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2 Welcome to The Winch. Thank you for your interest in becoming our next Chief Executive Officer. The Winch is a fantastic children and young people s charity working in North Camden. Through what we call our cradle to career services, we are determined to help each child succeed, regardless of their circumstances, by giving them the opportunities and support they need. Under the leadership of our current Chief Executive Officer, who will be leaving after 8 years, The Winch has gone from strength to strength. We have grown our services, our income and most importantly our impact on the lives of the children, young people and families we serve. The Winch is a vibrant organization whose reputation spreads beyond North Camden. We are looking for a strong, skilled, energetic and inspiring leader who will work with trustees, staff, volunteers, and our children, young people and families to continue to drive our success. The role of Chief Executive Officer will be both a privilege and a challenge. Since 2011, The Winch has tripled in size and extended its reach to deliver activities and services across a wider age range, to support individuals with more complex needs and to develop partnership, impact measurement and policy work. In 2015, we were given Highly Commended at the Children & Young People Now Awards, as an example of best practice and innovation in the sector. We also play an active role in Camden and have strong links with the local authority and other key players in the borough and beyond. However, it is the ethos that sits at the heart of The Winch which makes us special. Children, young people and their families are at the heart of what we do, and we are at the heart of the community we serve. Every trustee, staff member and volunteer is passionate about this. Our ambition over the coming years is to deepen our impact on those we work with; to continue to grow our income; and to ensure that our premises are the best they can be for those we serve. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person to contribute their skills, knowledge, expertise and passion to help us deliver our mission. Within the rest of this pack, you will find information about our work, our values and our strategic plans for the future. I hope you are inspired to apply. With best wishes, Srabani Sen OBE Chairs of Trustees, The Winch!1

3 Background Since it was founded in 1973, The Winch has changed the lives of thousands of children and young people in a part of London where one in three children live in poverty, working to ensure that growing up below the poverty line doesn t have to stop young people achieving their potential. In the past, we ve run an alternative school, a disability motorbike workshop and community festivals whilst providing bespoke support for our most vulnerable families. Today, we support each child from cradle to career through a raft of services and support, ensuring that they re surrounded by the relationships, opportunities and experiences that will enable them to flourish.!!2

4 About The Winch Our mission is to help each child succeed, regardless of their circumstances, by giving them the opportunities and support they need. We deliver activities, opportunities and support from cradle to career. Our approach has four parts: - We make a promise to each child to help them navigate their way through life as they grow. - We have a cradle to career pipeline, ensuring that a child s experience of support is a continuous one. - We work closely with partners to provide additional support beyond our capacity and expertise. - We invest in measuring impact to increase our success, in line with our Theory of Change. Our programmes are structured as follows: Our Early Years programme combines open access activities, parental support groups and one-to-one work, based primarily out of our Belsize Community Library site. Our Primary Years programme includes after school clubs, holiday play schemes, community events, one-to-one work and parent support. Our Secondary Years programme includes open access activities, trips and residentials, schoolsbased short courses, mentoring and specific projects. Our Post Secondary Years programme includes mentoring, citizenship and leadership activities, The Company business start-up programme and social spaces. Across programmes, our transitions work ensures that children and young people do not fall through the gaps between programmes, and our Promise Work provides an intensive, multi-agency key work support offer to our most vulnerable families and young people. In addition to programmes, we have helped to set up North Camden Zone, a place-based systems change initiative to improve children and young people s outcomes by bringing together citizens, service users and professional partners from across the community.!3

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6 Vision, Mission & Values Our Vision is to make a difference to children, young people and families in Camden; to improve our local area; and to establish The Winch as a best practice model for improving the life chances of children and young people. Our Mission is to help each child succeed, regardless of their circumstances, by giving them the opportunities and support they need. We re committed to the following values: Act with integrity because we believe that authentic relationships must lie at the heart of what we do. Be ready for anything because we recognise that others lives and situations require us to be flexible and responsive. Go the extra mile because we understand that additional commitment is often needed to make a difference, whether to a child or a professional. Show compassion because we see each person we work with as a unique individual and part of our family. Take the initiative because we feel that too often interventions fail or systems miss the point because nobody is being proactive and seeking out solutions. Work collaboratively because we believe that children, parents and everyone committed to supporting them hold part of the solution.!!5

7 Financial & Strategic Overview Finances The Winch has grown substantially over the last seven years, diversifying in both the scale and range of services provided, and in its sources of income. Full accounts can be found on the Charity Commission website. 900k 675k 450k 225k Income Expenditure Year Ending 31st March Strategic Aims & Objectives To fulfil its mission, The Winch works with children and young people directly whilst also engaging with the institutions and systems that surround them. As well as focusing on child development, education, employment, health and wellbeing the organisation builds partnerships and invests in evaluation, research and impact measurement. The key strategic aims for are: 1. To scale up activities, support and Promise Work across our cradle to career pipeline, create programmes for 0-5s and parenting and increase our offer for young people leaving education, including through our business start-up programme for young entrepreneurs. 2. To improve and renovate our facilities to enable us to open for longer, reduce our day to day running costs, ensure that our sites are fit for purpose and have as big an impact on children and young people as possible through having stimulating and well-designed spaces. 3. To invest in best practice, evaluation and sharing our approach so that we are fully impactled, making decisions about resources, growing partnerships with local people and organisations, and sharing our success with government and across the sector.!!6

8 Legal Structure, Governance & Management Legal Structure The Winch, or The Winchester Project Ltd, is a registered charity ( ) and company limited by guarantee ( ). It is governed by charity and company law and in the 2015/16 financial year had a turnover of 802,154. Governance The Winch is overseen by a maximum twelve-person Board of Trustees chaired by Srabani Sen OBE. Strategy is developed with the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Leadership Team, to whom implementation is delegated. Management & Staff The Senior Leadership Team is made up of the Chief Executive and Programmes, Operations and Impact leads. Its role is to provide strategic leadership and management to the organisation. The Winch employs around 25 staff delivering activities, projects and services from cradle to career in partnership with the local authority, schools and other organisations. As with its reach within the community, The Winch is supported by a diverse and vibrant team of around 200 volunteers each year. Additional information about the organisation can be accessed at

9 The role: Chief Executive Officer The Chief Executive Officer will be an inspiring, competent and collaborative individual with a track record of successful leadership. S/he will need to build on the progress made by the organisation in recent years, developing its strategy, maintaining its fundraising, building on our existing external relationships, overseeing its prospective relocation and supporting its positive, vibrant culture and sense of purpose. Reporting to: The Board, via the Chair Responsible for: staff and volunteers, directly managing the Chief Operating Officer, Impact Lead, Programme Manager for North Camden Zone and Fundraising Officers. Responsible for managing key external relationships, including the/those close ties we have with politicians and officers at Camden Council. Key Objectives 1. To provide leadership to The Winch To lead the staff and volunteer team to deliver for the children, young people and families we work with. To support the Chair in her leadership of the Board. To develop a profile as a leader of a children and young people s services within North Camden. 2. To work with the Board or Trustees, the senior leadership team and the wider organization to deliver and develop The Winch s strategic plan, including: To deliver the objectives laid out in the strategic plan for the next three years. To refresh and develop the strategic vision and objectives, working with the Board and the wider team. To oversee the prospective site move and associated business planning, preparation and process. To undertake horizon-scanning, planning and risk assessment activities to safeguard the charity in the present and future. 3. To maintain and develop fundraising and income generation activities to sustain current services and build reserves, including: To ensure the organisation achieves its annual fundraising target of 800k- 900k per annum. To support fundraising activities, in particular individual donor, corporate and event-based activities.!8

10 To undertake business and financial planning to assess risk and plan and act accordingly. 4. To raise the profile and build partnerships, in order to: Raise awareness of the organisation by promoting its activities, approach and mission. Build and maintain strategic relationships with the local authority and key partners. Support external communications activities with target audiences. 5. To ensure a positive, supportive and purposeful culture for service users, staff, volunteers and Trustees: To ensure all stakeholders understand and feel connected to The Winch s mission. To ensure the Chair and Board of Trustees are equipped with the information, understanding and access to training required to fulfil their roles. To ensure service users input into strategy, development, evaluation and learning.!9

11 Key Responsibilities 1. Strategy and resources Work with the Board and Senior Leadership Team to develop The Winch s strategic plan, annual and business plans, budgets and performance targets Ensure sustainability by developing a diverse income mix in line with the fundraising and income generation strategy, directly supporting individual donors and events Be responsible for overall financial and organisational performance 2. Service delivery and quality Take overall responsibility for ensuring that all programmes are developed, delivered and promoted in accordance with the needs of children and young people, in collaboration with the Chief Operating Officer and key staff Ensure the delivery of excellent quality, effective and accessible programmes and activities to fulfil our mission Ensure the effective evaluation and impact measurement practices of the organisation to report to the team, Trustees and external stakeholders Ensure the quality and rigor of safeguarding to protect every child, young person and family we work with 3. Leadership and management Provide effective leadership to The Winch, ensuring all staff and volunteers are supported, motivated, inspired and performing to their full potential Provide line management, appraisal and support to key staff to ensure the delivery of the strategic plan and day to day activities Lead, develop and empower the Senior Leadership Team to fulfil its strategic, leadership and management responsibilities Ensure that The Winch has in place effective policies and procedures to manage HR, finance, facilities, data, communication etc. and that these are legally compliant 4. Governance Work with the Chair of the Board to ensure high standards of governance and that the Board fulfils its obligations Provide information and guidance to the Board of Trustees to ensure a clear and accurate understanding of the status of the organisation and can take informed decisions Offer advice and support on the composition of the Board, its sub-committees or working groups, and its development 5. External relations!10

12 Ensure strong and positive relationships with key external stakeholders to ensure that the organisation maintains its strong reputation and to develop new opportunities Clearly articulate the value and impact of The Winch to a diverse range of audiences Play an active role in the local community, engaging with councillors, community groups, forums and partners from different sectors Represent the interests of The Winch externally, developing the charity s brand and profile!11

13 Person Specification 1. Experience required a. Proven track record as a successful leader, ideally with experience of working with children, young people and/or families, or other relevant groups b. Creating an excellent team culture and high morale, positive working environment c. Developing strategy and operational plans, and implementing change in an organisation d. Leading staff and volunteers through periods of change and stability e. Maintaining, identifying and securing new income streams, ideally including experience of individual donor giving and business development f. Supporting Trustees and engaging the skills and experience of Trustees at a strategic level g. Achieving outcomes through partnerships, negotiation and delivery h. Developing and maintaining relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders including businesses, charities, statutory services and service users 2. Knowledge, skills and abilities a. Knowledge of children and young people s issues b. Knowledge of the environment in within which children and young people s organisations operate c. A good understanding and strong commitment to equality and diversity across all areas of work d. Knowledge and understanding of systems thinking e. Strong financial skills, including the development and management of budgets f. Ability to monitor performance across a range of functions, including finance, personnel, ICT and premises g. Ability to negotiate with, influence and develop relationships with a wide range of diverse stakeholders h. Ability to process a large quantity of information and to communicate effectively with customers, trustees, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders i. Ability to produce written documents and reports to a high standard j. Excellent public speaker and able to be an effective ambassador k. Knowledge of the constitutional and legal requirements of a charity and company limited by guarantee.!12

14 3. Personal qualities and attitudes a. Deep commitment and passionate for improving the lives of children and young people b. Able to think on feet and demonstrate high levels of initiative c. Highly motivated and self-starting d. Able to develop professional and productive relationships with children and young people, staff members and volunteers to envision, motivate and empower e. Ability to develop effective internal and external working relationships at every level f. Ability to copy under pressure, adapt quickly to change, and support others to do so g. Ability to organise self and others including through the effective use of technology h. Open to innovation i. Able to multitask to a high level j. Able to work in a busy and complex environment which is regularly accessed by children and young people k. Highly resourceful l. Demonstrates the beliefs and values of the organisation m. Demonstrates the values and beliefs of the organisation SALARY AND BENEFITS Salary - up to 60,000 per annum Hours - 40 hours per week with occasional out of hours events Annual leave - 25 days plus bank holidays Pension - 3 per cent!13