Reliable performance for the recycling industry

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1 Reliable performance for the recycling industry

2 2 Breaking it down into basics When it comes to reliable performance in demanding environments all over the world, we know all about providing the right movement, power, control and function regardless of technology or location. Flexible system solutions for a wide range of applications help you to optimize performance and productivity, wherever you are. Power and control For the demanding everyday tasks in the recycling business, we know all about providing the power to do the job efficiently, while bringing great control to help optimize production flow and providing a safe solution for machinery and personnel. If you really need to get things moving, it s all about Bosch Rexroth solutions. The scope of our solutions for heavy engineering projects is unrivaled and with our expertise in applications engineering, we provide a unique service to help you optimize performance and productivity.


4 4 Efficiently cutting it For efficient baling and cutting of tough materials, power Scrap shears and baling presses features and precision are essential. With Bosh Rexroth you get f excellent controllability rugged and reliable power combined with great controlla- f the power you need, when you need it bility that makes it easy to adapt to the many different f shock load protection at cutting materials handled every day advantages that enable you f fast and shock-free switching of large flows to maximize throughput and optimize production.

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6 6 Tear without wear If there is one thing we know, it is how to get things mov- Infeed rolls features ing. Whether you need ripping and crunching, or feeding capacity to operate at low speeds with high torque and shredding, we have the solutions - regardless of tech- f simple controls for varying speed and direction nology or environment. Slow or fast, backwards or forwards f high controllability doesn t really matter. With our powerful and flexible system f ensures a smooth and secure feed rate to the mill solutions you get reliable throughput customized to your needs solutions that enable you to optimize your performance.

7 7 Infeed conveyor features Shredders features f high starting torque and heavy-duty design, ensuring f built-in ability to resist continuous shock loads and that even a fully loaded conveyor is up and running quickly after a stop f continuous speed control lets you optimize the feed to your shredder f high controllability makes it possible to stop at a moments notice stalling conditions f endure an unlimited number of stops, starts and reversals, even in the most severe environments f excellent overload protection, helps protect your machine and its components, which in turn reduces downtime and increases machine availability

8 8 Sharing the load Turning and twisting, keeping the process going the way Digester drums features you need it to go. Stopping when you need it to stop. f 100 % load-sharing characteristics and high starting Smooth and reliable processing even under heavy loads is torque get your digester drum going regardless of the a given with our tough, versatile solutions. Whatever the load conditions load, we always get the process moving they way you need f top reliability and controllability where you need it most it to go, controlled with precision. f space and weight-saving solution

9 9 Autoclaves features f high controllability enabling the autoclave to be stopped in a specific and balanced position to engage a shotbolt to hold the drum in position during loading and unloading cycles f 100% load-sharing and high starting torque get the autoclave going regardless of the load conditions f space and weight-saving solution

10 10 Reliability all the way Our mission is to make sure that our customers get the most out of their processes and work through great solutions and services. To facilitate and enhance their operations by being an active long-term partner sharing our experience, know-how and technological solutions. A long-term partner Wherever you are, we are right there with you. With our global network of knowledge and service, we offer local support that goes well beyond the ordinary. Our experienced engineers are not only experts in our own solutions, but also specialists in your applications. With our own local service personnel who understand our products and your situation, we have the capacity to take care of the system solutions so that you can concentrate on the most important aspect of all your core business.

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12 Hägglunds Drives AB Bosch Rexroth SE Mellansel tel: +46 (0) EN 429-1BR Printer: Ågrenshuset. Picture courtesy by Hägglunds Bosch Rexroth AG 2011 Our policy of continuous development requires that we reserve the right to make changes without specific notice.