CMMI Update. Mary Beth Chrissis, as represented by: Pat O Toole Software Engineering Institute. Pittsburgh, PA May 15, 2008

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1 Mary Beth Chrissis, as represented by: Pat O Toole Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA May 15, 2008

2 CMMI Today The CMMI Product Suite was released 1/2002 and today CMMI website averages 20,000 visits/day Over 80,000 people have been trained Over 3,000 class A appraisals have been reported to the SEI Global adoption is steadily growing. 2

3 CMMI Transition Status As reported to the SEI as of Training Introduction to CMMI 84,074 Intermediate CMMI 2,726 Understanding CMMI High Maturity Practices 396 Authorized Introduction to CMMI V1.2 Instructors 430 SCAMPI V1.2 Lead Appraisers 488 SCAMPI V1.2 B&C Team Leaders 499 Certified V1.2 High Maturity Lead Appraisers 138 CMMI-ACQ V1.2 Instructors 18 CMMI-ACQ V1.2 Lead Appraisers. 7 3

4 Transition from V1.1 to V1.2 Status As reported to the SEI as of Introduction to CMMI Students Registered for Upgrade Training 6,540 Upgrades Complete 5,491 Lead Appraisers and Instructors Registered for Upgrade Training 678 Upgrade Completed

5 Number of Appraisals Conducted by Year Reported as of SPA CBAIPI(Discontinued after 12/31/2005) SCAMPI v.x ClassA 5

6 Number of SCAMPI Class A Appraisals Conducted by Year by Representation* as of *Where Representation is reported Staged Continuous /30/2008 6

7 SCAMPI v1.1/v1.2 Class A Appraisals Conducted by Quarter Reported as of

8 Intro to the CMM and CMMI Attendees (Cumulative) as of CMM Intro (discon'td. 12/31/05) CMMI Intro CMMI Intermediate

9 Organization Size Based on the total t number of employees within the area of the organization that t was appraised 1001 to % 501 to % 25% 2.5% 301 to % 25 or fewer 13.6% 201 to % 9.0% 1 to % 201 to to % 101 to % Based on organizations reporting size data 76 to % 51 to %

10 Countries where Appraisals have been Performed and Reported to the SEI Red country name: New additions with this reporting Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Egypt Finland France Germany Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea, Republic Of Latvia Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Morocco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Viet Nam 10

11 Number of Appraisals Reported to the SEI by Continent Numb ber of Appra aisals Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America 3113 Based on appraisals 11

12 Number of Appraisals and Maturity Levels Reported to the SEI by Country Maturity Level 1 Reported Maturity Level 2 Reported Maturity Level 3 Reported Maturity Level 4 Reported Maturity Level 5 Reported Country Maturity Level 1 Reported Maturity Level 2 Reported Maturity Level 3 Reported Maturity Level 4 Reported Country Number of Appraisals Number of Appraisals Argentina Malaysia Australia Mauritius 10 or fewer Austria 10 or fewer Mexico Bahrain 10 or fewer Morocco 10 or fewer Bangladesh 10 or fewer Netherlands 10 or fewer Belarus 10 or fewer New Zealand 10 or fewer Belgium 10 or fewer Norway 10 or fewer Brazil Pakistan Bulgaria 10 or fewer Peru 10 or fewer Canada Philippines Chile Poland 10 or fewer China Portugal 10 or fewer Colombia Romania 10 or fewer Costa Rica 10 or fewer Russia 10 or fewer Czech Republic 10 or fewer Saudi Arabia 10 or fewer Denmark 10 or fewer Singapore Dominican Republic 10 or fewer Slovakia 10 or fewer Egypt South Africa 10 or fewer Finland 10 or fewer Spain France Sweden 10 or fewer Germany Switzerland 10 or fewer Hong Kong Taiwan Hungary 10 or fewer Thailand 10 or fewer Idi India Turkey 10 or fewer Indonesia 10 or fewer Ukraine 10 or fewer Ireland 10 or fewer United Arab Emirates10 or fewer Israel United Kingdom Italy United States Japan Uruguay 10 or fewer Korea, Republic Of Viet Nam 10 or fewer Latvia 10 or fewer Maturity Level 5 Reported 12

13 Number of Appraisals Posted to PARs by Year POSTED TOTAL Number of Appraisals

14 Performance Results Summary # of data Improvements Median points Low High Cost 20% 21 3% 87% Schedule 37% 19 2% 90% Productivity 67% 16 11% 255% Quality 50% 18 29% 132% Customer Satisfaction 14% 6-4% 55% Return on Investment 4.8 : : : 1 N = 25, as of 15 December 2005 Organizations with results expressed as change over time 14

15 A Program s Capability Contractor A ML 3 My Program Contractor B ML 4 Contractor C Acquirer ML 5 ML? CMMI Math: ? =? CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ) Phillips, April 2,

16 How Capable is the Team? Early: How capable is a program team to deliver an operational capability? Ongoing: How well is the program performing? CMMI Maturity Levels at the organizational level are necessary, but not sufficient, to provide answers to these questions at the program level. 16

17 Maturity Levels Important Realities Know the capabilities of your entire program team Multiple contractors, each appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 3, does not ensure that your project will execute at Maturity Level 3 Processes may be incompatible Communication may be inadequate A contractor appraised at Maturity Level 3 does not ensure that your project will execute at Maturity Level 3 Was your team part of the process evaluation? Is your team following the processes? An acquisition organization without mature processes can hurt a mature contractor 17

18 Acquirer/Supplier Mismatch High Acquirer Mismatch mature acquirer mentors low maturity supplier Matched acquirer and supplier are both high maturity predictable success not routcome highest probability of Lo ow Disaster no discipline no process no product Mismatch less mature acquirer derails mature supplier; encourages short cuts supplier compromises processes Technical & Management Skill Low Supplier High 18

19 Interpreting CMMI Ratings 1. A CMMI rating or CMMI level is not a guarantee of program success 2. Organizations that have attained CMMI maturity level ratings do not necessarily apply those appraised processes to a new program at program start-up 3. Organizations that claim CMMI ratings are not always dedicated to process improvement 4. Organizations may sample only a few exemplar programs and declare that all programs are being executed at that CMMI level rating 5. Organizations that claim a high maturity level rating (level 4 and 5) are not necessarily better suppliers than a level 3 supplier. Understanding and Leveraging a Supplier s CMMI Efforts: A Guidebook for Acquirers, April 2007, CMU/SEI-2007-TR

20 Beyond CMMI V1.2 Improved architecture will allow post-v1.2 expansion Extensions of the life cycle (Services, Outsourcing/Acquisition) could expand use of a common organizational framework: allows coverage of more of the enterprise or potential partnering organizations adapts model features to fit non-developmental efforts (e.g., CMMI Services, CMMI Acquisition). 20

21 Three Complementary Constellations CMMI-DEV provides guidance for measuring, monitoring and managing development e e processes CMMI-SVC CMMI-SVC provides guidance for those providing services within organizations and to external customers 16 Core Process Areas, common to all CMMI-DEV CMMI-ACQ CMMI-ACQ provides guidance to enable informed and decisive acquisition leadership 21

22 CMMI-ACQ Staged Representation: PAs by Maturity Level Maturity Level Optimizing Quantitatively Managed Defined Managed Process Areas Causal Analysis and Resolution Organizational Innovation and Deployment Quantitative Project Management Organizational Process Performance Organizational Process Focus Organizational Process Definition Organizational Training Integrated Project Management Risk Management Acquisition Technical Management Acquisition Verification Acquisition Validation Decision Analysis and Resolution Acquisition Requirements Development Agreement Management Project Planning Project Monitoring and Control Requirements Management Configuration Management Process and Product Quality Assurance Measurement and Analysis Solicitation and Supplier Agreement Development 22

23 CMMI-ACQ v1.2 Acquisition Category Process Areas Solicitation & Supplier Agreement Development Agreement Management Acquisition Requirements Development Acquisition Technical Management CMMI Model Framework (CMF) 16 Project, Organizational, and Support Process Areas Acquisition Verification Acquisition Validation 23

24 CMMI-SVC v0.5 Reuse CMMI for Services Constellation = 22 PAs + 3 Optional PAs Service PAs Shared PAs (SAM) CMMI-SVC Service Addition PAs Service Modifications: 77% % of CMMI-DEV PAs are reused; % of Corporate Investments are potentially reusable! 1 16 CMMI Model Foundation 21 amplifications in 7 PAs 5 added references 1 modified PA (REQM) 1 specific goal 2 specific practices CMMI-DEV CMMI-ACQ 24

25 Who is the audience? Broad spectrum of service providers Primarily intended for industry use, just like CMMI-DEV Service Sector Weights Focus on current CMMI users 30% PAMS Professional, 25% Administrative, Management Support 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% PAMS R & D FRS ERS CRS ICT Other Medical R & D Research and Development FRS Facilities-Related Services ERS Equipment-Related Services CRS Construction-Related Services ICT Information and Communications Technology Source: FY06 Federal Procurement Data System 25

26 Planned Sequence of Models CMMI-SVC March 2009 CMMI V1.1 CMMI-DEV V1.2 CMMI V1.3? TBD CMMI-AM GM IT Sourcing CMMI-ACQ Released November 2007 SA-CMM 41 26

27 For More Information Mary Beth Chrissis CMMI Training Manager CMMI Project Telephone: edu U.S. mail: Software Engineering g Institute Customer Relations 4500 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA USA World Wide Web: Customer Relations edu/contact Telephone: SEI Phone: SEI Fax:

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