.fj..fj Regd. Office: p\.." o j ~~I BANGUR NAGAR, POST BOX NO.33, BEAWAR , RAJASTHAN, INDIA 166~'!o ~S8l

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1 CIN No. : L26943RJ1979PLC Phone : Toll Free: J 6004 Fax: / Website : SHREE CEMENT LTD. D\':>~sIOOJ a~l~o.fj..fj Regd. Office: p\.." o j ~~I BANGUR NAGAR, POST BOX NO.33, BEAWAR , RAJASTHAN, INDIA 166~'!o ~S8l SCl,m\vRlENV/~)nOI4'IGI ~"''l..-\f)._ Date: 24/09/2014 The Member Secretary Rajasthan Pollut ion Cont 1'01 Board 4, lnst itut.ionnl Arcu..l ha ln na Doongri Road,lAI PUR (Rajasthan) File No. C-I05 Sub:. Environmontal Statement of' Cement U nit'll of Mis Shroe Cement Ltd, Village' Andher i Deori, Tchsil-Masuda, District-Ajmer (Raj) for the period of April, 2013 to March, Ref, Exiating consent to operate letter no. F (Tech) AJMER (neawar)/4 (1) /-18mh187a Dated 0:3/10/2011. ))(';11' Sir. J\indi~' referred to abov«subject matter and reference letter. 1n this regards, we arc submitting horowit h the I';ll\'ironmen(al Statement ofcement Unit II. This is for ~'OUl' kind informut.ion p lcaso. r: 'I'hnnk ing vou. Yours Iaithful!v. POI' Shrcc Cement l.td., B('ilWHI' m~;'a) Vice President (l~n\'ii'onllwllt) Cop~' to: I) '1'11<' l n-charao (i{pgiolllll Office). Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board, RlICO Indust rial,\i'('cl. Phasc--l l l. Mada ngunj, Kishangarh (Raj.). ~) 'I'lw Chip!, Conso rvator of Forest. Rt'gioncd Office (CPllt ral \lignllj,luckllo\\' (ll.p.), Forest (C), Ministry of Environment & I{eg-ion). Kcndriya Bhavan, 5th Floor.Sector 'H' JAIPUR OFFICE: SB-187,Opp. Rajasthan University, JLN Marg, Jaipur Phone: , , Fax: NEW DELHI OFFICE: , Hans Bhawan, 1, Bhadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi Phone: , , , Fax: CORP. OFFICE: 21, Strand Road, Kolkata Phone: Fax:

2 ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT FORM-V Mis SHREE CEMENT LIMITED UNIT-II. BEAWAR (RAJASTHAN) (ApRIL 2013 TO MARCH 2014) PART-A 1. Name and address of the Owner I MIs Shree Cement Limited Occupier of the Industry operation Bangur Nagar or process Post Box No. 33 BEAWAR Distt. - Ajmer (Rajasthan) 2. Industry Category Red Category Primary (S.T.C. Code) Secondary (S.T.C. Code) 3. Production Capacity SCL U nit- II 5500 TPD Clinker 7200 TPD Cement 4. Year of Establishment Date of the last Environmental 25/9/2013 Audit Report submitted (1) WATER CONSUMPTION: PART-B WATER AND RAW MATERIAL CONSUMPTION Process r: Cooling and dust Suppression Domestic Name of Product N.A. (As plant is based on dry Process technology) KL KL (Common for cement plant, power plant, mines & colony). Process Water Consumption per Unit of Product Output During Previous During Current Financial Financial Year Year OPC and PPC Cement KIJMT of KLIMT of Cement Cement Page 2 of 12

3 (ID RAW MATERIAL CONSUMPTION: Name of Raw Material Name of Consumption of Raw Material Per Product Unit of Output (Cement) During Previous During Current Financial Year Financial Year l. Limestone Laterite/Iron Ore Slag/ sludge Sweetener/ HG Limestone/ Fly Ash/Sand Cement Gypsum Fly Ash CoallPet coke Bed Ash (lid POWER CONSUMPTION (KWHJT OF CEMENT): During Previous Financial Year During Current Financial Year (IV) TOTAL CLINKER PRODUCTION (MT): During Previous Financial Year During Current Financial Year (V) TOTAL CEMENT PRODUCTION 00'): Durin Previous Financial Year Durin Current Financial Year ~.' Page 3 of 12

4 PART-C DISCHARGED TO ENVIRONMENTAL I UNIT OF OUTPUT Pollutants (a) (b) Quantity of Pollutants Discharged (Mass/Dav) Water Air Concentration of Pollutants in Discharge (MassN alue) Percentage of variation from prescribed standard with reasons As the plant is being operated on dry process technology, no liquid effluent is generated from the cement plant process. Domestic waste water generated from residential colony and office toilets is treated in STP and treated water is used in plantation activities. Total quantity of treated domestic waste water during the year was KL. Residential colony is common for Shree Cement Limited Unit I & II, Mines, Power plants. Analysis Report of STP treated water is attached as Annexure-IV Please refer Annexure - I & II Page 4 of 12

5 PART-D HAZARDOUS WASTE (As specified under Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling & Transboundary Movement) Rules amended up to 2010) Hazard- Total Quantity (Ltrs.) ous During Current Financial Year During Current Financial Year Waste April 2012 to March 2013 April,2013 to March,2014 From We are having a common Authorization for Hazardous waste Process management and handling for Unit-I & II, D.G. Sets, Power plants and Mines. (b) From Pollution Control Facilities Total quantity generated from Total quantity generated from April-2012 to March-2013 = April'2013 to March-2014 = Ltrs. Ltrs. Old stock = 2800 Ltrs. Old stock = Ltrs. Total used oil received =25990 Ltrs. Total used oil received =31600 Total disposal=13800 Ltrs. Ltrs. Balance quantity=12190 Ltrs. Total disposal=29400 Ltrs. Balance quantity=2200 Ltrs. N.A. N.A. PART-E SOLID WASTE Total Quantity During Previous During Current Financial Year Financial Year (a) From Process Nil Nil (b) From Pollution Control Dust collected in the ESP's, Bag Houses Facility and Bag Filters are recycled to the system. (c) 1) Quantity rejected or reutilized within the unit 100% 100% 2) Solid Nil Nil 3) Disposed Nil Nil Page 5 of 12

6 PART-F Please specify the characterization (in terms of composition and quantum) of hazardous as well as solid wastes and indicate disposal practice adopted for both the categories of wastes: Batterv Wastes: As specified under Batteries (Management and Handling) Amendment Rules, 2010, we have purchased following new batteries of different categories. I I Number of new batteries of different categories During Current Financial Year purchased from the manufacturer / importer / April,2013 to March,2014 dealer or any other agency. Common for Unit I & II, Power plants, D.G. Sets, Synthetic Gypsum plant & Mines Category: (j) Automotive No of Batteries Approximate Weight (In Tons) a) Four wheeler b) Two wheeler Nil Nil (ill Industrial a) UPS b} Motive Power c) Stand -by (iij) Others Nil Nil Total 124 Nos. 2.0] MT r: Number of used batteries of different categories During Current Financial Year sent to manufacturer/dealer/importer/registered April,2013 to March,2014 recycler/or any other agency Common for Unit I & II, Power plants, D.G. Sets, Synthetic Gypsum plant & Mines Category: Approximate No of Weight Batteries (In Tons) (j) Automotive a} Four wheeler b) Two wheeler Nil Nil (ill Industrial a) UPS b) Motive Power c) Stand -by Nil Nil (iij) Others Nil Nil Total 294 Nos MT Page 6 of12

7 Used battery scrap was sent to CPCB authorized recycler Hazardous Wastes Cement manufacturing is based on "Dry Process". No Hazardous waste is generated from the process except used oil which is sold out to the CPCB authorized recycler. Bio"MedicalWastes: Bio"medical waste generated during current financial year April, 2013 to March, 2014 under the Bio-Medical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 1998, are as follows. Bio-Medical Waste Quantity (Kg) as per Colour Coding Red Blue Yellow Black (Cat 3 & 6) (Cat 4 & 7) (Cat 1 & 2) (Cat 5,9,10) April,2013 to March, Above mentioned waste has been sent to Sales Promoter, CBWTF Bio Treatment Facility, Jaipur Bye Pass Road, Ajmer (Raj.) for disposal. Medical E-WASTE Total Quantity During Previous During Current Financial Year Financial Year From Process Nil Nil From Pollution Control Nil Nil Facility Solid Wastes: "N.A. Page 7 of 12

8 PART-G IMPACT OF THE POLLUTION CONTROL MEASURES ON CONSERVATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND CONSEQUENTLY ON THE COST OF PRODUCTION Mis Shree Cement Limited is being operated on dry process technology, which is cost effective and environmentally clean technology. The advantage of dry process is also in fuel economy. The stack emissions from the plant are controlled by equipment like ESPs and Bag Houses. Bag Filters have been installed at various material transfer points to clean the process and arrest the fugitive emissions. The particulate matter collected in the pollution control equipment is recycled in process and neutralizing the cost of operation of pollution control equipments and hence no cost impact on the production cost. To emphasis on conservation of the natural resources & to reduce the disposal problems of the waste, total 4204 MT hazardous waste was co-processed during April,2013 to March,2014. PART-H ADDITIONAL MEASURES I INVESTMENTS PROPOSAL FOR ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION INCLUDING ABATEMENT OF POLLUTION Green belt development and tree plantation is our ongoing process. Every year we are growing new tree plantation. In the year , new trees have been planted. Up to March 2014 total green area is hectare with around nos. of trees which is around 35 % green area of total plant and colony area ( hectare). r: Page 8 of 12

9 PART-I ANY OTHER PARTICULATES FOR IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF ENVIRONMENT. 1. We have full-fledged Environment Department with three separate cells, one for monitoring and one for maintenance of pollution control equipment and one for Green Belt development. 2. Monitoring of stack emission, ambient air, noise and water quality is being done regularly. 3. Maintenance department is doing regular checking and scheduled maintenance of all the pollution control devices. 4. Civil dept is taking care of House keeping and water supply department is taking care of operation of STP. 5. Horticulture Department is taking care of tree plantation and green belt development. New tree plantation is continuous. On support of above, we are enclosing herewith following> Annexure - I Annexure - II Annexure - III Annexure - IV Stack Emission Level Report Ambient Air Quality Report Noise Level Report Treated Domestic Wastewater Analysis Report. Page 9 of 12

10 K o z 00 co ọ eo ọ... ọ... ọ... ọ... ọ... ~ o '0 o co «> 00 l- 00 eo,...,,..., ọ ọ... ọ... o o ọ eo o to Ṃ... ;,. o Z

11 '. Annexure-If (STACK EMISSION LEVEL PM (mglnm3) FROMAPR-13 TO MAR RAW MILL COAL MILL-I COALMILL-2 CLINKER CEMENT Month & KILN COOLER MIILL Apr-I ShutDown May-I Shut Down Jun-l ShutDown Jul-l ShutDown Aug-l Shut Down Sep Shut Down Oct-l Shut Down Nov Shut Down Dec-I ShutDown Jan-I Shut Down Feb ShutDown Mar ShutDown Average Annexure-III (NOISE LEVEL (Leq-dB(A) FROM APR-13 TO MAR Location Plant boundary Plant boundary Residential Main Gate Month towards village towards power Colony Sarakana plant DayTime Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Time Time Time Time Time Time Time Apr-I May-l Jun-l J ul Aug Sep Oct-I Nov Dec-I ,3 Jan-I Feb Mar Average Page II of 12

12 Annexure-IV (STP Treated Water Quality, FROM APR-13 TO MAR Parameter Oil & Grease ph TSS (ppm) COD (ppm) BOD (ppm) (ppm) Month Apr ~ay Jun Jul-l Aug Sep Oct Kov Dec Jan Feb Mar Average r: Page 12 or 12