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1 Terms of Reference Title of the Project: Supplier Development Programme Contract to recruit an Industrial Psychologist to conduct psychometric test for United Nations Development Programme s (UNDP) Supplier Development Programme (SDP) B. Background and Objectives UNDP is implementing a SDP aimed at building the capacity and capability of small micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs) so that they can be integrated in the value chains of big companies.this project is designed to complement the policy implemented by the Government of South Africa, whose primary focus is to achieve the integration of small and medium enterprises in the supply chains of large multinational corporations. The SDP is a UNDP s signature tool in the area of enterprise development and value chain development. The SDP contributes to an increased competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMMEs) including smallholder farmers - by diagnosing, evaluating, certifying and promoting the professionalization of the value chain and incorporating the SMMEs into the growing value chains. SDP has been implemented in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and other developing countries including experiences in the agriculture value chains The main motivation of the SDP methodology is to improve the competitiveness of the whole chain, through the generation of more strategic relationships, leading to continuous improvement processes. International experience indicates that this collaboration is one of the most effective manners to introduce SMMEs in to the globalized economy. The SDP will be implemented through a team of 40 SDP Specialists who will be recruited and selected for that purpose. Please see table below for the profile of a SDP Specialist. Profile of SDP Specialist The applicant who aspire to be a Supplier Development Programme Specialist should be a experienced consultant interested in working with companies involved in the development of the value (provision) chain between large companies (OEM s) and small and medium enterprises (SME s) acting as a facilitator to increase capacity of SME to generate added value and consequently improving their SME s competitiveness. Requirements and Qualifications 1

2 1. At least professional level degree, preferably in management or industrial engineering. 2. Experience in quality certification processes is desirable. 3. Have verifiable work experience of at least seven years. At least five years of this implementing improvement plans for business organizations, whether working directly with them or as an external consultant. 4. Proven experience in business consulting with at least four companies and / or implementation of at least 4 projects or improvement plans in more than one company. 5. Pass knowledge test that will run by UNDP in the areas of finance, microeconomic concepts administration, operations, and commercial supplies. 6. Interested and available in applying knowledge gained immediately. 7. Available to take part on-online training programme on the Supplier Development Methodology and ready to apply some of the instruments in helping small medium enterprises 8. Comfortable in interacting with people at different levels in an organization. 9. Experience and knowledge to use the necessary technical and managerial skills required for provision of consultancy services. 10. Advanced computer literacy and ability to use on-line virtual courses training and monitor project implementation through a software., Ability to use multimedia software and internet 11. Available for 15 hours a week for about three months The applicants will go through CV screening, competency based interviews, reference checking and psychometric assessments. C. Objective To recruit a qualified Industrial Psychologist registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa to conduct psychometric tests to determine the suitability of the applicants to be SDP Specialists, in line with the profile above. As part of the recruitment process, the SDP Specialist applicants will go through CV screening, competency based interviews, reference checking and psychometric assessments. The two on-line psychometric assessments proposed should measure the following variables: Indicator of personality type. Assessment of emotional intelligence. 2

3 All the tests should be taken online and interested Industrial Psychologist should have facilities to run the tests. D. Purpose of Assessments The purpose of the assessments is two-fold: To complement the data available about candidates experience and competencies with data about their personalities and emotional intelligence competencies for selection purposes; and To provide a basis for ongoing individual development of the chosen consultants. It is important to note that neither of these assessments can be passed or failed, nor can they be used on their own to deem an applicant successful or not in their application. The two assessments will enrich the data available from other sources; such as CV, interview and references; so that decision makers will have a more comprehensive understanding of who their applicants are and what competencies and attributes they offer. E. Expected Outputs a) The Industrial Psychologist will update the UNDP Programme Manager with the assessment progress so that the Programme Manager can follow up with individuals who are not responding. The frequency of the progress updates can be decided closer to the implementation of the procedure. b) Integrated Summary of the two assessments- the Industrial Psychologist will prepare a summarized version of the two assessments to assist decision makers in understanding the applicants better. c) Computer generated reports- The integrated report as well at the integrated summary should be made available in pdf. Format once the Industrial Psychologist and the decision makers have had a briefing about the results in general and a discussion about the candidates where the decision is less clear cut. F. Institutional arrangements and proposed assessment procedure The candidates names and addresses will be given to the Industrial Psychologist who will forward instructions and links for both the online assessments to candidates. The candidates will be instructed to complete their assessments in one sitting and to sign a declaration, prepared by the Industrial Psychologist, which states the following: 3

4 They completed the assessments themselves; They completed each assessment in one sitting; and They give permission for their assessment reports to be made available to the decision-makers in the recruitment procedure. The Industrial Psychologist will update the UNDP Programme Manager with the assessment progress so that the Programme Manager can follow up with individuals who are not responding. The frequency of the progress updates can be decided closer to the implementation of the procedure. G. Duration of the Work a) Expected duration of work is 14 working days. Expected completion of the assignment is the 8 August 2014 b) Start of the work is the 21 July 2014 and the estimated completion of the work is 8 August c) The Industrial Psychologist will provide feedback to UNDP on the 1 st August and discuss the results with UNDP in the week of the 4 th - 8 th August d) The project is working on very tight lines and there it is important that these timelines be respected. In case there is delay caused by UNDP it will be communicated to the service provider on-time H. Duty Station a) The Industrial Psychologist will provide office space and equipment for carrying out the assignment. All the tests will be conducted online and the Industrial Psychologist must submit in the proposal the website and names of the tests to be used. b) The Industrial Psychologist must also outline what the two assessments will measure c) The consultant must be prepared to travel to UNDP South Africa office in Pretoria to have meetings with UNDP representatives. I. Qualifications of the Successful Individual Contractor a) The consultant must be a qualified Industrial Psychologist, preferable a PhD registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa ( submit the HPCSA registration number with the proposal) 4

5 b) The Industrial Psychologist must have more than five years experience in conducting psychometric test J. Presentation of Proposals The following format is recommended for submitting proposals. The following documents may be requested: a) Profile/ CV, indicating all past experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details ( and telephone number) of the Candidate and at least three (3) professional references; b) Brief description of why the individual considers him/herself as the most suitable for the assignment, and a methodology. Explain how the approach will meet the requirements of the assignments. c) Financial Proposal that should-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs.. K. Approval Signature Dancilla Mukarubayiza. o.i.c Date of Signing 5