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2 Introduction Al-Rasikh and Al-Merjal are both Iraq companies working in the field of rebuilt the infrastructure of energy, industry, Gas and oil. The two companies started cooperation in many projects since 2013 and approaches a joint venture agreement recently through combining the resources and experience to handle the existing and future projects challenges. In this presentation we are going to focus on the experience integration of both companies resources.

3 Part II

4 AL Merjal General Construction company established in 1991 and registered in Iraq as (first class electrometrical company ). AL Merjal employed highly qualified and experience engineers and technical workers in different industries. AL Merjal has vast experience in rehabilitation of the thermal power plant, construction, of new power plant, transmission,distribution and vast experience in oil & gas and industry, this comes due to full coordination with international prime contracts. The early start of AL Merjal general construction company was with AL Heqma civil work bureau and Al Sharq mechanical and electrical work both were registered in 1991 in Baghdad chamber of commerce from 1991 to In 2001 the two bursas were united and registered with the Iraq company register as AL Merjal general construction company in no. (8050) dated 23/10/2001 AL Merjal is committed to provide the best services to the highest engineering standard and highest performance under supervision of high caliber staff. AL Merjal committed to satisfy the time schedule of different projects under difficult circumstances.


6 Managing Director Jordan/Amman Head Office Iraq / Baghdad Office Secretary Doc. Control Technical Dept. Financial Dept. HSE Dept. Engineering Dept. Auditing Dept. QA / QC Dept. Projects Dept. Site Manger HSE Mechanical Electrical Civil Instrument Security Team Team Team Team team Team

7 Percentage of Works Per Sector Energy Sector 70% Oil &Gas Sector 20% Industrial infrastructures 4% Others (water, wastewater 6%

8 Percentage of Energy sector Thermal Power Plants 65 Gas Power Plants Diesel Power Plants


10 1. Our Services: Project Management Services Engineering Services Civil Construction Services Electro-Mechanical full construction services Commissioning Services O&MServices Projects Rehabilitation Services Project Procurement Services Projects Assessment Services

11 2. Fields We Are Working For: EnergyField: Power Generation Power Transmission Power Distribution OilandGasField: Refineries Pipelines Pumping Station Industrial Oil Unit WaterField: Water Treatment Plant Waste Water Treatment Plant Water Intake and Pumping Stations


13 Crane ( Ton ) Magnetic drills Electric stroke Saws Fork lifts (5 &10 Tons ) Truck provided with Hydraulic Crane Truck, Trailers, Loaders Caravans (Offices, Living & Services ) Welding Machines & Accessories ( TIG & MIG Machines.etc.) Mechanical Inspection Equipment. Electric basket Power Machinery (tubes beveling machines, portable & bench grinders, portable & bench drills, etc.) Insulation machinery (Roller, Shear...etc ) Testing Tools ( Vacuum, Pressure pump up to 220bars, pneumatic kit for exchangers tubes test ) Scaffolding Stress Relief equipment with accessories Electrical Winch Machines Lifting Tools ( tear fore. chain blocks,..) up to 20 tons Generator KVA

14 Air Compressor. Water Jet cleaning machines. Sand Blasting. Tube bending machine. Plate bending machine. Excavator. Wheel Loader. Water Truck. Pick-up vehicles.


16 1- Head & Operation Management Staff Management Team. Engineering & Design team. Contracting & Legal Revising team. Procurement Team. Financial & Commercial Team. Operation Management Team. Planning & Scheduling Team. Tendering & Proposal Team. Human Recourses Management Team. Project Control Management team. QA/QC Team. HSE Team.

17 2- Projects Management & Operation Staff Projects Operation Management Team. Site Management Team. Security Team. Civil Construction Team. Electro-Mechanical Erection & Rehabilitation Team. Testing & Commissioning Team. Document Control Team. 3- Project Sites Implementation Staff Site Implementation Engineers. Site Implementation Technician & Forman. Site Material loading & Handling Team. Site Skilled & Unskilled Labor. Site Administration Team Site Assessment team Site Security Guard Team


19 # Project Description Project Location Date Of Project Client 1 Full replacement work services of water tube boiler and furnace as well for steam boiler no. 1 to 4 Baiji thermal power plant MOE 2 Rehabilitation of 2 unit 220MW capacity each Baiji thermal power plant Ansaldo Energy Rehabilitation of steam 3 boiler with capacity of 80 ton /Hr. Construction of Crude oil 4 steel storage tanks with capacity of 2 X 3000 M3 Al-Phosphate chemical plant facility in Al Anbar Gov MOI Seneya Refinery MOO 5 Rehabilitation of boiler 60 Ton/Hr. capacity Petro-Chemical Plant facility in Basra Gov MOI 6 Rehabilitation of 6 Boilers 60 Ton/ Hr. capacity Al-Phosphate Chemical Plant facility in Al-Mosul Gov MOI

20 Dismantle of one complete Boiler 90 ton/hr 7 capacity and install new Boiler 160 Ton/Hr capacity 8 Rehabilitation of unit 5 & 6 boilers 580 ton/hr. capacity each as well as all related auxiliary work Design, Supply & 9 Erection one Over head crane 65 ton capacity North Gas company Daura power plant Baiji gas power plant MOO Babcock / Germany MOE Installation of 2 LFO 10 storage tanks 5000 M3 capacity Baiji gas power plant MOE Electro-Mechanical erection services of 8 gas 11 turbine units manufactured by GE 25 MW capacity Rehabilitation of 5 thermal 12 units no. 1,2,3, 4 & 6 ( 220 MW capacity each) Baiji gas power plant Baiji thermal power Washingto ngroup (GE Supervisio n) Bechtel company

21 13 A complete installation facility of 2 gas turbine units no. 3 & 4 manufactured by Siemens 159 MW capacity type V.94.2 Complete Construction services of TAZA gas turbine power plant ( 1 X MW + 1 X 60 MW ) capacity manufactured by Siemens type ( V V.64) Baiji gas power plant Kirkuk Gov Odabrecht Company (SIEMENS S/V) SIEMENS (Germany) 15 EPC firefighting system) Seneya Oil Refinery MOO 16 Rehabilitation services of boiler 580 Ton / Hr. capacity each for unit 3 &4 Dura power plant MOE Complete construction of 17 new boiler,150 ton/ Hr. in Dura oil refinery Daura oil refinery Bono (Italy) Complete civil Construction services of 18 Erbil gas turbine power plant with capacity of ( 6 X 125MW ) Erbil gas turbine powr plant ABB

22 19 Full site technical assessment services of unit 1 & 3 Hitachi Boilers for JICA Japan Musaiab Thermal Power Plant Hitachi Japan Condenser Re-tubing 20 Services of Thermal Units no. 1 to 6 Baiji thermal power plant MOE 21 Full replacement work of two lifting pumps station with capacity of 8.2 M/Sec Baii Thermal power plant MOE Full replacement services 22 work of circulating water system of water intake Baii Thermal power plant MOE 23 Complete Construction works for HFO Diesel power plant with capacity of ( 4 X 6 MW ) manufactured by WARTSILA Rehabilitation of 24 chemical separation tower type O6H1B EPC steam boiler ton/hr. manufactured by Bono ITALY Duhok Gov ARADAT Co. for Chemicals & Detergents Baiji Dura Oil Refinery WARTSILA Austria ARADAT Co. Bono Italy


24 1.REHABILITATION OF BEIJI THERMAL POWER PLANT (2 X 220 MW ) WITH ANSALDO ENERGY Merjal Co. the first Iraqi company completion for full Rehabilitation for Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation Of 2 Units Of 220 Mw Each, For Baiji Thermal Power As Subcontractor For ANSALDO Energy, Italy, In 1999 To Work Includes Boilers, Turbines, Generators, And B.O.P. (( Mechanical, Electrical, I&C, Inspection, Pre Commissioning & Commissioning ))

25 2. REHABILITATION OF BEIJI THERMAL POWER PLANT (5 X 220 MW ) WITH BECHTEL COMPANY Rehabilitation of Unit 1,2,3,4 and 6 capacity 220 MW each, for Baiji Thermal Power Plant with Bechtel Co.,in 2004 to Work includes boilers, turbines, generators, and B.O.P. (( mechanical, electrical, I&C, Inspection, Pre commissioning & commissioning )).

26 3. Rehabilitation Of Daura boilers with Babcock GMBH Company Rehabilitation of 2 boilers (580 Ton/Hr.) for units 5&6 including mechanical, electrical, I & C inspection, pre commissioning and commissioning with BABCOCK Co., project started 2002, and finished in 2003.

27 4.TAZA GAS TURBIN 265 (V.94.3) & 60 ( V.64 ) WITH SEIMENS Merjal Co. the first Iraqi company completion for full construction gas turbine plant Complete Construction Of two Unit 265 MW (V.94.3) & 60 MW ( V.64) Gas Turbine For TAZA Power Plant, , with SEIMENS as turnkey job,starting From Site preparation, Foundation, Steel Structures, GT, Air Intake, Auxiliary, Balance Of Plant, Piping And Fitting, Buildings, Gas Reduction Station, Water Treatment Unit, Fire Fighting Network, Control. Switch Gear And I&C.

28 5. BAIJI GAS TURBINE ( 2 X 159 MW) WITH ODABRECHT COMPANY Construction unit (3 &4 ) Baiji Gas Turbines (V.94.2) 159 MW each, with Odabrecht Co Complete Construction Of two Unit 159 MW (V.94.2) Gas Turbine For beiji Power Plant, as turnkey job,starting From Site preparation, Foundation, Steel Structures, GT, Air Intake, Auxiliary, Balance Of Plant, Piping And Fitting, Water Treatment Unit, Fire Fighting Network, Control. Switch Gear And I&C

29 6. EPC BOILER 150 TON/HR MANUFACTURED BY BONO ITALY Engineering, Supply & Construction of new, 150 ton/ hr, Bono Made for Daura oil refinery, ministry of oil.the scope of work included foundation, steel structure, and biler installation. Pre-commissioning and commissioning, start up test for 72 hours, and over to client.

30 Details of rehabilitation for BAIJI & DOURA Thermal Power Plants done by AL MARJAL many times 1. Boiler Section Replace of water Wall Panels up to 30 m with baffle tube. Replace of Corner Panels. Replace of Headers and Nipples. Replace front & rear hopper panels. Replace buck stays. Replace hanger bolts. Replace primary superheat coils. Replace secondary superheat coils. Replace cold reheat coils. Replace hot reheat coils. Replace economizer coils. Replace hanger tubes

31 Replace boiler casing. Replace cladding. Replace insulation. Replace attemperators. Replace safety, manual, motorize and pneumatic valves. Replace drum internal parts. Overall and inspection for FDF & GRF with replacement all bearings and bearing housing. Replace air heaters ( baskets, sectors, support and guide bearings etc. Replace all type of soot blowers with all accessories Replace oil Burners & igniters with all accessories. Replace steam air heaters coils. Replace of prefabricated Gas & Air ducts with its expansions. Replace of Air & Gas Dumpers. Replace of wind boxes with its expansions. Replace of Power Panels & cables.

32 Replace of field instrumentation Replace of Fuel Heaters & Filters. Maintain of Boiler chimney. Inspection and Test for all above activities. Chemical washing and passivation. Replace of field instrumentation Replace of Fuel Heaters & Filters. Maintain of Boiler chimney. Inspection and Test for all above activities. Chemical washing and passivation

33 2. Turbine sector Replace HP, IP& LP rotors. Replace all bearings. Replace diaphrams. Replace the turning gears. Replace oil & steam seals. Condenser re-tubing. Replace HP, LP heaters Replace feed water pumps. Replace condensate pumps. Replace Turbine Main Valves. Replace power panels & cables. Replace field Instrumentation.

34 3. GENERATOR SECTOR Replace Rotor. Replace bearings Electrical tests for Rotor & Stator. 4. BOP Replace two lifting pumps 8.2 m/s with all accessories. Replace three circulating pumps with all accessories. Maintain Gas reduction station. Maintain fuel plant system. Maintain water treatment plant.


36 Merjal Company ( MGCC ) has developed this Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Manual to ensure that Construction activities comply with the applicable updated engineering standards, approved design criteria, engineering plans and specifications, and good engineering practice. The Engineering Specifications, and the Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) Inspections, sampling, testing, survey controls, and records required to demonstrate that the Permit has met these requirements. (MGCC) has developed the QA/QC company dept. to ensure that construction activities comply with the applicable updated engineering standards, approved design criteria, engineering plans and specifications, and good engineering practice.

37 The following plans & Procedures have been built by (MGCC) QA/QC Dept. covering all required QA/QC instruction & guidelines for projects construction and supervision: QA/QC construction procedure QA/QC Organization Chart QA/QC job description QA/QC check sheets QA/QC inspection plan QA/QC Calibration plan QA/QC piping hydrostatic testing QA/QC welding procedure


39 Merjal Company (MGCC) safety manual has been established to assist staff of the Division of Engineering to be aware of their duties with respect to workplace health and safety. It details aspects of the Workplace Health and safety of engineering construction works. The responsibility for implementation of the guidelines set out in this document rests with each member of the Division. In particular the document highlights the responsibilities of management and staff within the Department. Success in implementation depends on each person having a positive attitude to the spirit of these guidelines. An understanding of the contents of the manual is essential for teaching staff, supervisors and other employees. It outlines the responsibilities, procedures and actions required of all persons to achieve high standards of workplace health and safety.

40 (MGCC )has been established independent safety department managing the following: Jobsite Safety Rules Construction Safety Rules Scaffolding Safety Guidelines Safe Lifting Guideline and Procedure Safety Personal Protective Equipment Safety Organization Chart








48 Conclusion

49 From what we saw above Al-Rasikh JV with Al-Marjel means: Network References Skills

50 That is why we believe that The future is in our hands

51 Al-Rasikh joint venture with Al-Marjel holds the success key for efficient solutions for rebuilding the infra-structure of our country.