Northwest Workforce Council Accomplishments

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1 Northwest Workforce Council 2018 Accomplishments 1

2 Board Business Fiscal & Administrative: Compliance Annual External Monitoring Administrative & Fiscal Systems and Policies Adult, Dislocated Workers & Young Adult Program Operations Conducted by state grantor agency 100% clean monitoring review given on the NWC Systems No findings or questioned costs in fiscal and administrative reporting No deficiencies or findings on internal controls All required policies in place and in order 2

3 Board Business Fiscal & Administrative: Financial Audits Annual NWC Financial Statement & Compliance Audit by Alegria (Single Audit of all Programs) Audit report and Management Letter give the Council 100% clean report No deficiencies or findings on financial reporting of all programs No deficiencies or findings on internal controls Alegria noted in the exit interview: The attention to detail, accuracy, and preparedness of NWC is an example we hold up to other nonprofits as how it should be done 3

4 Northwest Workforce Council's PY 2018 Funding Distribution (Total Annual Allocations: $4,724,006) OTHER CONTRACTS $755,966 16% ADULT $1,204,107 25% WIOA ADMIN $356,582 8% RAPID RESPONSE DW $278,574 6% DISLOCATED WORKER $861,626 18% YOUTH $1,267,152 27% 4

5 Board Business Regional Access Advisory Committee Board created a new Advisory Committee (blended the Council s Youth Committee with the partnership s Regional Access Team and expanded focus of the Committee). Now includes ADA and EO compliance, as well as programmatic access issues of all populations Added capacity for partner programs to have a scheduled presence in WorkSource Centers 5

6 Board Business Operational Governance Structure Board retains an active, engaged, oversight role in the workforce system Board supports a governance structure for partners to focus on partner inclusion and decision making, program integration, and outcome achievements One-Stop System Operator (OSSO) contract executed 6

7 Board Business Center Certification NWC Assesses Its Expectations of Quality NWC s Quality Definitions: Strategic Goals Framework for Doing Business system values Common integrators to bring systems into alignment Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award quality framework Programmatic and Physical Access Standards WorkSource Certification 7

8 Board Business Centers Certification WorkSource Certification NWC s dedicated Certification Team members Certification Included: a review of partnership s written application three (3) site visits & a session with partner s leadership Issued technical assistance guidance letter to partnership NWC certified the three WorkSource Centers! 8

9 WorkSource Modernization: WorkSource Whatcom and Whidbey projects (concluded) Facilities updates reflect a new vision of customer service One-Stop Career Center Facilities

10 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is the written agreement between the Local Workforce Development Board, Local Elected Official & WIOA partners to establish a cooperative working relationship. 17 local partner agencies (may represent multiple workforce programs) are party to the MOU New signatories: Labor & Industries & AARP Foundation 10

11 Northwest Region Center Operations Over eleven thousand job seekers served Nearly one thousand employers placed close to nineteen thousand job orders 4 Quarters ending September 2018

12 NW 2018 Economic Context A year ago, unemployment was low: NW Region = 4.6% WA State = 4.5% This past year, the unemployment rate was even lower; NW Region = 4.2% WA State = 3.9% Total nonfarm employment= During the same period: Job Seekers using WorkSource = -17% Those receiving a staff assisted service = -17% First time WorkSource visitors = -28% September

13 Sector Strategies The Council continues its efforts to align training and service delivery with the Region s key industries and skill clusters: Health and allied services Advanced Manufacturing, including Marine Manufacturing, and Construction 13

14 Sector Strategies Workforce System Competitive Grant Awards o Seventeen million overall competitive workforce dollars now at work in the Northwest onearly eight million of this represents new money in

15 Sector Strategies Council Funded Training in: Construction & Manufacturing Pre-Apprenticeship Trades Rotational Classes Iron Worker Pre- Apprenticeship Classes Carpenter Pre- Apprenticeship Class Incumbent Worker Policy & Programs 15

16 Training Programs Adult, Dislocated Worker and Young Adult programs Exceeded all performance targets 16

17 Training Programs Council Funded Initiatives Work Experience WAVE Tour (WA Apprenticeship Voc. Ed.) Pre-Apprenticeship Expanding Apprenticeship Opportunities Incumbent Worker Training Occupational Skills Training (Classroom) 17

18 Training Program (1B) Performance 94% of Adults entered estimated annual wages of $41,600 83% of Dislocated Workers entered estimated annual wages of $38,480 86% of Young Adults entered post-secondary or estimated annual wages of $24,180 4 Quarters ending June Individuals 18

19 Measuring WIOA Performance Northwest WDA WIOA Workforce System Federal Performance PY Based on customers who exited 7/1/2016 through 3/31/2017 Federal Performance Indicator WIOA Title I Adults WIOA Title I Dislocated Workers WIOA Title I Young Adult WIOA Title III Wagner- Peyser Employment Service WIOA CUMULATIVE PERFORM- ANCE Average Indicator Score Employment 2nd Qtr after Exit 105% 98% 91% 103% 99% Employment 4th Qtr after Exit 110% 101% 96% 93% 100% Median Earnings 2nd Qtr After Exit 109% 93% 111% 123% 109% Credential Rate 154% 137% 94% n/a 128% Average Program Score 119% 108% 98% 106% 19

20 Measuring WIOA System Performance WIOA Title I Adults Northwest WDA Workforce System Federal Performance Measures Dislocated Workers WIOA Title I Young Adult WIOA Title I Job Corps Migrant/Seasonal Farm-workers Adult Education & Wagner-Peyser Employment Vocational Rehabilitation Senior Community Service (non Vocation Education Secondary Vocational Federal Performance Indicator Employment 2nd Qtr after Exit 105% 98% 91% 103% Employment 4th Qtr after Exit 110% 101% 96% 93% Median Earnings 2nd Qtr After Exit 109% 93% 111% 123% Credential Rate 154% 137% 94% DNA Measurable Skill Gains Indicator waived - Data from PY 2018 &19 Used to Develop Baseline 20

21 Board Oversight Performance Reporting Procurement and implementation of idashboards software Making the complex performance environment approachable and understandable through interactive charts and graphic representation. Training completed and currently building out new, interactive performance presentations. 21

22 Northwest Workforce Council 2018 Accomplishments END 22