MRH ProGuide: Hiring, Interviewing and Onboarding New Employees

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1 MRH ProGuide: Hiring, Interviewing For Questions or Inquiries, Please Contact Us: Page 1 All Rights Reserved Rev. 1

2 Contents Introduction... Error! Bookmark not defined. Why You Need to Get It Right... 6 Starting Out: 6 Tips For A Successful Recruiting Campaign... 7 The Hiring Process... 9 Identifying What (Who) You Need Five Questions That Determine Who You Need to Hire Other Aspects That May Factor Into Your Search How Much Experience Do Your Need? And Can You Afford? The PROs and CONs of Hiring From Within Creating an Attractive Job Posting Basic Framework of a Job Posting Minimum Vs. Preferred Qualifications Formatting Your Job Post Use Keywords And Snippets to Attract Candidates Examples of Good and Bad Job Posts What Should Candidates Submit In Addition to a Resume? Final Tips For Getting Candidates Reviewing and Selecting Resumes What To Look For In Resumes A Basic Checklist Resume Red Flags: Points of Caution Conducting Phone and Video Interviews Goals of a Phone or Video Interview Preparing to Conduct a Phone or Video Interview: 3 Steps The Case For Doing Video Interviews Conducting Phone Interviews After Each Phone Screen The In Person Interview Tips To Become A Great Interviewer Page 2 All Rights Reserved Rev. 1

3 Four Styles of Interview Questions To Ask Candidates Selecting Interview Questions A Sample Interview Format The Interview Setting Conducting the Interview As a Group or as Individuals? How to Use Probing Questions During the Interview How to Gage a Candidate s Interest Interviewing Candidates FAQ Common Questions and Situations How To Maintain Control During an Interview Mistakes to Avoid as an Interviewer Avoid Making Guarantees In the Interview Common Questions Candidates Will Ask Interviewers Restrictions for Interviews Beyond the Resume: Considerations Based on The Interview Interviewing Out of Town Candidates? After The Interviews Making A Selection Start With Independent Scoring of Candidates Hold a Consensus Meeting A RECAP: For a Successful Interview Phase Deciding Salary And Wages Creating a Wage Comparison Matrix Extending a Job Offer Sample Job Offer Letter Negotiating Salary or Employment Terms Declining a Candidate New Hire Onboarding Welcome Letter to New Hires Sample 1: Welcome and Orientation After Acceptance Sample 2: Welcome and Orientation Letter After Acceptance Creating a New Hire Packet Creating a New Hire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Booklet Page 3 All Rights Reserved Rev. 1

4 The Onboarding Experience: Create a 90 Day Plan Sample 1: Internal New Hire Announcement Sample 2: Internal New Hire Announcement Key Points From This MRH ProGuide Printable Resume Evaluation Worksheet Printable Phone & Video Screen Questionnaire Great Interview Questions Printable Interview Assessment Form Consensus Meeting Scoring Sheet New Hire Onboarding Checklist Page 4 All Rights Reserved Rev. 1

5 Editable Templates Included Along with the 96 page MRH ProGuide You Get 5 Customizable and Editable Spreadsheets (Excel Format): Resume Evaluation Worksheet Interview Questionnaire Worksheet Consensus Meeting Worksheet Wage Comparison Matrix Onboarding Checklist Page 5 All Rights Reserved Rev. 1