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1 Non-Profit Marketing Plan Researcher David Aulie Presented to Kim Johnson and Alexa Shafer Advisor Les Harman Date May 23, 2017 Biola University, Crowell School of Business

2 Executive Summary Homeboy Industries was born out of a desire to put an end to systemic oppression and incarceration. Father Boyle and a group of Angelinos began to do this through providing jobs and education. Today, Homeboy Industries provides hope, training and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women. Each year over 10,000 former gang members are served in the various services Homeboy provides. With 9 social enterprises established, Homeboy provides employments for more than 200 men and women in their jobtraining program. Anybody who steps into Homeboy is welcomed to the family. The staff, volunteers and trainees have created a culture of belonging where men and woman are welcomed in and are transformed into contributing members of their communities. The current CEO is focusing marketing attention on building and strengthening Homeboy s 9 social enterprises. The research for this one-year marketing plan includes secondary research, 7 trainee interviews, 6 staff interviews, 7 client meetings, and 2 volunteer interviews. This research was conducted to uncover areas of need within the organization and provide relevant marketing strategies. Marketing Strengths Discovered in the Plan: Homeboy Industries has been consistent about getting success stories communicated on social media platforms and their website. Homeboy consistently communicates output date each year in their annual report. Homeboy consistently tracks output measurements within their 18-month program along with all of their social services. Volunteers have decision making power in certain aspects of Homeboy, allowing greater ownership. With a full-time marketing staff, Homeboy has been able to consistently operate successful fundraiser events and communicate clearly with stakeholders. Marketing Problems the Plan Will Address: Consistent collection of success stories from trainees, volunteers and organizational partnerships. Survey distribution and data recording for the various stakeholders within Homeboy Industries. Homegirl Catering website is not accessible and is outdated. Coordinated communication of success stories, output and outcome measurements. Larger donor involvement. Valuing and appreciating volunteer contributions. Some of the Primary Recommendations in the Plan Include: Internal Recommendations Add associated geographic region in Homeboy Industries mission statement. Create a central database to collect success stories and surveys. Proactively collect trainee, volunteer and partner success stories.

3 Produce success story video with animated output measurements integrated. Host a volunteer appreciation event. External Recommendations Redesign Homegirl Catering website and integrate online ordering. Develop Homegirl Catering mission statement. Implement rewards program for Homegirl Catering. Develop partnerships with event planners in LA. Promotion Strategies Incorporate mission statement clearly onto website. Consistently populate website with customer success stories. Leverage Google AdWords grant to receive $120,000 in paid promotions. Fundraising Strategies Send out success story booklets to donors with a high QBI score on a semi-annual basis. Implement a joint venture social media fundraising campaign with an invested corporate donor. Utilize surveys to understand how to involve donors more. Note to Kim and Alexa: Thank you both for allowing me to come alongside and work with you guys these past few months. You have both been gracious with your time and energies in aiding in the success of this plan. I hope that this can be of help to you. It has been a privilege to get to see the inner workings of Homeboy and the extent of impact you are having as an organization. Personally, I was impacted by the stories I had the privilege of hearing, both from staff and trainees alike. Thank you both for committing yourselves to the work that Homeboy is doing. You are having an incredible impact on the community of Los Angeles and the influence is global. Blessings, David Aulie

4 Table of Contents I. Current Situational Analysis..1 Internal Environment...1 A. Mission Statement Assessment..1 B. Assessment of Success Measurements..2 C. Marketing Decision Making Assessment..4 D. Alumni Program Assessment E. Board of Directors Assessment and Satisfaction..5 F. Volunteer Assessment and Satisfaction G. Stakeholder Involvement and Satisfaction Assessment...7 H. Most Important Factors Influencing Decision to come to NPO...7 I. Customer Satisfaction Assessment J. Current Tracking/Research Systems Assessment..8 External Environment.10 A. Current Primary Target Market...10 B. Level of External Dependence.10 C. Promotion (non-digital and digital) Assessment D. Competition Assessment..11 E. Price Assessment..12 F. Place and/or Partnership Assessment...12 G. Political/Legal Impact Issues...13 H. Social/Cultural Environment Assessment 13 II. Marketing Area Analysis...15 III.Primary/Major Marketing Goals for Next Year..17 IV. Marketing Strategies.18 Internal Marketing Strategies.18 A. Proposed Mission Statement 18 B. Importance of Establishing Success Measurements.20 C. Alumni Program Strategies..32 D. Volunteer Strategies...35

5 E. Trainee Satisfaction Survey F. Proposed Research Tracking System...42 G. Proposed Organizational Marketing Structure H. Sample Marketing Meeting Agenda...45 External Marketing Strategies 47 A. Potential Target Markets..47 B. Chosen Specific Target Markets..49 C. Proposed Customer Experience Strategies D. Proposed Positioning Strategy Map.55 E. Proposed Place and Partnership Strategies..57 V. Promotion/Awareness Strategies for Designated Target Market.58 VI. Fund Raising Strategies..60 A. Overview of Existing Fund Raising Strategies B. Proposal for Improving Existing Fund Raising Strategies C. Proposed Donor Involvement Strategies VII. List of Marketing Activities.65 VIII. Marketing Costs...68 IX. List of Research/Works Consulted...69

6 I. Current Situational Analysis Brief History Homeboy Industries grew out of a job-training program that was initiated by Father Greg Boyle in 1988 while at Dolores Mission Church. Father Boyle and members at Dolores Mission Church wanted to respond to the crisis within Los Angeles of mass incarceration and gang activity with a solution other than suppression. So they formed Jobs For a Future with willing business owners and began to find young people work. In the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots Jobs for a Future with the help of a Hollywood producer, purchased a warehouse and transformed it into a bakery. Homeboy Bakery was born and was the first of many social enterprises to come. By 2001, Homeboy Industries became an independent non-profit with multiple social enterprises and free social programs, providing services to families, ex-cons and gang members. Homeboy s headquarters now take up a half a city block in downtown Los Angeles, and sit as beacon of hope and opportunity to those seeking to leave gang life in LA. After almost 30 years, Homeboy Industries has served thousands of young people. Their social services include case management, legal services, education, workforce development, mental health, tattoo removal, and substance abuse support. They now have a total of 9 social enterprises including Homeboy Bakery, Homegirl Café, Homeboy Recycling, Silkscreen and Embroidery, Diner at City Hall, Farmers Markets, Catering, and Merchandise. Homeboy now stands as the largest and most successful gang intervention and re-entry program in the world, and is used as a national model. Internal Environment Purpose: The purpose of this section is to provide insight on the current operations of the organization. This section also seeks to uncover problems and weaknesses that the organization faces. Each section addresses areas that are strong, may need improvement, definitely need improvement, and/or should be continually monitored in the future. A. Mission Statement Assessment: Personal Evaluation: Homeboy Industries overall mission statement is strong because it speaks directly to the individuals the serve, differentiating them from organizations that serve larger groups of ex-cons, and they identify the specific goal and outcome they are working towards. Although they have these strengths, their mission statement may need improvement in the external communication of the mission statement. The mission statement definitely needs improvement regarding easy identification on their website for people interested as well as identifying specific functions that help accomplish the mission statement. 1

7 Current Mission Statement: To help former gang members redirect their lives and become contributing members of their families and our community. Strong Areas: The mission statement speaks directly to whom they serve. (Website #1) The mission statement is shared every morning within Homeboy at their organization wide morning meetings. (Personal Observation, Client Interview #2) The mission statement speaks to the results/goals for each stakeholder. (Personal Observation) Areas that May Need to Be Improved: The mission s statement isn t utilized in any external marketing or promotional materials. (Personal Observation, Client Meeting #3) There are no specific connections to the services or social enterprises utilized and central to completing the mission of the organization. The mission s statement does not address the specific geographical community that Homeboy serves and that former gang members can become contributing members of. (Personal Observation) Areas That Definitely Need to Be Improved: While the missions statement is placed as the first sentence in their What We Do section of the website, it isn t clearly defined as their mission statement if someone is looking for it. (Personal Observation) B. Overall Assessment of Success Measurements Overview: Homeboy Industries values the success of their programs and has taken steps to record and communicate stories of success within their programs. They are many stories that have been recorded and communicated to donors and on social media accounts, however there have been no consistent parameters for collecting these stories and the only stories communicated are trainees within the program. There is minimal measure of success for alumni or volunteers. Personal Evaluation: Homeboy Industries measurement of success is strong because of their consistency in communicating success stories. The evidence for success may need improvement when it comes to gathering a more diverse array of success stories including volunteer, staff and donor. And Homeboy definitely needs improvement in employing a more methodical collection process that records and stores all trainees who come through the program. B1. Success Stories Assessment Personal Evaluation: Homeboy may need improvement in the types of success stories they are gathering, such as volunteer and staff testimonies. They also definitely need improvement in their strategy for gathering success stories- a methodical and consistent collection process. 2

8 Strong Areas: Homeboy has been consistent about getting success stories out on social media and their websites. (Personal Observation, Website #1) Consistently utilizes video to communicate success stories. (Staff Interview #1) May Need Improvement: When collecting success stories, gathering stories from other parts of the organization, i.e. volunteers, staff, donors (Personal Observation) Definitely Needs Improvement: Methodical collection processes that records and stores stories from each trainee who comes through the program. (Personal Observation, Staff Interview #2) B2. Output Measurements Assessment Personal Evaluation: Homeboy Industries output measurements are strong because they have actively tracked those who have gone through their 18-month program and other social services. They may need improvement in collecting quantitative data on volunteer helpers beyond those within the educational programs. They definitely need improvement in communicating their data alongside success stories and gathering output measurements from alumni job placements. Strong Areas: They consistently track output measurements within their 18-month program along with all of their social services including education, tattoo removal, workforce development, case management and mental health. (2016 annual report) Homeboy communicates output data each year in their annual report. (2015 Annual Report, 2016 Annual Report) May Need Improvement: Homeboy can collect data on how many volunteers they have utilized in what roles throughout their social services (Personal Observation) Possible Outputs To Be Considered: Homeboy Industries can communicate their output data alongside their success stories to connect even greater significance. (Personal Observation) Homeboy does not display output measurements on social media through info graphs. Homeboy can utilize follow up systems with alumni to gather output measurements that speak to industries and work environments graduates are now working. (Personal Observation) B3. Outcome Measurements Assessment Personal Evaluation: Homeboy Industries outcome measurements are strong in the workforce development program, specifically solar panel certifications that assess the overall success of the program. They may need improvement in tracking volunteer satisfaction before and after. They 3

9 definitely need improvement in displaying outcome measurements online and tracking trainee satisfaction levels throughout the 18-month program as well as annual success and satisfaction levels of employees. Strong Areas: Homeboy s workforce development program works with outside certification programs that equip trainees with official certifications of aptitude for particular industries (Website #1) May Need Improvement: Homeboy Industries may need to collect more on volunteer satisfaction before and after their involvement. (Volunteer Interview #2, Client Meeting #2) Possible Outcomes To Be Considered: Homeboy Industries can display outcome measurements on social media platforms through info graphs (Personal Observation) Homeboy Industries can collect data from alumni during the 18-month trainee program assessing their satisfaction levels within different social enterprises (Staff Interview #1) Homeboy can collect data from external employers assessing their satisfaction levels with trainees job performance (personal observation). Homeboy Industries can collect data from employees to track their long-term job satisfaction levels. (Personal Observation) C. Marketing Decision Making Assessment Personal Evaluation: Homeboy Industries demonstrates strong marketing decision-making through the employment of two-full time marketing staff members that proactively carry out different marketing strategies. They may need improvement however in developing crossdepartmental relationships to push unutilized strategies. Amidst having two full time staff members, they still definitely need improvement in addressing marketing related problems and strategies for social enterprises that could require another full-time staff member. Strong Areas: Homeboy Industries employs a full-time marketing director as well as a full-time marketing coordinator (Personal Observation) With a full-time marketing staff, Homeboy has been able to consistently operate successful events and communicate clearly to stakeholders (Personal Observation) Homeboy has regular marketing meetings with marketing staff as well as other key staff members when necessary. (Personal Observation, Client Interview #1) May Need Improvement: Homeboy may need to direct more marketing focus to cross-departmental relationships in which they can work with workforce development and social enterprises to develop marketing strategies directed to strategic partnerships for hommies. (Personal Observation) 4

10 Definitely Need Improvement: Homeboy Industries needs a designated staff member focusing on the marketing related problems/strategies of their 9 separate social enterprises (Client Interview #1, Personal Observation) D. Alumni Program Assessment: Personal Evaluation: While Homeboy Industries is strong in their ability to grow deep and loyalty among hommies that keep them involved, they definitely need improvement in putting methodical systems in place that will track and keep in touch and continue to involve alumni in the vision of Homeboy. Strong Areas: Alumni are incredibly loyal to Homeboy Industries after their experience with the 18- month program and deep connected community and tend to stay somewhat involved (Alumni Interview #1) Definitely Need Improvement: Case Managers does not be assigned a methodical contact calendar to check in with past graduates for 30 day, 60 day, 90 day and one year basis (Staff Interview #1) They need to have a database that contains all alumni information that is continually updated by case managers and staff. (Personal Observation) They do not implement a system that identifies why clients leave the program and continues to assess or maintain contact after (Personal Observation). Homeboy does not implement a mentorship program between past trainees and current trainees in the program (Alumni Interview #1, Personal Observation) E. Board of Directors Assessment & Satisfaction: Personal Evaluation: Homeboy Industries utilize a well-equipped Board of Directors for major decision-making in the organization. This board meets for quarterly meetings in which no one else is attendance except for the board members. The involvement of each board member is more individualized. They are utilized for their unique position in the professional industry they are situated in order to provide advice or network connections that can help propel Homeboy towards its goals. They are both a giving board and a serving board. Strong Areas: Homeboy utilizes their board members for their unique skillsets and influences in their industry (Staff Interview #6). Meet together quarterly to make major decisions for the organization. (Staff Interview #6). 5

11 May Need Improvement: Current assessment of Board of Director satisfaction relies on personal communications with Antoinette and directors as long as with directors and Greg Boyle. While this is a potential area of weakness, there is also no desire to utilize a survey for their board (Personal Observation). F. Volunteer Assessment & Satisfaction: Personal Evaluation: Homeboy Industries has been strong in recruiting highly skilled volunteers who are able to contribute with very specific skill sets. They have given many Volunteers ownership over their work as a result, recognizing that volunteers are a crucial part of the organization and able to operate side by side with fulltime staff. That being said, Homeboy may need improvement in the area of volunteer management considering the do not currently have a full-time volunteer coordinator and so there is no structured and consistent system in place. How important are volunteers to the success of the organization? Volunteers are instrumental in educational services. We simply could not offer theses services without their assistance. (Website #1). How are they coordinated? Currently there is no full-time staff coordinating all of their volunteers. (Client Interview #3). Volunteers are partially coordinated by education director Brittany and Alegria Castro (Website #1, Staff Interview #4). What are their main responsibilities? Volunteers are used to teach within Homeboy s educational programs, volunteer doctors/nurses/medical professionals for tattoo removal, dmv instruction, licensed psychologists and social workers in Homeboy heals (Website #1). Organizing and engaging community events with Homeboy s mission (Volunteer Interview #2). Are there recruitment needs? Homeboy is in need of 1 full-time staffer that is able to coordinate volunteers (Client Interview #2) Volunteers are always welcome to fill out applications found on Homeboy s website (Website #1) Is there any training for volunteers? Volunteers for particular roles are expected to be licensed or professionally trained (Website #1). What is the satisfaction level of volunteers? Unknown 6

12 G. Stakeholder Involvement & Satisfaction Assessment: Personal Evaluation: The overall involvement of non-staff members is strong as volunteers and trainees are relied upon for the success of the organization. They have need for improvement when it pertains to alumni and donor involvement. Strong Areas: Volunteers are almost entirely relied on for running their multiple social programs. (Personal Observation) Volunteers have decision making power in certain aspects of Homeboy which allows greater ownership (Volunteer Interview #1, Volunteer Interview #2) May Need Improvement: There is no specific alumni program in place that utilizes their past experiences to be a mentor or encouragement to current trainees (Personal Observation, Staff Interview #1) Currently donors are not looked at as assets to keep happy, rather than individuals who can get involved beyond monetary donations. (Staff Interview #6) H. Most Important Factors Influencing Decision to come to NPO: Personal Evaluation: Homeboy stands as a beacon of hope for gang members around Los Angeles, they remain to be their core customer and provide for them effectively through job training and mental health, tattoo, legal and educational services. It s more than just a place to get a job, but a place to be healed for former gang members and that is the biggest motivating factor for hommies. Primary Decision Makers: Any individual or family that utilizes Homeboy s social services, this most frequently includes former gang-members but does not exclude services to other disenfranchised individuals. Important factors and motivations for joining: 1. A desire to leave and never return to gang life (Customer Interview #1, 2, 3, 4; Alumni Interiew #1) 2. Wants to improve the life of their family (Customer Interview #1) 3. Individual personally desires to make themselves a better person (Customer Interview #4) 4. Desire to receive and education in order to have more opportunity (Customer Interview #1) 5. Needs shorter-term social services. (Customer Interview #1) 7

13 Unique needs being met by the organization: Legal services (Website #1) Job Training (Client Interview #2) Tattoo Removal (Customer Interview #1) Education (Staff Interview #4) Job Placement (Customer Interview #2) Case Management (Website #1, Staff Interview #1) I. Customer Satisfaction Assessment: Personal Observation: Homeboy Industries has shown that it is strong in being able to continually equip customers to step back out into society with confidence in their ability to contribute and make a difference. However, because of the culture of general good will toward the organization, homeboys or homegirls with a bad experience may not receive the kind of outlet needed to share their feelings. Strong Areas: I am now able to study abroad at Oxford, I never imagined I would be able to do that. (Customer Interview #4) I ve been working at Homegirl Café for four and half years and have gained skills to be a better member of my community Getting my license has been a whole new sense of freedom (Customer Interview #6) I now get to be part of society, free from my addiction (Customer Interview #7) I am now able to pursue a life that is safe for my daughter (Customer Interview #1) I have been able to learn and get good at multiple skills after working in the different social enterprises (Customer Interview #3). Areas To Be Continually Monitored: Develop customer satisfaction surveys within each individual social enterprise and for each services utilized. Development of a customer satisfaction survey that is anonymous and to be filled out after the 18-month program has finished. J. Current Tracking/Research System(s) Assessment: Personal Observation: Homeboy Industries has shown that it is strong in being able to continually acquire and track relevant information pertaining to their trainees and programs. That being said there are other individuals beyond trainees who have an interaction with the program whether it is partner organization, who individuals on tours who are not given an opportunity to share feedback. 8

14 Current Tracking Systems in place: All trainees who filter through the program. Anyone served in the GED or DMV courses. QBI score tracking and ranking donor activity. Number of individuals helped with tattoo removal. Life Skills Class Attendance One on One Employment Counseling Number of Participants placed in industry jobs Tracking Systems NOT Currently in place: Tour participant follow up survey Employment Partner satisfaction data Volunteer placement and emotional status 9

15 External Environment Purpose: The purpose of this section is to provide an understanding of the external factors that affect Homeboy Industries. A. Current Primary Target Market: According to their mission statement, Homeboy s current primary target market would include any individuals who have been involved or at risk of gang activity in the Los Angeles Area which typically falls within ages as young as 16 working in their program to late forties. (Personal Observation) Because of the nature and the development of their program, their target market as expanded to become a place of healing for not only ex-gang members but also families and individuals who are seeking heeling from abuses (Staff Interview #5) As a result of this, much of their primary target market are also ex-cons and recently out of prison and on parole. (Personal Observation) B. Level of External Dependence: Personal Evaluation: As a result of their social enterprises, Homeboy has been able to generate a strong revenue stream that alleviates the pressure for external dependence. That being said, their social enterprises can t compensate for all of their financial needs and therefore they still must focus on donations. There may be room for improvement in the area of a more even distribution of reliance on external factors and using major events to encourage a long term commitment to the mission of Homeboy rather than merely a one time donation. Homeboy industries receives 37% of it s revenue from it s social enterprises (Annual Report 2016) Homeboy Industries depends on 25% of it s revenue from individual donors and the rest of it s donations are received through Foundations, Events and Government. (Annual Report 2016) They are largely dependent on El Maximo Rewards Dinner for a majority of the fundraising for the year. (Client Meeting #1) Government only provides 10% of their revenue, which is not very much considering the amount of praise they have received as a staple example to dealing with gang prevention and relief (Annual Report 2016, Personal Observation) C. Promotion (Non-Digital & Digital) Assessment: Personal Evaluation: Homeboy has been very strong in the promotion of their organization by executing their mission with excellence. This as a result has brought a lot of public and governmental praise that has established the Homeboy as the must successful and modeled gangprevention and relief program in the world. Their social enterprises have given them a boost in awareness by offering products that connect directly to the fulfillment of Homeboy s mission statement. 10

16 Non-Digital Promotion Strategies: A major non-digital promotion channel for Homeboy has been through Homeboy s chips and salsa that are distributed to many large chain groceries (Client Interview #1) The sales of Greg Boyle s now two books and the documentary called G-dawg produced by an academy award-winning director has played a role in the international attention that Homeboy has received. (Personal Observation, Client Interview #2) Homeboy is often present at community events that deal with and address the disenfranchised of Los Angeles and the actively seek out gathering they can engage and be a part of as a continual attempt to engage their local community (Staff Interview #3). Homeboy has been featured in many nationally published journals and articles recognizing the work they are doing. (Personal Observation). Digital Promotion Strategies: Homeboy Industries utilizes all social media platforms to communicate success stories and important events as well as to host marketing campaigns (Client Interview #2). Facebook receives the most focus and attention over other social media platforms. (Personal Observation) Homeboy is trying to develop their YouTube channel as they have seen the effectiveness of video and desire to increase their ability to communicate through video (Client Interview #1) Social media isn t used to communicate differently to certain target markets, it is executed with the same strategy across all platforms (Personal Observation) D. Competition Assessment: Competitor #1: PATH LA Location: 340 North Madison Ave, Los Angeles, CA Mission: PATH is a family of agencies working together to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities throughout California. Awareness: They are the largest rapid-rehousing project in California (Website #2) They are publically supported by figures such as Samuel L. Jackson and Larry King (Website #2) Compared to Homeboy Industries: They were started in 1983, almost the same time that Jobs for a Future was started by Father Boyle (Website #2, Personal Observation) While both focus on ultimately improving the livelihood of those disenfranchised, Homeboy focuses in specifically on former gang members, while PATH focuses on homeless. These are not necessarily mutually exclusive categories (Personal Observation) 11

17 PATH offers social services similar to Homeboy that help with job placement and mental health care however there are not unique education program or onsite job training (Website #1, Website #2) Competitor #2: The Dream Center LA Location: 2301 Bellevue Ave. Los Angeles, CA Mission: The Dream Center s purpose is to reconnect isolated people to God and a community of support by providing human services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, hunger, poverty, addiction, education, and human trafficking. Awareness: Dream Center s record of success over the last twenty years has created global movements based on their tactics to urban settings around the world. (Website #3) Compared to Homeboy Industries: Dream Center states their faith explicitly while Homeboy Industries is motivated by faith. (Personal Observation) Dream Center reaches their community through similar services such as community outreach and recovery programs as well as education. (Website #3) Dream Center focuses specifically on the homeless, while Homeboy focuses specifically on former gang members. (Personal Observation, Website #1 and #3) E. Price Assessment: Personal Evaluation: The services that Homeboy provides to the community are completely free. Since money or the lack of it is one of the major contributors to gang related violence, charging for their services would create a massive barrier to their core customers. At 39%, the social programs that Homeboy offers take up the majority of their budget. (2016 annual report) Any extra revenue they receive is poured directly back into their programs and social enterprises. F. Place and Partnership Assessment: Research Plan: Partnerships play a big role when it comes to the social enterprises and job training in Homeboy. I have not yet been able to schedule a meeting with the man in charge of setting up trainees with jobs after their 18-month program but that is a necessary next step and I will see if a meeting can be set up on Wednesday 3/29 during my meeting with Kim on 3/28. Personal Evaluation: Homeboy has made itself extremely accessible to its primary market. It is located in the heart of Los Angeles and at the center of a lot of gang history. Homeboy utilizes 12

18 multiple strategic partnerships most notably through its job placements as well as state and federal bodies that have approved and supported the work that is happening. Considering it s ideal location on half a city block, expanding their operation to fill that block could better help Homeboy s capacity to serve its local communities. Homeboy partners with local businesses willing to hire former gang members (Website #1) Homeboy has developed unique partnerships that pertain uniquely to each social enterprise, however moving forward stronger and more active relationships with partnership organization the easier it will be to follow up on performance or not. (Personal Observation). Homeboy partners with Children s Institute Inc. as a subgurantee for the US Department of Health and Human Services grand in order to better train and prepare candidates to be educated in parenting. G. Political/Legal Impact Issues: President Trump election heightened tensions and concerns amongst large Hispanic populations that constitute the majority of Homeboy s clients. (Staff Interview #2) Los Angeles has a messy history when it comes to race and incarceration. (Article #7) 9% of funding comes from the government (2016 Annual Report) Implications: In the current political and legal climate, immigration laws mean some client families are facing new realities of being deported and there is a definite need for legal help and assistance. Considering a large portion of their clients can be on parole, there may be certain critical legal meetings that need to be attended. The systemic issues of racial injustice cause deep-rooted mental frameworks that clients still must deal with in circumstances as simple as getting pulled over. In order to maintain funding, Homeboy Industries must operate within the legal expectations for them as a non-profit. H. Social/Cultural Environment Assessment: Lack of community, i.e. family, friends etc. for many youth in LA School district Former gang-members are not immediately trusted in foreign or new communities. High school drop out rates are extremely high for black and Hispanic students. People love transformation stories and contributing to them 13

19 Implications: With no family or consistent community, young people will often join gangs as their source of family. When children are not in school they are often left fending on their own and find themselves in the security of a gang. There is a definite need for a consistent and reliable community for these individuals both young and old. With a lack of general trust with former gang members, any social enterprise that operates within a home or business is generally not accepted. I. Vital Industry Statistics Over 10,000 former gang members come through Homeboy Industries each year. (Website #1) Recidivism among youthful offenders is extremely high: 2/3 will be re-arrested, up to 1/3 re-incarcerated within a few years after release. (Website #1) A day in prison costs $79 on average while a day on probation costs the state $3.42 In East LA, almost 53% of adults have never completed high school (Website #1) 43.5% of black students drop out of high school between 9-12 th grade and 36.1% Hispanic students. (Website #1) Los Angeles went from 39% Latino to 48% Latino in In 2006, President Bush met only one of 22 performance criteria set out by the No Child Left Behind Act. 14

20 II. Marketing Area Analysis A. Very Strong & Strong Areas: Homeboy has been consistent about getting success stories out on social media and their websites They consistently track output measurements within their 18-month program along with all of their social services including education, tattoo removal, workforce development, case management and mental health. Homeboy communicates output data each year in their annual report. Homeboy s workforce development program works with outside certification programs that equip trainees with official certifications of aptitude for particular industries With a full-time marketing staff, Homeboy has been able to consistently operate successful events and communicate clearly to stakeholders Homeboy has regular marketing meetings with marketing staff as well as other key staff members when necessary Volunteers have decision making power in certain aspects of Homeboy which allows greater ownership B. Areas that May Need Improvement: When collecting success stories, gathering stories from other parts of the organization, i.e. volunteers, staff, donors Homeboy does not collect data on how many volunteers they have utilized in what roles throughout their social services Homeboy Industries may need to collect more on volunteer satisfaction before and after their involvement. There is no specific alumni program in place that utilizes their past experiences to be a mentor or encouragement to current trainees Currently donors are looked at as assets to keep happy, rather than individuals who can get involved beyond monetary donations. C. Areas that Definitely Need Improvement: No methodical collection processes that records and stores stories from each trainee who comes through the program. Homeboy Industries does not communicate their output data alongside their success stories to connect even greater significance. Homeboy does not display output measurements on social media through info graphs. Homeboy can utilize follow up systems with alumni to gather output measurements that speak to industries and work environments graduates are now working. Homeboy Industries does not display outcome measurements on social media platforms through info graphs. Homeboy Industries does not collect data from alumni during the 18-month trainee program assessing their satisfaction levels within different social enterprises 15

21 Homeboy Industries does not have a designated staff member focusing on the marketing related problems/strategies of their 9 separate social enterprises Homeboy does not collect data from external employers assessing their satisfaction levels with trainees job performance Homeboy Industries does not collect data from employees to track their long-term job satisfaction levels. They do not have a database that contains all alumni information that is continually updated by case managers and staff. They do not implement a system that identifies why clients leave the program and continues to assess or maintain contact after. Homeboy does not implement a mentorship program between past trainees and current trainees in the program (Alumni Interview #1, Personal Observation) D. Areas that Need to Be Continually Monitored In a continually changing political and legal environment, Homeboy needs to be observant how they are positioning themselves as a non-profit as well as insulating from potential political and legal action. 16

22 III. Primary Marketing Goals for Next Year Purpose of the Respective Section: The purpose of this section is to highlight and categorize key marketing goals into three sections- immediate, short-term and long-term goals. The time frame represented in this section begins May 2017 and completes May Immediate: Make approved changes to mission statement that speak to the location and the unique services employed by Homeboy Industries. Begin integrating mission statement into relevant promotional mediums. Utilize Success Story forms when listening to trainees success and transcribe to database. Begin ing volunteer success story forms as well as satisfaction surveys. Consolidate output measurements into compact info graphics that are share through social media. Approve Alumni survey and begin ing it out. Implement tour follow-up tracking surveys. Begin development of Homegirl Catering Website. Develop unique Homegirl Catering mission statement and tagline. Implement customer satisfaction survey for Homegirl Catering customers. Round out Homegirl Catering profile on The Knot. Short-Term: Produce larger success video that integrates output measurements into an interviewed success story with animated info-graphics. Identify staff member to implement and oversee alumni involvement strategies including mentorship and job workshops. Schedule volunteer appreciation event. Create individualized rewards program for Homegirl Catering. Push Google Ad Words campaigns to generate more customer traffic. Long-Term: Shift Homegirl Catering to a value-based pricing strategy. Increase total Alumni involvement to 30%. Establish annual budget for marketing department by May % overall customer satisfaction rated very satisfied for Homegirl Catering by November % alumni satisfaction rated highly satisfied for job preparation by November Collect 50 partner success stories. 17

23 IV. Marketing Strategies Purpose of the Respective Section: The purpose of the marketing strategies section is to focus on the areas in the Internal and External Environment sections identified as needing improvement. Marketing strategies will provide recommendations for how Homeboy Industries can address these areas. This section should not be read negatively, but should be seen as tangible strategies that can serve in moving Homeboy closer towards its goals. Internal Marketing Strategies A. Proposed Mission Statement Purpose of the Respective Section: The mission statement is one of the most significant communicative touch points the organization has both internally and externally. Because of this, anything that can make the mission statement even stronger will help Homeboy Industries accomplish their goals. A1. Mission Statement Content Homeboy Industries Current Mission Statement: To help former gang members redirect their lives and become contributing members of their families and our community. Problem: Homeboy Industries mission statement does not address the geographical area that Homeboy serves. Recommendation #1: Revise Homeboy Industries mission statement to reflect the area in which they serve as well as their unique approach. Mission Statement Option #1: To help former gang members throughout LA redirect their lives through education, job training and counseling to become contributing members of their families and our community. Mission Statement Option #2: To help former gang members in the Los Angeles area redirect their lives and become contributing members of their families and our community through education, job training, legal services and counseling. Mission Statement Option #3: To help former gang members throughout Los Angeles redirect their lives through social services to become contributing members of their families and our community. How: Choose a new proposed mission statement and bring it to a member of the Board (specifically Father Boyle) with details as to why it is valuable to include their targeted location as well as more clearly defining what services they utilize to accomplish their mission. After 18

24 initial approval have Board of Directors evaluate at the next board meeting to confirm the revised mission statement for Homeboy Industries internal and external use. Why: Los Angeles is a populated and well-known area, and clarifying to donors and potential volunteers that Homeboy serves in the Los Angeles area decreases potential stakeholder confusion and shows local stakeholders that giving to Homeboy Industries is serving their local community. Considering the greater awareness of Los Angeles and it s historical racial and gang related violence, communities beyond will be able to recognize the relevance of these services in the area. All options touch on the specific geographical location of Homeboy. Options #1 and #2 give a break down of the specific services offered while option #3 gives a quick and brief reference to the services. A2. Mission Statement Communication Problem: Potential Donors, Volunteers and Stakeholders may not be aware of Homeboy Industries goal, as posed in the mission statement. Recommendation #1: Utilize mission statement in multiple communication channels, beyond just the website and internal meetings, including but not limited to: Individual Social Enterprise websites (Homeboy Screen printing, Homegirl Catering). Place at bottom of promotional flyers printed for Social Enterprises as well as general Homeboy Industries flyers. Utilize and reintroduce on a regular basis in Social Media posts, particularly for Facebook and Instagram. Integrate into success story videos when possible, underneath the Homeboy logo when introduced. Place on Homeboy associated products, especially largely distributed chips and salsas. How: As the websites are updated and developed for social enterprises, ensure that the mission statement is placed in a clear location. New flyers developed for Homeboy and social enterprises can be designed with the mission statement placed in an apparent but non-intrusive location. When Alexa develops a new social media post she can use her discretion to know good photos or events to highlight the mission statement. Furthermore with film, Alexa can place the missions statement in the video during the editing process or instruct an external production team if creating a larger video. Why: Homeboy does an incredible job at communicating the mission statement internally at the morning meetings. It has been so frequent that those within the organization have learned to quote it without ever needing to take time to memorize it. That being said, the mission statement has not been communicated externally as frequently. With all of the work that Homeboy does, the mission statement serves to remind stakeholders and beyond why their investment into the organization is so critical in seeing change in their community. Utilizing more communication channels to communicate the mission statement will have the same effect on the greater Homeboy community as the morning meetings have on those working internally within Homeboy. 19

25 B. Importance of Establishing Success Measurements Purpose of the Respective Section: Success measurements play a critical role in the marketing of Homeboy Industries by communicating both the quantitative and qualitative impact of the organization. Understanding the tangible numbers alongside personal testimonies deeply motivates all of those involved whether they are staff, volunteers, donors, partners and even stakeholders. Homeboy transforms lives, which in turn transforms families and communities. After thirty years of operation, the impact of Homeboy Industries on Los Angeles is unprecedented. By effectively communicating this story, Homeboy will be able to keep doing what they re doing. People give to success. As the extent of Homeboy s impact is communicated, their success will continue to draw the support of Los Angeles and greater communities. B1. Proposal for Utilizing Success Stories Success Stories - Content Problem: Currently, there is no methodical approach being implemented by Homeboy to consistently collect and record success stories. Considering the sensitivity needed when working with Homies and their personal backgrounds, stories are shared and heard in morning meetings only after the suggestion of the case manager and agreement by the client. Alexa Shafer must then follow up in order to record these stories. Beyond clients however, there is no consistent collection of other stakeholder success stories including, volunteers, staff, donors and partners. Recommendation #1: Homeboy Industry should establish a methodical approach to collecting success stories and recording them. How: This recommendation would work alongside the current process with two new phases. Phase 1 - CAPTURE: Considering the marketing team does not want to add any further work load for the case managers and rely on their discretion, Alexa will continue her process of following up with the trainees to talk through their success story with them after they have already been cleared. During this brief meeting Alexa will utilize a form (see following page) that assists in recording the success story and allow others to collect stories if needed. Phase 2 - RECORD: After Alexa has captured the success story; she will save each of these documents but also add the information into a database that can be accessed by those preapproved in other departments. Instead of establishing a complicated CRM database, Google Drive will allow Alexa and Kim to be able to store and organize each of the success stories for future use. Why: As we have already discussed, no extra work should be added to case managers however an organization of the information and a form for Alexa will streamline the process and become an asset for future use and development. ~Please See Form On Following Page~ 20

26 Homeboy Industries Success Story Weekly Collection Form Filled out at least once a week by Homeboy staff concerning success stories identified by case managers they personally serve Trainee Name: Date: Current Month Progress in Program: Current Social Enterprise working at: Story Collected: (What was the success observed in the trainee this week during the program? Examples include transitions in behavior, skill set, certification achievements, mental health as identified by case managers.) The name can be changed to protect the identity of the trainee if desired. 21

27 Recommendation #2: Homeboy should implement a follow up form for volunteers to have the option to share their success story. How: A volunteer success story form should be administered to volunteers on their particular service days. Collaboration between Alexa and Alegria Castro can be used to administer and collect the forms. As the head contact for volunteers, Alegria can send out an to the volunteers to ask if they have a story they would like to share. Considering the volunteer set up at Homeboy is more personal this would be a legitimate and feasible communication process. This form should be in digital format for the volunteer to be able to conveniently fill out and send back to Homeboy. Once received, Alexa can organize it into the Google Drive database for Homeboy. Why: Homeboy has a unique volunteer setup in utilizing individuals certified in relevant professional industries in order to come alongside and make significant contributions in the organization. As a result of this, their voices and stories carry even more weight. When a licensed psychologist or social worker speaks to the success they saw in the Volunteer Therapist Program, potential stakeholders will be more likely to buy into the success. ~Please See Form on Following Page~ 22

28 Volunteer Success Story Form Filled out by volunteers about their own transformative experience being a Homeboy volunteer instructor, teacher, psychologist, social worker or medical professional. Name: Profession (and associated practice if applicable): Date: How long you have served at Homeboy Industries: How has your experience volunteering at Homeboy Industries been healing or transformational for you? Or how have you witnessed healing and transformation in the lives of the homeboys and homegirls? If possible, please describe your mindset prior to volunteering at Homeboy, and how volunteering changed your outlook on life, your particular profession and the life of the hommies: Circle Answer: Can Homeboy Industries use your story on the Free Arts website? Yes / No Can Homeboy Industries use your story on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube?) Yes / No Would you be interested in Free Arts filming your success story for website and social media use? Yes / No Sign Here: Please form to 23

29 Recommendation #3: Homeboy should implement a follow up success form for partners to have the options to share their success story. How: A partner success form should be administered to partners 6 months following the trainees start at the particular organization. Collaboration between Alexa and Eugene can be used to administer and capture the success stories. Eugene who operates in career services and manages the multiple organization job partnerships would be the individual to send and with the digitalized form for the particular organization to fill out. Once received, Alexa can organize it into the Google Drive database for Homeboy. Why: Partners play a critical role in the success of Homeboy. If it weren t for partnering organizations, Homeboy would not be able to fulfill its mission. Some business have a more difficult time hiring former gang members than others, however there is always a hesitation there, they want as much of a guarantee that they are receiving a good employee even if they are still motivated by good will. The greatest assurance and proof for potential partner organizations is to hear and see the success of trainees in other organizations. ~Please See Form on Following Page~ 24

30 Partner Success Story Form Filled out by partners about transformative experiences witnessed in their own organization regarding alumni from Homeboy's 18-month trainee program. Name: Your Organization: Date: Thank you so much for your partnership with Homeboy Industries. In the interest of checking in on our Homeboy alumni and their success and ultimate contributions to your organization, we ask you record notable stories of success in which their work has helped to further your organizational goals. Examples include positive experiences with alumni's behavior, improved interactions with coworkers, and overall job performance and enjoyment. Thank you! All names of graduates and your current employees will be changed to protect their privacy. Circle Answer: Can Homeboy use your story/stories on the Homeboy's website? Yes / No Can Homeboy use your story on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube?) Yes / No Would you be interested in Homeboy filming your success story for website and social media use? Yes / No Should Homeboy change any names included in your story/stories? Yes / No Sign Here: Please Form to your Homeboy contact- 25

31 Success Stories Communication Problem: While overall Homeboy has done an excellent job at communicating their success stories through website and social media, the organization does not consistently communicate success stories from stakeholders beyond the clients and does not leverage video frequently. Recommendation #1: As success stories are gathered from partners and volunteers, Homeboy should differentiate these when communicating them on their website and social media platforms. How: As a database is gradually collected of success stories that include both trainees as well as volunteers and partners, the website should be updated by creating a category for users to either select a link to trainee, volunteer or partner success stories. After Alexa selects the stories, Andrew Platts in information technology can head up integrating and categorizing that information on the Homeboy website. Why: As stated above, Homeboy has done an excellent job in regard to success stories yet there are always things to do better. Any opportunity to leverage stories for greater support from the donor community should be taken. Effectively communicating the success stories of volunteers and partners is a great leverage opportunity. These stories displayed alongside the stories directly from the trainees, will communicate even greater credibility of the program. Recommendation #2: Homeboy should utilize a YouTube channel that is updated weekly with video content containing success stories. How: Alexa Shafer currently manages the YouTube channel and she will also be in charge of producing the individual success story videos. Alexa and Kim would use their discretion to select the appropriate story and get approval from the Case Manager as well as the individual trainee sharing their story. At this point, the current photographer on staff would be there utilize a similar interview style set up used in Junior s interview (see composition example below). After the video is captured, Alexa would be in charge of editing and posting it. 26

32 Why: Anytime Homeboy has posted an interview format video capturing a success story it has garnered the most attention on social media. Video is a powerful median for generating emotional connection and attachment to Homeboy as an organization. An interview format does not take as much production and time as other video formats and so it is feasible to accomplish with those currently on staff at Homeboy. B2. Proposal for Increasing Output Measurements Purpose of the Respective Section: For an organization like Homeboy, potential donors and the local community and government want to see tangible results of programs. Stories alone will help build public hype and excitement, but hard data that speaks to the impact of Homeboy s programs will garner sustained monetary and service commitment from the local communities. Output Measurements Content Homeboy Industries has been consistently collected output measurements. They have consistently kept track total number of former gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women in Los Angeles who have used their programs and services, how many attend their life skills and work readiness classes, received one-on-one employment counseling and the numbers placed in industry jobs. In regard to mental health they track numbers for therapy sessions, and support group attendance. They track DCFS cases to report how many families are reunited each year as well as current college enrolment numbers of current clients. Output Measurements - Communication Problem: While Homeboy Industries collects and communicates output measurements, there are underutilized opportunities to communicate the information more effectively. Recommendation #1: Integrate current output measurements onto Homeboy Industries social media accounts. How: With the already gathered output measurements, Alexa can begin to integrate the info graphics into Homeboy s social media posts. These posts can publish previously published and current data that has not yet been circulated and it can also utilize the previously used illustrator to create a grouping of new and fitted info graphs for visually pleasing Instagram posts. Why: Currently, Homeboy has done an effective job at communicating success stories on social media accounts. However, when these stories are communicated alongside valuable data people get to see both the qualitative and quantitative impact. A balance of both stories and data will send a clear message to potential donors and stakeholders that Homeboy is backing up their promises with real results of success. ~see next page for example~ 27

33 Example of a social media post with integrated info graphic: Recommendation #2: Integrate output measurements into a live action video with animated info graphics. How: Similar to previous interview success stories that have been filmed, this will communicate the powerful story of success accompanied with engaging data that appears in engaging animations when addressed by the interviewee. This video incorporates a higher production value and investment than other videos. Selecting a particularly powerful story or even having Father Boyle be the main interviewee to communicate the success of the organization could work. As a non-profit that does not have a large production budget, you can contact university film departments for cheaper and sometimes free work from students looking to build their own portfolios. A couple universities you can contact for their services: USC School of Cinematic Arts Phone: (213) Biola University Cinema and Media Arts Department Phone: (562)

34 Video Examples: Why: Film is a powerful communicator. More than a picture, the viewer hears the voice of the trainee, sees how they hold themselves, their expressions and smiles. When all of this is compounded with informative data it becomes the ultimate tool for communicating success. For an organization like Homeboy, you have the benefit of hundreds upon hundreds of success stories and thirty years now of data and results that speak to your success. As you enter your thirtieth year of operation, a higher production video is worth communicating the success and data that speaks to impact Homeboy has had on the community of LA over the last thirty years. B3. Proposal for Establishing New/Improved Outcome Measurements Purpose of the Respective Section: Organization and program outcomes are absolutely necessary in communicating specific data that speaks to the effectiveness of Homeboy Industries. Outcomes Measurements Content Case managers collect outcome measurements quarterly during the duration of the program. When a trainee enters the program they are assigned a case manager and together they set goals and come up with an individualized service plan. Throughout the 18-month program, the quarterly survey assesses five key areas: Housing Recidivism Social Connectedness Substance Abuse Family Reunification This provides Homeboy with a total of 6 outcome measurements surveys from each trainee throughout their time in the program. This is a thorough and successful measurement that speaks to the relevant changes experienced by trainees in Homeboy s programs. 29

35 Outcomes Measurements Communication Problem: While Homeboy systematically tracks outcome measurements thorough case managers, they have rarely communicated the results and when they have it hasn t shown the progressive difference over time. Recommendation #1: Outcome measurements should be communicated through social media as another level of data on top of output measurements alongside success stories. How: As this data is recorded, it should be passed on to Alexa Shafer so that she can integrate the data into her social media info graphic posts. In regard to video interviews, this data is particularly more relevant than output data when a trainee is speaking in regard to their own life change experienced considering outcome measurements speak directly to the before and after impact. These outcomes can also be featured on success stories posted on Homeboy s website and you can use lines interjecting that explain As a result of the 18-month trainee program at Homeboy Industries, 91% of homeboys and homegirls feel safe in their current living environment. Why: Considering Homeboy Industries receives the most traffic on their social media outlets, this valuable information will reach the widest target audience and have the potential for greatest impact. While this information is helpful for Homeboy to keep track of their success, it is something that cannot remain inside the information because of its value for conveying success. Recommendation #2: Outcome measurements should be consistently communicated in the Annual Reports as well as any quarterly reports sent to donors. How: This is a process that is already in motion; the only adjustment would be to have the illustrator in charge of annual report development to consistently integrate the outcome measurements in reports. Furthermore, instead of giving and ending percentage, utilize the difference identified in initial surveys with end surveys to show the overall change that occurred within the program. This data will need to be shared by the case managers with the illustrator. Why: It s one thing for donors to see how many trainees are being reached, but it is a completely different impact when they see numbers tied in with transformation data. Consistently sending donors the results from outcome measurements will help to insulate their support and trust in Homeboy s programs. 30

36 B4. Hypothetical Success Page Purpose of the Respective Section: This section is meant to identify the value in the current info graphics being utilized by Homeboy and identify the importance of integrating success stories, outputs, and outcomes all in one page. Homeboy has recognized the importance of success pages and this is an opportunity to leverage the current use of Homeboy s info graphics. The following are different info graphics utilized by Homeboy all containing one of the three core aspects of a success page, if these were all integrated it would add a degree of impact. Why: Considering the previous example pulls from multiple info graphics it doesn t represent the coherent flow that should be achieved in a info graphic however it should demonstrate the importance of combining success stories along with output and outcome measurements. 31

37 C. Alumni Program Strategies Reason for the Respective Section: For Homeboy Industries, Alumni is perhaps your greatest asset as an organization. This is wholly unique from most all other non-profit organization. This section is meant to put forth potential strategies that will help strengthen and insulate Homeboy s alumni network in order for it to be utilized to it s full impact, benefiting both Alumni as well as Homeboy Industries. Problem: There are no systematic communication systems in place with Alumni after they have left the program. Contact is no longer maintained with case managers however Alumni have shown an incredible loyalty to the organization and intent to stay involved. Alumni Communication Strategy Option #1: As the Global Homeboy Network Manager, Alison Lass will programmatically send out a quick and easy survey for all previous Homeboy Alumni to fill out. Instead of relying on word of mouth for success stories, this will allow Homeboy industries to not only collect success stories from alumni, but also be able to identify percentages of those who are still employed and working and those who are not. In order for convenience on behalf of Alison as well as Alumni, a Survey Monkey survey that is sent over is ideal. The survey would be used as an initial point of contact for Alumni and allow for further communication channels to be utilized through if there is further interest in donating or being involved. Option #2: Considering the personal nature of the program, it may be identified that case managers are the best point of contact for Alumni. In this case it would be the responsibility of each case manger to reach out to their Alumni with a survey. Data Collection: An interdepartmental database should be built up around these surveys. Alison has built up a database of alumni information and should give access to case manager to be able to contribute. If that database does not work, storing the data can be as easy as utilizing the same Google Drive Folder that contains success stories and create a separate folder containing Alumni information. ~survey example on following page~ 32

38 Why: Without a consistent system in place to track the status of alumni, Homeboy will lose out on one of their most valuable assets. Maintaining a database that knows the current position of the last thirty years of alumni, will allow homeboy to use that data to speak to their success. 33

39 Alumni Involvement Strategy Option #1: Homeboy can implement a mentorship program that connects Alumni with current trainees. In order for this to prove the most benefit to the trainees, the Alumni should demonstrate significant maturity in being able to mentor and come alongside a trainee. Furthermore, Homeboy should seek to connect trainees with Alumni who are currently working in the industries of particular interest to the trainee. Program Development: In order for this program to get off the ground homeboy must be able to identify a current staff member who can oversee the program. Considering Alison works with Alumni already she could be a potential candidate. Because of the need for an understanding of program dynamics and sensitivity to alumni and trainee experiences, Homeboy must rely on an internal staff member to take on the extra responsibility rather than relying on an external hire. Option #2: For Alumni who cannot commit to the mentorship program but still demonstrate interest in contributing, there is a potential to train alumni on becoming volunteers in teaching environments. Considering their industry and their experience, there may be Alumni who have become professionals in their industries and can lead job-training workshops at Homeboy Industries. Program Development: In order for this program to get off the ground, it would function as any typical volunteer program. As the Director of Education, Brittany would be in charge of identifying the classes that fit with Alumni training and background and operate as they would with any typical volunteer. Why: Homeboy has already seen the sustained commitment and love from alumni of the program. There is a desire to stay connected with the community and give back. Reaching out to and relying on alumni to play a part in serving in Homeboy helps to create a culture of hope for trainees even more than a normal volunteer would. 34

40 D. Volunteer Strategies Purpose of the Respective Section: Volunteers are critical to the function of Homeboy and their ability to offer their free services. As a result, this section is intended to identify specific strategies that can contribute to maintaining the success of the current program. Long-term Program Feasibility: Considering the importance of volunteers to the success of Homeboy Industries, it is critical that the volunteer program is operating at its peak. In order to accomplish this, Homeboy will need to hire a fulltime Volunteer Staff Coordinator. As previous hires, this position would ideally be filled by an internal promotion, by somebody who understands the organization already allowing for a smooth and efficient transition. H1. Volunteer Recruitment A) Ideal Profile of a Volunteer The ideal profile of a Homeboy volunteer would contain the following characteristics: Is passionate about the work of Homeboy Industries and demonstrates a value of the lives being served. Is able to commit to a consistent schedule of serving with Homeboy and prioritize that time as much as life permits. Is excited to be a part of the larger Homeboy staff, and values relationships with workers. Licensed and certified instructor if GED prep or DMV classes; licensed therapist, social worker or psychologist if working in Homeboy Heals program; M.D., P.A., or N.P. if working with the Tattoo Removal Service. B) Finding Ideal Volunteers Problem: Homeboy Industries current volunteer program is not clearly and consistently communicated to larger donor and social media networks. Recommendation #1: Utilize Facebook and Instagram to describe the particular volunteer roles available with a connecting link to the applications. How: Currently, volunteer information is buried within Homeboy s website. In order for easy access for committed followers of the organization to apply, Alexa can utilize a social media post to direct followers to the applications. Why: A social media post about volunteer positions is important for two reasons. Homeboy has their most consistent following and attention on their social media platforms. Upwards of 36K people see their Instagram posts. That is a pool of 36K individuals who have already demonstrated interest and a degree of commitment to the organization. Inevitably there is a large pool of qualified workers here who can serve proficiently at Homeboy Industries. Recommendation #2: Ask volunteers to identify potential volunteers in their professional networks. 35

41 How: Specifically ask volunteers who are psychologists, doctors and physicians assistants to think through individuals they know who would be interested in helping at Homeboy and can contribute to the overall mission. If identified, ask them to direct the potential volunteers to Homeboy Industries website application. Why: Considering our volunteers are professionals in their industries, they have significant networks they can pull from. Even more, a lot of their relationships and friendships exist within those networks. As a result, they will have an ability to accurately identify individuals who would be a helpful fit in Homeboy Industries. C) Why Ideal Volunteers Would Want to Get Involved Volunteers grew up in LA and seek to give back to their community. Volunteers have a personal connection to the impact of systematic recidivism in LA and the destruction done by gang activity and lacking social programs. Volunteers are Homeboy Alumni Volunteers simply admire the work that Homeboy is doing and want to be a part of it. Certain professionals are completely consumed in their work and may be seeking an opportunity to step out and be a part of something bigger. Recommendation #1: With these in mind, Homeboy should be clear about communicating the benefits of being a Homeboy volunteer that speak directly to these desires on their website. How: Homeboy should develop more copy to the volunteer information on their website that speaks to the uniqueness of their volunteer program and what and volunteer can expect. Specifically, they should address the average time commitment/flexibility, the potential difficulty and frustration of teaching trainees, as well as the reward of working with them. It should lay out a clear expectation of their personal desire to be involved in the organization and a contributor and advocate of the overall mission. All of this should be tailored to the four categories of volunteer currently on Homeboy s website. Why: The more communication that occurs on the front end with volunteers will help ensure their commitment is established on clear expectation which will contribute to a more beneficial relationship between Homeboy and the volunteer. H2. Volunteer Utilization D) How Free Arts Can Utilize Ideal Volunteer s Resources/Expertise Considering the nature of Homeboy s volunteer program, they have established a program that is utilizing volunteers who are contributing their specific professional skills. Volunteer expertise is identified in the application process to pre-qualify them for their desired position of serving. Moving forward from there it is important to assess the satisfaction of this highly valuable volunteer base. 36

42 E) How to Encourage/Improve Volunteer Satisfaction Problem: Currently Homeboy does not consistently evaluate volunteer satisfaction and create appreciation events for them. Recommendation #1: Introduce a volunteer satisfaction survey that can be ed to current volunteers. How: This survey will be sent out by the Volunteer Coordinator to all current volunteers. The responses will allow Homeboy to track the satisfaction levels of their volunteers. 37

43 Why: The first step in volunteer satisfaction is awareness of their needs and desires. This survey will allow Homeboy to continue to track their satisfaction levels and respond accordingly, allowing them to ultimately retain one of their most valuable assets as an organization. Recommendation #2: As part of Homeboy Industries budget, they should host a volunteer appreciation event annually. How: Homeboy can center this event on food and community. It can be as simple as a dinner with all the volunteers in a casual setting, gathering together around food and recounting success stories. The attendance of Greg Boyle would bring added value for the volunteers especially if he personally shared his appreciation. This even could be hosted right in Homegirl Café in the evening. Why: The purpose of this kind of even is to communicate how much Homeboy values its volunteers. In that kind of work, volunteers are often flying under the radar without recognition. Many of them recognize this and accept it, however, recognizing their value and contribution to the organization would play a major role in their overall satisfaction. Feeling appreciated is essential when you are freely giving your time. Recommendation #3: Provide extra opportunities for volunteers to sit in on certain staff meeting where their voice can be heard and they can make a contribution. How: There are numerous staff wide meeting that occur on a weekly or monthly basis at Homeboy industries. The volunteer coordinator should extend an invitation to volunteers who can contribute to conversation and discussion. This would not be a general invitation to all volunteers, but rather personalized understanding the unique professions of each volunteer and their personal investment in the success of Homeboy. Why: Considering volunteers are certified instructors and professionals in the medical field they can make significant contribution to particular meetings held at Homeboy. Furthermore, an invitation to contribute to a larger organizational discussion will give the volunteers a greater sense of ownership in their role. 38

44 E. Trainee Satisfaction Survey Purpose of the Respective Section: In order for Homeboy to have a complete data collection of their clients, it is important to anonymously collect feedback from clients. This section will give an idea of how to administer this type of survey as well as potential questions to be asked. Problem: While Homeboy has systematically collected outcome measurements on Homeboy s and Homegirls they do not have a consistent method for assessing the trainees overall satisfaction of the program at the end of the 18-months. Recommendation #1: Establish a trainee satisfaction survey and have marketing department it to homeboy or homegirl at the end of the 18-month program. How: Surveys should be send out from the marketing department. While the particular case manager will have had the most interaction with the trainee and while this builds trust it erodes the concept of having an anonymous survey. A trainee will be more likely to candidly fill out a survey sent from the marketing department. These surveys will be administered online for convenience and an easy ability to gather and consolidate survey results on behalf of the marketing department. It is important to communicate the importance of being honest and encouraging genuine feedback from trainees. Why: Most all trainees have great and transformative experiences with Homeboy. As a result if there is any issue it can often times be easier to sweep it under the rug for the trainee rather than raise an issue. In this case, it is important for Homeboy Industries to go out of it s way to give trainees and open and safe space for them to share their experience honestly. ~Please See Survey on Following Page~ 39

45 40

46 Click for Survey 41

47 F. Proposed Research Tracking System Purpose of the Respective Section: To capitalize on underleveraged areas of potential data capture that can aid Homeboy in identifying the general perception of programs. Problem: While Homeboy gathers in-depth background information of all trainees, volunteers, and donors, they have groups of individuals visiting on a daily basis for tours that represent potential donor bases. The information of these individuals is not effectively captured and recorded. Recommendation #1: Record the names and s of visitors and send them a follow up survey after their tour that can capture more information. How: Create a section on the typical sign in sheet used at the front desk with a space for . Each person must sign in before the tour and whoever the tour guide is will inform the group of the follow up survey at the conclusion of the tour. A Google Form is easy to develop and track information. Below is a potential example and connecting link so it can be edited. Why: This information will be added to the potential donor database that is operated by both the marketing department and Antoinette. The importance of these individuals is they have the potential to develop into potential volunteers, donors and general advocates of the organization. Considering each of these individuals took a tour of Homeboy they have a unique insight and buy in to the organization than someone who has never been and therefore pose more value as a potential donor. Click for Survey ~See Next Page for Survey Example~ 42

48 43

49 G. Proposed Organizational Marketing Structure Purpose of the Respective Section: In order for the proposed marketing activities to be implemented successfully, all of the marketing activities need to be reviewed by relevant staff members in order for a coordinated interdepartmental strategy. This degree of coordination will require either new marketing meetings that incorporate all relevant personnel, or an integration of proposed marketing activities into current meetings. Problem: The integration of new marketing activities can be difficult to implement into an already focused marketing department. Recommendation #1: Integrate proposed strategies into current marketing meetings on a monthly basis. How: Currently, Kim, Alexa, Tom and Ed hold marketing meetings concerning a range of different activities. Some of these meetings are consistent and others are situational. If possible, time should be set aside within one of these meetings for Alexa and Kim to propose key marketing activities they have identified as most relevant at that current time. If these strategies require the involvement of other departments, the relevant staff should also be present at this meeting. As the year progresses, there should be consistent marketing meetings that address the progress and completion of particular strategies (reference Part VII: List of Marketing Activities) by month. Alexa can run these meetings and she can give an update on data collected by surveys from alumni, volunteers and donors as well as increased traffic for Homegirl Café generated through promotion strategies and other marketing related goals. Why: Integrating these proposed strategies into consistent marketing meetings will help create a unified vision around the key goals and allow other relevant staff to be able to stay up-to-date on the progress. These meetings will give Kim and Alexa a chance to demonstrate the legitimacy of survey data as it is collected and speaks into potentially new strategies to be implemented off of customer and stakeholder feedback. 44

50 H. Sample Marketing Meeting Agenda Purpose of the Respective Section: In order to conduct the suggested marketing meetings effectively, this section lays out the format of a marketing meeting agenda that can help give clarity and direction to the meeting. How: Alexa has the option to use the attached marketing meeting agenda whether there is a monthly meeting established to assess marketing goals, or there is an individual meeting scheduled upon request of Tom or Ed to assess the particular month or quarter progress. Each agenda should be adjusted accordingly to the particular goals focused on for that month, and should be distributed to each individual in the meeting. This meeting should speak to tangible success measurements and touch on practical steps moving forward. Why: Utilizing a marketing meeting agenda will help Alexa keep the staff present for the meeting focused and on track on the specific goals and expectations for that meeting. It will both protect the valuable time schedules of the individuals present, while also guaranteeing that each important topic is discussed. -Please See Example Marketing Meeting Agenda on Following Page~ 45

51 Name: Date: Please check boxes as meeting progresses. Marketing Meeting Agenda 1. Initial Concepts/Context Address any changes being made at Homeboy Industries including and otherwise than in the current marketing plan. Go through the last month s list of marketing activities and assess if they were all completed. o If yes, move on. o If no, discuss why/if these can be completed this month. 2. Review surveys, and key success stories collected since the last marketing meeting. Note themes identified throughout surveys. Note any major issues/suggestions Delegate who will enter information into database Discuss potential action plans proposed based off of key survey results. 3. Discuss progress in specific Homegirl Catering marketing strategies. Assess this month s revenue increase/decrease. Update on website development status and resources need if relevant. 4. Social Media Update Choose 8-10 major success stories for Alexa to post throughout next month's posts. 5. Fundraising Discuss effectiveness of previous month s fundraising activities. Did any particular effort lead to exceptional results? Did any efforts fall short? Was there an event this month that needs to be assessed by itself? 6. List this month s list of marketing activities. Break down month s marketing activities. Assign duties to staff, volunteers, and board, based off needed activities of the month. 7. Open up discussion to other needs that marketing team members may have. 8. Schedule next meeting. My Delegated Tasks This Month: 46

52 External Marketing Strategies A. Potential Target Markets Purpose of the Respective Section: This section will help to clarify the unique target markets that fall under the services of Homeboy Industries in order to maintain focused strategies for the separate categories. End-User Client Target Market a. Former Gang Members ages Why: Trainees that enter the program before they are an adult will have very different mental services needs as well as class training and development. While many of these young adults still live with a parent or guardian there is still a select few who are taking care and providing for themselves. b. Former Gang Members ages Why: Trainees that enter the program between the ages of 18 and 25 have most likely experienced more gang involvement and activity than minors. Furthermore, they are not liable to legal actions and will be in greater need of Homeboy s legal services. At this age they are still experiencing major psychological development however they are most likely their own primary decision maker. c. Former Gang Members ages 26+ Why: Trainees that enter the program from 26 years old and up have gone through the majority of their developmental processes during their lives involved in gangs. Cycles and recidivism is going to be a more prevalent issue and the role of the communities at Homeboy is critical to the success of the trainee. Job training and skills play a large role in these trainees as they see jobs as the source to money that is clean and legal. Volunteer Target Markets f. Volunteers Why: Considering the professional level at which Homeboy Industries volunteers work, their volunteer base has the potential to be a multi-functional volunteer and donor source. These volunteers not only cut the time out of their potential schedules, but work in professions that generate an average to an above average income. Donor Target Markets g. Individual Donors Why: The largest sum in donations received by Homeboy come from their Individual Donor Base. This category occupies donors who have contributed $200,000+ in a fiscal year. Many of these are from families who have been a part of larger organization and since created a foundation, and some are strictly individual. 47

53 h. Corporate Donors Why: Corporate donors for Homeboy include organizations from AT&T to Boeing. The largest pool of donation amount for corporate donors falls with $100,00 to $199,000. These target includes universities which present high future value considering their involvement also garners the attention of students attending the university. Job Partnership Target Market i. Strategic Job Partnerships Why: For-profit organizations that hire from Homeboy are the ultimate decision makers in the employment of homeboys and homegirls. There is a lot of pressure riding on their willingness and ability to hire ex-cons and former gang members. Fostering and developing these relationships place a critical role in the long term success of Homeboy Industries Homegirl Catering Target Markets j. Individual Why: While this doesn t constitute repeat business very frequently, it speaks to the frequency of events in the lives of an individual including, birthdays, holidays, wedding and so forth. Catering this target market is an opportunity for Homegirl Café to continue to garner larger city-wide recognition. k. Corporation Why: The corporation target market constitutes the largest repeat business. Fostering these relationships are critical because our relational health with them translates to direct repeat in business. Corporation lunches also generate exposure to the larger internal organization being served to produced potential individual business. l. University Why: In particular USC and UCLA represent are biggest customers. This speaks to the connection between those who utilize social enterprise and those heavily invested in the work of the organization. USC and UCLA play a role in partnering with Homeboy in the services they offer. Universities present a great dual opportunity of generating overall program support as well as individualized social enterprise business. 48

54 B. Chosen Specific Target Market Purpose of the Respective Section: This section will identify one of the market segments listed above as a primary target market for the purposes of this research report and overall benefit and relevance to the client. In regard to the current marketing research plan and for the external strategies, the target market that will be considered primary is Homegirl Catering Corporation target market which is denoted above as k. Why this market was chosen: Primary decision maker (client) interviews revealed that Homegirl Catering is the current focus of the marketing department and in most need of focused marketing strategies. The specific segment of corporations has been highlighted as a desired focus of Thomas Vozzo, the CEO of Homeboy because of it s potential for consistent repeat business. A second target market that will be considered primary for the purposes of this research plan is Individual Donors, which is denoted above as g. Why this market was chosen: Because Homeboy is in a unique position now balancing their current database of over 30,000 potential donors along with a new following on Social Media that they want to be able to convert from simply followers into invested donors. 49

55 C. Proposed Customer Experience Strategies Purpose of the Respective Section: This section is intended to provide Homeboy Industries with strategies to respond to the particular customer experience problems being faced by Homegirl Café that will help in restoring revenue goals for the social enterprise. Problem #1 Website needs to be redesigned, difficult to find, and fails to engage current and potential customers. Recommendation #1: Redesign Homegirl Catering website with an online ordering system. How: Homeboy either needs to hire out an external web developer or utilize their internal director of IT. The Homegirl Catering website should be most importantly easy to navigate. The website homepage should be visually driven with clear high quality photos of the diversity of plates offered mixed in with the faces of the cooks and servers. This homepage should provide and easy navigation directly to online ordering page. Website Homepage Example Order Form Example 50

56 Why: In order for Homegirl Catering to begin expanding beyond a customer base that is well aware of Homeboy Industries and begin to compete with other catering companies, it is essential that they improve their convenience and access for customers. Having a website is a critical touch point for customers looking to place an order a quick corporate lunch. In these cases customers are not looking for intense customization but rather a quick ordering process. Problem #2 Association with Homeboy Industries lessens customer perceived value. Recommendation #1: Develop a unique Homegirl Catering mission statement. Mission Statement Option #1: To provide Los Angeles with an individualized catering experience drawing from a customizable menu and a spirited staff. Mission Statement Option #2: Catering diverse and flavorful menus with a knowledgeable and spirited staff to Los Angeles families, corporations and universities. How: Choose a proposed mission statement or use the framework to develop a new mission statement to be integrated into all future marketing related decision-making concerning Homegirl Catering. Place the selected mission statement onto the website for clear communication to customers. Why: The mission statement will differentiate the mission of Homegirl Catering in order for them to establish themselves as a legitimate competitor within their industry. Furthermore it will allow for unified vision internally for the purposes and strategies undertaken as one of Homeboy Industries enterprises. Recommendation #2: Develop a unique Homegirl Catering tagline. Tagline Option #1: Flavorful Food - Spirited Staff Satisfied Stomachs Tagline Option #2: Eat Food. Do Good. Tagline Option #3: Transformational Menus by Transformational People How: Choose a proposed tagline or use the framework to develop a new tagline to be utilized on any new promotional material printed as well as staff uniforms. This tagline should be integrated into the current Homegirl Catering logo and placed on the website. Why: A tagline is meant to be short and memorable while adequately differentiating the organization. A successful tagline for Homegirl Catering will begin to set them apart from Homeboy Industries while still maintain their unique position in the industry as an organization that staffs former gang-members and those previously incarcerated. 51

57 Recommendation #3: Gather quotes from past customers through customer satisfaction survey. How: Have Shannon reintroduce the old customer satisfaction survey and begin sending it to customers the day of their catering experience. Alternative option is to develop a new survey on Google Forms or Survey Monkey to distribute easily through to customers. Potential Survey Example: Continued on next page 52

58 53

59 Why: A customer satisfaction survey will not only collect quotes that can speak to the value of the brand, but it is a method for systematically identifying what your most valuable customers desire. Problem #3 Donors and Board members expect a discount as high as 20% because of previous gifts given to Homeboy Industries. Recommendation #1: Create an individualized rewards program for Homegirl Catering alone. How: There are startup tech firms that are offering easily accessible software to employ rewards programs. Homegirl Catering can try a demo of one of their programs to see if it is easily integrated into their program. Since Alexa is adept with working with intuitive software, she would set the rewards program up within one of the software programs. Once it is established she can instruct Shannon on how to manage it. A couple software services include (click for link): Why: By offering a rewards program, Shannon will be able to offer an alternative to the 20% discount without upsetting donors. Furthermore, where as a discount cuts out profit margins, a rewards program will actually acts to insulate customers and increase repeat business. 54

60 D. Proposed Pricing Strategies Purpose of the Respective Section: This section seeks to identify and evaluate the positioning of Homegirl Catering s current pricing strategy. Competitive Boxed Lunch Price Comparison: Corner Bakery- sandwich, 2 side dish, dessert, drink (20) = $295 Homegirl Café- sandwich, salad, dessert, drink (20) = $200 Panera Bread- sandwich, chips, pickle, cookie, drink (20) = $224 Price Positioning Map Corner Bakery Homegirl Café Panera Bread *Quality Perception based on subjective insights- unable to identify relevant primary or secondary data concerning. 55

61 Pricing Recommendation #1: Implement a value-based pricing strategy in place of the current competitive pricing strategy. How: A meeting would need to be held with Shannon, Tom Vozzo, Ed Flynn, Kim and Alexa to discuss moving forward with the new pricing strategy. If there is an agreement to raise prices, there not only needs to be an immediate change in the listed prices, but there should be an added service that is communicated to existing customers who may be disgruntled with a higher price. This could be something as simple as the introduction of the customer rewards program, or it can include some other value added service. Why: Product pricing communicates the ultimate value of the product to the consumer. While consumers like cheaper prices, they also associate them with lower quality. If Homegirl Catering has better quality food than their competitors, their prices should reflect that. It can be very difficult to change to a value-based pricing model mid-stride, but long term it will not only boost the profits of Homegirl, but it will reinforce an image of quality to the customer. 56

62 E. Proposed Place and Partnership Strategies Purpose of the Respective Section: This section seeks to identify potential strategic partnerships to make Homegirl Catering more accessible to its target markets. Problem: Homegirl Catering is not connected with a larger even planning network, which is a critical requirement to engage more customers as a vendor. Recommendation #1: Further develop account on How: Shannon will need to log in to the existing account and edit Homegirl Catering s profile. The photos that have been utilize in brochures and on Homeboy Industries website can be uploaded to the profile on The Knot. Furthermore, Shannon will need to develop and write copy giving a warm and exciting introduction to the services they provide. Why: The knot has become a key e-commerce portal when it comes to wedding planning. Both couples and wedding planners utilize the website to identify vendors in the area. Homegirl Catering s presence on this website will contribute to a larger customer base and more events. Recommendation #2: Contact top event planners in greater Los Angeles area. How: Shannon will need to make phone calls or send s describing the unique vendor services of Homegirl Catering and sell their differentiation from other catering companies. Here is a list of some of the top event planners in LA: Kristin Banta Website Elle A Events Website Phone Details Event Planning Website Phone Why: Growing relationships with event planners and becoming a pleasant vendor for them to work with will generate more business for Homegirl Catering as they move forward. While individual customers are not generally repeating customers, event planners definitely will come back if their clients are repeatedly happy with your service. 57

63 V. Promotion/Awareness Strategies for Designated Target Market Purpose of the Respective Section: Identify most effective promotion strategies the generate awareness and increase in bookings for Homegirl Catering target markets. Digital Strategies As identified in client meeting #6, the core promotional issues relating to the Homegirl Catering are digital. For the purpose of this proposal and the established goals, all of the marketing related promotion strategies utilize digital mediums. Recommendation #1: Incorporate new mission statement onto website. How: Whether website development is accomplished by the internal IT department or an outside firm, the mission statement should be communicated and integrated onto the homepage of the website. Why: In the efforts to establish a unique brand identity that remains connected to the greater Homeboy mission, a unique mission statement should be clearly communicated to any traffic that comes to the new website. Mission statements are powerful communicator tools that should be utilized particularly in a social enterprise that is having a great emotional impact. Recommendation #2: Populate website with employee and customer success stories. How: As customer data is collected from the customer satisfaction surveys sent through Homegirl Catering, this data will be stored alongside the larger customer database. Since Alexa is familiar with accessing this information, she can send relevant success stories of both the workers as well as customers to Sharron to update on the website. Why: As a social enterprise, Homegirl Catering still has some of the emotional power and draw as Homeboy. With this in mind, Homegirl should capitalize on this utilize success stories to draw customers into the good they have the potential to be a part of by ordering food through Homegirl Catering. Recommendation #3: Homegirl Catering should capitalize on the underleverage promotional asset of Google AdWords and begin operating campaigns to boost awareness and traffic to their website. How: Homeboy Industries has already been able to acquire the prestigious Google AdWords grant, allowing them $10,000 every month in adwords spending however, currently they are only utilizing $2,000 every month. With the extent of Homeboy s social enterprises and programs they have the capacity to generate enough involvement to raise the money. In order to leverage this program, Alexa will have to self-educate on the aspects of Google AdWords, this may take a 2-5 hour investment on the front end and will then only require a 1 hour commitment per week to maintain consistent ad spend. Following are tutorials to Google AdWord education software. 58

64 Lynda provides great video training for Google AdWords. Click the logo to be taken to a 3hr instructional video. This service costs money, but there is a free trial availablel. Google AdWords provide direct video tutorials and instruction on how to utilize AdWords for campaigns. Udemy provides an in-depth 18-hour Google AdWords course set up for you to take at your ownpace. When this link was first viewed it only cost $10. Why: Google Ad Words presents an untapped $120,000 promotional budget that Homeboy can utilize specifically for their Homegirl Catering enterprise. While it would require a significant investment of time from Alexa, it is easily learned and the amount of hours of investment will ultimately reap much larger rewards in the form greater profits. 59

65 VI. Fund Raising Strategies Purpose of the Respective Section: The goal of this section is to provide Homeboy Industries with insights into their current fundraising strategies and recommendations to further their success. A. Overview of Existing Fund Raising Strategies Homeboy s operational budget relies on a diversity of sources for funding. They receive their operating budget from their social enterprises, government grants, and individual and corporate donors. While Homeboy Industries doesn t operate entirely off of the support of individual donors, fundraising still plays a critical role in the success of Homeboy s mission. A major focus for fundraising is committed to major events throughout the year. In their 1 st quarter, Lo Maximo is their largest fundraising event; following this they host a 5K in October as well as a Casino Night for major Finance and Real Estate players. Besides these events, major donor relationships are carefully cultivated throughout the year by Antoinette. Lo Maximo event is hosted with these donors in mind. Not only does a plate require a large initial investment, but once at the event Donors get a unique opportunity and look into the success of the organization. This event is therefore two-fold: donor insulation, and further fundraising opportunity. Homeboy has a database of over 30,000 donors who have given at least once before. With this larger database they utilize a QBI score that allows them to rank donors in regards to value. As the end of the year approaches, Homeboy has campaigns that capitalize on the giving spirit at the end of the year as well as motivations concerning tax deductibles. These strategies are only successful with their larger donor base that gives smaller donations. B. Proposal for Improving Existing Fundraising Strategies Recommendation #1: Send out Success Story Booklets to donors with a high QBI score on a semi-annual basis. How: As Alexa continues to gather success stories and forms a larger database; the marketing department can identify the key stories worth communicating from the previous 6 months. These stories can be compiled into a short booklet highlighting 5 stories. These stories would include current trainees, alumni now working outside of Homeboy and even relevant volunteer testimonies. These will then be printed and sent directly to donors. Because of the massive database of donors, Homeboy will be selective in identifying their more valuable donors and those in which are most likely to donate in response to reading these stories. These booklets can also be turned into PDF booklets that can be accessible to the entire donor population. Why: These booklets will be essential for the older yet invested donors who may not follow social media as actively and aren t large enough donors to make it to major fundraising events. 60

66 Recommendation #2: Create a joint venture fundraising strategy where one of Homeboy s corporate donors matches every dollar donated up until an agreed upon total. How: Antoinette would identify corporate donors who have showed the most interest and investment in the success of Homeboy. Homeboy would reach out to these donors to identify who is interested in partnering in a joint venture campaign that will both raise money for Homeboy and garner helpful attention for whatever corporation decides to partner. This campaign would be fleshed out on social media, utilizing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Several of Homeboy s corporate donors are organizations that have their own large social media followings and this type of campaign has the potential of generating enough positive PR for them that they would also incorporate it into their social media. Why: This kind of joint venture fundraising strategy is a new way to engage Homeboy s large social media followings. Many of these followers may be initially intimidated at giving and giving is often associated with large amounts. This type of campaign will be able to involve potential donors who otherwise wouldn t donate by making them feel like their contributions are part of a larger community movement that will have a greater impact. Furthermore, this will garner Homeboy more attention if their partnering organization features the campaign on their own social media. Recommendation #3: Use a survey to identify the current investment of a donor and who they are. How: Considering the size of Homeboy s donor database, an survey would be most effective to deliver quick and convenient results. These surveys could be adjusted to address donors right after a major donation or a general check in. Why: A survey accomplishes two major improvements in fundraising strategies. First, receiving a survey can often times communicate to donors that their voice matters and that Homeboy cares about their overall experience of partnering with the organization. Secondly, surveys provide the opportunity for Homeboy to gain relevant insights into potential areas of needs in their donor population and affirm current strategies and suggest new ones. ~See survey example on next page~ 61

67 62

68 63

69 C. Proposed Donor Investment Strategies Recommendation #1: Identify what industries donors are involved in and invite those in relevant industries to be a part of Homeboy s job fair for trainees. How: This identification process would be handled by Antoinette and will be built as through survey administration. As stated in Recommendation #3 of Section B, a survey can identify both their current involvement and general demographic data that can reveal the specific industry they work in. Considering the majority of Homeboys and Homegirls end up preferring manual labor work, Antoinette would then invite donors that are currently within those relevant industries to visit Homeboy s job fair day or simply a specific industry workshop depending on the interest of the donor. This would be coordinated between Antoinette who is in charge of donors and Eugene s department that handles a lot of post program organizational partnerships. Why: Homeboy currently seeks out partnerships with organizations for job training and job placement opportunities. There is potential for a large and untapped donor population that has already demonstrated commitment and investment into the mission of Homeboy that is simply not aware of opportunities to be more involved. Considering they have already demonstrated buy in through their donations, there is a high likelihood there are potential organizations and individuals who would be interested in working more closely with trainee job training and job placement. Recommendation #2: Identify individual donors who have unique skill relevant to Homeboy s volunteer positions and invite them into the program. How: This would work with a similar interdepartmental coordination to identify needs within the volunteer program and matching those needs with the interests of donors. The education department can utilize donors with correct credentials to participate as volunteers in teaching select classes. Why: Again, there is potential for a large population of donors that are qualified and available to be more involved, particularly within the volunteer programs. One-time donors may know very little about the actual organization, and a follow up with a survey can expose them more to the mission of Homeboy. There is a high likelihood that if they see a specific opportunity where their skills can be used, they will be interested in being even more involved. Recommendation #3: Encourage highly invested donors (both time and money), to reign in more of their networks to be involved in Homeboy Industries. How: This may be most effectively done in an appropriately crafted pitch at the major donor events throughout the year. A major face of the organization should do this whether it is a board member or Father Boyle. Why: A donor who is invested can receive this type of challenge well without it damaging the relationship. Furthermore, these major donors are the ones with large and influential networks that have the potential to bring in big-ticket fundraising for Homeboy Industries. 64

70 VII. List of Marketing Activities Purpose of the Respective Section: The list of marketing activities has been integrated into Homeboy s current marketing calendar to assist in keeping on track with marketing related goals throughout the course of the year. NOTE: Proposed Strategies are in RED. ~See Following Pages for Calendar~ 65

71 66

72 67