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1 Head of Hartlepool Sixth Form College External Vacancy Post Ref: 5916 Full Time, 37 hours per week. Permanent, Attractive Salary and Benefits Hartlepool Sixth Form College is on schedule to merge with City of Sunderland College on August 1st 2017, subject to Governor Approval between July 3-5th In order to ensure we are able to move forward on what will be an exciting phase of our next journey, we are seeking to appoint a new and dynamic Head of Hartlepool Sixth Form College. We are looking for a motivated, inspirational and experienced individual who has a proven track record in successfully leading and managing within Sixth Form Colleges. You must be able to turn our vision, ethos and values into a Sixth Form College that inspires students, supports parents and delivers significant benefits to the local community in Hartlepool and wider Tees Valley. We are looking for an individual with strong leadership and management capabilities with excellent interpersonal and organisational skills. You must want to ensure the best outcomes for all young people and be driven by high standards and a desire to achieve excellence in every aspect of the College s functions. You must be able to work effectively alongside our great senior leadership team, leading and supporting staff, parents and students to deliver our vision. You must also have a strong commitment to working within and across communities to ensure a coherent and strategic approach to education and skills. For more information, or to speak to the Principal and Chief Executive of City of Sunderland College, please contact Sara White (PA to the Principal) on (0191) For this post applicants should be able to demonstrate in their personal statement practical examples of how you fulfil the person specification. Due to the nature of this post you will be required to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure Check. We are big advocates of diversity so applications are welcome from anyone who s suitably qualified. For details on how to apply please visit alternatively or call to request an application pack. All applications must be received by Monday 26 th June 2017 at 12:00 noon We are working towards equal opportunities and welcome applications from all sections of the community. We are committed to PREVENT and safeguarding the welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

2 Job Description (This is a description of the job as it is as present constituted. It may be necessary, from time to time, to update job descriptions to ensure that they relate to the job as then being performed. Therefore, management reserve the right to make changes to your job description, commensurate with your grade/level in the organisation, after consultation with you). Post Title: Head of Hartlepool Sixth Form College Post Reference: 5916 Grade: Contract: Management Spine Full Time, Permanent Hours: 37 Location: Responsible to: Hartlepool Sixth Form College Principal and Chief Executive City of Sunderland College ROLE SUMMARY: 1. Provide strong leadership for the life and work of Hartlepool Sixth Form College (HSFC) and build on its record of success 2. Reporting directly to the Principal of City of Sunderland College (CSC) ensure the provision of high quality, fully inclusive education for all students, enabling them to achieve their full potential, and securing outstanding outcomes and destinations for all students. 3. Manage the College and its staff efficiently and effectively on the basis of strategic priorities determined by the Corporation of City of Sunderland College, and set out in the strategic plan. The post holder will be supported by a Leadership Team whose role is to assume leadership for the HSFC. 4. Seek to secure sufficient resources for HSFC to deliver its vision and strategic aims, fully utilising the flexibilities of City of Sunderland College. 5. Working with the senior leadership team at City of Sunderland College, be responsible for the College campus, its buildings, equipment and grounds. 6. Ensure the best experience for all students through the promotion of equality, diversity, health and wellbeing, safeguarding, Prevent and British Values in accordance with statutory duties and local requirements.

3 PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Build on the existing strengths (and local reputation and work) of HSFC to achieve further opportunities for sustainable growth, effective partnerships and a crucial role in the development of learning provision. 2. Implement the mission and vision of City of Sunderland College to inspire staff, students, potential students and the local community. 3. Maintain a high profile locally, regionally and nationally as champion for HSFC, ensuring current partnerships with key stakeholders are maintained and enhanced as well as seeking to develop further effective collaborative partnerships 4. Promote and maintain high standards of behaviour, ethical leadership, professional practice and probity. 5. Ensure that HSFC works within its statutory and regulatory framework and effectively implements the policies and procedures of CSC. 6. Work collaboratively with the Principal and senior leadership team of CSC in the discharge of its statutory and regulatory duties and implement decisions of the Corporation. 7. Formulate proposals for the Principal and senior leadership team, and the Corporation of CSC, regarding the educational character, activities and vision of HSFC. 8. Anticipate changes in the external environment, and working with the Principal make proposals to put HSFC and CSC in the best position (financially and educationally) for the future. 9. Provide inspiring motivational leadership and direction to all staff and students and everyone connected with HSFC. 10. Foster a culture of high standards of work performance, staff empowerment, student success and high standards in all aspects of teaching and learning and give staff responsibility and freedom to help students succeed and extend the students personal growth within a caring environment. 11. Ensure that appropriate targets are set, agreed and performance monitored throughout HSFC to achieve the CSC s strategic aims and objectives. 12. Contribute to and implement the Strategic Plan and ensure that organisational, departmental and individual staff objectives are congruent with the strategic direction of CSC. 13. Engage with other heads and principals, local and national governmental agencies as appropriate and as required and represent HSFC at external forums and meetings. 14. Maintain awareness of the external environment for opportunities and challenges and foster an innovative and responsive leadership approach to maintain the both CSC and HSFC at the forefront of education provision.

4 Leading Teaching and Learning: 1. Promote and support the innovation and development of the curriculum to ensure that HSFC delivers an outstanding range of educational and training opportunities, optimises student recruitment and maximises retention. 2. Support and develop study programmes for all students that lead to outstanding outcomes and destinations 3. Working with the Principal and senior leadership team ensure that CSC/HSFC is properly prepared for Ofsted and other inspections. 4. Ensure that systems are in place to provide pastoral support to help all students reach their full potential in a stretching and challenging environment, effectively preparing them for the next stage of their career and life development. Ensure International Students are fully included in an appropriate manner having regard to cultural, group and individual need. 5. Oversee HSFC s curriculum strategies and actions to ensure high academic performance. 6. Ensure that high quality standards are set and achieved for all study programmes, promote the evaluation of the quality of education, and ensure that appropriate action is taken in response to feedback from students, parents and carers to enrich their experience. 7. Take a strategic role in the introduction and development of new technologies to support teaching and learning and work in partnership and collaboration to share best practice and improve teaching, learning and assessment at both sites, with the Director and staff at Sunderland Sixth Form. 8. Ensure that high standards of student discipline are maintained, including overseeing the responsibilities delegated to the HSFC Leadership Team members and other staff. 9. Ensure the provision of regular information to parents about the progress of their children and other matters. Leading Staff 1. Directly line manage all curriculum staffing structures at HSFC and be responsible for the smooth running of HSFC, solving everyday problems, including staff management and dealing with emergency situations. 2. Lead, appraise and develop HSFC s Leadership Team members to effectively manage the needs and aspirations of CSC and provide outstanding leadership to staff and students, and actively promote personal and professional development of all staff. 3. Ensure that Programme Area Manager and others set and maintain high standards of work performance, skill and motivation of their staff and ensure strong leadership at all levels of the organisation. 4. Monitor and review the organisational structure to ensure that the level of staffing, skills, knowledge and qualifications are optimal for effective management of HSFC and to match current and future service need.

5 5. Be responsible for matters related to staffing such as appointments, assignments, grading, appraisal, suspension. 6. Promote staff professional development and ensure that all staff have access to regular advice and training appropriate to their needs and those of HSFC General 1. Contribute to Safeguarding and Child Protection at all times to ensure the safety and security of and identifying all young people and vulnerable adults who are in contact with the College, with a commitment to safeguarding the welfare of these individuals and protecting them from any potential harm. 2. Work to promote and contribute to the CSC s Prevent policy and procedures, and are expected to assure that the College meets and exceeds its statutory responsibilities. 3. Undertake any personal development necessary to ensure effective performance in the role. 4. Conduct formal performance management, disciplinary, absence and capability processes that may on occasion include staff outside own areas of responsibility (e.g. appeals, investigations). 5. Ensure that own management practices are conducted fairly, transparently and in accordance with legislative requirements and CSC policy. 6. All CSC managers have specific responsibilities under H&SAW legislation for the provision of appropriate safety management systems, adequate information, instruction and training to the workforce and ensuring that there are effective management structures in place to deliver these policies 7. Work to promote and contribute to the CSC s Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policy, and are expected to uphold its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. 8. Such other tasks as may be necessary to ensure the continuing development of quality assurance across the CSC, and to ensure the continuing development of systems and service. 9. This job specification is subject to periodic review by the Corporation. Any changes in substance or interpretation will be implemented after consultation with the post holder. Budget Responsibility: The post holder is a budget holder under the College s accounting systems and is required tobserve and comply with the financial regulations of the College at all times. Continuing Professional Development: The post holder will proactively take part in the College s Performance Monitoring Review (PMR) process and be expected to attend training and continuous professional development events and be responsible for their own professional updating.

6 Values: The College values are an essential part of the College achieving its core purpose and it is an expectation that these are adopted in daily working. These include: Professional - To act with professionalism at all times and consistently deliver a high quality education. Inspiring To motivate, encourage and support everyone to realise their potential and achieve their goals. Integrity To be trustworthy showing respect and acting with fairness in the best interests of all. Adaptability - To be flexible, responsive and embrace opportunities to meet the ever changing needs and demands of all. Innovative - To be at the forefront of innovation in everything we do, to challenge and continuously find ways to improve. College Policies and Procedures: 1. Comply with College Policies and Procedures and the Staff Code of Conduct which can be accessed via Alfresco. 2. Perform other such duties as reasonably correspond to the general character of the post and are commensurate with its level of responsibility. 3. Ensure all statutory obligations are fulfilled. 4. Work at any of the College sites as required. 5. To take appropriate responsibility for PREVENT and the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of children and/or vulnerable adults. 6. To uphold British Values, the college values and responsibilities with regard to equality and diversity. 7. To understand and adhere to college Health and Safety policies and guidelines ensuring compliance with statutory legislation.

7 Person Specification Post Title: Head of Hartlepool Sixth Form Post Ref: 5916 CRITERIA ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT DESIRABLE REQUIREMENT Specialist Knowledge and Understanding A good understanding of government education policy, its impact and application within the further, higher education and business sector. An understanding of high level strategic financial data and strong analytical skills. An up to date knowledge of curriculum development and strategy within College Sixth Form provision, funding arrangements and income streams. A well-developed understanding of how to develop a destination driven Curriculum and curriculum data analysis. An up to date knowledge of current developments in Higher Education. A well-developed understanding of developments in teaching, learning and assessment technologies/strategies in FE. A well-developed understanding of how to lead transformational/ organisational change A well-developed understanding of how to work positively within the external environment including but not limited to political, economic and educational environments.

8 Qualifications and Training A higher level qualification in a relevant subject area A higher level academic or professional qualification in leadership and management. A PGCE or relevant teacher training qualification. Evidence of progressive career development and continuous personal development. A good level of secondary education inclusive of English and Maths Experience of Leading and managing curriculum staff and students at large faculty or College level Improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment leading to raised student success and outcomes. Experience of performance management, disciplinary, grievances etc. Representing the College at national and regional level on strategic matters Direct leadership and management of high performing teams Working within a cross organisation/ matrix structure Overseeing, leading and delivering report and presentations to senior leadership teams, Governors and stakeholders.

9 Robust financial and curriculum planning, management of large budgets and contribution levels in accordable with a wider financial plan Contributing to an organisations corporate social responsibility. OFSTED inspection and working with other key stakeholders such as the funding agency and other government officials Working in a College with a culture of high aspiration for staff and students and OFSTED good or outstanding. Disposition A strategic-thinker with a high degree of motivation to succeed and to lead the achievement of success. A commitment to working in partnership both with internal and external stakeholders and employers. Strong leadership, management and negotiation skills. A clear understanding of a student-centred approach to the delivery of the curriculum. Comfortable challenging norms and driving initiatives forward by utilising their ability to collaborate effectively across teams, and provide a keen focus on the most important outcomes that will support the Colleges strategic plan. A self-starter with commercial acumen. Highly organised and the ability to meet targets and deadlines. Self-assured and confident, with first class interpersonal, communication and administrative skills. A high performing professional, capable of building authentic relationships

10 with others and placing high value on respect, integrity and a desire to impact positively upon continued improvement Perform consistently with the College s values and interacts in a way that reflects positively on the College, both inside and outside. Uphold British values the Colleges values and responsibilities with regards to equality and diversity and actively foster a climate of equity and inclusion. Driven by attaining and upholding high standards of performance of self and others. Troubleshooting and resolving problems and conflicts as customers arise. A dedication to ensuring a healthy and safe environment and to equality of opportunity for all students, staff, clients and members of the public. A commitment to continuous personal and institutional improvement and the development of a culture of a high level of professional and personal work standards. Must be independently mobile throughout the North East