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2 CONSIDER THESE QUESTIONS Do you have an easy-to-use source for comparing compensation and benefits across the Middle East? What are your competitors doing for 2013 salary reviews and incentive design? Is your internal compensation structure aligned with the new playing field? Do your compensation levels reflect the shift of demand for specialist positions? Are you able to evaluate the competitive position of each element of your total direct remuneration on a regional basis? Would you like up-to-date information on Middle East trends to support your executive remuneration strategy? Are you able to generate instant, automated, and fully customised comparisons between your organisation and the market? AND OBTAIN THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS Mercer Executive Remuneration Guides (MERG) provide the market data and analytical tools to support executive remuneration programmes for leading organisations in Europe and now also in the Middle East. Mercer Executive Remuneration Guide covers all aspects of total remuneration for more than 40 benchmark top executive positions at the executive board level and the next two reporting levels. The guide provides consistent and accurate market data, covering the full reward package, including all forms of cash remuneration, long-term incentives, and benefits. The surveys are available in 13 markets across Europe and in the Middle East, which cover the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. 2

3 MERCER EXECUTIVE REMUNERATION GUIDE A STEP AHEAD COVERAGE Mercer Executive Remuneration Guide covers more than 40 benchmark positions in the GCC countries and provide industry-specific results. VERSATILITY Online tools allow you to analyse survey data according to your individual needs and to conduct customised analyses to instantly measure your competitiveness in specific markets. FLEXIBILITY You can analyse the data by job position, job family, job size or a combination of these approaches. RELIABILITY Consistent participation by organisations creates a solid representation of multinational organisations in each country. ACCESSIBILITY Feel free to access survey data and tools on the internet anytime, anywhere. EXPERT ADVICE Local Mercer experts work closely with participating organisations when collecting and analysing data. They also provide assistance in the job matching and/or job evaluation process. MERCER EXECUTIVE REMUNERATION GUIDE IS MADE UP OF FIVE COMPONENTS* BASE SALARY (Monthly Base Salary times the number of months guaranteed) TOTAL GUARANTEED CASH COMPENSATION (Base Salary plus guaranteed allowances) TOTAL CASH COMPENSATION (Total Guaranteed Cash Compensation plus short-term incentive, sales incentive, profit sharing, or other incentive awards) TOTAL DIRECT COMPENSATION (Total Cash Compensation plus long-term incentive awards) TOTAL REMUNERATION (Total Direct Compensation plus value of the benefits: retirement plan, life and medical insurance, motor vehicle, etc.) *Please contact your local Mercer consultant to verify regional availability. JOB FAMILIES AND POSITIONS SURVEYED (FROM EXECUTIVE BOARD AND NEXT TWO REPORTING LEVELS) Communications Finance Human Resources Information Systems Legal and Compliance Operations Sales and Marketing Strategy Top Management For a full list of survey roles, please visit 3

4 WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE? Online access Data delivered online through PayMonitor, accessible anywhere, at any time fully customise searches and statistics according to your individual needs, and refine the data by country. Survey overview A general review of typical salary practices and compensation mix, employment trends, and other economic indicators related to human resource management decisions. Significant trends and other developments in executive remuneration regionally, and at the country level. Commentary on survey results. Economic indicators related to human resource management decisions. SAMPLE ACTUAL MARKET DATA TABLE. The following information is provided for each survey role in the hard-copy report. SALARY POLICY, INCENTIVES, AND BENEFITS OVERVIEW TYPICAL PRACTICES AND PROVISIONS Salary increase trends. Short-term incentives. Long-term incentives. Key benefits (life insurance, long-term disability, private medical insurance, company cars). SUMMARY TABLES AND ACTUAL MARKET DATA Detailed market analysis of individual survey positions. Each role displayed in survey tables for each element of compensation. CUSTOM ANALYSIS Custom statistics tailored to your needs using PayMonitor, such as: Peer group (minimum of 10 organisations). Group/subsidiary role. Revenue/employee number and more. MARKET REGRESSION Regression statistics and graphs by: Position class. Functional area for each of the major components of total remuneration. Industry sector. 4 SURVEY MEETINGS (FACE-TO-FACE OR GENERAL MEETING) Annual survey meetings are organised at the country level to help you make the most of your data and to review key survey findings.

5 FURTHER INFORMATION AND ENROLMENT Visit to view the following: List of survey roles. Last year s list of participants. Pricing details. Participant-only survey conditions. Covered countries and survey schedules. PayMonitor. Local executive remuneration consultants contact details. The participants in Mercer Executive Remuneration Guide regularly receives thought-provoking Mercer intellectual capital pieces on the latest executive remuneration practices and trends. ABOUT MERCER Mercer is a leading global provider of consulting, outsourcing, and investment services, with more than 25,000 clients worldwide. Mercer consultants help clients design and manage health, retirement, and other benefits and optimise human capital. The firm also provides customised administration, technology, and total benefit outsourcing solutions. Mercer s investment services include global leadership in investment consulting and multimanager investment management. Mercer s global network of 20,000 employees, based in more than 40 countries, ensures integrated, worldwide solutions. Our consultants work with clients to develop solutions that address global and country-specific challenges and opportunities. Mercer is experienced in assisting both major and growing midsize organisations. Providing high-quality human resource information is an integral part of our business. Around the world, Mercer conducts more than 600 compensation, benefit, total remuneration, and employee mobility surveys. Our software solutions help organisations align compensation and benefit programmes with strategic business objectives. 5

6 For further information, please contact your local Mercer office or visit our website at: Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China Colombia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong India Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Venezuela Mercer Consulting Middle East Limited Office 01B, Level 5, Gate Precinct Building 2 Dubai International Financial Centre P.O.Box Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel Fax Copyright 2013 Mercer LLC. All rights reserved.