic characteristics. The line consisting of three standard length (6 m), one 4.5 m and one 1.5 m long HOBAS CC-GRP pipes was fixed on suspensions. A connection pipe with a mechanical coupling was inserted prior to the flow meter. قامت شركة HOBAS بتأمني أنابيب CC-GRP التي ت صن عها لصالح محطة معاجلة مياه صرف صح ي في العاصمة الهنغارية بودابست هي الثانية من حيث احلجم في أوروبا إذ تبلغ قدرتها القصوى النظرية نحو 900,000 متر مكع ب من املياه يوميا وذلك يغط ي نصف مياه الصرف ومياه األمطار الصادرة عن العاصمة. اختيرت أنابيب HOBAS نظرا ملتانتها وخف ة وزنها ومقاومتها للتآكل الكيميائي ومنعها التام للتسر ب. أقيم هذا املشروع برعاية اإلحتاد األوروبي وبطريقة مراعية للبيئة احمليطة وسيبدأ العمل به في العام احلالي وهو يقع على جزيرة Csepel في نهر الدانوب والتي تشك ل جزء من العاصمة بودابست. Refer to RIN 40 on page 88 An interesting side note: Over 500 artifacts and graves from the Bronze, Iron, and Árpád Age have been discovered during construction works. These findings show that the island Csepel was already inhabited 5,000 years ago. HOBAS with its reliable products contributed once more in maintaining a habitat for man and wildlife Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

45 أخبار صناعية األنابيب وأجهزة كشف التسر ب Pipes & Leak Detectors Dresser Piping Specialties fits Alstom Hydro Venezuelan project with four penstock couplings for two 246 inlet pipelines When Alstom Hydro needed custom-built couplings for a Venezuelan penstock project, they turned to a company they knew could handle custom needs, Dresser Piping Specialties, a division of Dresser, Inc. Penstock segments Customer project challenge The new hydroelectric power plant in Venezuela included a penstock line located near the inlet of a newly installed hydraulic Francis Turbine (275MW). Design engineers needed four Penstock Couplings to fit two 6,205mm (246 ) inlet pipelines. With a design pressure of 170 mwc (meters static water head) (242psi), and a test pressure of 221 mwc (314psi), this large diameter line required sleeve-type pipe joining couplings that would assure a leaktight seal on the inlet lines. To remain tight, the joints must maintain a constant gasket seal under all conditions of pipe movement, including vibration, deflection, expansion and contraction. Furthermore, this particular power plant is located in an area of South America vulnerable to seismic activity. For safety assurance, Alstom engineers specified a coupling product offering flexibility in accordance with external forces. Being a non-rigid union, this beneficial flexing occurs when installing sleeve-type Dresser penstock couplings, which are built to absorb stresses associated with seismic movement. Flexibility of the couplings also helps to eliminate shimming or time-consuming adjustment of anchors, saddles, and girders. Dresser solution Engineers at Alstom had the confidence that Dresser could provide an engineered solution, custom-build their cou- plings within budget and deliver them on time. Dresser engineers prepared design drawings that were submitted and approved for a segmental concept. The coupling design was comprised of three 2-1/4 thick middle ring radius sections to be welded into a complete 360-degree middle ring on site. Gaskets were set, and modular sectional followers were bolted in place. This design significantly reduced shipping and transportation costs and reduced installation labor costs at the job site. Segmental couplings, followers, all bolts, nuts and gaskets were shipped in two sealed containers for transport to the job site. Business benefits When hydropower installation sites involve rocky terrain, substantial savings can be realized in construction costs by having the coupled penstock flow across the surface to avoid excessive excavation and fabricated bends. A standard Dresser coupling in the larger diameter range can absorb up to one degree of deflection. On the basis of 40-foot (12 meters) pipe lengths, this means an offset of up to eight inches per section from the vertical or horizontal alignment is permitted. Should minor settlement occur after penstock construction, the couplings will absorb the resulting deflection without leakage - and without transmitting harmful stresses to the pipe or pipeline supports. قامت شركة Alstom Hydro باإلستعانة بخدمات Dresser Piping Specialties لتأمني لوازم وصل األنابيب وقنوات نقل املياه ملشروع توليد للطاقة الكهرومائية في فنزويال. إحتاج مهندسو تصميم املشروع ألربعة وصالت أنابيب لتركيبها على خطي أنابيب بقطر 6,205 مم تؤم ن حماية كاملة من التسر ب لهذه األنابيب التي تسمح للمياه بالدخول إلى املنشأة. ونظرا لتواجد هذا املشروع في منطقة من أميركا اجلنوبية م عر ضة للزالزل فقد طلب املهندسون في املشروع وصالت أنابيب مرنة بإمكانها مقاومة عوامل ضغط خارجية هذه املرونة تسمح أيضا بإزالة ضرورة تعديل وصيانة العوارض والصم امات وغيرها من مكو نات احملط ة الكهرومائية. تستفيد Dresser لتنفيذ هكذا مشاريع من خبرة 125 عام في هذا املجال. Refer to RIN 41 on page 88 Dresser know-how and engineering solutions Dresser penstock couplings are specified for their ability to absorb vibration, expansion, contraction, deflection and stresses from seismic activity, while providing lifetime leak-proof dependability. Dresser Piping Specialties has over 125 years of experience manufacturing quality piping joining and repair products and has provided thousands of penstock couplings worldwide since Dresser Piping Specialties, a division of Dresser, Inc., is a leading provider of highly-engineered pipeline solutions for natural gas, oil, water and wastewater distribution industry applications throughout the world. The company encompasses pipeline integrity solutions from main-to-meter with capabilities extending from complete skid-mounted stations to the gas burner tip, with a broad portfolio of pipeline product solutions in between. Dresser, Inc. is a leader in providing highly engineered infrastructure products for the global energy industry. The company has leading positions in a broad portfolio of products including valves, actuators, meters, switches, regulators, piping products, natural gas-fueled engines, retail fuel dispensers and associated retail point of sale systems, and air and gas handling equipment. Leading brand names within the Dresser portfolio include Dresser Wayne retail fueling systems, Waukesha natural gas-fired engines, Masoneilan control valves, Mooney regulators, Consolidated pressure relief valves, and ROOTS blowers and rotary gas meters. It has manufacturing and customer service facilities located strategically worldwide and a sales presence in more than 100 countries. عالم املياه العربي 43 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

46 industry spotlights Pipes & Leak Detectors األنابيب وأجهزة كشف التسر ب ADS HDPE pipe receives 100-year service life approval New UNISPEED USFL 90/37 Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS), the world s largest manufacturer of HDPE pipe, is the first and only HDPE manufacturer in the underground drainage industry to receive a 100-year service life approval for its revolutionary N-12 corrugated HDPE pipe. The designation, given by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), approves N-12 pipe for use in most FDOT applications. Utilizing the most extensive testing protocol in the pipe industry, FDOT granted approval for 18» (450mm) through 48» (1200mm) ADS N-12 pipe under the «Class II» 100- year service life designation. «The test results in Florida prove there is an increasing level of confidence in the use and performance of HDPE pipe,» said Joe Chlapaty, chairman and chief executive officer of ADS. «Our goal is to deliver a product that will still be in the ground for generations to come and performing its intended purpose. We ve always been confident that our products will last forever, and these tests simply serve as additional evidence to that fact. As with all ADS products, our customers can be assured that our HDPE pipe is providing a high quality, value enhanced solution to meet their underground drainage needs.» ADS s N-12 HDPE pipe is the world standard for corrugated polyethylene drainage pipe. Introduced in 1987, N-12 dual wall pipe, with its smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior wall, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength. Built using application specific highdensity polyethylene, N-12 corrugated pipe also provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance making it an excellent alternative to reinforced concrete and corrugated metal pipe. According to ADS, the approval in Florida will mean significant growth among the company s public transportation infrastructure projects. «We sell pipe day in and day out in Florida, but this approval will open numerous doors in terms of growth for ADS and our N-12 product line,» said Bob Klein, vice president of sales and customer relations for ADS. «By manufacturing pipe within the state of Florida and keeping our product as close to our customers as possible, it will significantly reduce the time and cost of delivery. The ability to expand the applications of N-12 pipe will advance the industry as we know it today.» To determine the expected service life of the corrugated HDPE drainage pipe, FDOT adopted a test protocol specification that is the most stringent and comprehensive in the pipe industry. Incorporating projected long-term buried stress and environmental conditions, the test protocol utilizes the Rate Process Method (RPM) and Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) testing to measure stress crack resistance and product durability. These methods are well-established and widely used in the pressure pipe industry as a means to predict the long-term performance of thermoplastic pipe. Introduced in 1987, N-12 smooth interior dual wall pipe meets strict quality control from raw materials to production - conforming to ASTM and AASHTO standards - and is specified nationwide in storm and sanitary sewers, agricultural drainage, road and highway construction, residential and commercial development as well as turf and recreational applications. ت قد م شركة S.r.l. OP جهاز UNISPEED USFL 90/37 امل ستخدم لتوسيع فوهات األنابيب الهيدرولية وهو حائز على شهادتي ISO و ISO ألنظمة وصل األنابيب. ت عتبر شركة Advanced Drainage Systems أكبر شركة م صن عة لألنابيب املصنوعة من البولييثيلني العالي الكثافة وهي الشركة الوحيدة امل صن عة لهذه املنتجات التي يحظى أنبوب 12-N التابع لها بضمانة خدمة م صد قة تصل إلى 100 عام. حاز هذا األنبوب على هذه الضمانة من قبل وزارة النقل في والية فلوريدا األميركي ة. وكانت الشركة قد أطلقت منتج 12-N في العام 1987 وقد مر بعد ة تطو رات في ال 20 سنة األخيرة. UNISPEED USFL 90/37 from OP S.r.l. is the new machine for 37 and 90 orbital flaring of hydraulic rigid pipe ends with ISO and ISO fitting systems. Practical and easy to use: These are the main features of this machine which requires only one tool change to carry out the flaring operations. This way, processing time is reduced to the minimum since it is carried out easily without the need of additional equipment. The machine uses a cold orbital forming process to create a flat and smooth sealing surface at 90 and 37 with a suitable rugosity for the O-Ring seal. By doing so, it avoids the formation of processing signs which, on the other hand, can occasionally occur with common axial deformation processes. This system is compliant with the pipe flaring requirements regulated by SAE and ISO standards. The various possibilities of adjustment and configuration of USFL9037 allow obtaining any flaring diameter and thickness. The semi-automatic processing cycle allows the flaring process to be very fast, thus reducing costs and avoiding welding or soldering the clamping ring to the pipe end. Moreover, the final cycle lay-up ensures optimal flaring and finishing results. Refer to RIN 42 on page 88 Refer to RIN 43 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

47 أخبار صناعية األنابيب وأجهزة كشف التسر ب Pipes & Leak Detectors InterTech Development Company receives ISO accreditation for leak testing at low flow rates Automatic location logging for leak detection InterTech Development Company, arguably the world leader in optimized turnkey solutions for leak testing, functional testing, and assembly & test, announced that it has received ISO accreditation for leak testing at very low flow rates. This ISO standard documents that the InterTech Development Company Applications Laboratory s quality management system adheres to the highest standards. Jacques Hoffmann, President and Founder of InterTech Development Company comments, InterTech serves leading manufacturers around the globe and has long ensured that the automated systems, instrumentation, and applications engineering for leak testing and functional testing and assembly and test is ISO 9001-compliant as our clients require. The ISO accreditation of the InterTech Calibration and Applications Laboratory s quality management system is a complement to the other processes and certifications Inter- Tech receives to be full partners with ISO 9001 compliant companies. ISO/IEC is the main standard used by testing and calibration laboratories to document ability to consistently produce valid results. InterTech s documented quality management system and related ISO accreditation is for leak testing at low flow rates (1 sccm). InterTech Development Company is a world leader in testcentric assembly and test specializing in automated leak and functional testing with 7 patented mass flow and hydraulic technologies, as well as, helium mass spectrometry (ISO International Standards for Quality Management). InterTech Development Company-engineered solutions are used by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. InterTech Development Company s worldwide support organization maintains offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. ت قد م شركة Halma Water Management نظام Permalog Patroller املجه ز بتقنية MapPoint من Microsoft ونظام متوضع جغرافي لتحديد مكان كل أجهزة Permalog للكشف عن التسربات املتواجدة في منشأة ما. ي وف ر ذلك على املشغ لني محنة تدوين مكان كل جهاز بطريقة يدوي ة تتطل ب الكثير من الوقت. أعلنت شركة InterTech الرائدة عامليا في مجال حلول الكشف عن التسر بات عن حصولها على شهادة ISO اخلاصة مبجال إختبار مواقع التسر بات في املنشآت ذات نسبة التدف ق امل نخفضة. تؤك د الشهادة على تطابق نظام إدارة نوعية املختبرات من الشركة مع أعلى املعايير امل ت بعة عامليا. Refer to RIN 44 on page 88 The Permalog Patroller drive-by data capture system from Halma Water Management now incorporates the latest Microsoft MapPoint technology and GPS to accurately record the location of each deployed Permalog leak detector. This means that operators no longer need to go through the tedious and time-consuming task of manually marking logger locations. When each new Permalog is deployed, the Patroller uses a wireless handheld scanner to retrieve each logger s unique serial number via Bluetooth technology. This information is then linked to its GPS position with MapPoint software, plotting the network of leak detectors for future reference and analysis on detailed mapping software. A database of Permalog detectors and their precise whereabouts is built up, along with the latest leak monitoring measurements and instant visual cues for any alerts: A green flag indicates that all is well, and a red flag means there s a leak. Having the location mapped then makes it easier than ever to quickly dispatch leak repair teams directly to the trouble spots. Historic data for each unit can also be called up, allowing for a systematic analysis of leak positions over time, and all the data can also be exported in.csv format for water company GIS systems, to be overlaid onto water network plans. This information can then be used to identify problem areas of the water network in the past, present, and potentially future. Another benefit of automatic location logging is the asset security it offers no more units lost due to inaccurate or mislaid maps, and easier retrieval for temporary lift and shift operations. Refer to RIN 45 on page 96 عالم املياه العربي 45 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

48 industry spotlights Laboratory Equipment & Instruments املعد ات املخبري ة وأجهزة القياس Connects: Elevating the role of laboratory informatics into the enterprise Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, launched a new program aimed at bridging the gap between laboratory generated data and the enterprise level information that is required for mission critical management decisions. Thermo Scientific Connects was being launched at Pittcon 2009 in Chicago, Illinois, from March 8 to 13, Thermo Scientific Connects is a set of offerings that leverage the company s breadth of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) capabilities, as well as expertise in enterprise systems integration to help streamline and improve the transfer of knowledge between laboratory-generated data and enterprise-level information systems. Connects assists organizations in integrating application-specific workflows, thereby transforming laboratory data into relevant business information and maximizing a company s enterprise system investments to better support critical management decisions in today s resource-constrained environment. Thermo Fisher Scientific is well positioned to offer this comprehensive solution set, which is comprised of a combination of Thermo Scientific instruments, LIMS and CDS software, tools and services, and capitalizes on ongoing partnerships with technology leaders including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, enterprise Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) providers like Symyx Technologies, document management systems (DMS) companies like NextDocs and members of the company s Global Partner Alliance, a network of highly experienced partners that deliver local and regional support to Thermo Scientific product and service offerings around the world. By offering an end-to-end solution that facilitates the integration of various instruments and systems, along with the interoperability necessary to transform data into relevant business drivers, Thermo Scientific Connects will help expand the business of science from the laboratory throughout the enterprise. Thermo Scientific Connects is the latest strategic initiative from Thermo Fisher Scientific that leverages the power of the company s product and services offerings and its partners, to أطلقت شركة Thermo Fisher Scientific برنامج جديد يهدف إلى رأب الصدع ما بني املعلومات الصادرة عن املختبرات واملعلومات على مستوى الشركات واملشاريع وهو بعنوان.Connects جرى حفل إطالق البرنامج خالل مؤمتر Pittcon 2009 الذي أ قيم في مدينة شيكاغو األميركية من 8 إلى 13 آذار )مارس( يتضم ن Connects تقديات الشركة من أنظمة إدارة املعلومات املخبرية وأنظمة املعلومات الكروماتوغرافية باإلضافة إلى خبرة الشركة في مجال نقل املعلومات ما بني املختبرات واملشاريع. يتضم ن بذلك Connects األدوات التي ت صن عها الشركة من برامج تشغيل إلكترونية ومعد ات وأجهزة قياس باإلضافة إلى اخلدمات اإلستشارية للزبائن. Refer to RIN 46 on page 88 bring key business knowledge originating in the laboratory to management at all levels of the enterprise. The integration of the entire enterprise will facilitate better data correlation and collaboration, end-to-end report generation, more secure data exchanges, with the goal of providing management with a dashboard view of the key metrics essential to running the business, thereby enabling management to have the critical data they need before, not after, any point of crisis. Analytical laboratories can provide critical data for tighter control of manufacturing processes and to ensure product quality, according to ARC Sr. Analyst Paula Hollywood but only if a coordinated integration strategy is employed where lab data is integrated with higher level business systems that will provide information visibility to decision makers when they need it. The value of lab data is enhanced when partnering with a supplier such as Thermo Fisher Scientific who has the analytical measurement expertise, the knowledge of process manufacturing, the capability to manage the data, and provides the support services required for an integrated solution. This integration of Thermo Scientific Informatics solutions with enterprise systems and laboratory equipment is particularly relevant in today s business climate where near instantaneous response is required by companies in all industries to protect the public or the environment, whether it be a food producer responding to a contamination event, a petro/chemical company ensuring the safety of the natural environment, or a pharmaceutical company responding to raw materials inconsistencies in a manufacturing environment. Dave Champagne, vice president and general manager, Informatics, Thermo Fisher Scientific, says We have an opportunity to help our customers now respond with more certainty to the many challenges facing business today. Changes in the current environment, whether political, economic or regulatory, make it imperative for companies to gain greater leverage and utilization from their existing enterprise data systems and LIMS investments. Working closely with our strategic partners, Thermo Fisher is well positioned to help our customers to achieve these goals. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With annual revenues of US$ 10.5 billion, the company has more than 34,000 employees and serve over 350,000 customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as environmental and industrial process control settings Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

49 أخبار صناعية املعد ات املخبري ة وأجهزة القياس Laboratory Equipment & Instruments The new WATERFLUX 3070 battery-powered water counter eddy currents are minimized and allow for highly accurate measurement (± 0.2% ± 1.5 mm/s). The tube itself is highpressure stable; it is made of cast aluminum with a coating of Rilsan, which is approved for potable water. For the operation of an electromagnetic water meter, electrical energy is needed. However, in many cases, the remote location of the meter makes connection to the electricity grid impossible. KROHNE have overcome this issue, by giving the WATERFLUX 3070 a battery life of up to 15 years until the battery has to be changed. This means it is maintenancefree and can be operated at very low maintenance costs. Its long lifetime is due to its unique sensor design, and the very low power consumption of the components within the counter. Due to this modern technology, the power consumption is lower by a factor of 5,000 compared to a conventional electromagnetic flow meter. KROHNE introduced a new measuring instrument: The WA- TERFLUX 3070 is an electromagnetic water counter for standard applications in the water and wastewater industry. It has a very long battery life of 15 years, making it especially suitable for applications where no power connection is available. The counter also has the option of a GSM module for remote transmission of measurement data and status information. The WATERFLUX was showcased in March 2009 at both the Aqua Nederland and Wasser Berlin exhibitions. The new WATERFLUX 3070 offers the user some unique benefits that comparable solutions lack: Thanks to extremely short inlets and outlets, the WATERFLUX can be installed in very narrow wells and chambers. The counter is highly accurate and being a magnetic-inductive meter, it is superior to mechanical water meters in terms of pressure loss and longterm stability. For large diameters, the WATERFLUX 3070 has a significant price advantage compared to the lifetime cost of mechanical meters which require filters and rectifiers as well as maintenance and cleaning. The heart of the WATERFLUX is the measuring tube with a rectangular cross section, which offers several advantages: The coils are arranged so that a strong, homogeneous magnetic field is formed and the measurement is thus independent of flow profile. In addition, this allows for extremely short inlets and outlets. The optimized thickness of the metering If no power supply system is available, often the connection to the PLC is also not available. Therefore, the user at water sources, wells, or network transfer is reliant on remote data transmission. For the WATERFLUX 3070, a Datalogger and GSM transmitter as a compact module are available. The Data Logger stores all data, including peak flow and low flow during the night. This information is then transmitted by the GSM network to the next radio mast and from there via satellite to a server that the user can access. As well as providing accurate flow measurement, the WA- TERFLUX 3070 can also indicate the charge conditions of the battery as well as the draining of the tube. The WATERFLUX 3070 meets the requirements for custody transfer according to OIML R-49 and MI-001. The device is available in sizes from DN 25 to DN 600. WATERFLUX is also available in combination with the well known signal converters IFC 100 and IFC 300, enabling the application and benefits of the unique sensor design in those industries where there is mains power at hand. The new WATERFLUX 3070 will be still available for viewing at Wasser Berlin until April 4. KROHNE was established in 1921, KROHNE is a familyowned business employing 2,510 people around the world with representatives on all continents. The company headquarters are based in Duisburg, Germany. KROHNE is a market leader in the development and manufacture of innovative measurement technology and prides itself on exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality, performance capability, service, and design. أطلقت KROHNE نظام WATERFLUX 3070 اإللكترومغناطيسي اجلديد لقياس املياه وتدف قها وهو م زو د ببطارية تدوم ل 15 عام مم ا يجعله مثاليا للمنشآت النائية حيث تغيب إمكانية وصلها إلى مصدر طاقة. بإمكان تزويد العد اد بتقنية GSM لنقل وإرسال املعلومات عن بعد. ع رض WATERFLUX في معرضي Aqua Nederland وBerlin Wasser في آذار )مارس( املاضي. ي ساهم تصميمه املتراص بتسهيل تركيبه في احلجرات الصغيرة واآلبار الضي قة وهو م نخفض الثمن وال يحتاج إلى أي صيانة أو عمليات تنظيف ت ذكر. Refer to RIN 47 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 47 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

50 industry spotlights Laboratory Equipment & Instruments املعد ات املخبري ة وأجهزة القياس The RiverSurveyor S5 & M9, the water monitoring industry s first multi-frequency acoustic Doppler profiler Emerson expands two-wire Micro Motion Coriolis range of applications SonTek RiverSurveyor- S5 and M9 Systems It is a product unlike any other currently available on the market and by every account, has raised the technological bar when it comes to making river discharge measurements. Built to easily collect data in the most extreme flood and drought conditions, the next-generation RiverSurveyor S5 & M9 from SonTek/YSI are used to collect velocity profiles, depth, and discharge data in canals, rivers, and streams. It combines three instruments into one, saving customers thousands of dollars in equipment, personnel, and time. Multiple acoustic frequencies fused with precise bandwidth control make for the most robust and continuous shallow-to-deep channel measurements ever. Leading technologies such as Bluetooth, spread spectrum radio, and RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) GPS are all incorporated to elevate performance and expand utility. With a press of a button on a mobile device, or from the convenience of a nearby laptop, the RiverSurveyor offers the fastest pinging and data processing available. Other features that make the RiverSurveyor exceptional are: Continuous shallow-to-deep discharge measurements (first of its kind!) Designed for extreme flood or drought conditions Exclusive vertical beam for bathymetry Built in software processing package - RiverSurveyor Live Instant data to a mobile device Automated cell size Bottom-tracking Not only are the S5 and M9 great new products for river discharge, but the Doppler engine that powers them is superior to any Doppler technology that currently exists and will serve as the basis for entirely new family of products says Chris Ward, SonTek/YSI Director of International Business Development. أعلنت شركة Emerson Process Management عن توسيع سلسلة عد ادات Micro Motion Coriolis التي ت صن عها والتي متتاز بكونها دقيقة وم تعد دة اإلستعماالت في مجال القياس وهي متينة وال حتتاج إلى أي عملية صيانة ت ذكر. أطلقت شركة SonTek/YSI عد ادي RiverSurveyor S5 و RiverSurveyor M9 املزو دين بتقنية Doppler لقياس سرعة تدف ق وعمق وتصريف املياه في القنوات واألنهر واجلداول وهما بذلك يدمجان ما بني ثالث وظائف في جهاز واحد مم ا ي وف ر آالف الدوالرات على الزبائن من ناحية املعد ات وفرق العمل والوقت. Refer to RIN 48 on page 88 Five months following the introduction of the first two-wire Micro Motion Coriolis meters, Emerson Process Management announced an expansion of Coriolis line sizes now available with this new technology. Designed specifically for loop-powered applications, the Micro Motion 2200S transmitter is now available on ELITE Coriolis meters for line sizes ranging from 1/8 (3mm) to 6 (150mm). Process engineers, managers and plants around the world have benefited from Coriolis accuracy, multi-variable measurement, and robust, maintenance-free performance. With the introduction of the Micro Motion two-wire Coriolis meter, these advantages are expanded to an even wider range of applications where older flow technologies have traditionally been used due to lack of power in the field. Emerson s Micro Motion two-wire Coriolis meters deliver +0.10% liquid flow, g/cm 3 liquid density accuracy and +0.35% gas flow accuracy in process control applications. With no moving parts, these meters require no maintenance and are available in a variety of materials of construction. With the new line extension, two-wire Micro Motion meters can handle flow rates from lb/min (2kg/h) up to 20,000 lb/min (545,500 kg/h). Since its introduction, Emerson s Micro Motion 2-wire Coriolis measurement has been adopted in a range of industries including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper, oil and gas, power, metals and mining. It is ideal for process control and delivers particular value for continuous flow, bulk batching, gas flow measurement, mass balance, and plant efficiency monitoring applications. The intrinsically safe Model 2200S transmitter is suitable for a range of process conditions and has C1D1/C1D2 and Zone1/ Zone 2 hazardous area approvals. Equipped with MVD digital processing technology, the Micro Motion 2200S transmitter delivers multivariable and diagnostic information via HART communications for reduced costs through improved process consistency and maximized uptime. Micro Motion Coriolis meters are part of Emerson s broad range of intelligent, digital field devices that power the PlantWeb digital plant architecture. Refer to RIN 49 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

51 أخبار صناعية املعد ات املخبري ة وأجهزة القياس Laboratory Equipment & Instruments New multi-parameter paddle wheel flow meter Paddle wheel flow meters offer cost-effective, high accuracy solutions to low flow liquid applications. Simple in design with only one moving part, these new paddle wheel flow meters from Aalborg are easy to install and operate. Sapphire jewel bearings facilitate virtually friction-free impeller wheel rotations resulting in linear low flow metering. Models constructed of Polypropylene or chemically resistant PVDF can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and ensure long operational life. New area-velocity flow meter Monitor flow through open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes without a flume or weir. This new flow meter is designed for municipal stormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage, and irrigation water. The new Greyline AVFM-II uses a submerged ultrasonic sensor to continuously measure both velocity and level in the channel. The sensor is resistant to fouling and corrosion. The AVFM-II can be configured with the standard submerged Velocity/Level sensor, or with submerged velocity and a separate non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor. It includes flow rate display, totalizer, three 4-20mA outputs, and two control relays. Intrinsically safe sensors and built-in data logger are optional. Greyline develops and manufactures industrial flow and level monitoring instruments for measurement and control in water and wastewater treatment, industrial process automation and for environmental monitoring. Greyline Level instruments include ultrasonic level transmitters, pump station controllers, tank farm monitoring systems, software, and data loggers. Greyline s ultrasonic flow products include portable meters for troubleshooting and surveys, Doppler flow meters with strapon sensors, flow switches, open channel and area-velocity flow monitors. ص م م عد اد AVFM-II اجلديد من Greyline لقياس مياه األمطار البلدي ة ومياه الصرف الصح ي ومياه الري. ي ستعمل هذا العد اد محساس مغمور ما فوق صوتي لقياس السرعة ومستوى املياه في الوقت عينه بشكل متواصل وهو مضاد للتآكل واإلنسداد بسبب امللو ثات واألوساخ. Refer to RIN 51 on page 88 Designed for measuring very low liquid flow rates and for highly accurate temperature readings, paddle wheel meters are ideally suited to many flow system applications. Design Features include metering accuracy ±1% FS and temperature output from Platinum RTD, TCR, meeting EN 60751, Class B. The sensor can be replaced in the field and an optional fourwire Platinum RTD probe is available. Visible flow indication via the transparent acrylic cover. The flow output signal is a versatile square wave and the ports are female NPT. Typical applications for paddle wheel flow meters include: Research and development facilities, metering applications, test stands, OEM applications, water treatment systems, water dispensing systems, flow verification, and process applications. Refer to RIN 52 on page 88 تقد م شركة Aalborg عد ادات مياه جديدة مزو دة بعجالت تغريف تساهم بتخفيض التكاليف وتأمني قياسات دقيقة في منشآت التدف ق املنخفض العد ادات سهلة التركيب والتشغيل وتدوم لوقت طويل. Refer to RIN 50 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 49 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

52 country / regional reports Iraq العراق New strategies and monitoring for the requirements of water projects in Iraq The water and electricity sectors represent the largest challenge for the current Iraqi government. The Iraqi governmental program and international reconstruction program from MND contribute in supporting and developing these sectors after many years of neglect. In fact, it was impossible to rehabilitate the old projects because they had reached their expiry date. For this reason, the reconstruction programs aim to construct new water projects with different capacities, where some of these projects are designed to only treat the raw water then pump it to the water pipes network, while the other projects are designed for the production of desalted water by using reverse osmosis desalination technology. Unfortunately, reverse osmosis projects are still unable to cover the total water requirements for drinking and industrial sites. Up until now, water desalination projects depended on selling the produced water to water contractors who are responsible for transporting and selling it to customers. Existing water station at Garmat Ali By Dr. Ala a Abdulrazaq* water directly to Basrah s central water station. Also, the low lift pump station is provided with four water pumps (4*1,500 m 3 / hour), the station is responsible for pumping the raw water to two water compact units (2*400 m 3 /hour) where the raw water will be treated by using alum and disinfected by gas chlorination systems. Recently, the development of the Iraqi water sector gained momentum as many new water projects are under construction and the rest are already operating. Interestingly, most of the new water projects were executed or under construction by Iraqi contractors. The contractors are responsible for preparing the full details: Civilian, electrical, mechanical, and chemical drawings and cost estimation for all items in the scope of work. The contractors office for supervision will evaluate these items before giving the official acceptance and certification for starting with works in these new sites. After that, the contractors will be responsible for site mobilization and recruiting specialized engineers and employees. The contractors must also submit official documents before delivering any new equipment or materials to the site. The contractors office will evaluate the specification before giving the approval in case it is identical to the scope of work requirements. For most new projects, the safety factor must be achieved and available in all work stages. The safety engineers must continue monitoring all safety aspects inside the projects. Also, safety engineers from the contractors office will check the safety issue. Sometimes, projects can be turned off when safety requirements are not met. Many safety reports must be prepared during the project s development stages, and multi safety meetings must be carried out on site and at the contractors office. Many examples are available in the city of Basrah where many water projects are under construction. For example, Garmat Ali water project is considered one of the main projects in the city. The project s budget from USACE-GRS corps of engineer is about US$ 8 million. This project aims at constructing a new water treatment station beside the old one. Two lift pump stations are constructed on the Shat Al-Arab river, 8 water pumps (8*2,000 m 3 /hour) are provided which are responsible for pumping the raw ي شك ل قطاعي املياه والكهرباء التحد ي األكبر للحكومة العراقية احلالية. ي ساهم برنامج احلكومة والبرنامج الدولي إلعادة اإلعمار بتعزيز وتطوير القطاعني بعد عد ة سنوات من اإلهمال. كان من املستحيل إعادة تأهيل بعض املشاريع واحملط ات مم ا استدعى بناء مشاريع مائية جديدة بعد ة قدرات بعضها م صم مة ملعاجلة مياه الصرف الصح ي وضخ ها والبعض اآلخر م صم م إلنتاج املياه احملال ة من خالل إستعمال تكنولوجيا حتلية املياه بواسطة التناضح العكسي. يتناول هذا املقال عد ة مشاريع جديدة في العراق وخاصة في مدينة البصرة. Refer to RIN 53 on page 88 The water compact units (made in Turkey) are delivered, they combine the following items: 1- Eight sedimentation tanks with auxiliaries 2- Four collection tanks 3- Three sand filters ( 3*25 m 3 ) with auxiliaries The treated water will be sent to the concrete water storage tank which has a capacity of around 3,000 cubic meters. Three chlorination injection points and three mixers are connected on the roof of the water storage tank. The storage tank is connected with the high lift pump station which is made of five water pumps (5*1,000 m 3 ) and responsible for pumping the treated water to the villages around the water station. The site is provided with three gas chlorinator systems (10 kg/hr) from a hydro-instrument company along with four diesel generators (4*1Mw). The new water project has a very large laboratory and will be provided with several equipment for testing and measuring. Many items are still under construction such as restrooms, parkings, overhead cranes, compressors, transformers, chlorination building, electrical building, sunshields, route roads, steel intake water structures, diesel generator building with transformers, 33 KV cable equipment, and lightning protection system. The regular work systems and the new strategies in the water sector in Iraq encourage many international companies to make many investments in this sector as prime contractors or subcontractors, especially if the security situation becomes more and more stable in the country. *Assist. Prof. Dr. Ala a Abdulrazaq Basrah University, Basrah, Iraq New water intake steel structure 50 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

53 العراق Iraq تقارير البلدان واملناطق USAID promotes water management for farmers Bathing in the Euphrates US aid officials and members of the Iraqi government recently attended a symposium designed to improve the rural sector s productivity through effective water management and proper crop selection, as reported by The Tech Herald. The March 4, 2009 irrigation conference titled Reviving Irrigation Districts was inaugurated by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Deputy Mission Director Thomas R. Delaney and the Iraqi Minister of Water Resources Dr. Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid in the capital Baghdad. The program looks to encourage higher value and more water efficient crops, examine participative water schemes and also examine the possibility of bringing in the expertise and higher funding of public-private partnerships. The agency says that such partnerships would promote the use of efficient irrigation and relieve governments of the حضر مؤخ را مسؤولون من احلكومة العراقية ومن منظمة USAID األميركي ة للتنمية الدولية ندوة م خص صة لتحسني إنتاجية القطاع الريفي وذلك من خالل إدارة املياه الفع الة وحسن إختيار املزروعات. تأتي هذه الندوة كخطوة إضافية لدعم هذا القطاع من قبل USAID حيث استثمرت املنظمة حتى اآلن في العراق 6 مليار دوالر أميركي منذ العام Refer to RIN 54 on page 88 responsibility of maintaining irrigation infrastructure. The water management program complements USAID s other work in Iraq where it has responded to the country s needs by investing US$ 6 billion since 2003 on projects designed to improve national, local, and provincial governance and communities. Agriculture is the largest single employer in Iraq and its second most important industry behind oil. The country has close to 12 million hectares of land deemed suitable for farming as the area is surrounded by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. According to USAID, of the 12 million hectares, 8 million are considered irrigable with the remainder relying on rainfall. However, serious neglect of irrigation infrastructure over a period of twenty years by Iraqi farmers has led to...serious deficiencies and degradation, constraining availability of water for agriculture, said the aid agency statement. In order that these challenges be met head on, USAID s Inma Agribusiness Program invited leading Iraqi agricultural researchers, economists, and policy experts to review and identify advances needed to manage farm production with limited water resources. Refer to RIN 55 on page 88 Utilizing fresh skills and resources, the program aims to analyze a range of options for Iraqi farmers to manage water efficiently and obtain higher crop yields. عالم املياه العربي 51 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

54 country / regional reports The Government of Iraq signs nearly US$ 3 billion power generation agreement with GE Energy The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and GE Energy announced in mid December 2008 at a ceremony in Baghdad that they have signed an agreement for power generation equipment and services valued at nearly US$ 3 billion to provide much-needed electricity to support Iraq s future economic development. The announcement is a significant milestone as the country seeks to rapidly develop its energy infrastructure and increase its electricity production. Under the agreement, GE Energy is providing heavy-duty frame 9E multifuel gas turbines capable of supplying 7,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity. The Government of Iraq plans to install the units at key sites around the country to provide needed support for the electricity grid. GE s 9E gas turbine technology has proven reliability and performance in more than 400 applications worldwide. We are honored that the Government of Iraq has chosen GE to support its efforts to expand the country s energy infrastructure, said John Krenicki, GE Vice Chairman and President and CEO of GE Energy. Electricity is the backbone for quality of life and economic growth. We can bring the strength and dependability of GE s advanced power generating technology and services to Iraq s mission to address long-term electricity demand. As the world s leading supplier of gas turbines, GE Energy is well positioned to help Iraq meet its future needs for reliable and stable power generation. More than 6,000 GE gas turbines are installed worldwide, and have accumulated more than 200 million hours of operating experience at unparalleled reliability levels. Currently, Iraq s daily power generation output averages less than 6,000 MW, while the demand is typically more than 10,000 MW. The GE turbines can provide a platform for power stability helping address electricity shortages and position Iraq for future economic growth. GE Energy has been active in the Middle East for many decades, participating in the development of many economies around the region, said Joseph Anis, GE Energy s Region Executive for the Middle East. We remain committed to the region, applying our global capabilities and experience to assist countries like Iraq in building strong energy infrastructures to support their overall economic and social growth. Iraq العراق The agreement follows the Government of Iraq s previous order with GE in May 2008 for eight gas turbines capable of generating 600 MW to meet short-term power requirements in Iraq. As part of the agreement, GE Energy will also provide technical advisory services, performance testing and spare parts to support the reliable operation of the turbines. In addition, GE will provide technical and management training in order to help Iraq strengthen its power sector workforce. GE has a long history with Iraq and its infrastructure, one that dates back to the 1970s. There are 120 GE power turbines installed in Iraq today. Since 2003, GE has been supporting Iraq infrastructure needs in power generation, oil and gas, water processing, aviation, and healthcare. We are proud of our heritage in Iraq and hope to build on this foundation by continuing this successful partnership well into the future, concluded Krenicki. GE has been active in the Middle East since the 1930s, and today has regional management and project management offices as well as repair and services facilities locally to serve its customers in the region. GE Energy is one of the world s leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technologies, with 2007 revenue of US$ 22 billion. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, GE Energy works in all areas of the energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy; renewable resources such as water, wind, solar and biogas; and other alternative fuels. Numerous GE Energy products are certified under ecomagination, GE s corporate-wide initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that will help customers meet pressing environmental challenges. GE is a diversified global infrastructure, finance and media company that is built to meet essential world needs. From energy, water, transportation and health to access to money and information, GE serves customers in more than 100 countries and employs more than 300,000 people worldwide. أعلنت وزارة الطاقة العراقية في منتصف شهر كانون األول )ديسمبر( املاضي عن توقيع إتفاقية مع شركة GE Energy لتأمني معد ات توليد الطاقة من الشركة باإلضافة إلى خدمات الصيانة بقيمة 3 مليار دوالر أميركي لتعزيز تطو ر البالد اإلقتصادي في املستقبل. ستتكون املعد ات بشكل عام من تربينات غاز 9E من GE باستطاعتها تأمني قدرة 7,000 ميغاواط من الكهرباء وت خط ط احلكومة العراقية لتوزيع هذه التربينات على مواقع استراتيجية في جميع أنحاء العراق لدعم الشبكة الكهربائية في البالد. Refer to RIN 56 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

55 تقارير البلدان واملناطق تركيا Turkey Water sector privatization and management in Turkey Water shortages in Turkey, in recent years, have become a widespread problem that has been exacerbated by rapid urbanization. Of the total surface runoff of the country, estimated at cubic kilometers per year (km 3 /year), almost one-fourth comes from the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, which both have their sources in the eastern part of the country. Turkey contributes about 90% of the total annual flow of the Euphrates, while the remaining part originates in Syria and nothing is added further downstream in Iraq. Turkey contributes 38% directly to the main Tigris River and another 11% to its tributaries, which join the main stream of the Tigris further downstream in Iraq. In general, the streams vary greatly in their flow from season to season and year to year. For example, the Euphrates annual flow at the border with Syria ranged from 15.3 km 3 in 1961 to 42.7 km 3 in Privatization Turkey was one of the pioneers in the use of BOT contracts (build-operatetransfer) in the developing economies during the early 1980s. There is a high level of public support for privatization, but political opposition and legal problems remain. Turkish courts are responsible for the operation of BOT concessions whereby the courts have to clear each project and all objections to them. This makes life difficult for international finance, whereby some form of independent international arbitration would be more attractive. It is widely expected that water privatizations will take place in the medium term. In this sense, Izmit (bulk water provision) and Antalya (O&M, water and sewerage) are groundbreaking contracts. Urban Services Safe Drinking Water 91% Access to sewerag 84% % sewage treated 5% International players noted SUEZ and Thames Water have a major presence in the country, while United Utilities/Bechtel and SAUR were involved in the bidding for Antalya. Spending plans The Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) allocated US$ 450 million for infrastructure projects in 2003, with an emphasis on sewerage and sewage treatment. Water fountain in front of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul Izmit Izmit had a troubled start because of the Turkish BOT award system delaying the start of the contract implementation process for nearly two years. Since then, the three year construction phase has been completed, and in 1999 the contract entered its 15 year operational phase. A reservoir supplies water to Izmit, the surrounding towns and villages and to Istanbul. The project involved 100 kilometers of pipeline being built, connecting the reservoir to the city of Izmit. The reservoir has a capacity of 60 billion liters with an annual yield of 142 billion liters. The water treatment works is 5 kilometers downstream from the reservoir, and has a capacity of 480 million liters/day. The treatment facilities cost US$ 100 million to build. The project was 85% debt and 15% equity financed. US$ 140 million of equity finance was provided by Thames Water (UK, 35%), Mitsui (Japan, 7.5%), Sumitomo (Japan, 7.5%), Gama (Turkey, 23%), Guris (Turkey, 12%), and the remaining 15% by the Izmit municipality. These investments are reflected in their respective holdings in Izmit Su As, the operating company. US$ 803 million of debt finance was arranged, the principal components were: US$ 236 million Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD) supported credit loan arranged by Nat West (UK), US$ 167 million Turkish commercial loan, US$ 180 million COFACE buyer credit loan, US$ 40 million Japanese commercial loan, and US$ 180 million JEXIM credit loan. Adana A short term wastewater treatment BOT Adana had a population of 1.22 million in The city had no wastewater treatment facilities until a BOT contract was signed in 2001 with a consortium headed by VA Tech Wabag (Austria) funded through a US$ 58 million EIB loan. The two treatment plants entered service in 2004 and were operated by VA Tech until They can treat 0.2 million m 3 /day, a capacity which will be increased to 0.4 million m 3 /day by 2015, and 0.52 million m 3 /day by 2025, serving up to 2.6 million people. In 2001, the city awarded MVV (Germany) a 2 year water leakage management contract, which has now been concluded. Source: Pinsent Masons Water Yearbook تفاقمت مشكلة شح املياه في تركيا في السنوات القليلة املاضية وعز ز من أثر هذه املشكلة تطو ر النمو السكاني والتمدين املتزايد. بدأت تركيا مسيرة خصخصة قطاع املياه وتلزيم عقود مشاريع اإلنشاء والتشغيل والتحويل في أوائل الثمانينات من القرن املاضي. على الرغم من املساندة الشعبية ملشاريع اخلصخصة فإن املواقف السياسية واملشاكل القانونية تعترض طريق هذه املشاريع وطريق تطبيقها بشكل أوسع. تستثمر الكثير من شركات املياه األجنبية ك SUEZ وWater Thames في تركيا وهي حاضرة في عد ة مشاريع. تساهم احلكومة في قطاع املياه والبنى التحتية كاستثمار دائرة املياه وأعمال الصرف الصح ي في إسطنبول ل 450 مليون دوالر أميركي في العام 2003 في مشاريع بنى حتتية في املدينة ومحيطها مع التركيز على مشاريع شبكات الصرف ومعاجلة مياه الصرف امللو ثة. Refer to RIN 57 on page 88 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4 53 عالم املياه العربي

56 country / regional reports Wastewater reuse for Tupras Refinery and a desalination plant for Avsa Island Turkey تركيا Environmentally-friendly industrial water treatment from ARGES Vacuum Belt Filter Aquamatch Turkey s first wastewater reuse project is underway for the Tüpraş Izmit Refinery. The project, which will be commissioned this year, will treat the existing industrial wastewater treatment system effluent water, in order to reuse it as cooling water and fire fighting water. The 440 m 3 /hour capacity WWTP effluent will be pretreated by inline coagulation and multimedia filters. About 100 m 3 / hour filtered water will be reused as fire fighting water. Around 340 m 3 /hour filtered water will be further treated by activated carbon filters to reduce TSS and COD. After activated carbon adsorption the effluent will be finally treated with ultrafiltration in order to obtain low TSS and COD effluent for cooling towers. Aquamatch Turkey, who has installed the biggest desalination plant in Turkey with 880 m 3 /hour capacity for the private sector (thermal power plant), has been awarded the first public desalination plant Avsa Island by the Governmental Institute Bank Of Provinces (Iller Bankası). The plant has a 4,000 m 3 /day capacity as a first step and a 10,000 m 3 /day final capacity will be started up a year from the beginning of the contract s date in December Aquamatch Turkey will design and build the plant including: Intake and discharge structures, construction and desalination systems, and will operate the plant for one year. تقوم شركة Aquamatch Turkey بإنشاء أو ل مشروع إعادة إستعمال للمياه لها لصالح معمل تكرير شركة Tüpraş في.Izmit سيبدأ العمل في املشروع هذه السنة ملعاجلة املياه الصادرة عن نظام معاجلة مياه الصرف الصناعية املوجود حاليا وذلك بغرض إستعمالها كمياه تبريد ومياه مكافحة للحرائق. ARGES is a company that inclusively specializes in the sphere of water and wastewater treatment in addition to its diverse involvement in sustainable human progress and survival of species, protected and enriched natural resources, economical and industrial development that is friendly to the environment. ARGES presents to its customers economic, rational, and effective solutions as a consultant, manufacturer, contractor, constructor and engineering firm always ready and for reliable service at any level and scale including turnkey basis installment and post delivery assistance. Being active in the sphere of environmental technologies for a long time, the company has successfully combined international know-how with its own synergy in chemistry, photochemistry, hydraulics, microbiology and process designing. The fruits of this challenging combination are unique examples of perfectly functional and befitting high technology and environmental engineering that not only meet international specifications and standards technologically but also satisfy hygienic and environmental requirements. ARGES ARITMA MAKİNA has done researches on sludge dewatering systems since According to these researches rich experiences were gained and many seamlessly working dewatering equipment have been manufactured. This a result of successful studies on the topics of: Wastewater Treatment Plants Biological Sludge Iron Steel Industry Steelworks and Blooming Mill Wastes Coal Processing Plants Wastes Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants Wastes Thermic Station Chimney Gas Treatment Plants Wastes Bentonite Wastes Food Industry Solid Liquid Separation, many dewatering units were installed. ARGES ARITMA MAKİNA manufactures, supplies, and installs a wide range of sludge dewatering equipment such as Belt Filter Press, Filter Press, Vacuum Belt Filter, Belt Thickener, Rotary Sludge Thickener Mechanism, Drum Thickener, Lime Silo, Polyelectrolyte Preparation Unit, Sludge Conveyor, etc... تختص شركة ARGES في مجال معاجلة املياه ومياه الصرف الصح ي بطريقة مراعية للبيئة للم ساهمة في التطو ر امل ستدام للمجتمعات احمل يطة. ت رك ز الشركة بشكل خاص على أنظمة إزالة املياه من الكمأة ولديها سلسلة منتجات في هذا املجال. Refer to RIN 58 on page 88 Refer to RIN 59 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

57 تقارير البلدان واملناطق تركيا Turkey Leaders on trial at water tribunal in Istanbul Turkish and foreign leaders were placed in the dock in a mock trial in Istanbul on March 10, 2009 on charges of endangering the environment at a symbolic tribunal composed of environmental activists according to AFP. Turkish actress Pelin Batu attends the mock trial The initiative, aimed to raise awareness on water resources management, preceded the fifth World Water Forum, which began in Istanbul on March 16 with the participation of government officials, business people and civic groups from about 180 countries. The jury of a mock trial is seen in Istanbul The idea is to bring to public attention problems related to the water policies of the governments in Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, but also internationally, said Ulrike Dufner from the German foundation Heinrich Boll Stiftung, which cosponsors the symbolic tribunal. The initiative aims to underline that access to water is a human right and that we are violating a human right when we privatize water resources, she told AFP. The tribunal targets Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the Yusufeli dam project, which, according to the activists, would meet 0.6 percent of Turkey s power needs, while forcing the displacement of 16,000 people in the northeast and damaging local biodiversity. Also facing charges is Chancellor Angela Merkel over German plans to help finance the construction of the Ilisu Dam on the Tigris River in southeast Turkey, which would displace 54,000 people and submerge a prominent historical site. The activists also target dam projects on the Madeira River in Brazil and accuse Mexico over a worsening environmental situation in the country. جرت محاكمة صوري ة في 10 آذار )مارس( 2009 في اسطنبول للقادة السياسيني األتراك واألجانب بتهمة تعريض البيئة وموارد املياه للخطر. هدفت احملاكمة إلى توعية الرأي العام مبا يخص إدارة موارد املياه وذلك قبيل افتتاح املنتدى العاملي اخلامس للمياه في اسطنبول الشهر املاضي حيث شارك فيه مسؤولون حكوميون ورجال أعمال ومجموعات من املجتمع املدني من 180 بلدا. Refer to RIN 60 on page 88 Refer to RIN 61 on page 88 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4 55 عالم املياه العربي

58 country / regional reports Scandinavia الدول االسكندينافية Jungle Book As if building a 217 MW power plant in a tropical jungle wasn t hard enough, workers on the Changuinola Hydroelectric Project also have to cope with a kaleidoscope of wild animals. Brian O Sullivan reports from the depths of northern Panama. 70-ton EC700, a G710B motor grader, and a BL60 backhoe loader. The fleet of machines has had their work out since arriving in May 2007, as creating the haul roads alone has been an epic undertaking. With a completion date set for 2011, machine reliability is of paramount importance, and the entire Volvo fleet is protected by a Gold customer support agreement. This takes over responsibility for the repair and servicing and Volvo guarantees the fleet s mechanical availability will not dip below 90% between the machine hours of zero to 8,000 hours. In actual fact, total fleet availability after the first year of operation was an incredible 98.31%. We all complain about the inconveniences of our jobs from time to time. And in construction those inconveniences can be worse than most. Long hours, exposure to the weather, deadline pressure, months away from families there is plenty of things to grumble about. But the next time you feel a complaint coming on, remember the workers on the Changuinola Hydroelectric Project in the depths of the Panamanian rainforest. They have to cope with all of the above as well as scorpions creeping into lodgings, poisonous snakes dropping onto them from trees, black panthers, pumas even killer bees! But this expansion is putting pressure on the country s infrastructure, not least its power generation capability. To overcome this, an ambitious plan is being put in place to harness the power of the country s rivers to provide a sustainable electricity supply. The Changuinola Hydroelectric Project Panama is the flagship scheme. A 90-meter high roller compacted concrete, 545-meter wide dam will hold back a reservoir of 122 million cubic meters, and channel water down a 3,952-meter long concrete lined headrace tunnel to a main 207 MW turbine. The project, when completed, will deliver 939 GWh of power a year. Close to the border with Costa Rica and 600 kilometers from the capital Panama City lies Changuinola, a fishing village named after the River Changuinola besides which it is built. Home for centuries to Indian tribes, the only previous outsiders to have ventured to this dense rainforest were banana farmers and adventurous tourists seeking the ultimate get away from it all holiday. But now Panama is changing. The substantial expansion of the country s eponymous canal is just one part of a building boom that is increasingly putting the Central American country onto the map, turning it into an important economic and tourism destination. AES Changuinola, a subsidiary of USbased AES Corporation, owns the project, with a consortium comprising French headquartered Alstom and two Danish companies E Pihl & Søn, and MT Højgaard. About 1,000 people have been at work on the project since it began in 2007, and 300 operators are allocated to 150 pieces of mobile equipment. Volvo is the main equipment provider on the project, supplying through its local dealer, Commercial de Motores SA., over 34 machines. The Volvo fleet consists of 16 A35D articulated haulers, 11 wheel loaders, two Rototilt-fitted EW180C wheeled excavators (for embankment grading), one In charge of the Volvo fleet is 41-yearold Tommy Hokkanen, a friendly bear of a man who grew up in the Swedish town of Vaxjo, where Volvo s haulers are made. With the help of local supervisor Abraham Acosta, nine technicians and five containers full of parts and tools, Tommy and his team work 18 hours a day in two shifts, six days a week. It s hot, wet and sticky here, with plenty of wild animals and bugs to watch out for, smiles Tommy. But these are not just difficult conditions for humans - it s tough for the machines too. It rains a lot 56 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

59 تقارير البلدان واملناطق الدول االسكندينافية Scandinavia and the equipment never stops, whatever the weather. the earth is red and sticky clay. even the underbody heaters on the haulers struggle to work. Sometimes it makes it stick even worse and it becomes a big sticky cake of mud! But these machines are doing well, the ec700 is good at clearing, stripping overburden and mass excavation, while the wheel loaders are feeding crushers and supplying rocks from the river. getting good people to work in such extreme conditions is difficult, and Tommy and Abraham go to great lengths to train the operators. this will include training on the use of a side tipping bucket when the wheel loaders start to work inside the headrace tunnel. no excuses on safety Being a vast scheme covering such a wide area, local Indian tribes are literally living inside the construction area. this means that adults and children walk along the haul roads and have to be borne in mind with every activity. Site safety is taken extremely seriously, with radar controlled speed cameras monitoring speed on haul roads. the penalties for breaking the rules are severe, and include losing the ability to drive on site or being banned from the project altogether. this attitude is working, because apart from the odd snakebite, the site has been remarkably accident free. It s not just safety that is important, states Per Moberg, who is in overall charge of all machine types on the site. We are in a delicate environment here, تساهم ماكينات شركة Volvo السويدية من آالت نقل للتربة وجرافات وآالت حفر وغيرها بإنشاء مشروع طاقة كهرومائية في منطقة Changuinola a في أدغال باناما والذي يبعد 600 كيلومتر عن العاصمة أمنت Volvo أكثر من 34 آلة من خالل وكيلها احمللي -Co وزعني على 150 قطعة معدات متحرككة. موو مششغلل يشارك 1,000 شخص في املشروع منذ إنطالقته في العام 2007 مع 300 باناما املدينة. AeS Changuinola دحدد موعد اإلنتهاء من املشروع في العام 2011 وتبرز لتحقيق هذا الهدف أهمية فعالية هذه اآلالت وإمكانية اإلعتماد عليها. متلك شركة. mercial de Motores SA الدامنركيتني. التابعة ل AeS Corporation املشروع بالتعاون مع مجموعة شركات مؤلفة من Alstom الفرنسية وشركتيSøn e pihl & وHøjgaard Mt RefeR to rin 62 on pa ge 88 Filtralite used in europe s largest underground waterworks europe s largest underground waterworks with a production capacity of 390,000 m 3 /day has recently opened in oslo, the capital of norway. the raw water comes from the lake Maridalsvannet and the water treatment process includes: ph adjustment; Actiflo rapid sedimentation process with addition of coagulant, polymer, and micro sand; dual media filters; UV disinfection; and corrosion control by addition of lime. the plant has a total of 14 dual media filters, all with a 1.5-meter deep top layer of maxit s filtralite and a 0.5-meter deep bottom layer of sand. the design filtration velocity is 20 m/hour, which is considerably higher than for traditional drinking water treatment plants. Due to the efficiency of the total process and the properties of the filtralite material, the run time of the filters is very long and the outgoing water quality exceeds the requirements. for delivery security reasons the plant consists of two identical yet mutually independent plants that can operate separately. the waterworks will supply water to 90% of the population of oslo and is located 15 minutes outside the downtown area. مبرشحات تستخدم زة مجه من املياه املعاجلة يوميا. احملط طةة تإفتتحت مؤخرا أكبر طةة محطة معاجلة ملياه الصرف الصحي حتت األرض في أوروبا في العاصمة النروجية أوسلو وهي بقدرة 390,000 متر مكعب مواد ترشيح filtralite من شركة.maxit RefeR to rin 63 on pa ge 88 not only rainforest but also a 1,922- hectare Indian reservation. therefore there can be no oil spillages, and if they do occur, for every 1 liter of oil spilt, 1m 3 of surrounding earth has to be completely removed off site. fortunately, all machines have been very good on leaks and spills. When the project is over, nature will be left to take over again. trees will be replanted and the fantastic growth rate of tropical rainforests will quickly erase signs of human intervention. But until then tommy and his team will have to endure the rain, the mud, the heat, the wild animals, the bugs, and the long hours. Volvo is committed to supplying these machines until 2011, grins tom- my. So we are here to stay! brian o sullivan Mba partner se10 Filtralite will be exhibited in 2009 at: -Wasser Berlin, Berlin, germany, March 30 April 2 -envex 2009, Seoul, Korea, June VA-Mässan, Stockholm, Sweden, September the maxit group is the leading premix and exclay producer and provider of premix plants and machinery in europe with more than 100 plants in some 30 countries. 4,900 employees contribute to an annual turnover exceeding US$ 1.6 billion. maxit group is part of the french concern Saint-gobain. the maxit group manufactures lightweight aggregates that are sold as finished products or are used to manufacture blocks and assembly units. Lightweight aggregates products are used as filling material for road projects, other geotechnical purposes, insulation, building blocks and chimneys, and also for water purification. نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4 57 عالم املياه العربي

60 country / regional reports Scandinavia الدول االسكندينافية Denmark: HDD boring where an environmentally friendly solution was needed The Søren Knudsen A/S company performed an HDD boring in an environmentally sensitive area. The electrical supply cable to the little island of Hindø in the Stadil inlet was out of order and a new cable was required. Hindø and the low water area around Hindø and Svellebusk have been declared as environmentally protected areas by the Danish government, which means open trenching is no longer permitted. So the contractor, Søren Knudsen A/S, was asked to do a HDD boring between the main land and the island. The boring would be 300 meters under water plus some extra meters on each side of the water body. Approximately 20 meters on the main land for going under some dikes, and also approximately 20 meters on the island for boring beneath a meadow. The Knudsen truck and bore rig ready to start the directional bore GRUNDODRILL from TRACTO-TECH- NIK. The GRUNDODRILLL 8S used for this job was produced in 2003 having more than 5,500 hours accumulated since then. Søren Knudsen A/S was the first company outside Germany to invest in GRUNDODRILL bore rigs in Northern Europe. They got their first machine in a GRUNDODRILL with 6.5 tons of thrust and pull-back. They were also the first to get a GRUNDOHIT 40 in 1996 (a unique machine in the industry, being designed for surface launch and pit launch applications). Years later, Søren Knudsen switched to a more modern and efficient GRUNDODRILL 8S version. On the project described Søren Kundsen A/S used a DCI Eclipse detection equipment from a boat in the inlet and the maximum depth was 8 meters. The drilling fluid was bentonite from MI with a mix of 25 kg Max bore and 0.25 kg PAC pr. m 3. The job was carried out to everybody s satisfaction and a big credit goes to Bent and Lasse from Søren Knudsen for a job well done. TRACTO-TECHNIK is a modern and innovative family-owned company for special machines with its headquarters in Lennestadt, Germany. TT is a specialist for underground installation and pipe bending technologies and experiences an upward trend in trade due to extraordinary, highly beneficial products combined with an excellent service. TT became known as a trademark representing the complete range of pipe installation technologies. Striving direct on target is the company motto. This requires a great deal of flexibility as well as active growth- and benefit-oriented diversity when generating new products and services and developing new markets and target groups. The boring was done in one working day, starting early morning and finish at 7:30 pm - including 3 magazine changes each way. The biggest challenge was to get the 110 PE pipe to the target pit because of the very soft soil on the island of Hindø. Søren Kundsen A/S decided to use their GRUNDODRILL 8S for the job, because of their good experience with The non-metallic boat needed to track the bore course قامت شركة Søren Knudsen A/S الدمناركية بأعمال حفر في منطقة حس اسة بيئيا على جزيرة Hindø الدمناركية متتد على 300 متر حتت املياه. إستعانت الشركة بجهاز حفر OGRUND DRILL 8S من شركة TRACTO-TECHNIK إلجناز املشروع بفضل خبرتها اجلي دة مع هذا املنتج في السابق. ص ن ع جهاز GRUNDODRILL 8S املستعمل في هذا املشروع في العام 2003 وكان قد خدم قبيل إستعماله هنا نحو 5,500 ساعة عمل. Refer to RIN 64 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

61 تقارير البلدان واملناطق الدول االسكندينافية Scandinavia Denmark a role model to local water market As one of the leading countries in energy efficiency and as a market leader in energy-saving equipment, Denmark could be a role model for the Turkish market according to Jesper Vahr, the Danish ambassador to Turkey. 103 Danish companies are active in Turkey in regards to environment-related issues. The Danish pavilion featured at the expo center of the 5th world water forum in Istanbul, had much to offer Turkey through its consultancy, investments and initiatives and expertise in the water technology industry, said Vahr in an interview with Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review. Danish energy consumption relative to the country s GDP is the lowest in the European Union. The Danish ambassador expressed his excitement about the forum, saying water was an important part of the equation for energy efficiency and environment-related issues, all coming together in Istanbul at the biggest international gathering for water-related issues. The key is to build the awareness of consumers about environmental responsibility in order to bring down consumption and develop technology and facilities that can sustain less water consumption, said Vahr, adding that in Denmark the total use of water has decreased by nearly 40 percent in the last decade. When asked about Turkey s progress on environmental issues, Vahr said it was evident that these issues receive strong political attention in Turkey and this was confirmed during President Abdullah Gül s visit to Denmark in August The sticking point according to Vahr is that it is a huge investment for Turkey to be brought to EU standards and then to sustain those standards. Vahr pointed out that Turkey signing the Kyoto protocol was of utmost importance where much can be obtained. بإمكان الدمنارك أن تكون مثاال لتركيا في مجال توفير الطاقة وموارد املياه بحسب تصريح لسفير الدمنارك في تركيا السيد.Jesper Vahr تعمل حاليا 103 شركات دمناركية في تركيا في القطاع البيئي وكانت الدمنارك حاضرة بشكل كثيف في املنتدى العاملي للمياه الذي أقيم في إسطنبول الشهر املاضي. Refer to RIN 65 on page 88 Vahr explained that various Danish consultancy companies, such as Grontmij, have been active with the Turkish central government and municipalities in projects to increase water supply and handle wastewater in an environmentally safe manner. According to Vahr, new drinking water equipment has been put into place and water pipes have been implemented in order to circulate seawater and wastewater safely without seepage. Vahr said that only 20% of wastewater was treated and recirculated in Turkey, whereas in Denmark the majority of water is redistributed through the system. Commenting on the types of water projects Denmark is contributing to in Turkey, the ambassador said that in the main cities of Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir the focus of the projects were based on water transportation. Refer to RIN 66 on page 88 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4 59 عالم املياه العربي

62 departments Water Market Middle East 2010 Industry Literature مكتبة العدد Assembly and test white paper on Test-Centric Assembly available from InterTech Development Company Water in the Middle East has historically been a scarce resource. With the breakneck pace of economic development and population growth the regions existing problem has exacerbated. Governments are increasingly turning to the private sector to meet this challenge. The new Water Market Middle East 2010 published by Global Water Intelligence offers readers an exclusive insight and analysis of the water market in the region. Providing you with detailed analysis of the challenges and trends in the region the report is your unique guide to the diverse opportunities emerging in the Middle East. Coupled with extensive market forecasts and lists of current and upcoming projects Water Market Middle East 2010 shows you where your next dollar will come from. The report also includes a directory of local and international businesses operating in the region as well as contact details of key government contacts in the region. Water Market Middle East 2010 helps you to identify the trends, risks, and challenges of your market. The forecasts help you to plan with confidence in times when costs are becoming more of a burden. The project list gives you extensive new business opportunities to create new sales from and the profiles of the companies operating in the industry highlights who you might be competing against. This will allow you to understand the whole market and see how you can succeed in times that demand special measures and create added value for your company. Water Market Middle East 2010 is published as a hard copy book for easy reference and a CD-ROM including a hyperlink version of the report. This will also include executive summaries of the data. ت قد م شركة InterTech Development دراسة Test-Centric Assembly امل وج هة مل صن عي معد ات معاجلة املياه املهتمني بطرق جديدة لتخفيض التكاليف وزيادة اإلنتاجية في عملي ات جتميع منتجاتهم خالل التصنيع. أطلقت Global Water Intelligence تقرير Water Market Middle East 2010 الذي ي ؤم ن لقر اءه حتاليل ورؤية شاملة لسوق وقطاع املياه في منطقة الشرق األوسط متناوال التحد يات التي تواجه القطاع وأبرز املشاريع القائمة في املنطقة وذلك باإلضافة إلى توق عات ملستقبل القطاع باإلرتكاز على األرقام املتوافرة حاليا. Water treatment equipment manufacturers seeking new ways to cut costs and increase throughput of test-intensive assembly operations can now obtain a technical guide discussing Test-Centric Assembly from InterTech Development Company, whose Testing Applications Lab is credited with both coining the term test-centric assembly and pioneering many of the methods and techniques outlined in the white paper. Test-Centric Assembly is best defined as the upfront consideration of real-world test requirements in test-intensive assembly operations that is proven to lower production line inefficiencies. The contents of the technical guide include: Discussion of in-line vs. in-process testing; differentiating between defective parts vs. defective tests; differences in fixture design for testing vs. assembly; comparing generic vs. customized software for testing applications; and related costsavings of various assembly and test techniques. Jacques Hoffmann, President of InterTech Development Company, comments, There are common mistakes made by machine builders or manufacturers that do not understand the details of test processes and what is required to fine tune testing in the context of an assembly operation. Gauge R&R of test instruments does not equate or even correlate precisely with the Gauge R&R of the entire test and assembly operation, for example. InterTech s Applications Lab routinely designs turnkey test and assembly systems that cut test cycle times by as much as 70%. This white paper discusses some of the principles involved in re-engineering for more efficient assembly and test operations without compromising testing integrity. InterTech Development Company is a world leader in testcentric assembly and test specializing in automated leak and functional testing with 7 patented mass flow and hydraulic technologies, as well as, helium mass spectrometry (ISO International Standards for Quality Management). InterTech Development Company-engineered solutions are used by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. InterTech Development Company s worldwide support organization maintains offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. Refer to RIN 67 on page 88 Refer to RIN 68 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

63 أقسام مكتبة العدد Industry Literature New technical literature: Flow Metering, Controlling, Batching, Monitoring and Recording Badger Meter Europa GmbH, a leading manufacturer of flow meters and small control valves, presents under the title Flow Metering, Controlling, Batching, Monitoring and Recording a new technical book for all users of state-of-the-art flow measurement and control technology. This book is the result of experience gained from problems encountered in the practice of flow measurement and control. The complex issue of flow metering and controlling of liquids and gases is explained in detail over 320 pages. The choice for the right metering technology is determined for the application and the required accuracy class. This book presents the important criteria to all users in a clearly laid-out format and content, and shows the fundamental, theoretical differences of the measur- Refer to RIN 69 on page 88 Refer to RIN 70 on page 88 أ طلق تقرير Water Utilities in Australia الذي يحتوي على معلومات دقيقة وحتاليل شاملة ت غط ي كامل قطاع مرافق املياه في أستراليا من حجم السوق وتقسيماتها إلى اإلختبارات الشاملة وحتاليل متعل قة بالشركات الرائدة في هذا ت قد م شركة Badger Meter Europa الرائدة في مجال تصنيع عدادات املياه وصم امات التحك م كتاب تقني بعنوان Flow Metering, Controlling, Batching, Monitoring and Recording جلميع م ستخدمي تقنيات قياس التدف ق والتحك م احلديثة. American Water Works Association launches new publication AWWA announced on January 7, 2009 that its newest e-publication is now online. AWWA Streamlines is a biweekly electronic newsletter that merges two previous e-publications from AWWA, E- MainStream and WaterWeek. The first issue looks at the upcoming stimulus package from Congress and how utilities, consultants, and manufacturers in the water industry are dealing with the current economy. Streamlines brings readers timely and targeted stories about regulatory and legislative developments, industry issues and trends, utility practices, research and new technologies, along with information about the AWWA community and resources. It offers quick access to the articles or sections of most interest to readers and acts as a selected directory to information on the AWWA website. The authors Heinz G. Erb and Dr. Ing. Horst Gras ing principles with their advantages and disadvantages. It deliberately avoided long, scientific derivations and details to provide the users with practical support and important facts, which should help them as a reference book for the selection of the best suited flow meter or control valve. The authors Horst Gras and Heinz G. Erb bring more than 35 years of experience to the book. A practical and relevant reference book is now available for the user of state-of-the-art flow measurement and control technology. The decision to create the new publication was based on several reader surveys, said Gary Zimmerman, AWWA Executive Director, 70 percent of the readers in the last survey asked for a single, brief e-newsletter from AWWA for industry and association news. Delivered by and posted on the AWWA website ( AWWA Streamlines is a benefit of AWWA membership. All members are eligible if they provide AWWA with their address; readers can contact AWWA Customer Service if they want to add or change their address. أعلنت رابطة أعمال املياه األميركية في 7 كانون الثاني )يناير( 2009 عن أحدث نشراتها اإللكترونية بعنوان Streamlines والتي تدمج ما بني نشرتني سابقتني للرابطة بعنوان WaterWeek و.E-MainStream متت عملية الدمج بناء على عد ة إستطالعات للرأي من قر اء هذه النشرات حيث طالب 70 باملئة منهم بالدمج. Water utilities in Australia The Water Utilities in Australia industry profile is an essential resource for toplevel data and analysis covering the water utilities industry. It includes detailed data on market size and segmentation, plus textual and graphical analysis of the key trends and competitive landscape, leading companies and demographic information. Scope - Contains an executive summary and data on value, volume and/or segmentation -Provides textual analysis of the industry s recent performance and future prospects -Incorporates in-depth five forces competitive environment analysis and scorecards -Includes a five-year forecast of the industry -The leading companies are profiled with supporting key financial metrics -Supported by the key macroeconomic and demographic data affecting the market Highlights -Detailed information is included on market size, measured by value and/or volume -Five forces scorecards provide an accessible yet in depth view of the market s competitive landscape Why you should buy this report -Spot future trends and developments -Inform your business decisions -Add weight to presentations and marketing materials -Save time carrying out entry-level research Refer to RIN 71 on page 88 عالم املياه العربي 61 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

64 departments Interviews & Profiles مقابالت وملفات الشركات Innovative solutions for real-time performance management software from InStep Software In an exclusive interview with Mr. Sean Gregerson, Director of Sales and Marketing at InStep Software, AWW highlights present and future activities and projects for the company in the MENA region and worldwide, as well as the company s participation in several international events, in addition to new software launched by the company. equipment health monitoring capability and edna s ability to maintain a high fidelity long term archive. These were natural selections for one of the most modern independent power and desalination plants in the Middle East, says Bill King, Director of Production, Al Hidd Power Plant. Eskom Holdings, one of the world s largest utilities, has licensed InStep s PRiSM software as the real-time condition monitoring application for monitoring Eskom s generation assets. Eskom is South Africa s national electric utility and is one of the top 13 utilities in the world in terms of generation capacity and one of the top 9 in terms of sales. 1-Can you provide us with a general overview regarding the history of In- Step Software, and where are your company and its global/regional offices located? InStep Software is a leading provider of real-time performance management software and solutions for the utility, process, manufacturing, and telecommunication industries and government agencies. InStep was founded in 1995 with its main office located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and today has several additional offices in the expanding Asia Pacific region. InStep s software products extend the investment in modern control, monitoring and smart devices by collecting, storing, displaying, analyzing and reporting the information provided by these systems. These software products are used by many of the world s leading companies on a plant and enterprise wide basis to actively manage and analyze the ever growing amount of real-time information. 2- Do you have an export activity for the company s systems? InStep is continuing significant global expansion across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, South Africa, and other growing regions. This includes the re- cent opening of a support center in Zhuhai, China. 3- What is your analysis of the current market for these systems, especially in the Middle East & North Africa? Both of these areas are experiencing rapid growth and therefore the need for advanced technology to manage their growing and complex utility infrastructures. InStep has had recent successes with the Al Hidd Power Plant in Bahrain, and Eskom in South Africa. The Al Hidd Power Plant is owned by a consortium of International Power, Sumitomo and GDFSuez; it is a 1006 MW (gross), 937 MW (net) power generating and desalination facility with a water production capacity of 90 MIG/ day of water. InStep s solutions provide Al Hidd with very easy access to critical, realtime data on the health of many important assets in this plant. This will save us both time and money by providing early identification of equipment failures backed up with a detailed history of equipment condition. We were particularly impressed with PRiSM s online InStep s PRiSM software will monitor Eskom s critical generation assets at the Duvha Power Station to provide early warning equipment failure identification, performance monitoring, and problem analysis. PRiSM uses sophisticated data mining and pattern recognition technology for real-time early identification of equipment problems that can often lead to unexpected downtime or efficiency losses. 4- What were your main projects during the year 2008, and on what basis did you undertake them? InStep has performed a number of key projects in A few of these projects include: Implementation of our edna historian and PRiSM online condition monitoring software for the Al HIDD Power Plant in the Middle East. Implementation of PRiSM online condition monitoring software for Southern Company. Implementation of edna software at Southern Company (Enterprise T&D). Implementation of new fully redundant high availability historian infrastructure at Southern California Edison. Implementation of InStep s EEM software for a large US Government Agency. 62 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

65 Interviews & Profiles أقسام مقابالت وملفات الشركات Al Hidd plant system is functioning. PRiSM includes an advanced analysis application for identifying why an asset is not performing as expected. The software is not specific to certain types of equipment or processes and has been used in a wide variety of equipment health and performance monitoring applications. InStep was notably part of the Exelon team that won the prestigious 2008 Nuclear Top Industry Practice ( TIP ) award for excellence based on their use of InStep s PRiSM software for fleet wide online condition monitoring. 5- What are your planned projects for 2009 and the years to come? InStep is currently working on many implementations of our software; these include EDF, Eskom, Minnesota Power, Snohomish County PUD, EPRI, and others. 6- What new products have you launched on the market? InStep has three core product suites edna, PRiSM, and EEM. We continue to develop these platforms to ensure that our customers are achieving continued value from their investments in these products. edna (Enterprise Distributed Network Architecture) edna is a software suite of products that provides for collecting, archiving, displaying and reporting a company s real-time operational and asset health related information. The product suite includes a highly scalable enterprise data historian for efficiently archiving and providing rapid retrieval of very high fidelity time series data. A highly advanced lossless compression technology is used to minimize the required storage capacity while maintaining the original collected resolution of the data. InStep supports the ability to easily integrate with hundreds of control, monitoring and other enterprise business systems that companies rely on for day to day operations. An RDBMS database is incorporated into the software suite and layered on top of the time series database to provide for organization and access of the data through the use of an object or meta data model. InStep s advanced edna Client and edna Web technologies can then be used for the real-time distribution of this information to all users throughout the company enterprise. PRiSM PRiSM (PRocess Information Signal Monitor) is a self-learning analytic software application for monitoring the real-time health of critical assets in support of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). PRiSM uses artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and sophisticated data mining techniques to determine when a piece of equipment is performing poorly or is likely to fail. The early identification of equipment problems leads to reduced maintenance costs and increased availability, reliability, production quality, and capacity. PRiSM learns from an asset s individual operating history and develops a series of normal operational profiles for each specific piece of equipment. PRiSM then compares the known operational profiles with real-time operating data to detect the subtle changes in system behavior that are often the early warning signs of pending equipment failure. An advanced alarm manager and notification provide near real-time updates of how well a plant or أجرت مجل ة عالم املياه العربي مقابلة خاصة مع السيد Sean Gregerson مدير املبيعات والتسويق في شركة.InStep Software وقد حتدث Gregerson عن نشاطات الشركة ومشاريعها في منطقة الشرق األوسط وأفريقيا وعامليا باإلضافة إلى منتجاتها اجلديدة من برامج تشغيل إلكترونية واملؤمترات العاملية التي شاركت فيها مؤخرا. أم نت InStep برامج التحك م التابعة لها لصالح محطة السد البحرينية للطاقة ولتحلية املياه حيث القت جناحا كبيرا في مجال تأمني احلصول على معلومات ونتائج فورية ودقيقة لسير العمليات في احملط ة م وفرة بذلك تكاليف باهظة من ناحية التشغيل وذلك بوقت أقل باملقارنة مع البرامج األخرى. شاركت InStep في العام 2009 حتى اآلن مبعارض Distributech و PowerGen Middle East و.IDEA Refer to RIN 72 on page 88 EEM (Enterprise Energy Management) EEM is an energy management suite of software products to improve energy efficiency and use, tenant cost allocation/billing, vendor management and customer service. InStep s EEM provides for the real-time collecting, archiving, displaying, reporting, and analyzing of online utility meters, plant control systems, building control systems, weather information, substation devices, and other energy-related information. Manually collected meter readings from utility meters that are not currently available through a direct link can also be easily imported. InStep s EBS then provides for complex cost allocation and management of the energy consumption to a tenant level. This software provides the ability to create a complex relationship of buildings, meters, tenants and vendors so that all utilities including electric, water, chilled water, sewer and storm, natural gas, street lighting and fuel oil are accounted for. The EEM software provides for the ability to display this highly valuable utility-related information through the web using a series of reports, trends, and displays. 7- What are the exhibitions (local or international) in which you have already participated in 2009? InStep has participated in Distributech, PowerGen Middle East, and IDEA. 8- What does the company have in store for Arabian and foreign energy markets in the future, building on the company s commitment to the industry. InStep will continue to aggressively expand and market our software offerings globally. 63 عالم املياه العربي نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

66 departments Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and Metito sign US$ 10.4 million deal Corporate Happenings أخبار الشركات ERI expands its board with a new director Energy Recovery (ERI), a global leader of ultra-high-efficiency energy recovery products and technology for desalination, announced the newest addition to its board of directors, Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, former Chairman of the California Energy Commission. Metito, the international water desalination and wastewater treatment specialist, announced on February 23, 2009 that it has signed a turnkey project with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), which will include the design, construction, and augmentation of the water at station G in the Jebel Ali Power Complex. The operation will include the supply and installation of high purity water treatment plants, tanks, and electrical works. Government, developers, and the business sector will benefit from the development of the turnkey supply and installation of the mixed bed demineralization plant that will process 2 x 90 m 3 /hour of high purity water. The project has been pegged at US$ 10.4 million. The growth of Dubai is rooted in water, said Mr. Mahmoud Kabeel, plant sales manager, Dubai, Northern Emirates and Oman. With this augmentation and construction, DEWA and Metito are facilitating the use of the power needed for added growth in the Jebel Ali area. Metito is honored to be awarded the contract from DEWA. Metito, founded in 1958, is a shining example of a Middle Eastern company that has grown to be a world leader in its field. Metito operates locally in 14 countries in the MENA region, and supplies its plants internationally to locations as far apart as Argentina and Australia from its base in the United Arab Emirates. Some of the company s recent notable achievements in the UAE include wastewater treatment plants for the Dubai Investments Park and Palm Jumeirah, as well as different projects in Abu Dhabi for ADSSC and ADWEA. أعلنت شركة Energy Recovery الرائدة في مجال منتجات إستعادة الطاقة امل ستخدمة في مجال حتلية املياه عن تعيني السيدة Jackalyne Pfannenstiel ملجلس اإلدارة في الشركة وذلك بعد تول يها ملنصب رئيس مجلس اإلدارة في جلنة الطاقة في والية كاليفورنيا األميركية. أعلنت شركة Metito اإلماراتية الرائدة عامليا في مجال حتلية املياه ومعاجلتها في 23 شباط )فبراير( املاضي عن توقيع عقد مشروع متكامل مع هيئة كهرباء ومياه دبي يتضم ن تصميم وبناء وزيادة طاقة محط ة املياه»ج«في م جم ع جبل علي للطاقة. هذا اإلتفاق سيشمل تزويد وتركيب محط ات تنقية Jackalyne Pfannenstiel was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to a five-year term as Commissioner and Chairman of the California Energy Commission. The Energy Commission is a full-time energy regulatory and policy agency. As Chair, Ms. Pfannenstiel focused on climate change, energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy and land use. She was also the presiding commissioner for the 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report, which documented recommendations on executive and legislative actions governing how the energy sector will meet California s carbon reduction goals. Prior to heading the Commission, she was the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and PG&E Corporation in San Francisco, CA. She held various responsibilities at the utility company over a 20-year career. Ms. Pfannenstiel received her BA in economics from Clark University, her MA in economics from the University of Hartford, and an executive MBA from Stanford University. GG Pique, ERI President and CEO stated, Jackie s work and advocacy in energy efficiency at the state level is extremely valuable to us, and we re delighted she s joined. Bringing engineering sciences and energy efficiency experts to our board will help us move in the right direction to increase awareness of the crucial interdependence between water and energy, as well as the global fresh water scarcity now starting to affect California. Energy Recovery is a leading manufacturer of energy recovery devices which help make desalination affordable by significantly reducing energy consumption. ERI s PX Pressure Exchanger (PX ) device is a rotary positive displacement pump that recovers energy from the high pressure reject stream of SWRO systems at up to 98% efficiency with no downtime or scheduled maintenance. Refer to RIN 73 on page 88 Refer to RIN 74 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

67 أخبار الشركات Corporate Happenings أقسام 2008 a good year for the DHV Group Pump Engineering, Inc. receives investment from Plymouth Venture Partners Key figures (in EUR x million, unless otherwise indicated) difference Net turnover % Added value % Operating profit before goodwill (EBITA) % Net profit % Operating margin (EBITA/Added value) 6.4% 4.7% Firmly on track despite economic crisis The DHV Group, a worldwide supplier of consultancy and engineering services, continued to perform well in Operating profit showed a 60% increase, while both turnover and added value rose by 18%, despite the adverse impact of exchange rates. The growth was 75% organic. Thus far, the global economic crisis has had little impact on the demand for sustainable and innovative solutions, particularly in relation to mobility, climate change, and the environment. Internationalization The DHV Group strengthened its profile through a number of leading projects. These include master planning for the ecological coastal city of Caofeidian in China and completion of the LEED gold-certified R&D Campus for DSM in Shanghai, a prime example of sustainable building. Subsidiary NACO was awarded high-profile aviation projects in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, China, and Africa. SSI in South Africa is upgrading two sections of the Gauteng freeway around Johannesburg, and strategic partner Delcan was awarded a seven year contract in a joint venture for the extension of the Toronto subway, as well as the independent engineering services contract for the Metropolitan Transport Authority of New York. In the Netherlands, DHV remains active in major national highway and rail expansions programs. The Group s profile was further strengthened by its acquisition of several specialist companies. South African mining consultancy Turgis joined in 2008 and is showing good results. Partnership with the North American aviation consultancy InterVISTAS means that the DHV Group is now active in the aviation market on all continents. In Europe, DHV continues to expand its activities in Poland and the Czech Republic. With the acquisition of the Polish company Hydroprojekt, DHV became the largest player in Poland s water market. Infocus, a Dutch company specializing in construction management and consultancy also joined the Group in Innovation Several projects highlighted the DHV Group s innovative strength. The company successfully rolled out its patented Nereda water treatment technology in the Netherlands, Portugal, and South Africa. The concept of building with nature was selected as one of the options to be further investigated for the sustainable renovation of the Netherlands Afsluitdijk (Dutch Closure Dike). The Rodenrijseweg Tunnel, designed by architect Marius van den Wildenberg, won the European Concrete Award DHV was the structural engineering consultant on this prestigious project. Corporate responsibility The sustainable development of our living environment is central to the DHV Group s mission. In 2008, the Group was the first engineering consultancy worldwide to have its corporate responsibility report externally reviewed per the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. The annual transparency benchmarking survey conducted by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs deemed the company to be the most transparent service provider in its CR reporting. Prospects Despite the current market uncertainties, the DHV Group began 2009 with a wellfilled order book. The company will focus on providing high value services that meet the rapidly changing needs of its clients. Internal priorities include cost reduction, improved cashflows, further integration of new members, and ongoing critical assessment of its business portfolio. With these, the Group expects to be able to in- أمت ت شركة Inc. Pump Engineering, صفقة إستثمار crease its market share again in مباليني الدوالرات مع tplymouth Venture Par ners في شهر كانون الثاني )يناير( 2009 لتأمني منتجات الشركة. أكملت DHV Group مسيرتها الناجحة في العام املاضي حيث كشفت الشركة عن أرباح زائدة بنسبة 60 باملئة عن العام و تكون بذلك األزمة املالية العاملية لم تؤث ر على قطاع عمل الشركة بشكل كبير وهذا في مجاالت احللول امل ستحدثة وامل ستدامة لقطاعات البيئة والتغي ر املناخي من حلول هندسية وتعه د مشاريع توسيعي ة ضخمة في جميع أنحاء العالم. Pump Engineering, Inc. (PEI) closed a multi-million dollar equity investment deal with Plymouth Venture Partners (PVP), in early January PEI has been in business for 23 years with over 3,000 installations worldwide. Last year, PEI s sales more than doubled and the plant and workforce increased by 25%. PEI s success has stemmed from the anticipated need of the desalination market to move toward more efficient energy recovery systems. PEI has been proactive in developing state-of-the-art pumps and hydraulic Turbochargers that help meet the world s water needs through reverse osmosis desalination. The green technology can be utilized in the traditional smaller systems, as well as larger city-scale projects that are quickly becoming the norm in the industry. Robert Oklejas, President and Chairman of the Board of PEI commented, We are extremely pleased with Plymouth s decision to invest in our Company. While we had other funding options, we were most comfortable going with a local firm that understands what we are trying to do here in Southeast Michigan. Refer to RIN 75 on page 88 Refer to RIN 76 on page عالم املياه العربي نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

68 departments Corporate Happenings أخبار الشركات Bertrand de Taisne appointed Milton Roy Europe General Manager IA applauds passage of Water-Use Research Act Bertrand de Taisne Bertrand de Taisne has joined Milton Roy as Milton Roy Europe General Manager with effect on February 1, He reports directly to Jean-Claude Pharamond, President of Milton Roy, and will be based in Pont-Saint-Pierre (Normandy, France). In this position, Bertrand de Taisne will be in charge of Milton Roy Europe s two manufacturing sites, in Pont- Saint-Pierre and Samoreau (France), as well as sales and services sites located in Spain, Italy, the United-Kingdom, and the UAE (Dubai). In addition to providing strategic direction, he will be responsible for planning, directing, and controlling all activities at Milton Roy Europe, ensuring the organization meets its objectives. Milton Roy, together with Sundyne and Sullair, is part of the industrial division of Hamilton Sundstrand, itself belonging to the industrial group United Technologies Corporation. Milton Roy is a leader in dosing and mixing technologies. It offers a comprehensive range of dosing pumps, mixers, and custommade units known as Milton Roy, LMI, William, Linc, Hartell, Haskel, BuTech, YZ Systems, and Dosatron brands. Created in 1956, Milton Roy Europe has 320 employees throughout Europe and its turnover is in excess of US$ 130 million. Before joining Milton Roy, Bertrand de Taisne was General Manager of Sullair Europe. During his 5 years tenure, Sullair Europe doubled its turnover, introduced new products, and increased its profitability dramatically. Prior to joining Hamilton Sundstrand, Bertrand de Taisne worked as General Manager and Sales manager in the automotive industry in France, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. He holds an MBA (INSEAD, France) and an Engineering degree in Mechanics and Electricity (ESME SUDRIA, France). إنضم السيد Bertrand de Taisne لشركة Milton Roy Europe ليشغل منصب املدير العام منذ األو ل من شهر شباط )فبراير( املاضي. لدى الشركة 320 م وظ ف في جميع أنحاء أوروبا وتبلغ نسبة أرباحها السنوية أكثر من 130 مليون دوالر أميركي. The Irrigation Association applauds the U.S. House of Representatives for recently passing the Water-Use Efficiency and Conservation Research Act. The bill was introduced by Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah). Rep. Matheson s emphasis on the importance of water efficient technologies is much needed in Washington, said IA Federal Affairs Director John Farner. We look forward to working with Rep. Matheson and the EPA in highlighting the benefits of using irrigation efficient technologies and services in the landscape through this new research program. The Water-Use Efficiency and Conservation Research Act passed on a voice vote in the U.S. House on February 11. The bill authorizes US$ 100 million over five years to create a research and development program on water-use efficiency and conservation within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development. EPA will then incorporate the findings into buildings (at least one residential and one commercial) that highlight the latest water-use efficiency and conservation technologies and designs. These buildings will be open to the public and used for educational and research purposes. IA thanks Rep. Matheson for his continuing support of EPA s WaterSense program, as well as promoting water efficiency. IA will work with Rep. Matheson and his office to gain support for the bill in the Senate. The Irrigation Association is the leading membership organization for irrigation equipment and system manufacturers, dealers, distributors, designers, consultants, contractors, and end users. Originally founded in 1949, IA includes over 2,000 corporate and technical members and is dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation. حي ت رابطة الري األميركي ة مجلس النو اب األميركي لتصديقه على قانون احملافظة على موارد املياه وإستعمالها بشكل فع ال في 11 شباط )فبراير( املاضي. سيسمح القانون بإسناد 100 مليون دوالر أميركي على مدى خمسة أعوام لوضع برنامج أبحاث وتطوير في هذا املجال ضمن نشاطات وكالة حماية البيئة األميركية. Refer to RIN 77 on page 88 Refer to RIN 78 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

69 أخبار الشركات Corporate Happenings أقسام MIOX expands operations with East Coast facility in suburban Philadelphia MIOX Corporation, a leader in on-site generation of hypochlorite and mixed oxidants for water disinfection, has expanded operations to the East Coast, opening a suburban Philadelphia facility in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA. The strategic expansion will enable MIOX to be more responsive to its growing installation base on the East Coast while also improving access to the European market. Key personnel will be based out of the Philadelphia facility, including Anthony Picozzi, SVP of Sales and Robert Newton, VP of Industrial Markets. MIOX s clean technologies disinfect water on site, on demand, using just salt, water, and power. Creating disinfectant on site is cost-effective and environmentally responsible, cutting back transportation requirements, reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, and eliminating the storage and disposal of chemical containers. We are excited to establish our first office outside of corporate headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, said Carlos Perea, President and CEO of MIOX. Environmental and safety concerns continue to drive growth in the on-site disinfection market. Users are also finding that on site solutions can dramatically reduce operational expenses and improve process quality. The new office will enable us to better serve our growing customer base and provide a platform to increase our sales, marketing, and customer service capabilities. MIOX Corporation is focused on solving one of the world s most pressing issues: The need for affordable, safe, and healthy water. MIOX s patented water disinfection technology replaces the need to purchase, transport, and store dangerous chemicals. MIOX is used in over 30 countries and in hundreds of communities across the U.S. for public drinking water systems, water reuse projects, and a variety of commercial and industrial applications. وس عت شركة MIOX Corporation الرائدة في مجال توليد الهيبوكلوريت في املوقع لتنقية املياه عملياتها لتشمل الساحل الشرقي للواليات املتحدة األميركية وذلك عبر إفتتاح مرفقا لها في مدينة فيالديلفيا األميركية. ست ساهم عملية التوس ع أيضا بتسهيل ولوج الشركة إلى األسواق األوروبية. ت ستعمل منتجات MIOX في أكثر من 30 بلدا عامليا وفي املئات من املوقع في أميركا. Koch Refer to RIN 80 on page 88 Refer to RIN 79 on page عالم املياه العربي نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

70 departments Corporate Happenings أخبار الشركات KEMA launches study of large-scale energy storage in European context KEMA has been commissioned by the Dutch utilities DELTA, Eneco, Essent, Nuon, and the General Energy Council to launch a study into the need and necessity of large-scale energy storage. The share generated by renewable energy sources in Europe is expected to increase substantially over the next ten to twenty years in response to the EU s sustainability and CO 2 emission reduction goals. However, the supply intermittency and concentration that characterizes wind generation in particular can at times lead to a regional supply surplus. A solution must be found for dealing with these supply peaks and fluctuations. Large-scale energy storage may be the answer. The need for greater clarity on this issue has also been expressed in the Dutch parliament on several occasions over the past year. The study will be conducted from a European perspective, and is due for completion in June of this year. Masdar, founder of the highly successful World Future Energy Summit (WFES), joined with Turret Middle East, the 2009 WFES conference organizer to announce the launch of the European Future Energy Forum to take place in Bilbao, Spain from June 9 to 11. Masdar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company (Mubadala), established the World Future Energy Summit as part of its mission to develop a global platform for collaboration in renewable energy and sustainability. The European Future Energy Forum (EFEF) will expand this platform to provide direct linkages to a leading region in future energy technologies and solutions. The EFEF was created based on the Wind energy at sea أ وكلت شركة KEMA من قبل عدد من املرافق والشركات الهولندية ومجلس الطاقة العام بإطالق دراسة حول احلاجة إلى وضرورة إمتام تخزين واسع النطاق للطاقة. ويأتي هذا املشروع نظرا لتوق ع تزايد نسبة الطاقة امل تجد دة امل نتجة في أوروبا على مدى السنوات ال 20 املقبلة ملالقاة أهداف تخفيض نسبة اإلصدارات وغازات ثاني أكسيد الكربون في اإلحتاد األوروبي. Refer to RIN 81 on page 88 Masdar to bring successful WFES experience to the world through the European Future Energy Forum Dr. Sultan Al Jaber direction of Abu Dhabi s visionary leaders, who have stressed the importance of transferring Masdar s pioneering World Future Energy Summit experience to the world. Europe and Bilbao in Spain in particular, have a good record in the renewable energy domain and will be the starting point for us to expand our platform to exchange ideas and experiences with the global renewable energy sector, said Masdar CEO, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber. تتعاون Masdar مع شركة Turret Middle East إلعالن إنطالق منتدى European Future Energy Forum الذي سي قام في مدينة بيلباو اإلسبانية من 9 إلى 11 حزيران )يونيو( امل قبل وذلك بناء على جناح مؤمتر World Future Energy Summit للعام Refer to RIN 82 on page 88 Any individual country can accommodate a surplus by temporarily exporting more electricity. However, it is questionable whether increased electricity export or import can adequately compensate for simultaneous oversupply from wind farms across the entire continent. Large-scale energy storage may be the solution for dealing with such surpluses more efficiently, so that wind energy can be utilized to the full. Moreover, largescale energy storage provides options to tackle instability in the grid, and it can play a role in generation load-balancing and solving network control issues. In this study, KEMA will execute a realistic simulation, based on its own European market model that covers much of the European electricity grid. The model incorporates various scenarios related to developments in wind energy and fossil fuel prices, as well as future developments in power generation and network interconnection. The support of government leaders and energy experts at WFES 2009, which was attended by more than 18,000 visitors from 70 countries, was another critical element in encouraging us to take our experience to the international arena. Given the current economic situation, we believe this is the time to be competitive, creative and innovative. Our goal is to drive the development of clean energy sources that are instrumental in advancing renewable energy. By bringing the European Future Energy Forum to Europe, we are looking to create opportunities and partnerships in renewable energy that will be a stimulus for economic growth for the region, and beyond, added Al Jaber. Furthermore, through these open platforms for collaboration Abu Dhabi aims to continue its leadership in the energy sector, and share its knowledge with others, added Al Jaber. 68 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

71 منتجات وخدمات Products & Services أقسام FCI Profile metal nozzles ensure distribution uniformity and reduce water use on golf courses Avista Technologies releases a new RO chemical projection program Avista Technologies launched a fully revised and extended chemical calculation program, Avista Advisor 3, that allows calculation of all the product lines that Avista offers giving the designer a full RO plant chemical consumption picture in one package. The latest version of Avista Advisor represents an industry first the first RO chemical calculation program that includes all the formulated chemicals. Avista Advisor 3 includes: Antiscalant calculation using either raw water or brine analyses Design capability for biocides, coagulants and cleaning chemicals Design capability for dechlorination and if desired ph modification Chemical dosing equipment sizing calculations Chemical consumption calculations along with cost calculations An expanded line of FCI Profile full metal sprinkler nozzles is now available from Underhill International to help golf superintendents improve irrigation distribution uniformity and curtail over-watering. In testing at the Center for Irrigation Technology (California State University, Fresno), FCI Profile nozzles were shown to reduce water usage on golf courses by as much as 20 percent per year, while eliminating donuts, patchy dry spots, and saturated greens. They have also been used successfully to prevent wind drift. Featuring solid brass sprinkler nozzles and stainless steel outlets, FCI Profile nozzles do not erode and ensure more consistent coverage than factory-installed plastic nozzles, which can deteriorate over time. The Underhill FCI Profile nozzles are designed to retrofit plastic nozzles on popular golf rotors, including Rain Bird and Toro heads. The nozzles can replace Rain Bird golf nozzles with 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inlets, including Eagle Series 700 and 900. The nozzles also retrofit Toro golf nozzles with 1 and 1 ½ inlets, including Toro Series 670, 690, 730, 750, 760, 780, and 830. Replacement sets include nozzles for full-circle, mid-range, and close-in coverage. Underhill is the leading innovator in golf, sport field and other large turf watering products, with over 28 years of know-how, brings a new standard of Products that work smart. All Underhill products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and will save you time and money. Guaranteed Satisfaction isn t just a slogan, it s the Underhill legacy! Free software demonstrations will be available at upcoming trade shows or demonstrations can be provided at client offices. Copies of the software and a user guide are available for download. أطلقت شركة Avista Technologies برنامج شامل للحسابات الكيميائية بعنوان Advisor 3 يحتوي على برنامج خاص للحسابات الكيميائية لعمليات التناضح العكسي. ت قد م شركة Underhill International سلسلة م وس عة من فوهات رش FCI Profile املعدنية ملساعدة املشرفني على ميادين رياضة الغولف في حتسني توزيع الري على هذه امليادين بشكل متواز ومن دون التسب ب بري زائد عن اللزوم. Refer to RIN 84 on page 88 Deva s Enviro-Klick offers the greatest savings Leading brassware manufacturer Deva has launched a smart new product, Enviro-Klick, to complement the company s extensive portfolio of water efficient taps and showers. Enviro-Klick s reduced flow option cuts water use of some standard taps by 80%, resulting in the greatest savings of all similar technology currently available. The cartridge has three settings - off, reduced flow, and full flow - and produces a smooth and precise, yet very subtle resistance to a change in mode when altered from reduced to full flow. On full flow, Enviro-Klick delivers 4% less water than a standard tap cartridge and 80% less on reduced flow, dramatically cutting water and energy use, resulting in great savings for consumers. Enviro-Klick is currently available in three Deva ranges: Excel and Revelle from the Contemporary Collection, and Eider from the Everyday Collection. All are available for less than US$ 140 excluding VAT and boast a comprehensive 12-year guarantee including 2 years on parts and labor and a 10-year parts only warranty. أطلقت شركة Deva حنفية Enviro-Klick اجلديدة وهي ذات خيارات تدف ق أقل عن سابقاتها مم ا ي وف ر إستعمال املياه بنسبة 80 باملئة باإلضافة إلى توفير إستعمال الطاقة وبالتالي توفير الكلفة على امل ستخدم. Refer to RIN 83 on page 88 Refer to RIN 85 on page عالم املياه العربي نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

72 departments TrojanUV rated China s top disinfection equipment again Products & Services منتجات وخدمات Nelson Irrigation Corporation announces the release of the new R33 Rotator After years of planning, design, testing, and development, Nelson is pleased to announce the release of the R33 Rotator. Nozzle sizes 9/64, 5/32, 11/64 and 3/16 are now available. Trojan Technologies has once again been rated number one in the category of Outstanding Water Disinfection Equipment Brand in the annual independent Outstanding Equipment Survey conducted by China Water Net, the most influential online resource for China s water industry. Based on a sample of more than 220 water treatment equipment customers, manufacturers or brands were listed in order of number of votes received and evaluated in the categories of: 1) most recognized brand that a customer knows; 2) most used brand by a customer; 3) customer satisfaction on the quality of the equipment; 4) customer satisfaction on after sales service; and, 5) good value for price. Of the 21 measuring indexes for the survey, Trojan scored in the top three spots for each category. Receiving this recognition for the second year in a row is a reflection of our talented and focused group in China. The Trojan team has worked diligently to bring reliable and costeffective UV-based disinfection solutions to our global community, says Marvin DeVries, Trojan president. We are honored to have received this prestigious recognition. Trojan Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Danaher Corporation of Washington, D.C. Trojan designs, manufactures, and sells UV systems for municipal wastewater and drinking water facilities, as well as for the residential market. The company also designs and installs treatment technology for the environmental contaminant and micropollutant destruction market and partners with Aquafine Corporation of Valencia, California to provide UV solutions to the Industrial and Commercial markets. With over 5,600 municipal facilities in more than 80 countries using its technology, Trojan has the largest installed base of UV systems in the world. Headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada, the company also has offices in the U.K., China, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, and the U.S. The R33 Rotator is an innovation that saves money, saves time, and performs better than the 3/4 brass impact sprinklers it s designed to replace. Created as an upgrade to replace the Nelson F33 brass sprinkler, the R33 uses Nelson s proven Rotator Technology to provide longer throw distance, fight the wind and deliver uniform coverage. With new advancements in speed control, its break-through design allows the sprinkler to move from slow mode back to a fast mode throughout its rotation. By reducing the speed of rotation intermittently, the R33 produces a wind-fighting pattern with maximum throw distance. The fast mode also assists in filling out the water pattern for greater uniformity. While brass sprinklers are prone to damage, clogging and theft, the R33 is easy to clean, easy to repair, and costs less. The R33 is suitable for permanent-set, portable-pipe and wheel-line applications for all type of crops, including forage crops, vegetables, grain, and pastures, as well as tree and vine crops. You will find in the R33 the same tradition of quality, reliability and long wear life as you came to expect in the F33. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the development of the Rotator line of products. Nelson Irrigation Corporation is headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington, USA. The company plans, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells proprietary products for the agricultural irrigation equipment market. Nelson is focused on doing things that improve the state of the art of agricultural irrigation saving water, saving energy, and doing a better job of irrigating. أطلقت شركة Nelson Irrigation مرش R33 Rotator الدو ار اجلديد بعد عد ة سنوات من التخطيط والتصميم واإلختبار والتطوير. ي ساهم املنتج اجلديد بتوفير الكلفة والوقت على امل ستخدم كما يفوق أداؤه املرش ات النحاسية التي ص م م R33 إلستبدالها وهي مرش ات F33 القدمية. فازت Trojan Technologies باملرتبة األولى للسنة الثانية على التوالي في فئة أفضل م صن ع ملعد ات تنقية املياه في إستطالع الرأي الذي جتريه China Water Net وهي املرجع األكثر تأثيرا على اإلنترنت في قطاع املياه في الصني. وإرتكز اإلستطالع على 220 عي نة من زبائن هذه املعد ات في البالد. Refer to RIN 86 on page 88 Refer to RIN 87 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

73 مشاريع وتطويرات Projects & Developments أقسام BAHRAIN Manama opts for low-risk sell-off Bahrain is taking no chances with its wastewater privatization. With water-loss levels unacceptably high and the quality of treated water so poor that the agricultural sector refuses to use it for irrigation, it is clear the state-run utilities should be replaced. The entry of the private sector will bring much-needed investment, technology, and experience to improve standards. There will be no shortage of interest from international developers. Because the Muharraq sewage treatment plant is the first part of the privatization plan, the government has opted for a low-risk approach by guaranteeing the supply of effluent and the offtake of treated water. This relieves the developer of much of the risk and ensures a steady stream of income, but it is not necessarily the most efficient system for the state in the long run. In time, Manama will hope to invite companies to take control of the wastewater collection and distribution networks, thereby passing on market risk to the private sector. The hope will also be that as efficiencies and services improve, domestic and industrial users will be more willing to pay more for their wastewater treatment. Water privatization in the region is gaining traction, with Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi already bringing in the private sector. If they can make the schemes work, more of the region will surely follow and perhaps take more risks earlier on. QATAR QIB closes US$ 250 million financing arrangement for Ras Lafan Power & Water project Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) announced that it has successfully closed an arrangement for an Islamic Financing for a part of the Ras Lafan Power & Water project (C) that would be performed by Ras Qirtas Power Company at a cost of US$ 250 million. The project, a six multi-effect distillation desalination units, shall be executed on BOOT basis (Built-Own-Operate-Transfer). With a total cost of over US$ 3 billion, the project, expected to be completed by 2011, aims at enhancing the power production rates and ensure the provision of water and power to face the country s increasing demand on power. In addition to approximately 6.3 MIGD [Million Imperial Gallon (of water) per Day], the project will generate around 2,730 Mega Watt of electricity, thus covering 30% approx. of the country needs. It is worth noting that Qatar Islamic Bank and Islamic Development Bank will be the mandated Lead Arranger and Underwriter, whereas its Main sponsor/ shareholder will be: Qatar Petroleum, QEWC, Suez Energy International, Mitsui. In a comment made on this occasion, Mr. Salah Al Jaidah, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Islamic Bank, said: The success of QIB in closing the arrangement of this financing confirms our capacity to takes the responsibility of providing the adequate Islamic financing for the vital development projects in Qatar. He added, Further, in its five-year plan that started in 2008, QIB will endeavor to consolidate its role in financing the State s macro-projects and enter with its partners, whether its QIB-offshore financing houses or Islamic Financial institutions worldwide, in joint ventures to attract such investments to Qatar, guided by our duty as a national economy-oriented bank. From its part, the GM of the bank s Investment & Development Group, Jean- Mark Riegel stated: The success of QIB in arranging this financing in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank has gained confidence of large national establishments. He added, This success is a continuation of previous successful financing arrangements for huge establishments like the Qatari Water & Electricity company, Qatar Airways, the United Development Co., Al Salam Bounian Co. and others. UAE Complete overhaul for Abu Dhabi sewer network The Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC) is inviting selected contractors to prequalify for the US$ 545 million deep-tunnel sewer as part of its plans to overhaul the sewerage network in the emirate. The tunnel will run for 42 kilometers from the existing pumping station on Abu Dhabi island to the Mafraq wastewater plant, before heading towards the Al-Wathba wastewater treatment plant. The tunnel is being tendered as three design-and-build contracts. One will be for a four-meter diameter 16.2km-long tunnel from Abu Dhabi island onto the mainland. Another will be for a 15.6km tunnel with a diameter of 5 meters from the Musafah area to Mafraq. The third involves the construction of a 10km tunnel with a diameter of 5.5 meters, between Mafraq and Al-Wathba. Each contract requires the design and construction of the main tunnel, access shafts and short connecting tunnels. It also covers any additional work such as data acquisition, liaising with other agencies, seeking statutory approvals and relocating services and equipment. The tunnel is a major component of Abu Dhabi s US$ 1.08 billion Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (Step), formerly the Strategic Investment Programme. The project also includes developing one or two pumping stations along deep-tunnel sewer routes, a series of smaller sewers connecting existing sewerage systems to the deep-tunnel sewer, and the removal of existing pumping stations. The gravity tunnel and the sewers feeding into it will enable ADSSC to eventually decommission several existing pumping stations, thereby reducing its operating and maintenance costs. US-based CH2M Hill is the program manager for Step and the entire program is expected to take six years to complete. Sewerage is a growing concern in the capital as the development of major real estate projects will dramatically increase the population on Abu Dhabi island and the surrounding areas. The Urban Planning Council expects the population to exceed 3 million by 2030, as residents move into island projects such as Reem, Saadiyat, Yas, and other developments on Abu Dhabi island itself. Several other sewerage schemes are underway in the emirate. Two consortiums have been awarded 25-year concessions to build, own, operate, and transfer sewage treatment plants at Al-Wathba, serving Abu Dhabi, and at Al-Saad, serving Al-Ain. One contract was awarded to a consortium of the UK s Biwater Group, Kuwait s Mohamed Abdulmohsin Kharafi & Sons, and the local Al-Qudra Holding. The other was awarded to the French/Belgian joint venture of Veolia and Besix. Both groups will build two plants, one at each location. The plants for Abu Dhabi will have a capacity of 300,000 cubic meters a day, and the plants for Al-Ain will be able to treat 65,000 cubic meters a day. 71 عالم املياه العربي نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

74 departments E-News أخبار إلكترونية New Estidama online resource to foster sustainability knowledge and dialogue The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC), the agency responsible for the future of Abu Dhabi s urban environments, has launched the new website version of Estidama sustainability in Arabic an initiative that groups together communities, organizations, businesses, and policy-makers to further encourage responsible decision making to bring Abu Dhabi and the region towards global sustainability leadership. Engaging and educating the community is one of UPC s main objectives and the new Estidama website design and functionality reflect our desire to promote an ongoing, constructive dialogue and foster exchange of ideas and innovations for sustainable practices among our various constituencies in Abu Dhabi and beyond, said Falah Mohammed Al Ahbabi, General Manager, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council. أطلق مجلس أبو ظبي للتخطيط العمراني الهيئة املسؤولة عن مستقبل البيئات العمرانية في أبو ظبي موقعا إلكترونيا تفاعليا ل Estidama بعد حتديثه بالكامل وذلك لنشر املعرفة الالزمة لتحقيق اإلستدامة املنشودة وتفعيل احلوار مع كافة املعني ني من مجتمعات ومنظ مات وأعمال وصانعي القرار والتشجيع على إتخاذ القرار مبسؤولية وتأهيل أبو ظبي واملنطقة لتكون رائدة في حتقيق أعلى مستويات اإلستدامة على صعيد العالم. Itron Inc. recently announced its completion of another successful round of scalability and performance benchmark testing for its Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE) Meter Data Management (MDM) product. The tests confirm the software's ability to support advanced metering system (AMI) installations of more than 9.6 million hourly meters, representing the largest-scale independent testing in the meter data management industry to date. Itron, working with Agilysys, Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions, HP, and Infosys executed the latest highvolume IEE MDM benchmark on Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. It confirmed that IEE MDM not only meets the current needs of the largest Refer to RIN 88 on page 88 Itron completes another round of high-scale benchmark testing for Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management utility companies, but can scale as Itron customers deploy increasingly sophisticated large-scale AMI solutions. Results also show that IEE on Oracle needs less than three hours to validate, auto-estimate, and import 4.8 million half-hourly meters, each having one register and one interval channel a volume equivalent to hourly data for 9.6 million meters. The test included calculating estimations for 0.5 percent to 10 percent of the meters. The testing took into account the full range of data processing requirements for large-scale AMI deployments, أعلنت شركة Itron Inc مؤخرا عن إمتامها لدورة ناجحة أخرى من إختبارات أداء لبرنامج MDM اإللكتروني إلدارة املعلومات الناجتة عن عد ادات املياه وهي عملية اإلختبار األكبر من نوعها في هذا املجال حتى اآلن. Refer to RIN 89 on page 88 The state-of-the-art online portal includes a number of interactive tools that allow users home page customization according to their bespoke needs and specialized interests on sustainability issues. It also functions as a forum to exchange views, comments and ideas and empowers users to delve deep into the latest trends of sustainability directly from specialist Estidama experts. Plan Abu Dhabi is designed to help Abu Dhabi filter and respond to current and future development needs and establishing sustainability as the driving force of our urban planning culture. To promote the related strong guiding principles, UPC is developing tailored communication tools and the new Estidama website is part of them. Salem Al Qassimi, Associate Planner, Estidama said that visitors to can learn details of the newly launched Estidama Integrative Design Process (EIDP) which focuses on the how of sustainability rather than simply the what. including interval meter data import, data validation, estimation and storage, as well as the daily demand for timeof-use (TOU) calculations and billing exports (500,000/day, assuming 20 cycle days per month). Using IEE MDM high-volume AMI import and export services, Itron achieved the level of performance and scalability required to exceed the demands of full-scale AMI deployments. «We believe that benchmarking is a reflection of the commitment a company makes in itself, its products and its customers,» said Julie Hance, vice president of Itron software solutions. «Benchmarking to this scale year after year, release after release, requires a significant investment, but the investment is more than worthwhile. Our highest-ever volume has been achieved in this recent benchmark all to the ultimate benefit of our 40+ customers and the 26 million meters that utilize our MDM system.» 72 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

75 معارض ومؤمترات عرض مسبق ملعارض ومؤمترات Event Preview MCERTS 2009 to focus on operator self-monitoring Presentations at the MCERTS 2009 Conference (April 29 and 30, at the Bretby Conference Centre near Burton on Trent) will focus on issues relating to the testing and monitoring of air quality in stack emissions, with particular emphasis on how Operator Self Monitoring (OSM) and MCERTS fit into the Environment Agency s Better Regulation agenda. High profile speakers from the Environment Agency, NPL, UKAS and AEAT will speak on subjects including emissions trading, the Environment Agency s Modern Regulation pro- ست رك ز الدراسات التي سوف ت عرض من ضمن مؤمتر MCERTS 2009 على شؤون إختبار ومراقبة نوعية الهواء ومدى تأثير اإلصدارات امل لو ثة عليها. سي قام املعرض في 29 و 30 نيسان )أبريل( احلالي في بريطانيا وسيحتوي أيضا على معرض ملنتجات الشركات العاملية الرائدة في مجال معد ات املراقبة وخدماتها. Sewerage & Drainage Pipe 2009 Refer to RIN 90 on page 88 تقيم AMI مؤمتر Sewerage & Drainage Pipe 2009 الدولي من 15 إلى 17 حزيران )يونيو( امل قبل في مدينة كولونيا األملانية. سيجمع املؤمتر أفضل اخلبراء العامليني في مجالي الهندسة املدنية وصناعة األنابيب ملناقشة آخر التطو رات في مجال إعادة تأهيل أنظمة األنابيب. Refer to RIN 91 on page 88 AMI s international conference on Sewerage & Drainage Pipe 2009 brings together top experts from the civil engineering and pipe industries to discuss the latest developments in new build and rehabilitation of pipe systems. The conference will take place from June 15 to 17, 2009 at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany and kicks off with a market study from Noru Tsalic of Applied Market Information. There is extensive construction work being undertaken across the world as funds from the development agencies are being channeled towards restoring ageing sewer networks and ingram and its impact on monitoring, the role of MCERTS in delivering the program and how, in 2010, EN Quality Assurance for an automated monitoring system, will operate under UKAS accreditation. From April 2008 the PPC and Waste Management Regulations were consolidated into the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) and OSM is a key feature of the new regime. Monitoring standards are specified within MCERTS and operator performance is now measured under the OPRA (Operational Risk Appraisal) and OMA (Operator Monitoring Assessment) schemes. John Tipping, who manages the MCERTS scheme, will speak at the MCERTS 2009 Conference and provide an update on the progress being made by these initiatives. MCERTS 2009 will run over two days and adopt a similar format to previous events with an exhibition featuring almost all of the world s leading suppliers of monitoring equipment and services. The MCERTS Conference will provide the latest guidance on issues relating to legislation and monitoring standards, and a wide range of workshops will deliver practical help and advice on issues relating to the monitoring of emissions to air. stalling up-to-date systems. A variety of techniques and materials are being utilized including new pipe systems, trenchless pipe laying, and relining of decaying pipes. Professor Madryas of Wroclaw University in Poland has studied the use of plastic pipes in sewage systems in the region. Dr-Ing Heinz Doll of LGA Bautechnik has looked at rehabilitation in sewage systems using close-fit pipes with a surrounding layer of mortar. Brandenburger Liner has been involved in rehabilitation of an ovoid pipeline using light-curing lining systems. The cost-effectiveness and durability are under debate, as civil engineers work to find the best solution for each situation. STFA Marine Construction in Turkey has just succeeded in repairing marine outfall pipes in the Kucukcekmece project. This year there have been particular advances in polypropylene materials for this sector, with new materials from Borealis Polyolefine, LyondellBasell, and Ineos Olefins and Polymers Europe. This conference brings together experts in plastic pipes from practical experience in durability and installation to new material development. Sewerage & Drainage Pipe 2009 offers excellent international networking opportunities for the industry, from civil engineers to pipe producers and suppliers. Research will be presented on the latest market trends, case studies, and technical issues. عالم املياه العربي 73 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

76 events Event Review معارض ومؤمترات سابقة Sharing of visions makes second Aquaterra a resounding success and Rhine into the heart of their respective nation s economy and agriculture. He adds that the delegates concluded: Unbridled coastal urbanization, reclamation, and port development threaten natural dynamics and are leading to major problems such as floods, erosion, polluted estuaries and a scarcity of fresh water supply for drinking water and agriculture. While various smart new solutions were presented at Aquaterra, the conference attendees noted the scarce attention being paid worldwide by governments to deltas. This is resulting in inefficient spatial planning and, consequently, an unnecessary loss of nature, drought, fresh water problems, and increasing flood risks. Rodenhuis: The conference participants agreed that politicians need to be made far more aware of the issue of delta vulnerability than is currently the case and stressed the necessity for greater governmental involvement. Mrs. Nighof - Director General of the Dutch Ministry of Transport Aquaterra 2009 was the second edition of the world forum on the development of delta and coastal areas and took place from February 10 to 12 in Amsterdam RAI. The three-day Aquaterra 2009 attracted over 600 top experts from around the world. They discussed in depth how best to ensure a sustainable future for the world s largest deltas, many of which are the economic powerhouses and food baskets of nations. The Aquaterra conference delegates issued a joint closing statement that became a key topic of discussion at the fifth World Water Forum in Istanbul in March. Major river deltas and estuaries face ever greater challenges from urbanization, infrastructure and agriculture development, with over 80% of the world s population expected to be living and working in these regions in the near future. The sea level rises and storm water problems associated with global warming will aggravate matters further, and were a clear source of concern among experts at Aquaterra Countering risks and reducing damages With the likely effects of climate change still to come and the foreseen growth of coastal cities, the strain on the dynamic natural system will sharply increase. Solutions are available within the parameters of the natural system itself. Examples include restoring some of the natural sedimentation of the Mississippi river, preserving mangrove forests along the coast of Bangladesh, and reclaiming land along the Dutch coast by semi-natural beach nourishment. New civil engineering solutions were also discussed at Aquaterra, such as Tokyo s super levees and the dredging of the inner city waters in Jakarta to reduce floods from the Cilliwung River. Need for change The jointly compiled closing statement warned of the massive challenges facing deltas over the next 50 years. More comprehensive assessments of dynamic natural systems are required in order to establish the best measures for climate adaptation. The ad hoc studies that often form the basis for coastal engineering projects need to be replaced by integrated research and real-time monitoring of the entire system. This will allow for a better understanding of how assumed developments such as sea level rises and subsidence are taking place in practice. Vulnerability of deltas Gaele Rodenhuis, Chairman of the event: It became clear at Aquaterra that deltas are characterized by their exceptionally dynamic nature the place where the fresh water of rivers meets the salt water of sea, the low and high tides, the continuously moving shorelines and sedimentation. Rich clay ground, excellent fishing grounds and strategic locations for transport have turned deltas such as the Nile, Yellow River, أ قيمت الدورة الثانية ملؤمتر 2009 Aquaterra من 10 إلى 12 شباط )فبراير( املاضي في العاصمة الهولندية أمستردام. يتناول املؤمتر عد ة مواضيع تتعل ق بتطوير وإعادة تأهيل املناطق الساحلية ومناطق الدلتا عامليا. أم املؤمتر أكثر من 600 خبير عاملي في هذا املجال من جميع أنحاء العالم. تواجه مناطق الدلتا في العالم والتي ت عتبر األساس في قطاع إنتاج املأكوالت عامليا حتد يات متزايدة من التمدين وتطو ر قطاعات البنى التحتية والزراعة وذلك مع توق ع متركز 80 باملئة من سكان العالم في هذه املناطق في املستقبل القريب. كما تتفاقم هذه املشكلة مع إرتفاع مستوى مياه البحر ومشاكل إدارة مياه األمطار التي ي سب بها اإلحتباس احلراري وكان هذا املوضوع معرض بحث بني احلاضرين. Refer to RIN 92 on page 88 The experts in Amsterdam stressed that building with nature and using natural processes present promising new ways of coastal engineering. This view is incorporated in the final statement via the slogan: Nature where possible and technology when required. The next Aquaterra conference will take place in Amsterdam in Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

77 معارض ومؤمترات سابقة Event Review معارض ومؤمترات International training workshop on Design and Evaluation of Pressurized Irrigation Systems ended successfully in Lahore the workshop. Some of the participants made short presentations of state-of-the-art systems used in pressurized irrigation in their countries. On the last day of the workshop, certificates were distributed among the successful participants in the concluding session of the workshop. The Chief Guest of the Concluding Ceremony was Lt. General (Rtd) Muhammad Akram Khan, Vice Chancellor of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. In his remarks, the chief guest urged the participants of the workshop to side by each other for help with the latest technologies like sprinkler and drip irrigation techniques. He also stated in his address that the common perception that future wars would be over water is not true since in reality such issues have already emerged in Muslim countries such as Jordan. Such unfortunate events are likely to be more intense in the future. He further remarks that a lot of potential exists in Muslim countries to handle the water scarcity issues in the coming years by adopting new technologies that best suit the conditions in these countries. The Center of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank organized a five-day international training workshop on the Design and Evaluation of Pressurized Irrigation Systems for professionals working in the irrigated agriculture sector in the Muslim world from March 3 to 7, These systems are ideally studied for light and frequent irrigations. Major benefits of the pressurized irrigation systems are high efficiency and increased crop yield. The high initial cost of the system is off-set by increased yield and by increasing irrigated land with the same amount of water supply. The main focus of the workshop was to create close and long term liaisons among institutions of Islamic countries and to provide a forum to discuss the issues related to pressurized irrigation. Seventeen participants from nine Islamic Countries including: Bangladesh, Iran, Jordan, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, and the UAE, and more than thirty from Pakistan participated in the workshop. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. During his inaugural speech, Prof. Ashraf highlighted the importance of pressurized irrigation and advised the participants to take active part in the deliberations of the workshop. Experts working in different aspects on pressurized irrigation made presentations during the workshop. The participants also shared their experiences by active discussions during نظ م مركز التفو ق لهندسة موارد املياه في الهور في باكستان بالتعاون مع البنك اإلسالمي للتنمية ورشة عمل تدريبية دولية ملد ة خمسة أي ام تتناول موضوع تصميم وتقييم أنظمة الري املضغوطة وذلك من 3 إلى 7 آذار )مارس( املاضي. و ج هت ورشة العمل إلى اخلبراء العاملني في قطاع الزراعة املروي ة في العالم اإلسالمي. شارك في ورشة العمل 17 خبير من 9 دول إسالمية هي بنغالدش وإيران واألردن وماليزيا وسلطنة ع مان واململكة العربية السعودية والسودان وسوريا ودولة اإلمارات العربية املتحدة باإلضافة إلى أكثر من 30 خبيرا باكستانيا. إفتتح ورشة العمل الدكور محمد أشرف عميد كلية الهندسة املدنية في الهور. Refer to RIN 93 on page 88 Earlier at the start of the ceremony, the representative from the Islamic Development Bank, Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Bhatti briefly described the programs being offered by the IDB for the Muslim World to uplift the technological advancement there. Dr Bhatti in his address also highlighted the importance of water and the adaptation of pressurized irrigation techniques and stressed that this activity should be repeated by the Center to enhance capacity of more participants from Muslim countries again in the near future. At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Latif, Director of the Center of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering thanked the participants and their organizations for delegating their employees to update their knowledge on a subject of vital importance for arid countries. Prof. Latif especially appreciated the efforts of Dr. Sajid Mahmood (Azeemi) Secretary Training Workshop, and also other employees of the Center who helped in organizing and conducting the event successfully. He also thanked IDB for financing this event for foreign delegates of the workshop. 75 عالم املياه العربي نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

78 SERVICES Industry Contacts مرجع الصناعات املائية Section One: International and regional manufacturers and suppliers of Desalination equipment. Section Two: Contact details of agents and distributors as well as companies active in the Pipes & Valves manufacture sector in the Middle East and North Africa, listed by country. Section One Aqua EPC L.L.C. P.O. Box , Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, U.A.E. Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mrs. Karin Buerger - Marketing Manager AQUA EPC L.L.C. - design, manufacture, delivery, installation, and commissioning of seawater desalination and wastewater treatment plants, demineralization and condensate polishing plants. Aqualyng Akjøra, Vanvikan 7125, Norway Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Nick Powell - President Aqualyng Water Solutions Aqualyng is a global leader in the supply and operation of specialized Desalination Plants. Our spectrum of successful, state-of-the-art products and services deliver fresh water - whenever and wherever it is needed. Agents and Distributors: Aqualyng Capital Management Ltd. - UAE Degrémont France 183, Avenue Du 18 Juin 1940, Rueil Malmaison 92500, France Tel: Fax: dgt.web.master@ Http: Contact Person: Pierre Francois Moizan - International Communications Manager Pierre.Francois. Reverse osmosis is a desalination process that uses membrane technology. Unlike natural osmosis, which facilitates solvent migration so that concentrations are even on both sides of the membrane, reverse osmosis involves forcing water at high pressure through a membrane that is impervious to suspended minerals. And it is because of the way Degrémont controls this pre-treatment, something it does in 250 desalination plants, that it stands out from the crowd. Agents and Distributors: Degremont Egypt Basri International (Biexo) - Egypt Degremont S.A. Jordan Nalco Gulf Ltd. UAE Dow Water Solutions P.O. Box 7893, Al Attar Business Tower, Sheik Zayed Road, 5th Floor, Dubai, UAE Tel: Fax: http: com Contact Person: Mr. Ahmed Khafagy - Sales Manager Dow Water Solutions is an industry leader dedicated to providing innovative, technology-based solutions to water issues. The business unit of The Dow Chemical Company is present in the Middle East since Agents and Distributors: Progress Water Products - Jordan - Lebanon - Syria Abu Nayyan Trading Co. Saudi Arabia - GCC Energy Recovery, Inc Doolittle Drive, San Leandro, CA 94577, USA Tel: Fax: sales@energy-recovery. com Http: Contact Person: Ms. Audrey Bold - Vice President Marketing ERI manufactures ultra-high efficiency recovery products and technology, specifically the ERI PX Pressure Exchanger (PX ), that are among the enabling technologies driving the rapid growth in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination Agents and Distributors: Energy Recovery Inc. Saudi Arabia Environze Global Limited 110, Laxmi Deep Towers, Laxmi Nagar District Centre, New Delhi , India Tel: Fax: Contact Person: Mr. Pawan Gupta - Technical Director Leading manufacturer of desalination systems, reverse osmosis systems, and ultrafiltration systems. Fan Niroo Co. P.O. Box , No 36, Negar Alley, Vanak Sq., Vali-e- Asr St., Tehran , Iran Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Jahangir Asgari - Managing Director Fan Niroo confirmed itself as the largest and sole expert company throughout Iran in the field of Desalination based on the proprietary know-how on Multi Effect Distillation (MED) systems. Fan Niroo now can support his client s requirements and suggest and provide optimum Desalination system for any case and location; so we are ready to propose MED or SWRO Desalination systems for seawater desalination and BWRO for Brackish water and Hybrid (MED+RO) systems for brackish water as a special case. Branches: Petro A1 Co. Iran Fan Jooyan Pars Niroo Co. Iran Fluid Techniology Int l Pvt. Ltd. 424 Bhayani centre Block-M North, Nazimabad, Karachi 74700, Pakistan Tel: /2 Fax: http: Contact Person: Eng. Nisar Ahmed - CEO Working in the field of water and wastewater treatment with specialization in Reverse Osmosis Desalination for Brackish & Seawater. Hydranautics A Nitto Denko Company 401 Jones Road, Oceanside, CA 92054, USA Tel: Fax: Http: Contact Person: Ms. Lisa Galloway - Marketing Specialist lgalloway@ Since its founding in 1963, Hydranautics has been committed to the highest standards of technology research, product excellence and customer satisfaction. Hydranautics entered the reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment field in 1970, and is now one of the most respected and experienced firms in the membrane separations industry. Hydranautics became part of the Nitto Denko Corporation when it was acquired in Agents and Distributors: Hydranautics Middle East C/o E.A.Juffali & Bros. Saudi Arabia Arabian Chemical Insulation Company UAE inge watertechnologies AG Flurstrasse 27, Greifenberg, Germany Tel: Fax: Http: Contact Person: Ms. Tanja Gebhart - Marketing Manager inge AG manufactures and sells ultrafiltration membranes and modules for the treatment of drinking water, process water, wastewater and pre-treatment of salty water. inge s patented Multibore membrane rejects 76 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

79 خدمات مرجع الصناعات املائية Industry Contacts particles, micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. International Hydro Systems Inc Vickers Way, Richmond, B.C. V6V 1H9, Canada Tel: Fax: Contact Person: Mr. Lakshman Perera - President/CEO Manufacturers of Desalination Systems. Agents and Distributors: Hydro Systems Egypt - Egypt ITT Water & Wastewater Leopold Products 227 South Division Street, Zelienople, PA USA Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Safwat Gergis, International Sales Manager ITT Water & Wastewater is an industry leader in water and wastewater treatment systems with over 8,000 Leopold installations worldwide. The company offers two systems for desalination pretreatment, the Leopold Clari-DAF (dissolved air flotation) system and the FilterWorx gravity media filtration system. King Lee Technologies 8949 Kenamar Drive, Bldg. 107, San Diego, CA 92121, USA Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Robert Y. Ning, Ph.D. - Vice President, Science and Business Development King Lee Technologies specializes in chemicals and chemistry support for the design, startup, operation and maintenance of reverse osmosis plants for the purification of water and wastewater, and desalination of seawater. Agents and Distributors: Kemco Technologies Bahrain Professional Engineering Service (Proserve Egypt) Egypt Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. 850 Main Street, Wilmington, Massachusetts , USA Tel: Fax: info@kochmembrane. com http: Contact Person: Mr. Jim Vechino - Marketing Intern jjvechino@ For nearly 35 years, Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) has been a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membrane filtration systems serving a global marketplace.the KMS Fluid Systems brand of membranes continues to be the premier Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology available worldwide. The latest innovation is the remarkable Mega Magnum RO Element with an 18 diameter and 60 length. Agents and Distributors: Koch Membrane Systems Bahrain Norit X-Flow B.V. P.O. Box 739, 7500 AS Enschede, Marssteden 50, 7547 TC Enschede, The Netherlands Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Wouter Broeze - Marketing & Communications Manager X-Flow membranes are used in the field of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis (RO) in capillary and tubular form, which makes selective filtration possible. X-Flow has expertise and experience in all water areas, from potable water production to treatment of process and wastewater, but also in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Its extensive portfolio of membrane products guarantees the right specifications for each application. Osmo Sistemi S.R.L. Via Toniolo, 8/B, Fano 61032, Italy Tel: Fax: osmosistemi@ http: Contact Person: Ms. Silvia Carboni OSMO SISTEMI has 25 years od experience in water treatment technologies. The company designs, manufactures, markets, installs, commissions, and starts up: Sea and Brackish Water R.O. units, Filtration plants, Iron/ Manganese removal systems, Denitrification, Softeners, Demineralization units, Micro/ Ultra/Nano filtration. Agents and Distributors: Osmo Sistemi Srl - Middle East Regional Office - Jordan Pure Aqua, Inc South Huron Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92704, USA Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Mike Moe - Vice President Marketing Pure Aqua, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of water treatment and commercial water purification systems. They offer a wide range of pre-engineered as well as custom engineered solutions for all water purification needs. Water treatment products by Pure Aqua, Inc: brackish water reverse osmosis, sea water reverse osmosis, double pass reverse osmosis, automatic multimedia filters, automatic carbon filters, etc.. Agents and Distributors: Pure Aqua, Inc. Middle East - Jordan Siemens AG P.O. Box 3240, Zentrale Pressestelle, Schuhstrasse 60, D Erlangen, Germany Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Roland Fischer - Communications Manager roland.fischer@siemens. com Siemens Water Technologies delivers cost-effective, reliable water and wastewater treatment systems and services to municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional customers worldwide. So~Safe International FZCO Plot MO-105, P.O Box Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Dr. Mohammad Naveed Piracha - Marketing Manager Industrial Division So~Safe Products LLC Opposite Cricket Stadium, P.O Box 20411, Sharjah, UAE Tel: Fax: http: So~Safe specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality water filtration and treatment products to meet, virtually, any water purification requirement. Innovation, quality, and after sales service are the distinctions which make So~Safe one of the leading brands in more than 65 countries around the world. Técnicas De Desalinizacion DE Aguas, S.A. Cardenal Marcelo Spinola, 10, Madrid 28016, Spain Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Ramón Jiménez - Managing Director rjserrano@grupocobra. com Company dedicated to the design, engineering, operation and maintenance of Desalination plants, Drinking Water Treatment Plants (DWTP) and other purification water systems, Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), and water reusing equipments for urban and industrial spills. Toray Membrane Europe Headquarter Grabenackerstrasse 8, 4142 Münchenstein, Switzerland Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Jochen Kallenberg - Marketing Manager jochen.kallenberg@ Toray s Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process is a combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration. Biodegradable pollution is reduced using bacteria and microorganisms. Following biological treatment, the biological sludge is separated from the treated water by a عالم املياه العربي 77 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

80 SERVICES Industry Contacts مرجع الصناعات املائية microfiltration membrane. Agents and Distributors: Mitsui & Co Ltd - Saudi Arabia Toray Membrane Europe UAE TriSep Corporation 93 S. La Patera Lane, Goleta, CA 93117, USA Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. John Waring - Director, International Sales TriSep Corporation manufactures membrane elements for reverse osmosis, microfiltration, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration applications. TriSep also manufactures cleaning chemicals and antiscalants specifically designed to improve membrane element performance. Agents and Distributors: Al-Kawther Industries Ltd. Saudi Arabia Metito Arabia Industries Ltd Saudi Arabia VA Tech Wabag GmbH Dresdner Str , Vienna 1200, Austria Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Ms. Helma Hakala - Corporate communications Helma.Hakala@wabag. com WABAG is one of the world s leading companies for the design, construction and operational management of drinking water, wastewater treatment and water reclamation plants for both the municipal and industrial sectors. Agents and Distributors: VA Tech Wabag Algérie SARL - Algeria VA Tech Wabag- Egypt VA Tech Wabag - Iran VA Tech Wabag - Libya VA Tech Wabag Ltd. - Oman VA Tech Wabag Office Saudi Arabia VA Tech Wabag Tunisie SARL - Tunisia VA Tech Wabag Gulf LLC - UAE WETICO / Saudi Berkefeld Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street, P.O. Box 9419, Riyadh 11413, Saudi Arabia Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Ulrich Jauss - General ManagerWETICO is a specialized desalination, water and wastewater treatment company with over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of plants throughout the MENA region. Agents and Distributors: Iraq Technical Support Iraq Qatar Technical Support (QTS) (Wetico - Qatar) Wetico UAE Woongjin Chemical Co., Ltd. 12th Floor ASPO Building, Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul , South Korea Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Jerry Oh - Regional Manager weee9@wjchemical. Manufacturer of high-quality RO, NF, and UF membranes and a diverse range of cartridge and micro-filters. Branch offices in US, India, Japan, and China. Section Two Algeria VA Tech Wabag Algérie SARL 2, Rue Bois des Pins, Kouba Alger, Algeria Tel: Fax: contact.algeria@wabag. com Representing: VA Tech Wabag GmbH - Austria BAHRAIN Kemco Technologies P.O. Box 26127, Manama, Bahrain Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Kabir Jerath - Managing Director KabirJerath@kemcosc. com Representing: King Lee Technologies - USA Koch Membrane Systems Aldoseri Business Centre, 1 Government Avenue, Suite No. 314, Building 1, Road 383, Block 306, P.O. Box 3210, Manama, Bahrain Tel: Fax: infoeurope@ http: Contact Person: Mr. Deepak Raina - Regional Manager/ Middle East RainaD@ Representing: Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. - USA EGYPT Basri International (Biexo) Dr. Yossif Murad Street No. 11, El-Hegaz Sq., Flat No. 17, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt Tel: Fax: Contact Person: Mr. Hashim Barsi Owner Representing: Degremont France Degremont 15, Hassan Sabri Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt Tel: Fax: Http: Contact Person: Mourad Mounir - Deputy Project Manager mourad.mounir@ Representing: Degremont France Hydro Systems Egypt Al Roessat, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt mohebhelmy@hotmail. com Representing: International Hydro Systems Inc. Canada Professional Engineering Service (Proserve Egypt) Al Mahrosa Buildings, Sidi Beshr, Building # 15, Flat # 113, Alexandria, Egypt Tel: Fax: http: www. Contact Person: Mr. M. Daoud Representing: King Lee Technologies USA VA Tech Wabag Office Cairo 3, El Malek El Aftal Street, 2nd Floor, Flat Nr. 11, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt Tel: Fax: wabag@internetegypt. com Representing: VA Tech Wabag GmbH - Austria IRAN Petro A1 Co. (Oil Desalting Package Manufacturer ) No 36, Negar Alley, Vanak Sq., Vali-e-Asr St., Tehran, Iran Representing: Fan Niroo Co. - UAE Fan Jooyan Pars Niroo Co. (After Seles Supporter) No 30, Vanak St., vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran fanjooyan@fanniroo. com Representing: Fan Niroo Co. UAE VA Tech Wabag Office Tehran Sadr Express way (South of Qeytariyeith Park), No. 6 Roushanaie Str.,19319 Tehran, Iran Tel: / /76 Fax: Mobile: Contact Person: Mr. Youness Malekfatehi Representing: VA Tech Wabag GmbH Austria IRAq Iraq Technical Support :Representing WETICO / Saudi Berkefeld Saudi Arabia JORDAN Degremont S.A. P.O. Box 1761, Amman, Jordan Tel: Fax: Http: Contact Person: Mr. Robert Gewargis - Commercial Manager robert.gewargis@ Representing: Degremont France Osmo Sistemi Srl - Middle East Regional Office P.O. Box 17706, Al-Gazal Trading Complex, Cabol Street, Building#30, Alrabia, Amman 11195, Jordan Tel: Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

81 خدمات مرجع الصناعات املائية Industry Contacts Fax: Contact Person: Eng. Riad Alkhatib - Commercial Department riadalkhatib@ Representing: Osmo Sistemi S.R.L. - Italy Pure Aqua, Inc. Middle East P.O. Box , Amman 11191, Jordan Tel: Fax: support@pure-aqua. com http: Contact Person: Mr. Maher Aghasi MEoffice@pure-aqua. com Representing: Pure Aqua, Inc USA LEBANON Progress Water Products P.O. Box 70012, Bldg. #19, Next to Rabieh Center & Gardens, Str. #10, Rabieh, Lebanon Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Simon Ashqar - General Manager sashqar@pwpwater. com Representing: Dow Water Solutions UAE LIBYA VA Tech Wabag Branch Libya 11th of June Street, 2 nd Ring Road, Souk Al Gumar, P.O. Box 91531, Tripoli, Libya Tel: Fax: dieter.rothmann@ Representing: VA Tech Wabag GmbH Austria OMAN VA Tech Wabag Ltd. (Oman Branch) Flat No. 32, Building No. P/22, P.O. Box 997, Postal Code 116, Azaiba, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman Tel.: Fax: Representing: VA Tech Wabag GmbH Austria QATAR Qatar Technical Support (QTS) (Wetico - Qatar) P.O. Box 23308, Doha, Qatar Tel: Fax: Contact Person: Mr. Shadi Yousef - Division Sales Manager syousef@ Representing: WETICO / Saudi Berkefeld Saudi Arabia SAUDI ARABIA Abu Nayyan Trading Co. P.O. Box 321 Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia Tel: Fax: Contact Person: Mr. Rami S. Abu Amirah rami-abuamirah@ Representing: Dow Water Solutions - UAE Al-Kawther Industries Ltd. P.O. Box 7771, Jeddah 21472, Saudi Arabia Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. M. Abbas mabbas@alkawther. com Representing: TriSep Corporation USA Energy Recovery Inc. P.O. Box 56074, Riyadh 11554, Saudi Arabia Tel: Fax: sales@energy-recovery. com Http: Contact Person: Mr. Emad Al Sharif - Regional Sales Manager Representing: Energy Recovery, Inc - USA Hydranautics Middle East C/o E. A. Juffali & Bros. Juffali Center 4th Floor, P. O. Box 5728, Jeddah 21432, Saudi Arabia Tel: Fax: Http: Contact Person: Mr. Tarek F.F. Dajani - Middle East Regional Manager Representing: Hydranautics A Nitto Denko Company - USA Metito Arabia Industries Ltd P.O. Box 6133, Riyadh 11442, Saudi Arabia Tel: Fax: Contact Person: Mr. Samih Nasr samih.nasr@ Representing: TriSep Corporation USA Toray Membrane Europe (KSA Sales Office) Mitsui & Co Ltd P.O. Box 6030, Riyadh 11142, Saudi Arabia Tel: Fax: fwasfi.sawalha@ http: Contact Person: Mr. Wasfi Sawalha - Area Sales Manager Representing: Toray Membrane Europe (Middle East Branch Office) VA Tech Wabag Office Saudi- Arabia P.O. Box 62071, Riyadh 11585, Saudi Arabia Tel: ext. 140 Fax: Representing: VA Tech Wabag GmbH Austria TUNISIA VA Tech Wabag Tunisie SARL 13, Rue Tahar Memmi - El Menzah VI, 2091 Ariana, Tunisie Tel: Fax: Dietmar.Vergud@ http: Representing: VA Tech Wabag GmbH Austria uae Aqualyng Capital Management Ltd. Oasis Center, Business Floor, Room 28 & 29, Dubai, U.A.E Tel: Fax: Representing: Aqualyng - Norway Arabian Chemical Insulation Company - Middle East Regional Office (DAFZ) Union Tower, 5th Floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai - UAE Tel: Fax: Http: Contact Person: Mr. Ziad Chreih - Business Development Manager Mobile: ziad.chreih@btinternet. com Representing: Hydranautics A Nitto Denko Company USA Nalco Gulf Ltd. R/A 10, Jebel Ali Free Zone, P.O. Box 17063, Dubai, UAE Tel: Fax: ondeodgt@emirates. Http: Contact Person: Mr. Asif Sheikh - Industry Analyst Representing: Degremont - France Toray Membrane Europe (Middle East Branch) P.O. Box 17978, Jebel Ali Free Zone - South FZS2-AC07, Dubai, UAE Tel: Fax: http: Contact Person: Mr. Klaus Kallenberg - Area Sales & Project Director klaus.kallenberg@ Representing: Toray Membrane Europe Switzerland VA Tech Wabag Gulf LLC P.O. Box , Dubai, UAE Tel: Fax: va-tech-wabag-gulf@ Representing: VA Tech Wabag GmbH Austria Wetico UAE Emirates Technical Support P.O. Box 10223, Dubai, UAE Tel: Fax: :Representing WETICO / Saudi Berkefeld Saudi Arabia عالم املياه العربي 79 نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

82 SERVICES Coming Events معارض ومؤمترات مقبلة April 2009 SWITZERLAND Blue, Green & Gold The Future of Water, Finance & The Environment Marriott Hotel Zurich, Switzerland Info: Chris Bowling Global Water Intelligence Tel: +44 (0) Fax: +44 (0) http: uae Water Investment World Middle East Section One Al Murooj Dubai, UAE Info: Ms. Antoinette Bou Gebrael, Conference Acme Engineering Products Ltd. Manager - Terrapinn Tel: Royalmount (0) 4709 Ave., Montreal, Canada Quebec H4P 1K5, http: Tel: Fax: UK http: CIWEM s Contact Person: Annual Conference Mr. Robert 2009: Water Presser & - The Vice Global President Environment Olympia Manufacturer Conference of automatic Centre, London strainers for intake, process Info: CIWEM and effluent treatment. Special Tel: FRP vessels for seawater and Fax: corrosive service Agents and Distributors: http: Extol Hydro/ CANEP - Saudi conference Arabia May 2009 AES Aritma Ekipmanlari ve Sistemleri Insaat ve Taahhut Sanayi Ticaret Limited Sirketi Kurtkoy INDONESIA Sanayi Mahallesi Hicret International Sok. No:19 Pendik, Seminar Istanbul on Water 34906, Turkey Resources and Coastal Management in Tel: Developing Countries Fax: Manado, http: Indonesia Info: Contact HATHI Person: MANADO Mr. Kemal Tel/Fax: Ozkaya Owner k.ozkaya@aesaritma. http: Manufacturer of filter presses. uae Arges Aritma Makina Ltd. Ari Sanayi Sitesi 28.Cadde 685. WaterTech Sokak No: İvogsan, Ankara , - 6 Turkey Sheraton Tel: +90 Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort - Abu Dhabi, Fax: + UAE Info: International arges@argesmakina. Quality & Productivity Center com (IQPC) Tel: http: http: USA GEFCO s 13th Annual Resource Drilling Fundamentals Training Seminar Enid, Oklahoma, USA Info: GEFCO s International Sales Department Tel: Ext. 214 Fax: http: June 2009 CANADA International Forum on Integrated Water Management 1-3 Centre Culturel, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada Info: Ms. Jacinthe Caron, M. Env., B. Commerce Tel: ext http: Saudi arabia WE Power Dhahran International Exhibitions Center Dammam, Saudi Arabia Info: Mr. Ehab Idriss Director, Sales & Marketing Tel: Fax: http: CYPRUS European Water Resources Association (EWRA) 7th International Conference Limassol, Cyprus Info: Dr. Symeon Christodoulou, University of Cyprus Conference Host and Chair Tel: Fax: http: July 2009 Australia Future Models for Energy and Water Management Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia Info: Ms. Parvin Ahadi Tel: http: August 2009 sweden World Water Week in Stockholm Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) Stockholm, Sweden Info: Michael Moore - SIWI Tel: +46 (0) Fax: +46 (0) http: September 2009 FRANCE The Water Framework Directive Emerging Water Management Challenges Lille, France Info: François Mauvais - General Manager, ASTEE Tel: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) http: October 2009 Saudi arabia Saudi Water & Power Forum Jeddah Hilton - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Info: Shunker Goel, The CWC Group Limited Tel: +44 (0) Fax: +44 (0) http: If you d like to run your event in this space, kindly send all necessary details to 80 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

83 دليل املشترين Buyers Guide خدمات Refer to RIN 97 on page 88 Refer to RIN 101 on page 88 Refer to RIN 96 on page 88 Refer to RIN 100 on page 88 Refer to RIN 95 on page 88 Refer to RIN 99 on page 88 Refer to RIN 94 on page 88 Refer to RIN 98 on page عالم املياه العربي نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

84 services Buyers Guide دليل املشترين Refer to RIN 105 on page 88 Refer to RIN 104 on page 88 Refer to RIN 103 on page 88 Refer to RIN 109 on page 88 Refer to RIN 108 on page 88 Refer to RIN 107 on page 88 Refer to RIN 102 on page 88 Refer to RIN 106 on page Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

85 دليل املشترين Buyers Guide خدمات Refer to RIN 110 on page 88 Refer to RIN 111 on page 88 Aerators: Aquamaster Desalination / Filtration: Norit X-Flow WaTech RO System Pacific RO System Industrial Services Inc. Caware International Osmo Sistemi PRODUCT ACTIVITY INDEX Instruments: Tintometer Myron L Company B.Meters Pumps: DP Pumps Valves & Fittings: Castflow Valves Valve & Filter Water Features: Neville Crocker Australia Water / Wastewater Treatment: Bio Microbics Pure Aqua Hydro Technical Services Well Drilling: GEFCO Agents & Distributors The firms below are seeking agents and distributors in the Middle East & North Africa. The numbers at the right hand side of each firm represent the number of the countries listed below. If you are interested in representing a firm that is looking for agents in your country, kindly contact the relevant firm by Company Contact Person Country Address Products Artemis Systems Twan van der Mierde The Netherlands Ashirvad Pipes Pawan Poddar India Ro-systems and all pre-treatment needed upvc Rising (Column) pipes for submersible pumps Countries in which firm is seeking Agents & Distributors 6,14,19 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, 15,16,17,18,19,20 Coverco Gianluca Neri Italy Pumps 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12,13,14,15,16,17,19,20 Sarjan Watertech India Pvt. Ltd. Sunil Trivedi India Water Treatment/ Water Purification Systems, RO Systems and all Components. 11,12,13,14,19 Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment BV Albert Knol Holland Equipment for agricultural and environmental research 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,20 E+M Bohr GmbH Cerstin Hager Germany Fouress Engineering (India) Limited K. Ramesh Kumar India Groundwater development water supply equipment Butterfly Valves; Pump Discharge Valves; Knife Gate Valves; Gate Glove Check Valves 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 7,8,9,13,14,16,19 ITT Aquious Water Lori Coba USA Desalination Jainson Insulation Pvt. Ltd. Nikesh Shah India Submersible Pump Cables NeoSENS Bertrand Chevalley France bertrand.chevalley@neosens. com Laboratory & analytical instruments (1) Algeria (5) Iraq (9) Lebanon (13) Qatar (17) Tunisia (2) Bahrain (6) Iran (10) Libya (14) Saudi Arabia (18) Turkey (3) Cyprus (7) Jordan (11) Morocco (15) Sudan (19) UAE (4) Egypt (8) Kuwait (12) Oman (16) Syria (20) Yemen If you are interested in including your information in this section, kindly send an to: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12,13,14,15,16,17,19,20 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, 14,15,16,17,18,19,20 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12,13,14,15,16,17,19,20 83 عالم املياه العربي نيسان )أبريل( / 2009 مجلد - 33 عدد 4

86 INFO Advertisers Index فهرس املعلنني Advertisers Page # RIN # Websites Aqualyng AquaMaster B.Meters SRL Bentley Systems, Inc Bio-Microbics Inc Blue-White Industries Castflow Valves S/L Caware International Co. Ltd CST Industries, INC Danfoss A/S Dp Pumps Energy Recovery Inc Fraste SpA GEFCO HOBAS Engineering GmbH Hydro Technical Services Co Industrial Services Inc JESCO Koch Membrane Systems MENA Water OBC Myron L Company 27, 82 26, Neville Crocker Australia Pty. Ltd. 7, 82 4, Nordic Water AB Norit X-Flow IFC, 82 1, Osmo Sistemi SRL Pacific RO System Pall Corporation 29, IBC 29, Piedmont Pacific Praher Valves GmbH Pure Aqua Inc. 11, 82 7, Roscoe Moss Company SCHLUMBERGER WATER SERVICES Severn Trent Services Inc SWPF Tintometer Valve & Filter 51, 83 55, WaTech RO Systems (I) Pvt Ltd WE-Power Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

87 AWW in brief عالم املياه العربي اإلشتراكات التحرير والئحة املندوبني Arab Water World (AWW) magazine, published by Chatila Publishing House (CPH) since 1977, is the leading specialized business magazine that delivers information about the latest developments and technologies in the Water, Wastewater, Desalination, & Energy sectors. It is circulated to the desktops of over 8900 professional decision-makers (importers, exporters & manufacturers...) engaged in the above-mentioned industries throughout the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), and is published 12 times a year in bilingual (English-Arabic) format. Subscription & Membership Arab Water World (AWW) magazine can be received 12 times per year by subscription. The yearly subscription rate to AWW is: Lebanon $30, Arab Countries $45, Iran, Cyprus, Turkey & South Africa $60 and other countries $80. 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88 info Word of the Expert كلمة اخلبير Treating municipal wastewater by reed bed wetlands By Dr. Eng. Darwish Ibrahim Yousef and Dr. Eng. Robin Yousef* One of the commonly found environmental problems in developing countries is water pollution caused by direct disposal of untreated municipal wastewater. Most of the centrally collected wastewater treatment plants are not functioning due to high cost of spare parts, chemical additives, utility bills and lack of trained human resources. These financial and managerial problems are common in every developing country. The use of natural systems in the treatment of liquid wastes has been getting substantial attention in many environmental conferences and forums. The use of plants, water, and soil in a composite unit generally called a wetland has been applied in many areas and applications from domestic to industrial waste sources. Other terms which refer in part or in general to natural treatment systems include: Land treatment, phytoremediation, constructed wetland, etc The realization of the importance of wetlands, which ecologists often refer to as nature s kidneys for their water cleansing capacity, has grown since the 1960s. The interest in this new and emerging field of Environmental Studies has led to a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and issues involved in its use. A significant and promising facet of this technology is the low energy requirement in its application. A natural treatment system would refer to any unit process, which would involve water, soil, plants, microorganisms, and interaction with the atmosphere. If we remove the plants from this equation, then this would refer to any of the conventional biological treatment systems we are familiar with. The addition of plants in this stoichiometry would therefore differentiate it from other systems. In an effort to apply rigidity to the study of this field of environmental engineering, different authors have come up with classifications for the different processes under the general label of natural treatment systems. We can generally classify them according to the following headings: (a) Aquatic Treatment Units; (b) Wetland Treatment Units; and (c) Terrestrial Treatment. Natural treatment systems, specifically constructed wetlands, provide a good and robust solution for the rising wastewater problem in the Middle East. Compared to common treatment facilities, wetlands are lower in cost investment, lesser to maintain, and are ideal for densely populated rural or suburban areas. terms of adjusting to excessive load. In the case of Engineered Reed Bed Systems, rhizodegradation is the main mechanism for the removal of organic contaminant. Rhizofiltration explains the retention of inorganic contaminants in the reed bed. The reeds which are used for reed bed construction are rhizome bearing macrophytes. These structures in the root system or rhizosphere provide the microenvironment for aerobic and anaerobic degradation of various compounds. Together with the root exudates from the reeds, a unique environment for degradation is produced. The other mechanisms also come into play in varying degrees. These mechanisms give the reed bed system a distinct advantage over other conventional biological systems in the degradation and stabilization of recalcitrant compounds and difficult-to-biodegrade or persistent compounds, which are often also toxic compounds. The advantages of Engineered Reed Treatment Systems include: (a) Minimal operating cost due to low energy required; (b) possible treatment solution for the removal of recalcitrant compounds; and (c) possible treatment solution for very small flows, previously untreated. The use of reeds for the treatment of sewage was first investigated in Germany by Seidel and Kickuth in the 1960s. Since then, about 500 reed bed treatment systems have been constructed in Western Europe since In general, the experiences gained in the years since, show that BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) removal is 80 to 90%, with typical outlet concentrations of 20 ppm; total N removal is 20 to 30%; and total P removal is 30 to 40%. A general problem is surface flow of the feed caused by the hydraulic load exceeding the permeability of the bed. It is important to note that the pre-engineering of reed bed treatment systems is critical. These systems are not flexible in ي بني الدكتور درويش يوسف والدكتور روبني يوسف في هذه املقالة أهم ية تطبيق املعاجلة الطبيعية ملياه الصرف الصح ي عن طريق تقنية األراضي الرطبة امل نشأة من أسر ة القصب مشيرا إلى الفوائد االقتصادية والبيئية الناجمة عن تطبيقها على التدف قات الصغيرة على وجه خاص. Refer to RIN 112 on page 88 *Dr. Eng. Darwish Ibrahim Yousef, General Manager Dr. Eng. Robin Yousef, Technical Manager Yousef for Science and Engineering, 86 Arab Water World (AWW) April 2009 / Vol. XXXIII Issue 4

89 Arab Water World (AWW) Subscription Benefits فوائد اإلشتراك في مجلة عالم املياه العربي Renowned the world over as the premier B2B magazine in the MENA region to serve the Water, Wastewater, Desalination, & Energy sectors, Arab Water World (AWW) has been published by Chatila Publishing House (CPH) since ت عرف مجلة عالم املياه العربي حول العالم بكونها املجل ة املتخص صة األولى في مجال األعمال في منطقة الشرق األوسط وشمال أفريقيا خلدمة قطاعات املياه والصرف الصحي وحتلية املياه والطاقة. يتم نشر املجل ة من قبل دار شاتيال للنشر منذ عام By subscribing to AWW, you will have access to the following: فمن خالل إشتراككم في مج لة عالم املياه العربي ستستفيدون من األقسام التالية: q 1. Feature: Discussing in details water-related topics such as management, technologies, and services, supplemented by charts, tables, and statistics. 2. Energy Focus: An area devoted to the latest in energy technology 3. Industry Spotlights: This section is meant to shed light on innovations being made in water equipment, machines, products, and services. 4. Country/Regional Reports: This section deals with a specific country, portraying its latest developments and news. A broad perspective towards the country is taken, aimed at covering the related industry as much as possible. 5. Services: Project Monitor, Business Links, Coming Events, Buyers Guide, Career Center, Mail Shots... For further information please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jad AboulHosn (Circulation and Marketing Manager) by: Tel: ext Fax: or by at: 1- موضوع خاص : يتناول بالتفصيل مواضيع تتعل ق بصناعة املياه كالتقنيات املستخدمة فيها واخلدمات التي تق دم ضمنها وترفق املقاالت بجداول ايضاحي ة وإحصائيات الطاقة: يخصص هذا القسم آلخر ما تم التوصل اليه في مجال الطاقة. 3- أخبار صناعية: يهدف هذا القسم الى إلقاء الضوء على أهم اإلبتاكارات في حقل املياه أي في ما يتعل ق بالتجهيزات واآلالت واملنتجات في هذا القطاع تقارير البلدان / املناطق: يتناول هذا القسم بلدانا معاجلا آخر التطورات فيها في احلقول املذكورة. يتضم ن هذا القسم حملة مفص لة عن البلد املعني من ثم ينتقل الى تغطية الصناعة املعني ة قدر اإلمكان. 5- اخلدمات: - مراقبة املشاريع مرجع الصناعات معارض ومؤمترات قادمة دليل املشترين ومركز املهن ملزيد من املعلومات الرجاء اإلت صال بالسيد جاد أبو احلسن )مدير التسويق والتوزيع( بواسطة: الهاتف: املقسم فاكس: أو على عنوان البريد اإللكتروني: q By Air-Mail Par Avion Place Stamp Here # Subscription / Services Department Arab Water World (AWW) P.O. Box: Chouran Postal Code: Beirut - Lebanon 87

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Day 1 Design of Coastal Intakes and Brine Outfalls for Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination Plants

Day 1 Design of Coastal Intakes and Brine Outfalls for Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination Plants IDA-SgWA Desalination Master Class Course Outline Co-organized with the Singapore Water Academy July 7-8, 2016 PUB WaterHub Knowledge 6 Training Room, Level 6 Singapore Day 1 Course Title: Instructor:

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Desalination Plants. IMIA Conference, Gleneagles, 2008 WG 57 (08) Prepared by:

Desalination Plants. IMIA Conference, Gleneagles, 2008 WG 57 (08) Prepared by: IMIA Conference, Gleneagles, 2008 WG 57 (08) Desalination Plants Prepared by: Hans Mahrla, Infrassure (Chairman) Jürg Buff, Partner Re Robert Glynn, Benfield Silvio Fischer, Partner Re Jean-Paul Perrin,

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MENA Regional Water Outlook

MENA Regional Water Outlook Study March 2011 MENA Regional Water Outlook Part II Desalination Using Renewable Energy Task 3 Concentrate Management 6543P07/FICHT-7115950-v2 Sarweystraße 3 70191 Stuttgart Germany Phone: + 49 711 8995-0

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WATER RECYCLING PLANT IN WAFRA. Feras Al Salem WATER RECYCLING PLANT IN WAFRA Feras Al Salem Introduction 2 The Joint Operations (JO) was born in 1960 when the two oil companies formed a joint committee to oversee and supervise their operations with

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Station desalination and purification of sea water on the Caspian coast of Turkmenistan

Station desalination and purification of sea water on the Caspian coast of Turkmenistan Station desalination and purification of sea water on the Caspian coast of Turkmenistan ENTRY One-third of the world's population lives in countries with the tense situation with water. Experts predict

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NUCLEAR POWER FOR SALT WATER CONVERSION NUCLEAR POWER FOR SALT WATER CONVERSION Pressure on water resources is resulting in many countries from population growth, rising living standards, and the increasing demands of industrialization; there

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SeaSMART* SWRO desalination concept

SeaSMART* SWRO desalination concept Water Technologies & Solutions capability profile SeaSMART* SWRO desalination concept proven experience and sustainable solutions you expect why choose SUEZ water technologies & solutions? With over 50

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Membrane Filtration Technology: Meeting Today s Water Treatment Challenges

Membrane Filtration Technology: Meeting Today s Water Treatment Challenges Membrane Filtration Technology: Meeting Today s Water Treatment Challenges Growing global demand for clean water and increasing environmental concerns make membrane filtration the technology of choice

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Water Solutions for the Mining Industry

Water Solutions for the Mining Industry Water Solutions for the Mining Industry Resourcing the world WATER TECHNOLOGIES Creating water solutions for the mining industry Veolia Water Technologies can provide specialised water systems thanks to

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Key words: Integrated Membrane System, IMS, Seawater Reverse Osmosis, SWRO, SW30HRLE- 400, Ultrafiltration, UF, ZeeWeed 1000

Key words: Integrated Membrane System, IMS, Seawater Reverse Osmosis, SWRO, SW30HRLE- 400, Ultrafiltration, UF, ZeeWeed 1000 Yuhuan Power Plant Seawater Desalination System: Integrated Membrane System Introduction and Operation Performance Analysis Jinsheng Liu a, Shenglin Pang a, Minjia Zhao b, Zhuodan Liao b, Jia Ning b a

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Proven Solutions for the Most Challenging Wastewaters

Proven Solutions for the Most Challenging Wastewaters Proven Solutions for the Most Challenging Wastewaters Fluid Technology Solutions, Inc. Fluid Technology Solutions (FTS) is a global leader in water treatment technology, providing innovative and proven

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Desalination: A Viable Answer to Deal with Water Crises?

Desalination: A Viable Answer to Deal with Water Crises? 28 July 2011 Desalination: A Viable Answer to Deal with Water Crises? Alain Nellen FDI Research Intern Global Food and Water Crises Research Programme Key Points There are about 14,500 desalination facilities

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Brine Discharges from Two Coastal Desalination Plants. H.H. AL-BARWANI and Anton PURNAMA

Brine Discharges from Two Coastal Desalination Plants. H.H. AL-BARWANI and Anton PURNAMA Brine Discharges from Two Coastal Desalination Plants H.H. AL-BARWANI and Anton PURNAMA Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Science Sultan Qaboos University, PO Box 36, Al-Khod 13, Muscat,

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LANXESS Technical Training & Seminar. Reverse Osmosis & Ion Exchange Resin Applications

LANXESS Technical Training & Seminar. Reverse Osmosis & Ion Exchange Resin Applications Reverse Osmosis & Ion Exchange Resin Applications 11 th and 12 th of July 2017 Lacour Hotel / 3 Cooper Road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria The seminar features a series of presentations and discussions to educate

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Cogeneration Power Desalination Mobile Floating Plant applied on Supply Vessel

Cogeneration Power Desalination Mobile Floating Plant applied on Supply Vessel JKAU: Mar. Sci., Vol. 21, No. 2, pp: 111-126 (2010 A.D. / 1431 A.H.) DOI : 10.4197/Mar. 21-2.8 Cogeneration Power Desalination Mobile Floating Plant applied on Supply Vessel Hebah Leheta and Ali Almagar

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d&wr desalination & WATER REUSE

d&wr desalination & WATER REUSE d&wr desalination & WATER REUSE February-March 2013 Volume 22 Issue 4 International Desalination Association Successful year for Shuweihat S2 Very high performance ratio confirmed

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Desalination In Saudi Arabia An Overview. N. Nada General Manager Desalination Nomac

Desalination In Saudi Arabia An Overview. N. Nada General Manager Desalination Nomac Desalination In Saudi Arabia An Overview N. Nada General Manager Desalination Nomac Historical Background In 1928 King Abdul Aziz established Kendasa (Condenser) in Jeddah (MED). 1965 Ministry of Agriculture

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Overview of Desalination Techniques

Overview of Desalination Techniques Overview of Desalination Techniques The objective of this chapter is to present an overview of current and future technologies applied to the desalination of brackish and seawater to produce freshwater

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Press Release Presse-Information Information de presse

Press Release Presse-Information Information de presse Press Release Presse-Information Information de presse Contact/Kontakt Dr. Kathrin Rübberdt Tel. ++49 (0) 69 / 75 64-2 77 Fax ++49 (0) 69 / 75 64-2 72 e-mail: Trend Report No 8: Industrial

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Forward Osmosis Applications for the Power Industry

Forward Osmosis Applications for the Power Industry Forward Osmosis Applications for the Power Industry American Filtration Society 2015 Spring Conference Charlotte, North Carolina Bill Harvey Director of Strategy and Business Development Providing world-leading

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Water Desalination. Prestige World Wide

Water Desalination. Prestige World Wide Water Desalination Prestige World Wide November 8, 2011 Outline 1. Fresh Water Situation John Ross Norton 2. History of Desalination Paige Guilbeaux 3. Desalination Process Rachael Solari 4. Economic Feasibility

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Design Advantages for SWRO using Advanced Membrane Technology

Design Advantages for SWRO using Advanced Membrane Technology Design Advantages for SWRO using Advanced Membrane Technology Presenter Craig Bartels Hydranautics Author 1 Craig R Bartels, PhD Hydranautics Author 2 Rich Franks Hydranautics Author 3 Wayne Bates Hydranautics

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DESALINATION CAPABILITIES AND EXPERIENCE DESALINATION CAPABILITIES AND EXPERIENCE Design and Cost Estimates Value Engineering and Construction Analysis 1.8 C 1.7 C 1.6 C 1.5 C 1.4 C 1.3 C 1.2 C 1.1 C 1.0 C 40.0 C 50.0 C 60.0 C 70.0 C 80.0 C 90.0

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Use of Alternative Water Sources for Power Plant Cooling

Use of Alternative Water Sources for Power Plant Cooling Use of Alternative Water Sources for Power Plant Cooling Robert Goldstein ( Senior Technical Executive, Water and Ecosystems, EPRI ASME Water Management Technology Best Management Practices

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Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance and Nuclear Energy H 2 O -CO 2

Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance and Nuclear Energy H 2 O -CO 2 Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance and Nuclear Energy H 2 O -CO 2 Leon Awerbuch, Dean of IDA Desalination Academy, President International Desalination Consultancy Assoctiates LLC IAEA Technical

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Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of a Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Desalination

Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of a Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Desalination Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of a Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Desalination Y.Aroussy 1-2 - M. Nachtane 1, D. Saifaoui 1 -M.Tarfaoui 3 and M. Rouway 1 1 Renewable Energy Laboratory and dynamic

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Far Field Model Simulation of the Sea Outfall Plume

Far Field Model Simulation of the Sea Outfall Plume The 9 th Asian Symposium on Visualization Hong Kong, 4-9 June, 7 Far Field Model Simulation of the Sea Outfall Plume Anton Purnama 1, H.H. Al-Barwani 1. Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College

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Journal of Membrane Science

Journal of Membrane Science Journal of Membrane Science 344 (2009) 1 5 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of Membrane Science journal homepage: Rapid communication On RO membrane and

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Water Tech. Saudi Arabia. Highlights of the Conference. An event by. 19 th - 20 th February, Riyadh Marriott Hotel.

Water Tech. Saudi Arabia. Highlights of the Conference. An event by. 19 th - 20 th February, Riyadh Marriott Hotel. An event by Water Tech Saudi Arabia 19 th - 20 th February, 2018 Riyadh Marriott Hotel Saudi Arabia Highlights of the Conference In depth assessment of current infrastructure and needful reforms under

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WATER TREATMENT ENERGIZED BY WATER TREATMENT ENERGIZED BY LEWABRANE Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements for industrial and potable water treatment LEWABRANE PREMIUM PRODUCTS FOR WATER TREATMENT LANXESS has designed Lewabrane RO

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Watershed: an area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas. It is the interdependent web of living

Watershed: an area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas. It is the interdependent web of living Watershed: an area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas. It is the interdependent web of living organisms that inhabit a geographic area and depend on it

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UNESCO EOLSS. The various methods available for the treating and disposing of treated sewerage in natural receiving water bodies are outlined.

UNESCO EOLSS. The various methods available for the treating and disposing of treated sewerage in natural receiving water bodies are outlined. POTABLE WATER S. Pagliara and D. Dazzini Department of Civil Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy Keywords: Water supply, water uses, effluent disposal, wastewater impact, sewer network, aqueduct, receiving

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Desalination Trends. John Tonner. Water Consultants International.

Desalination Trends. John Tonner. Water Consultants International. Desalination Trends John Tonner Desalination expert with experience from 1985. Patented inventor in field of desalination. Experienced engineer as well as Sales and Marketing Executive with

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Don t Repeat Mistakes! An SWRO Plant Case Study

Don t Repeat Mistakes! An SWRO Plant Case Study Don t Repeat Mistakes! An SWRO Plant Case Study Authors: Jan Olsson and Malin Snis Presenter: Malin Snis Abstract The paper describes a failure investigation of high-pressure piping made of 904L from a

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OriginClear Water Treatment with Innovative Desalination Techniques High TDS Water Treatment for Oil & Gas Markets in Oman

OriginClear Water Treatment with Innovative Desalination Techniques High TDS Water Treatment for Oil & Gas Markets in Oman OriginClear Water Treatment with Innovative Desalination Techniques High TDS Water Treatment for Oil & Gas Markets in Oman A Technology & A Process Electro Water Separation (EWS) A first stage technology

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Reverse Osmosis Desalinators

Reverse Osmosis Desalinators Reverse Osmosis Desalinators H2O Series Framed and Modular Technical Specification Cathelco Seafresh, Marine House,Dunston Rd, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England, S41 8NY Tel: +44 (0)1246 45790 Fax: +44

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Sulaibiya world s largest membrane water reuse project

Sulaibiya world s largest membrane water reuse project Water Technologies & Solutions technical paper Sulaibiya world s largest membrane water reuse project background In May 2001, a consortium including Mohammed Abdulmohsin Al-Kharafi and Sons (The Kharafi

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INNOVATIONS IN ADVANCED MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGIES INNOVATIONS IN ADVANCED MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGIES QUA Group LLC QUA Group - China One Four Coins Drive Canonsburg, PA 15317 USA Tel: +1 877 782 7558 15 Floor, Huilong 54-56 Zhongzhou

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Using geothermal and solar energy for autonomous water desalination units

Using geothermal and solar energy for autonomous water desalination units Desalination Units powered by Renewable Energy Systems, Opportunities and Challlenges Hammmet, september, 26th Using geothermal and solar energy for autonomous water desalination units K.. BourouniB and

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Review of Saudi Arabia Municipal Water Tariff

Review of Saudi Arabia Municipal Water Tariff World Environment 213, 3(2): 66-7 DOI: 1.5923/j.env.21332.5 Review of Saudi Arabia Municipal Water Tariff Omar K M Ouda Department of Civil Engineering, Prince Mohamed Bin Fahd University, Al Khobar, Kingdom

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PURPOSE PROCESS PAYOFF Water Reuse 4/04/13 PURPOSE PROCESS PAYOFF Water Water Everywhere but not a drop to drink! Seawater versus Water Reuse UF - RO for brackish waste water streams: 0.81.2 kw h/m3 MBR RO for brackish waste

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Leaders in Energy conservation & Environment preservation


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Water related research in El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt

Water related research in El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt Technische Universität Berlin Campus El Gouna Department Water Engineering Water related research in El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt El Gouna February 2016 05/02/2016 Dr. Nikolaos Tzoupanos General El Gouna,

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Addressing the World s Toughest Water Challenges. Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing Officer Citi Water Conference June 2013

Addressing the World s Toughest Water Challenges. Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing Officer Citi Water Conference June 2013 Addressing the World s Toughest Water Challenges Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing Officer Citi Water Conference June 2013 GE: Technology & Solutions Provider Engineered Systems Chemical & Monitoring Solutions

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Agenda. Pretreatment Background Typical Contaminants Practical Examples Methods of Treatment and References

Agenda. Pretreatment Background Typical Contaminants Practical Examples Methods of Treatment and References Pretreatment of Seawater for Desalination Plants Richard Dixon, ITT Agenda Pretreatment Background Typical Contaminants Practical Examples Methods of Treatment and References 2 Typical Constituents in

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Water Security for Sustainable Development: The challenge of Scarcity in the Middle East & North Africa

Water Security for Sustainable Development: The challenge of Scarcity in the Middle East & North Africa Water Security for Sustainable Development: The challenge of Scarcity in the Middle East & North Africa Shawki Barghouti Director General International Center for Biosaline Agriculture 1 water scarcity

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URS Corporation (URS) conducted a

URS Corporation (URS) conducted a A Case Study for Industrial Wastewater Desalination and Concentrate Disposal Barriers in Florida Yu Zhao, J. David Burgstiner, and David A. Wilcox EDITOR S NOTE: The following article received a Top Paper

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Blue Energy + RED (Reverse Electro Dialysis) = The Green City of Hyperion

Blue Energy + RED (Reverse Electro Dialysis) = The Green City of Hyperion Blue Energy + RED (Reverse Electro Dialysis) = The Green City of Hyperion The Problem in Hyperion Hyperion, located on the Achelous River in Western Greece (population 65,123), revolutionized energy production/transmission

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Curriculum Vitae Anton PURNAMA

Curriculum Vitae Anton PURNAMA Curriculum Vitae Anton PURNAMA Associate Professor Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Science, PO Box 36 Sultan Qaboos University, Al-Khod PC 123, Muscat, Oman Email:

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Global Water Industry Sector Initiative. Products and solutions for desalination Enhanced plant performance, efficiency and reliability

Global Water Industry Sector Initiative. Products and solutions for desalination Enhanced plant performance, efficiency and reliability Global Water Industry Sector Initiative Products and solutions for desalination Enhanced plant performance, efficiency and reliability Producing water efficiently A global challenge Desalination is one

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Privatization initiatives in Saudi Arabia

Wastewater Treatment Plant Privatization initiatives in Saudi Arabia Wastewater Treatment Plant Privatization initiatives in Saudi Arabia Presentation to:-sawea 2007 Workshop, Dhahran Date:-04 -December 2007 Presented by: Loay Al-Musallam Deputy Minister for Planning &

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SABIC Wastewater Conservation & Reuse

SABIC Wastewater Conservation & Reuse What Can Industry do to Conserve Water? Save Water For Future Generations SAUDI ARABIAN WATER ENVIRONMENT ASSOCIATION WORKSHOP December 5 & 6, 2006 AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia SABIC Wastewater Conservation

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Utilizing Unconventional Water Sources for Industrial Reuse

Utilizing Unconventional Water Sources for Industrial Reuse Technologies exist to economically treat any strength of acid mine drainage for industrial reuse. Utilizing Unconventional Water Sources for Industrial Reuse Reclamation and reuse of unconventional wastewater

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Water Solutions for Tourism and Leisure

Water Solutions for Tourism and Leisure Water Solutions for Tourism and Leisure Smart Water Solutions MAK Water s experience in the tourism and leisure industry is as diverse as the sector itself, with an emphasis on achieving successful and

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TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE ENERGY IN SEAWATER DESALTING IN THE GULF AREA Tenth International Water Technology Conference, IWTC10 2006, Alexandria, Egypt 655 TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE ENERGY IN SEAWATER DESALTING IN THE GULF AREA M. A. Darwish a, N. Al-Najem a, and N. Lior b Mechanical

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SKADO is a professional consulting firm offering services in. Engineering, Environmental, and. Management Consultancy. It

SKADO is a professional consulting firm offering services in. Engineering, Environmental, and. Management Consultancy. It SKADO is a professional consulting firm offering services in Engineering, Environmental, and Management Consultancy. It specialises in infrastructure planning engineering and economics and is experienced

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Technical experience and lessons learned from O&M of a membrane based water plant

Technical experience and lessons learned from O&M of a membrane based water plant Dr. Senthilmurugan, Technology Manager ABB Water Industry Segment Initiative, 17 April - 2012 DSS for SWRO Plant O&M Technical experience and lessons learned from O&M of a membrane based water plant O&M

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CHANGING THE GAME FOR DESAL CHANGING THE GAME FOR DESAL Texas Desal 2016 Extracting Minerals From Waste Water ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE DESALINATION EWM s clean technology desalinates salty water, producing drinking water and extracting

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Potential for Accumulation of Recycled Water Contaminants

Potential for Accumulation of Recycled Water Contaminants Potential for Accumulation of Recycled Water Contaminants Arizona Water Reuse 2016 Symposium, July 25th, 2016, Flagstaff AZ Peter Fox, PhD School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment National

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Management of Desalination Plant Concentrate. Nikolay Voutchkov, PE, BCEE

Management of Desalination Plant Concentrate. Nikolay Voutchkov, PE, BCEE Management of Desalination Plant Concentrate by Nikolay Voutchkov, PE, BCEE 1. Introduction Desalination of brackish water and seawater (collectively referred to as saline water) is becoming increasingly

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Fabrication of Reverse Osmosis Spiral Wound Membranes using Local Materials

Fabrication of Reverse Osmosis Spiral Wound Membranes using Local Materials Fabrication of Reverse Osmosis Spiral Wound Membranes using Local Materials Associate Prof. Heba Abdallah Chemical Engineering & Pilot plant Dept. Engineering Research Division Flat Sheet Membrane Centre

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Hybrid RO MSF: a practical option for nuclear desalination

Hybrid RO MSF: a practical option for nuclear desalination Int. J. of Nuclear Desalination, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2003 1 Hybrid RO MSF: a practical option for nuclear desalination Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz Chemical Engineering Dept., College of Engineering, King Saud University,

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COURSES IN DESALINATION European Desalination Society COURSES IN DESALINATION Genoa, Italy June 18 19, 2012 Thermal Desalination June 20, 2012 Material Selection in Desalination June 21 22, 2012 Water Management and Economics

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DESALINATION CHEMICALS: CHEMICAL USE IN WATER TREATMENT DESALINATION CHEMICALS: CHEMICAL USE IN WATER TREATMENT A variety of chemicals are used to help water treatment and desalination operations run efficiently and stop fouling and scaling. So, how big is

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Removal of Arsenic from OU Water Paul Gerber, Collin Martin, John Siska

Removal of Arsenic from OU Water Paul Gerber, Collin Martin, John Siska Removal of Arsenic from OU Water Paul Gerber, Collin Martin, John Siska Summary Report BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY On December 24, 1975, EPA issued the National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations. This

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REUSE OF WASTE WATER FOR MEGA CITIES REUSE OF WASTE WATER FOR MEGA CITIES FRANS KNOPS X-Flow CONTENTS Introduction Applications Wastewater treatment Ultrafiltration Case studies Future trends Conclusions PENTAIR X-Flow 2 Pentair X-Flow PENTAIR

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Long Term Analysis & Effect of Acid Cleaning Tests on the Performance of Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Desalination Units

Long Term Analysis & Effect of Acid Cleaning Tests on the Performance of Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Desalination Units Long Term Analysis & Effect of Acid Cleaning Tests on the Performance of Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Desalination Units Hassan E. S. Fath Mech. Dept., Faculty of Eng., Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

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Ultra-Pure Water Transition Replacing Mixed Ion Exchange Beds with Continuous Electro-Deionization

Ultra-Pure Water Transition Replacing Mixed Ion Exchange Beds with Continuous Electro-Deionization Ultra-Pure Water Transition Replacing Mixed Ion Exchange Beds with Continuous Electro-Deionization David Starman, MSCE Regional Operations Manager - USVI Seven Seas Water Corporation

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U.S. Water Budget. Figure Source:Data from The Nation s Water Resources , Vol. 1, U.S. Water Resources Council.

U.S. Water Budget. Figure Source:Data from The Nation s Water Resources , Vol. 1, U.S. Water Resources Council. U.S. Water Budget Figure 10.18 10-9 Source:Data from The Nation s Water Resources 1975-2000, Vol. 1, U.S. Water Resources Council. Average U.S. Precipitation Figure 10.19 10-10 Source: U.S. Water Resources

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First Call for Papers

First Call for Papers Desalination Technologies and Water Reuse ADST 2015 Sixth International Conference October 2015 Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt First Call for Papers ADST (Alexandria University Desalination Studies and Technology

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HTI - Forward Osmosis Overview MSSC 2012

HTI - Forward Osmosis Overview MSSC 2012 HTI - Forward Osmosis Overview MSSC 2012 Introduction to Forward Osmosis at HTI Founded in 1987 as Osmotek, Inc., HTI is located in Albany, OR A new R & D facility was opened in August, 2010 and is located

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We can be your Reverse Osmosis (R/O) ideal partner!

We can be your Reverse Osmosis (R/O) ideal partner! EN ISO 9001:2000 THE COMPANY TEMAK is a leading Greek manufacturing company, in the water treatment industry for over 30 years, in the Greek market and abroad. Our mission is to keep our customers satisfied

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Reverse Osmosis with Integrated Salt Precipitation Cycle for High BWRO Water Recovery. Jacky Ben Yaish, VP Engineering

Reverse Osmosis with Integrated Salt Precipitation Cycle for High BWRO Water Recovery. Jacky Ben Yaish, VP Engineering Reverse Osmosis with Integrated Salt Precipitation Cycle for High BWRO Water Recovery Jacky Ben Yaish, VP Engineering Who We Are Established in 1965 Technology leaders in desalination, industrial water

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Dow Water Solutions. FILMTEC Membranes. Product Information Catalog

Dow Water Solutions. FILMTEC Membranes. Product Information Catalog Dow Water Solutions Product Information Catalog For more information contact: Tel. +31-15-2610900 Fax. +31-15-261 Form No. 609-00204-1108 1. Product Overview 2. Tapwater

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Design and Local Manufacturing of Energy Efficient High Pressure Pumps for Small SWRO Units Amr A. Abdel Fatah

Design and Local Manufacturing of Energy Efficient High Pressure Pumps for Small SWRO Units Amr A. Abdel Fatah Design and Local Manufacturing of Energy Efficient High Pressure Pumps for Small SWRO Units Amr A. Abdel Fatah Dr. Amr.A.Adel Fatah Market Value of Small Modular Reverse Osmosis

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ORGANIZATION CHART OF MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY & ENERGY October 2010 ORGANIZATION CHART OF MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY & ENERGY Egyptian Electricity Holding Company Nuclear Materials Authority Rural Electrification Authority Nuclear Power Plants Authority Hydro

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Experience with Renewable Energy Source and SWRO Desalination in Gran Canaria

Experience with Renewable Energy Source and SWRO Desalination in Gran Canaria Experience with Renewable Energy Source and SWRO Desalination in Gran Canaria Authors: Dr. Stefan Rybar, Mariana Vodnar, Florin Laurentiu Vartolomei, Roberto León Méndez, Juan Blas Lozano Ruano Presenter:

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Water Desalination and Its Techniques

Water Desalination and Its Techniques SECOND TECHNICAL SEMINAR AT PS3 JORHAT Water Desalination and Its Techniques Presented By: Partha Proteem Roy PS4 Sekoni Overview of Presentation Introduction Definition Purpose of Desalination Different

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A Brief about Reverse Osmosis & Ultrafiltration!!

A Brief about Reverse Osmosis & Ultrafiltration!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO A Brief about Reverse Osmosis & Ultrafiltration!! TABLE OF CONTENT 2 OOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO About us......3 Product Portfolio...4

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ElectroChemTM Advanced EDR

ElectroChemTM Advanced EDR barium 56 Ba 137.33 calcium 20 Ca TM 40.078 zinc 30 Zn 65.39 arsenic 33 As 74.922 selenium 34 Se 78.96 chlorine 17 CI 35.453 Next generation electrodialysis reversal (EDR) and IonFlux TM membranes Desalinate

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Drinking Water Supply by Reverse Osmosis Plants: Three Years of Experience at El Prat de Llobregat Municipality

Drinking Water Supply by Reverse Osmosis Plants: Three Years of Experience at El Prat de Llobregat Municipality Drinking Water Supply by Reverse Osmosis Plants: Three Years of Experience at El Prat de Llobregat Municipality Joan Sanz*, Aureliano García**, Jordi Miró**, Carlos Miguel*** *Veolia Water Solutions and

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DISCUSSION PAPER INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN ISRAEL DISCUSSION PAPER INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN ISRAEL Nir KEDMI Economics and Standard Division Ministry of the Environment P.O.Box 34033 Jerusalem 95464 Israel Tel: 972-2-6495838 Fax: 972-2-6495894

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FILMTEC Membranes System Design: Introduction

FILMTEC Membranes System Design: Introduction Tech Manual Excerpt FILMTEC Membranes System Design: Introduction Introduction An entire reverse osmosis (RO)/nanofiltration (NF) water treatment system consists of the pretreatment section, the membrane

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Water Solutions that Help Protect Ecosystems

Water Solutions that Help Protect Ecosystems Water Solutions that Help Protect Ecosystems Water Solutions that Help Protect Ecosystems 330 Takahiro Tachi Hiroshi Hanaoka Bassem Osman, Dr. Eng. Kiyokazu Takemura Naoki Ohkuma, Dr. Eng. OVERVIEW: The

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Desalination: A Global Perspective. Craig R. Bartels, PhD HYDRANAUTICS

Desalination: A Global Perspective. Craig R. Bartels, PhD HYDRANAUTICS Desalination: A Global Perspective Craig R. Bartels, PhD HYDRANAUTICS 1 Desalination Growth: Installed Capacity, 1980 2010 (cumulative) Desal(ng Technology Mul(ple Effect Dis(lla(on Mul(ple Stage Flash

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Lenntech. Tel Fax water miracle. product brochure

Lenntech. Tel Fax water miracle. product brochure Lenntech Tel. +31-152-610-900 Fax. +31-152-616-289 X-FLOW water miracle WATER SOLUTIONS product brochure Clean water EVERYwhere General information Benefits applications

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Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration and Ultra Filtration

Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration and Ultra Filtration Seal-less Pump Technology Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration and Ultra Filtration Simplicity - Reliability Hydra-Cell Reverse Osmosis Pumps Seal-less pumps for long life, high reliability and low total life-cycle

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Clean Water Scarcity and Solar energy opportunities in African and Middle East

Clean Water Scarcity and Solar energy opportunities in African and Middle East A Renewable Energy Company Clean Water Scarcity and Solar energy opportunities in African and Middle East Dr. Nabih Cherradi Facts on water Africa appears blessed with abundant water resources: large rivers

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Emergency & Disaster Relief Water Purification Equipment


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Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration and Ultra Filtration

Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration and Ultra Filtration Seal-less Pump Technology Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration and Ultra Filtration Simplicity - Reliability Hydra-Cell Reverse Osmosis Pumps Seal-less pumps for long life, high reliability and low total life-cycle

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