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1 Future Communications & Positioning Systems Advisory Group (FC&PS AG) Remit Issue (4) July Introduction 1.1 This document defines the working arrangements for the Future Communications & Positioning Systems Advisory Group (FC&PS AG) in accordance with SIC Protocol, Issue Five [Remit Issued by the Vehicle/Train Control Communications SIC for the FC&PS AG]. 2 Purpose / Scope of FC&PS AG 2.1 The FC&PS AG was established in order to encourage the timely development and implementation of new communications and positioning solutions that will meet and develop the needs of the rail industry s technical strategy. 2.2 The group will achieve this through: a) Facilitating the development of cross-industry consensus and common implementation practises; b) Promoting the standardisation of interfaces; c) Maintaining awareness of emerging technology from outside the rail industry; and d) Contributing towards continuous improvement via sharing of experiences and lessons learnt. e) Recommendations to V/TC&C SIC. 2.3 The FC&PS AG s objectives are: To Influence the Communications and Positioning communities to provide timely support and products to the GB Rail Industry to meet the aspirations of this remit and hence the current and future evolutions of the Rail Technical Strategy. Deliver a realistic and up to date vision of emerging technologies and strategies to enable industry stakeholders to act as informed buyers, suppliers and integrators of economic radio frequency communications and positioning systems for the rail industry group. Present an ongoing assessment of the available and emerging trends in the fields of radio frequency communications and vehicle positioning technologies. Introduce to the GB rail sector emerging European rail (and potentially worldwide) legislation and practices regarding radio frequency communications and positioning systems Influence emerging European rail (and potentially worldwide) legislation and practices regarding radio frequency communications and positioning systems. Encourage best practice in procurement, implementation and ongoing operations to deliver value for money across the industry. Secretary: Martha Parkhurst Telephone: Page 1 of 11

2 2.4 These objectives are driven by the Rail Technical Strategy for GB railways. These are also designed to address the most urgent issues such as modal competition, traffic capacity constraints on the network and efficient management of network and assets. These aspirations depend upon a set of enabling technologies, each of which will be at a different state of technology readiness and standardisation. The themes and strategic drivers of the Rail Technical Strategy are: Carbon, Capacity, Customer Satisfaction Reliability, Journey Time and Safety 3 Objectives of FC&PS AG 3.1 Work plan The FC&PS AG will focus on selected technologies that have the potential to help the railway industry meet these strategic objectives The FC&PS AG will deliver these objectives through meeting the communication and positioning technology needs of specific applications that are identified within the Railway Technical Strategy roadmap, and the supporting FC&PS AG roadmap. These include: Personal Journey Assistant Railway System Condition Monitoring Monitoring System for Safety Security and Health Traffic Management ATO and Driverless Trains Ubiquitous Data Networks Elimination of Risk at Level Crossings Disruption Management Rolling Stock Interior Design (specifically in vehicle entertainment systems and mobile communications for passengers) Integrated Transport Ticketing Intelligent Monitoring Yield Management Station Design and Crowd Management Measurement and Management of Service Quality Capacity Driven by Market Demand in Real Time Multi-Purpose Core Routes Megacity Suburban Metro by Segregation Regional Metro (e.g. Tram-Train) End to end journey experience Smart ticketing Selective Door Operation (SDO) Narrowband data transfer technologies (for example GSM-R) The overall scope and approach of FC&PS AG future activities is outlined in the diagram in Appendix B The specific responsibilities of the FC&PS AG, in the short, medium and long term, are expressed in the work plan that accompanies this document and is updated and maintained on a regular basis. The work plan is contained in Appendix C. Page 2 of 11

3 4 Guiding principles 4.1 Avoiding -R in the future The GB railways have an opportunity to utilise commercially off the shelf (COTS) equipment and services to meet their future needs The GB railways have a duty to ensure that those technologies that are critical to the achievement of the Rail Technical Strategy are delivered to acceptable cost, performance and reliability targets. The GB railways have an equally important duty to ensure that these can be procured in a cost effective way taking into account through-life costs In the past this has rarely been possible, and specific proprietary systems have been developed. In the case of GSM-R, for example, the railways have invested large amounts of money to tailor the existing public GSM standards into a system that is intended to meet the railway s needs. By developing a technology roadmap for the industry and a corresponding action plan the industry aims to place itself in a position where they can influence or adapt to emerging standards and thus avoid wherever possible the need for further -R s. 4.2 Developing a roadmap and action plan The purpose of the road map is to set a course from the current railway to the realisation of the Rail Technical Strategy. The roadmap will identify the key elements that need to be put in place, prioritising with respect to time, criticality and supply chain value The FC&PS AG roadmap will be reviewed and updated regularly. The roadmap will be used to establish the Work Plan activities. 4.3 Conditions under which FC&PS AG will cease activity The subgroup will cease activity: If requested by the V/TC&C SIC Where the group members deem that there are insufficient interface issues that meet the scope. 5 Membership of FC&PS AG 5.1 The stakeholders, namely those who have a direct interest in the work and of FC&PS AG, are : Chair Network Rail Technical Development Network Rail Telecoms RSSB TOCs FOCs ROSCOs Supply Industry RIA Department for Transport (DfT) (Observer) Page 3 of 11

4 ORR (Observer) Each stakeholder organisation is advised to nominate representatives that are able to communicate the outcomes and on-going discussions of the FC&PS AG and provide feedback from that communication. It is expected that the members of the group will collectively deliver the mission and objectives of FC&PS AG All members are encouraged to nominate an alternative representative to attend in their absence. 5.2 Disclosure of Interests If a member, or a person for whom that member works, has a direct or indirect personal interest in a matter to be discussed by the committee, as distinct from a common interest of the industry category as a whole, the member shall declare that interest to the Chair of the committee of which they are a member at the earliest opportunity: On the first occasion at which the matter is discussed, or If a member is not aware of an interest at that time, at the next committee meeting after which they become aware of that interest, regardless of whether the matter is being discussed at that meeting Once disclosed, an interest need not be disclosed again When a member declares an interest, the other members shall decide whether that member may continue to participate in discussions on the matter concerned or whether that member shall be excluded from the meeting while the matter is discussed. 6 Specialist Skills and Knowledge 6.1 The group collectively should have knowledge and skills in the following areas: Communications and positioning systems Understanding of current use (data and voice) and performance Wide understanding of data applications and operational issues Knowledge of train and infrastructure-based sub-systems Standards and legislation Operations Human factors 6.2 Where required, supporting expertise, which will include supplier or stakeholder representation, will be requested by the FC&PS AG. 7 Delegation of Authority 7.1 Decision Making All recommendations and decisions are subject to endorsement from the V/TC&C SIC The delegation of authority is awarded to the Chair person and subject to the established RSSB processes The FC&PS AG will complete all activities as instructed and endorsed by the V/TC&C SIC. 7.2 Reporting / Recommendations Page 4 of 11

5 7.2.1 FC&PS AG will ensure that the V/TC&C SIC is kept informed of progress through a written report twice per calendar year. 8 SIC Funding and Budget Management 8.1 FC&PS AG has no budget. 9 Process to elect and appoint new members / chairpersons 9.1 Members shall be appointed from their industry category. The spread of membership needs to ensure the skills and knowledge identified in section 6 and the representation in section Further members may be co-opted to provide further expertise as needed and agreed by the group. 9.3 All members shall agree to act as Chair should they be called upon to do so. 9.4 The members shall appoint a Chair from the membership. The appointment then needs to be ratified by V/TC&C SIC. The Chair s appointment shall last 3 years, after which time the Chair can stand for re-election. 9.5 If necessary the Chair shall be supported in their role by a Vice-Chair who demonstrates comprehensive knowledge in the technology domain area of the FC&PS AG (See Appendix C for the full role description). The appointment of a Vice-Chair shall be in accordance with a process agreed by FC&PS AG members and endorsed by the V/TC&C SIC. The Vice- Chair role shall be subject to review after 2 years. 9.6 Members may appoint a named alternative, in writing, to the Chair. The alternative will carry out committee and other duties when the member is not available. 9.7 Industry category nominees shall: a) Normally belong to a company which is a member of RSSB b) Have a professional background c) Demonstrate commercial and technical competence in the area concerned d) Have relevant practical experience 9.8 In the event that more than one candidate volunteers to fill a particular industry category, the group can contact RSSB to arrange voting in a constituent. 10 Organisation / Operation of Meetings 10.1 The meeting will operate to a pre-agreed agenda (minimum of four meetings per calendar year though this can remain under review. Minutes of the meeting will be approved at the following meeting If there are insufficient agenda items to be discussed at any single meeting the Chairman will, with consultation, cancel the meeting within 5 working days. 11 Meeting Quorum 11.1 A meeting quorum must consist of a minimum of 1 x Chair, 1x ROSCO, 1x Passenger Train Operator, 1x Network Rail Technical Development, 1x Network Rail Telecoms, 1 x RSSB, or their nominated alternates. If the meeting is not quorate absent members will have 10 working days after the meeting to make an objection to any decision taken in the meeting. If no objections are made the decision will stand. Page 5 of 11

6 12 Administration 12.1 Reporting Structure The FC&PS AG reports to V/TC&C SIC. FC&PS AG will operate on a consensus basis to achieve their purpose, in line with the SIC Protocol Issue 5 (Sept 2011) The role of Chair, and Vice-Chair if appointed, is not to represent the constituency to which he/she belongs but is to encourage fair representation of views through other members and seek whole-industry solutions through consensus Minutes The SIC Support Agreement for V/TC&C SIC sets out the timeframes for producing and distributing minutes Draft minutes will be reviewed by the RSSB Technical Expert, RSSB Research and Development Member and then by the Chairperson before distribution to the group The draft minutes will be distributed to the group via the RSSB Extranet The draft minutes of each meeting will be approved at the following meeting The final approved minutes of each meeting will be distributed to the group via the RSSB Extranet Meeting Documentation Meeting agendas and packs will be distributed no later than five working days in advance of the meeting All draft minutes will be sent to the Chair within ten working days of the meeting. 13 Remit Review This remit shall be reviewed annually by the subgroup Any amendments shall be endorsed by the V/TC&C SIC prior to issue. Page 6 of 11

7 Appendix A Vehicle Train Control & Communications and Sub Groups Vehicle Train Control & Communications (V/TC&C SIC) Chair: Clive Burrows Train Control Technical Sub Group (TCTSG) Train Protection & Warning System Strategy Group (TPWS SG) Chair: Jan Chaudhry Future Communication & Positioning Systems Advisory Group (FC&PS AG) Chair: Farha Sheikh Defect Recording Analysis and Corrective Action System Working Group (DRACAS) Chair: Richard Cundy Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation FuTRO Chair: Ed Rollings Vehicle Communications Advisory Group (VCAG) Chair: TBA Automatic Warning System Working Group (AWS WG) Track Circuit Assisters Steering Group (TCA SG) Radio Electronic Token Block Working Group (RETB WG) Chair: Stephen Muirhead Chiltern Automatic Train Protections User Management Group (Chiltern ATP UMG) Chair: Graham Wire Great Western Automatic Train Protection User Management Group (GW ATP UMG) Chair: Martin Evans Secretary: Martha Parkhurst Telephone: Page 7 of 11

8 Vehicle Train Control & Communications (V/TC&C SIC) Chair: Clive Burrows Train Control Technical Sub Group (TCTSG) Train Protection & Warning System Strategy Group (TPWS SG) Chair: Phil Barrett Future Communication & Positioning Systems Advisory Group (FC&PS AG) Chair: Farha Sheikh Defect Recording Analysis and Corrective Action System Subgroup (DRACAS SG) Chair: TBC Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation (FuTRO) Programme Control Board Chair: Clive Burrows Vehicle Communications Advisory Group (VCAG) Automatic Warning System Working Group (AWS WG) Track Circuit Assisters Steering Group (TCA SG) Electro-magnetic Compatibility Subgroup (EMC SG) Chair: Maya Peckova Radio Electronic Token Block Working Group (RETB WG) Chair: Stephen Muirhead Chiltern Automatic Train Protections User Management Group (Chiltern ATP UMG) Chair: Graham Wire Great Western Automatic Train Protection User Management Group (GW ATP UMG) Chair: Martin Evans Page 8 of 11

9 Appendix B FC&PS AG: Framework of Activities Aspirations (Vision) Issues Strategy Drivers Research Europe and elsewhere (Non-Railway) Industry Development GNs, Standards, Principles Culture (Making it happen) The above diagram outlines: FC&PS AG s work in monitoring and coordinating research aimed at resolving railwayspecific issues that block progress on achieving strategic railway improvements. FC&PS AG s priorities being determined both by the Rail Technical Strategy, and by the need to comply with EU directives and the associated Technical Specifications for Interoperability. FC&PS AG s responsibility to evaluate and where appropriate to support the funding or facilitate trials of emerging technologies which are appropriate for railway application, by doing research to both resolve problems with existing applications and to enable new ones. FC&PS AG s proposal of and contribution to Guidance Notes, and participation in the Working Groups which specify generic standards, so as to ensure that they are fit for railway application. FC&PS AG s role in ensuring that relevant best practice is communicated across the GB railway stakeholder community. Secretary: Martha Parkhurst Telephone: Page 9 of 11

10 Appendix C FC&PS AG Vice Chair: Role Description Objective 1. Actively support the mission and aims of the FC&PS AG. 2. Support the chair in his/her tasks, promote the role of FC&PS AG and fulfil the role of client where required. 3. Provide an external industry perspective to balance the viewpoints of rail experts on FC&PS AG. 4. Facilitate inclusivity from GB rail industry, RIA members, wider industry, Europe (other railways) and other manufacturers. Role description 1. Work alongside the FC&PS AG chair, providing ad-hoc advice and support and deputising at meetings where required. 2. Work with the chair and other FC&PS AG members to provide direction and strategy to the FC&PS AG work plan. 3. Assist (and lead when required) the development of new investment cases and programme definitions. 4. Attend bilateral meetings with individual stakeholders to ensure buy-in to FC&PS AG proposals and activities. 5. Provide ad-hoc expert technical advice to specific R&D projects, including review of deliverables. 6. Actively seek new sources of funding, both within the UK and Europe. 7. Promote the activities and interests of FC&PS AG outside the rail community, especially in navigation and telecoms. Required capabilities and experience 1. In-depth appreciation of the application of public telecoms to critical national infrastructure, including rail. 2. In-depth knowledge of a wide range of positioning systems and their application to safety critical domains. 3. Understanding of commercial supply chains and system suppliers/service providers. 4. Tact, diplomacy and sensitivity to stakeholder interests and wishes. 5. Strategic thinking and capability to align aims of stakeholders and promote initiatives. 6. Strong verbal and written communication skills. 7. Wide network of contacts in government and industry. Page 10 of 11

11 Appendix D FC&PS AG Workplan (Attachment D) Secretary: Martha Parkhurst Telephone: Page 11 of 11