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1 Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce Request for Proposals for HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGED SERVICES Project Manager: Leslie Anderson, Vice President Finance 1601 River Dr., Suite 100 Moline, IL Key RFP Dates The following table outlines the planned schedule of major activities related to the RFP distribution, response submission, evaluation and selection processes. The Chamber reserves the right to amend the schedule as necessary. RFP Issued April 16, 2018 Submit Proposals April 27, 2018 by 4:00 pm Final Selection & Notification May 4, 2018

2 QUAD CITIES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTING SERVICES I. BACKGROUND The Quad Cities Chamber (Chamber) currently employs approximately 30 full time employees, 90% of which are exempt status. Additionally, the Chamber employs a number of interns and summer workers to provide assistance with special projects and or seasonal coverage as required. The Chamber maintains office locations in Moline, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa. The Chamber currently offers group medical (includes prescription and chiropractic coverage), dental, vision, life, accidental death and dismemberment, long term disability, short term disability, Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, and an employee assistance program (EAP). These current offerings are fully insured plans. In addition, the Chamber provides a 401k plan with match, a paid time off program, and various fringe benefits classified as wages. II. PROJECT OVERVIEW The Chamber requests proposals from qualified organizations to provide human resource services and consulting as described herein. The Chamber seeks a strategic partner with experience in advising comparable private agencies and works well with various levels of staff and management. Submitted proposals must meet all requirements set forth in this Request for Proposal (RFP). III. SCOPE OF SERVICES The Chamber is seeking a strategic human resources partner to provide the programs, services, and functionality listed below. The Chamber is particularly interested in a partner who can offer creative, innovative approaches, with a proven track record, that allows the Chamber to maintain quality programs and contain or reduce costs. The selected partner must be willing and able to provide on site services to the Chamber as agreed upon and required by the Chamber. A. HR Business Services To be delivered in conjunction with Chamber staff, the HR business services requested are outline below: 1. Position recruitment and fulfillment: a. Job description review and update b. Position posting c. Application receipt, review, and initial screening d. Schedule and conduct interview process e. Conduct background checks (criminal, credit, education) f. Generate and deliver employment offers g. Create and send new hire letters

3 2. Onsite employee onboarding to include, but not limited to: a. Send welcome packet to new employee b. Employee handbook review and sign off c. W 4 and State tax form completion d. I 9 verification e. Explanation of employee benefits and completion of benefit enrollment forms f. Employee self service set up and orientation g. Scheduling required meetings with Chamber personnel 3. Assist Chamber Leadership with the development of a comprehensive employee review process as well as provide guidance on implementation and ongoing oversight 4. Review Employee Handbook annually and provide recommendations for updates and improvements 5. Provide employee separation management services to include, but not be limited to: a. Separation agreements and related meetings b. Exit interviews c. Unemployment claims management 6. Employee concierge services, delivered in a timely manner, which includes telephonic, electronic mail, and on site support to employees with regard to benefit and employment related questions as well as ability to provide onsite support as requested 7. Employee leave management services to include, but not be limited to: a. Disability programs b. Worker s compensation c. Paid Time Off programs d. Leave of Absences e. Unpaid Time Off 8. Employee disciplinary program design, development, and implementation as well as ongoing oversight, which may require on site meetings with Chamber management staff and employees 9. Compliance activities related to ensuring accurate information tracking and maintenance to include, but not be limited to: a. Assist with review and ongoing development of employer related programs for employees b. Provide on site training to Chamber staff, as needed, regarding regulatory updates and/or best practices c. Review and disseminate information to staff on new or revised State and Federal legislation that impacts the Chamber and or its employees

4 B. HR Special Projects as Requested From time to time, the Chamber may engage the selected strategic partner to conduct special projects such as, but not limited to the following: 1. Compensation and benefits analysis 2. Benefit plan design analysis 3. Succession planning program development and deployment 4. Leadership, Management, and Employee training program development 5. Personnel file audit 6. Department of Labor (DOL) compliance risk assessment 7. Organizational structure analysis and planning C. Annual Review Process and Evaluation 1. Participate in an on site annual service review meeting with Chamber leadership to discuss best practices, recommendations, trends, and areas of potential risk 2. Provide written annual summary reports on services provided to include volume, subject matter, time spent, location, and any other information that may be useful for ongoing assessment of agreed upon services INSTRUCTIONS TO PROPOSERS Examination of Proposal Documents By submitting a proposal, the proposer represents that it has thoroughly examined and become familiar with the work required under this RFP and that it is capable of performing quality work to achieve the Chamber s objectives. A. Submission of Proposals and Qualifications Proposals will be exclusively accepted from firms that are members in good standing of the Quad Cities Chamber. Firms are invited to submit proposals outlining their qualifications, competence and capability to provide human resource related services for the Chamber. The purpose of this process is to choose a strategic partner capable of assisting the Chamber with described human resource matters for a period of three (3) years, commencing immediately following the final selection on May 4, 2018, subject to the subsequent mutual agreement to the Chamber and the selected strategic partner. All proposals shall be addressed and submitted to the Project Manager listed on the cover page of this RFP. Proposals must be delivered via to in person, or postal mail to the address listed above no later than 4:00 p.m., April 27, Late proposals will not be accepted. With regard to any proposals sent by mail to the Chamber, the proposer shall be solely responsible for its delivery to the Chamber no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, April 27, Any proposals received

5 subsequent to the date and hour set herein because of delayed mail delivery or for any other reason will not be considered by the Chamber. Any questions regarding this Request for Proposal should be directed to Leslie Anderson using the contact information listed on the cover page of this document. B. Withdrawal of Proposals A proposer may withdraw its proposal at any time before the expiration of the time for submission of proposals as provided in this RFP by delivering a written request for withdrawal signed by, or on behalf of, the proposer by mail or e mail to the Project Manager listed on the cover page of this RFP. C. Rights of the Chamber This RFP is not in any way to be construed as an agreement, obligation or other contract between the Chamber and any person or firm submitting a proposal, nor does it obligate the Chamber to pay for any costs incurred in preparation and submission of proposals or in anticipation of a contract. Proposals submitted in response to this request become the property of the Chamber. The Chamber may investigate the qualifications of any proposer under consideration, require confirmation of information furnished by the proposer and require additional evidence or qualifications to perform the services Contract award will be made, at the sole discretion of the Chamber, based on the evaluation of all responses, applying all criteria and oral interviews is determined to be the best qualified to perform the scope of services. The Chamber reserves the right to: 1. Obtain clarification of any point in a proposer s response or to obtain additional information necessary to properly evaluate a particular response. 2. Reject any or all proposals. 3. Cancel the Request for Proposal in part or in its entirety. 4. Issue subsequent Requests for Proposal. 5. Remedy technical errors in the Request for Proposal process. 6. Approve or disapprove the use of particular subcontractors. 7. Negotiate with any, all or none of the proposers. 8. Solicit best and final offers from all or some of the proposers. 9. Award a contract to one (1) or more proposers.

6 10. Accept other than the lowest offer. 11. Waive informalities and irregularities in proposals. D. Contract Type It is anticipated that the agreement resulting from this solicitation, if awarded, will be a firm, fixed, not to exceed contract. Proposers shall be prepared to accept the terms and conditions of the Agreement, including Insurance and Indemnification language. If a proposer desires to take exception to the Agreement, proposer shall provide the following information as a section of the proposal identified as Exceptions to the agreement. Proposer shall clearly identify each proposed change to the Agreement, including all relevant attachments. Proposer shall furnish the reasons for exception, as well as specific recommendations for alternative language. While the Chamber anticipates awarding a three (3) year contract, either party shall have the ability to terminate the agreement by giving a thirty (30) day notice to the other party at any time during the agreement. E. Collusion By submitting a proposal, each proposer represents and warrants that its proposal is genuine and not a sham or collusive, or made in the interest of, or on behalf of, any person not named therein; that the proposer has not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any other person to submit a sham proposal or any other person to refrain from submitting a proposal; and that the proposer has not in any manner sought collusion to secure any improper advantage over any other person submitting a proposal. PROPOSAL FORMAT AND CONTENT A. Format Proposals shall be made in the official name of the firm or individual under which the vendor s business is conducted (including the official business address). Proposals shall be typed and be as brief as possible and not include any unnecessary promotional materials. B. Content 1. General Information: Complete the attached General Information Form and place the form in the front of all proposal submission. This form should be signed by a person duly authorized to bind the firm and proposed account team to submit a response to this RFP solicitation. 2. Profile of Firm: This section shall include the firm name, date established and the address of the office that would be assigned the Quad Cities Chamber. Include a brief description of the firm s

7 history, size, growth, philosophy and culture, number of employees and number of years in business under the same name, including specific experience providing human resources services to non profits. Include a discussion on the firm s financial stability, capacity and resources. Additionally, this section shall include a listing of any lawsuit or litigation and the result of that action resulting from: (a) any project undertaken by the proposer or by its subcontractors or affiliates where litigation is still pending or has occurred within the last ten (10) years; or (b) any type of project where claims or settlements were paid by the proposer or its insurers within the last ten (10) years. 3. Qualifications of the Firm: This section shall include a brief description of the proposer s qualifications and summary of previous experience on similar or related projects. Include as account contacts individuals who may be contacted by the Chamber for references. Be sure to list contact name, organization, title, e mail address and telephone number for each account. 4. Project Staffing: The proposer is required to list the key individuals who will be assigned to the account, their qualifications and disciplines. The proposer s staff member who will be handling the Chamber s account will be an important factor considered. This section shall discuss how the proposer would propose to staff this project. 5. Services: Describe the following: A complete description of services to be provided. A description of the human resource services volume handled by the firm and by the specific office to which the Chamber s account would be assigned. A description of technical or professional support available at no extra cost through the firm, such as benefits administrators, legal counsel, communications, technology support or others. A sample work plan for providing human resources services outlined in this proposal. 6. Client Communication: Describe the following: Proposal to maintain open and prompt communication with employees and Chamber staff seeking assistance from the selected firm. Proposal to maintain open and prompt communication with all Chamber staff involved in employee relations and benefit issues. 7. Cost/Pricing Information: This section shall include the proposer s price for performing the services discussed in the scope of work.

8 Include a comprehensive specific description indicating how the firm would price the Chamber s account and the estimated annual cost of the services. Indicate whether pricing is based on an annual fee, fee for service, commission or a combination of two or more. The Chamber reserves the right to review and/or audit any records of the selected firm related to commissions, fees, etc. related to the Chamber s account. 8. Other: Proposals shall also include: The selected strategic partner s office hours (all locations) and availability of all staff members assigned to the Chamber s account, including a list of dates the office is closed and/or staff is unavailable due to holidays, vacations and other reasons. Details of any changes in ownership that have occurred in the last three (3) years. Details of any anticipated mergers, transfers of organization or ownership, management or departure of key staff members within the next twelve (12) months. Identify and describe any parent or affiliated companies and/or joint ventures. Please discuss any potential conflict of interest with consulting/management that may occur as a result of your firm s relationship with such affiliates and/or joint ventures. Information regarding the respondent s classification as a Women or Minority owned business. RFP EVALUATION CRITERIA A Chamber evaluation team will evaluate the RFP responses received from each firm. Prior to the selection of the award to the apparent successful firm, the Chamber reserves the right to require any firm to participate in a presentation to the evaluation team of items contained in the RFP response and any other items deemed appropriate by the Chamber. If an award is made as a result of this RFP, it shall be awarded to the firm whose proposal is most advantageous to the Chamber. Firm selection will be dependent upon responses to the RFP questions; demonstrated ability and expertise; financial stability; reference calls and/or recommendations; presentations to the Chamber evaluation team and others (if applicable); and, any additional criteria deemed appropriate by the Chamber which would lend itself to establishing the firm s ability to perform the work as outlined in this RFP. Value for price will be a consideration in the negotiations with the apparent successful firm.

9 ATTACHMENT: GENERAL INFORMATION FORM (To be completed by the proposer and placed at the front of your proposal) Legal Name of Firm/ Firm s Telephone Number Street Address/ Firm s Fax Number City/State/Zip/ Firm s Web Site Address Type of Organization (Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, etc.) Business License (documented) Taxpayer ID Number (Federal) Name and Title of Project Manager Name, Title and Phone Number of Person Project Correspondence Should be directed to Signature/ Date Name and Title of Person Signing Completion of General Information Form