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2 GPRSS : A Pioneering Organization in Innovative Solutions


4 12 Areas of Interventions GPR Strategies and Solutions moves with a progressive vision for all possible aspects that surround the development of people, society and nation. We aim at making a better India in terms of health, education, skills, employability, trade, entrepreneurship and research. We wish to focus on verticals of development through region centric approach. In fulfilment of this goal we wish to offer and provide our services in following areas : 1. Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability 2. Tribal Integration with Industrial 3. Forest Area Management Innovations 4. Integrated Agriculture Promotion 5. Digital Village 6. Women Safety at Work Place 7. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan : Beyond ODF 8. Micro Enterprise 9. Social Impact Assessment 10. Capacity Building of Village PRI through Data Driven Decisions 11. Prevention of Trafficking in Women and Children 12. Citizen Partnership in Policy Making Our TOMORROW is reflection of the way we treat our TODAY. GPR Strategies and Solutions is a call for seeing the possibilities of a better TOMORROW and working them out TODAY. GPRSS now at : Chhattisgarh - Raipur Maharashtra-Nagpur Madhya Pradesh-Indore

5 Our Take on CSR Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been defined in various ways by scholars, authors and institutions, but we believe that "Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to holistic, sustainable development for the society at large. At GPRSS we look at CSR beyond compliance and conflict mitigation. Guiding Principles There are various doctrines supporting CSR but for Indian Corporates the following points play vital role in designing CSR framework : The 10 principles of the UN global compact UN guiding principles on business and human rights ILO tri-partite declaration of principles on multinational enterprises and social policy OECD CSR policy tool Global Reporting Initiative G4 (Sustainability Reporting) National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business (9 Principles) 2011 SEBI BRR (Business Responsibility Reporting) Guidelines Clause 135, Schedule 7, Companies Act, 2013 Our CSR Intervention Areas : Strategy Community Need Assessment CSR Matrix Study and Research CSR Strategy & Stakeholder Analysis Programme Designing CSR Intelligence Annual CSR Planning Result Based Management (RBM) Implementation Management (NGO-State Body- Community Coordination) Implementation Compliance Management Partnership Management Turn Key Project Management Concurrent Monitoring and Evaluation Content Optimization Impact Management State Body Linkages Volunteer / Employee Engagement Legal Compliance Planning and Management CSR Integration from Top Management to Line department Schedule 7 Compliance and Reporting Sexual Harassment, Environment Conservation, Child Rights Compliance Social Impact Assessment / SIMP as per RFCTLARR2013

6 CSR Communication CSR Visibility and Impact Assessment CSR Training and Content Documentation External Communication Internal Communication CSR Social Marketing Campaign CSR App and Dashboard Media Management Social Media Management for CSR Human Index (HDI) Report CSR Index Sustainability Reporting M&E Visibility Management Cause and Service Branding Exercise Stakeholder Engagement Impact / Success Story Documentation Audio Visual Films on CSR Achievements CSR Integration in Organization Behavious CSR Pride Exercise Joy of Giving Sharing Engagement Employee Engagement on CSR PRI Members Training on CSR Volunteers Training Thematic Training (SHGs, Women Empowerment, Legal Awareness, Employability, Health, Education, Livelihoods, Banking, Market, Environment etc.) What makes us love our work for you Data Driven Decision for CSR Input to Impact Dynamic Measurability Visible CSR through Sharing Holistic Branding

7 TEAM GPRSS : KEY HUMAN RESOURCES S.No. Name Designation Qualification Specialization Experience in Years 1. Rex Mehta Chief Executive Officer Sr. Executive Lead Researcher 15 Years 2. Gayatri Singh Director Sr. Executive Lead Researcher 3. Dr. Pankaj Masih Director, Sr. Executive Master in Personnel Management, GRIG4 Certified Professional Master Certificate in Digital Media for Certificate in Research Certificate in ISO:9001:2008 MA BSc Certificate in Research Disaster Management Ph.D M.Pharm. Certificate in Research Micro Enterprise Labour Welfare Social Audit CSR Data Analysis Planning and Research IEC/BCC ITES/ICT Micro Enterprise Result Based Project Management Socio Economic Research CSR Data Analysis Planning and Research Community Outreach Training and Project Mgt. Planning and Research Community Outreach Training and Compliance 18 Years 10 Years 4. Sanjay Jain State Representative Chhattisgarh 5. Dr. Vikas Dave State Representative Madhya Pradesh 6. Kishor Lunawat State Representative Maharashtra 7. Hemant Pattanayak State Representative Odihsa M.Com. Ph.D. B.E. MBA Communication IEC/BCC Rural Business Community Children Issues IEC/BCC Industrial Relations Entrepreneurship CSR Strategy Formulation Sustainability 25 Years 25 Years 25 Years 10 Years

8 8. Vipin Jain Consultant IT and ITES 9. Adv. Nitesh Sahu Consultant Legal Compliance 10. Adv. Rishabh Consultant Mishra Legal Compliance 11. Asha Shrivastav Outreach Unit In Charge B.Tech. Computer Science LLB LLB MSW, PGDCA IT ITES ICT Date Management Compliance Training Compliance Training Social & Community Field Research Training 3 Years 7 Years 3 Years 12. Seema Sinha Senior Community Outreach Officer MSW, PGDCA Social & Community Field Research Training 5 Years 13. Geetu Sahu Project Coordinator / Executive MSW,PGDCA Social & Community Field Research Training 5 Years 14. Rohit Pathak Jr. Executive MSW, PGDRD,M.Com Community 2 Years 15. Prashant Soni Consultant MPM Training 10 Years Training 16. Anuja Philip Finance Executive BA Accounts 2 Years 17. Devashish Guha Publication In Charge MA Economics IEC Publication 5 Years Every PROBLEM that people face is an excellent OPPORTUNITY to work for them. GPRSS now focuses at : Impact Assessment of Projects IT based Mass Communication Women Safety at Work and at Home Children Welfare Access to Justice and Entitlement Digital Dividend

9 KEY PROJECTS and ACTIVITIES S.No. Project / Service Year Client 1. Shubh Labh- CSR Training 2017 Ultra Tech Cement Baloda Bazar 2. Social Audit for GMR Power Project 2016 GMR Varalakshmi Foundation Raipur 3. Micro Enterprise Sanitary Napkin Commercial and Technical Feasibility Study 4. National Short Film Festival on Legal Awareness (CGSLSA) 5. AGROW Business Projects 2016 UltraTech Cement Baloda Bazar 2016 CG State Legal Services Authority Bilaspur 2016 TradeGROW(Chambal Fertilizers, GeoLife, Mahyco) 6. Chhattisgarh Design Festival 2016 SIDI Raipur 7. Water Conservation IEC Material for Govt. of Chhattisgarh 8. Lok Suraj IEC Material for Govt. of Chhattisgarh 2016 Govt. of Chhattisgarh 2016 Govt. of Chhattisgarh 9. LENS : IEC Software for Legal Aid 2015 UNDP India Dept. of Justice GoI / JJK 10. Skill Institute Planning and Establishment 11. IEC Material on Legal Aid 2015 Space Foundation 2015 UNDP India Dept. of Justice GoI / JJK 12. CSR Social Satisfaction Report 2014, 2015 GMR Chhattisgarh 13. CSR Planning and Potential 2013, 2014, 2015 ACC Chhattisgarh 14. CSR Social Satisfaction Report 2014 UltraTech Cement Chhattisgarh 15. Labour Rehabilitation 2014 IJM / JJK

10 16. Rural Radio Outreach 2014 BBC India / JJK 17. Sanitary Napkin Project : Training and Unit Installation 2014 ACC Chhattisgarh 18. Employability Training (JCB) 2014 ACC / JJK Chhattisgarh 19. Livelihood Support Study for Lafarge India 2014 FXN India Suraksha Chhattisgarh 20. Masala Micro Enterprise 2014 ACC Chhattisgarh / Vijay Foundation 21. Legal Rights Awareness through Chaupal Cinema AV Kit 22. Micro Enterprise for ACC Jamul Dairy 23. School Feasibility Study for GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd. 24. CSR Potential Study for UltraTech Cement Ltd. Raipur 25. Human Index for UltraTech Cement Ltd. Raipur 2014 UNDP India / JJK Raipur 2014 ACC Cement Ltd. Jamul Durg (C.G.) 2014 GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd. Raipur 2014 UltraTech Cement Ltd. Raipur 2014 UltraTech Cement Ltd. Raipur 26. Micro Enterprise Potential Assessment 2013 ACC Odisha 27. Pre Retrenchment Impact Assessment 2013 ACC Chhattisgarh 28. Comprehensive Study on Rehabilitation of Retrenched Contract Workers 29. SHG Need Assessment for ACC Cement Ltd. Durg 2013 ACC Ltd. Chhattisgarh 2013 ACC Ltd. Chhattisgarh 30. Training of SHGs in Jamul 2013 ACC Ltd. Chhattisgarh 31. Production of Documentary My Date with A2J 2013 UNDP India / JJK Raipur 32. CSR Promotion Mela participation 2013 ACC Ltd. Chhattisgarh

11 33. Short Film Production for GMRVF/ GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd. 34. Corporate Training to Managers of DB Power Raigarh on Team Building 35. Market Assessment for Sanitary Napkins for ACC Cement Ltd. Durg 36. Legal Aid Audio CDs to Chhattisgarh State Legal Service Authority Bilaspur 37. Contract Labour Study for ACC Cement Ltd. Jamul Durg 38. Micro Enterprise for ACC Jamul Jamul Masale 39. Social Audit for GMRVF/GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd. 40. Access to Justice for the Marginalized People 41. Legal Rights Awareness through Cartoon Watch special edition 42. Social Impact Assessment (RFCTLARR 2013) for Surajpur and Surguja Districts. ADANI / GoCG 2013 GMR Varalakshmi Foundation Raipur 2013 D B POWER Ltd. Raigarh 2013 ACC Cement Ltd. Jamul Durg (C.G.) 2013 Chhattisgarh State Legal Service Authority Bilaspur, Govt. of Chhattisgarh 2013 ACC Cement Ltd. Jamul Durg 2012 ACC Cement Ltd. Jamul Durg (C.G.) 2012 GMR Varalakshmi Foundation 2010 UNDP India / JJK 2010 UNDP India / JJK 2017 District Administration Surajpur and Surguja / Adani Most COMPLEX issues can be communicated through SIMPLE but engaging ways. GPRSS brings in a platform of SHORT FILM FESTIVALS on DEVELOPMENT ISSUES. It provided technical collaboration for India s First Short Film Festival on Legal Awareness at Raipur.




15 Reports & Publications in Domains Various Reports on Subjects Workshops for Skills and Youth on Enterprise

16 Reports & Publications in Domains Employability Skills Projection Study for Rehabilitation of Ousting Labours of ACC Jamul, 2013,2015 (Women Enterprise Skills, Youth Employability Skills, Job Employment Opportunities and Social Security Area) Village level Human Index preparation Health, Education & Livelihoods for Ultratech CSR

17 Reports & Publications in Domains Agricultural Strengthening through Employability & Skills Linkage for AGROW 2016 Skills Enterprise & Market Feasibility for Women Enterprise of Sanitary Napkin Unit for Ultratech Cement Ltd Hrirmi 2016 Various Reports on Legal Rights, PLHIV and Holistic of Third Gender in Chhattisgarh Report on Rights and Opportunities of Children in Chhattisgarh for CGSLSA 2014 Social Audit Reports for GMRVF from to

18 IEC on Legal Awareness Legal Awareness Training Modules for Deaprtment of Justice GoI / UNDP India s Project A2J Innovative IEC on Legal Awareness in Hindi / Chhattisgarhi Short Films on Legal Empowerment. One of these is placed at Library of Congress, USA

19 The way we CONNECT is significant for what we WANT. At GPRSS we design the connectivity between Industry, Government and People. For District Collectors, MPs and CSR Heads only GPRSS s Innovative Proposal on Integrated Digital Village

20 At GPRSS we believe that connecting with PEOPLE is key to sustainable business.