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2 believes in Corporate Social Responsibilties. We are Committed to our firm belief that there is no job so URGENT that it cannot be done in a SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALY FRIENDLY MANNER. People Benefit v Planet

3 LNG solutions for Indonesia PSU Group In Brief The company was established as an investment vehicle for shipping related activities in Indonesia. It is privately owned and have now become the holding company for various subsidiaries involved in various activities in the shipping market. PSU and its subsidiaries are holding a number of shipping investments and provides market consultancy for companies looking to establish themselves in Indonesia. Among the shipping activities are investments in Offshore Support Vessels, Oil tankers, LNG and LPG tankers, with some of the subsidiaries supporting these activities with Crew Manning and Agency Services. The management have long experience in the Indonesian maritime sector, going back to the early 1970 s.

4 PSU Group Companies & sshareholdings PT Navigator Khatulistiwa PT Perusahaan Pelayaran Equinox PT Equinox Bahari Utama PT Equinox Sentra Bahari PT GoLNG Indonesia PT Golar Indonesia

5 EQUINOX - Experienced LNG Team with High Quality Standards Operating out of our offices in Jakarta Fully licensed Indonesian shipping company Extensive experience in providing technical services to LNGC s and FSRU s operating both domestically and internationally We have the largest pool of experienced Indonesian LNG Officers and Crew officers ratings 856 (as of October 2016) - 20 cadets -Highly experiences staff providing local accounting, taxes and administration services. ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001:2007 CMO Certific ate RPS Certific ate Annual SIUPPA K SIUPPA K Certifica te

6 LNG solutions for Indonesia LNG / Gas Flow Scheme LNG Origin FSU Shipping Land/Floating Land/Floating Storage Regas Customers PLN IPP FLNG INDUSTRIAL ESTATE m m3 LNG Facility FSU, FSRU, FLNG, Bontang, Tangguh,. C type or FBT MINING COMPANIES BUNKER 7500 m3 and >. LONG DISTANCE TRUCKS

7 OUR CONCEPT Small LNG solutions for Indonesia

8 Small LNG Ship for Indonesia We have designed and developed LNG vessels suitable for the domestic LNG trade, namely; Indonesian flagged, Concept developed with Drawings have been finalized by a reputable Naval Architect, STS compatible with standard LNGC, Presently finalizing shipbuilding contract, Ships dedicated solely to LNG, Shallow draft for remote access, Maximum LNG delivery i.e. minimizing boil-off, Vacuum + Perlite Insulated, Pressurized C tanks, Scalable (1,000m 3 12,000m 3 ), Simple to operate, it is a workhorse.

9 LNG solutions for Indonesia Providing Flexible Marine Solutions Small LNG Vessel Inter Island Trade Range: 4,000 m3 to 12,000 m3 Vacuum + Pearlite Insulated, pressurized LNG C-Tanks Draft of Ship: max 4.50m Small LNG Vessel Coastal & River Trade Range: 1,000 m3 to 4,000 m3 Vacuum + Pearlite Insulated, pressurized LNG C-Tanks Draft of Ship: max 3.70m Mini FSU / FSRU Storage: 750 m3 to 12,000 m3 Regasification: Depending on customer requirements.

10 8,000m 3 LNG Vessel (3,420 * Tonnes ,160* MMBTU 169,75* MMSCF) Hull efficient design for inter-island trades, Container feeder-style and shallow draft Cargo tanks: maximum LNG delivery by Scalable, Vacuum Insulated, Pressurized C-tanks (no Boil-off) LOA 139.9* m BREADTH 24.3* m MAX DRAFT 4.5* m Bow thruster: for safe and better maneuverability * Dimension of m 3 Ship

11 3,600m 3 LNG Vessel (1,539 Tonnes 79,722 MMBTU 76 MMSCF) Cargo tanks: maximum LNG delivery by Scalable, Vacuum Insulated, Pressurized C-tanks (no Boil-off) Hull efficient design for near-coastal trade. LOA 94.2 m BREADTH 22.8 m MAX DRAFT 3.7 m AIR DRAFT 11.5 m Bow thruster: for safe and better maneuverability

12 your preferred LNG partner Small LNG ships for Indonesia

13 PT. GoLNG Indonesia Globe Building 4 th floor Jalan Warung Jati Barat kav Jakarta Indonesia l: LNG solutions for Indonesia