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1 Spirax Sarco Clean steam overview

2 Spirax Sarco - investing in solutions for clean systems Clean steam has been an important part of Spirax Sarco s business since pioneering the development of the BT6, the first true clean steam trap in the 1980s. Since this time our specialist product range and knowledge of clean steam system design has grown. Today the market acknowledges Spirax Sarco as the first choice when the question is clean steam related. Supported by an extensive global network of over 800 specialist engineers, Spirax Sarco is able to assist with system design, advise on current regulatory issues and select products to ensure a productive, trouble free system. As with all emerging markets, the development of standards and guidelines are essential for the benefit of the industry. Spirax Sarco is a firm believer in this and is a very active participant with key standards such as ASME BPE, ISPE, 3A s, EHEDG, EN 285 and HTM 2031.

3 Understanding your requirements Steam remains one of the prime carriers of heat for process industries, from food and dairy through to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. It is used for process heating, sterilisation of products and equipment, and for the humidification of air. The quality requirements of foodstuffs and medicines have improved dramatically in recent times. Where, in the past, normal factory or plant steam (with harmful boiler feedwater chemicals, pipe scale and corrosion particles) was acceptable, many production processes now demand a cleaner grade of steam. Clean steam can encompass a wide variety of purities, ranging from culinary grade steam for the food and dairy industries to pure, pyrogen free steam for the bio-pharmaceutical industries. With an extensive understanding of the industries regulatory requirements, Spirax Sarco is in the perfect position to advise on key requirements and help you design the most appropriate steam system for your individual needs. The system solution It is Spirax Sarco s belief that customers should have the ability to source all of their clean and pure steam products from a single point of supply, where quality and service is guaranteed. To support this a comprehensive range of innovative products has been developed. Support and advice on high purity system design Steam quality testing and system validation Pure / clean steam generation and WFI production Pure and clean steam trapping Sanitary ancillary products Sanitary pressure control and instrumentation

4 Innovative product development Since the development of the BT6 clean steam trap, Spirax Sarco has been committed to innovative product development. Employing state of the art 3D modelling, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and rapid prototyping, allows more rigorous testing than ever before. Providing you with the confidence in the products we offer. Global manufacture and quality control Spirax Sarco manufactures in a number of strategically located, ISO 9001 approved, production facilities around the world. This globally ensures that customers benefit locally from the best technical and commercial sources available. Spirax Sarco understands the quality issues surrounding products for use on pure steam systems. All testing, cleaning and packaging is completed in segregated locations to avoid contamination. Fully compliant documentation Spirax Sarco understands the industries certification and documentation requirements completely. Our clean and pure steam product range is available with: Full material certification FDA / USP class VI approved material certification Surface finish certification Welding procedures and qualifications You are never alone By enlisting a highly trained and experienced Spirax Sarco engineer in the initial stages of your project, you will ensure excellent system design, product quality and long service life. Installation, commissioning and maintenance services are readily available from our engineers, whose knowledge is exemplary within the industry. When you choose Spirax Sarco you have access to 800 direct sales engineers and clean steam specialists in 32 countries and a global service network. This means you are never alone, wherever you are in the world.

5 Innovative solutions for clean systems Pure / clean steam generation and WFI production Sanitary control and instrumentation Sanitary ancillary products Pure and clean steam trapping A pedigree you can trust Spirax Sarco has been providing knowledge, service and products for the efficient control of steam and other industrial fluids for over 100 years. Spirax Sarco is a public company and has been quoted on the London Stock Exchange since Each year the Company has reported a strong financial performance and continues to expand its business around the world. Spirax Sarco is committed to offering you exceptional solutions, backed up by technological leadership, customer service commitment and the knowledge that you are dealing with the industry experts.

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