What is New with PMI Building for the Future. Harry Stefanou, PhD May 13, 2011 Region PMI

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1 What is New with PMI Building for the Future Harry Stefanou, PhD May 13, 2011 Region PMI

2 Presentation outline History Supporting the profession Building for the future Pipeline initiative Organization market strategy Value to and support for the chapters involvement

3 PMI s early and continuing commitment Supporting the Profession Command and control of an esoteric and systematic body of knowledge Education and Research Constant review and refresh the bok Elevated and controlled entry Code of Ethics Autonomy of practice Norm of altruism Control of the name Authority over clients Distinctive occupational Culture Recognition by the community and law. Certification Standards Research Accreditation Profession Development Research

4 PMI Family of Standards

5 Research Program Research Grants 28 completed 16 active Working Sessions Survey Links Dedicated Networking Website Biennial Research Conference Research Publications Available to members at no charge Project Management Journal

6 PMI Family of Credentials ISO accredited provider of globally accepted certifications Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM ) Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP ) Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP SM ) Project Management Professional (PMP ) Program Management Professional (PgMP ) Agile --- coming soon to a test center near you

7 Agile Certification TO Cross-functional roles, high collaboration, iterative and results April: Examination Content Outline available May: PMI to begin accepting and reviewing applications Q3: Agile Certification exam available Q4: First Agile Certifications will be awarded to successful pilot candidates Learn more at

8 The Future is Here Population shifts Challenges to organizations and countries PMI s response

9 Demographics Retirement-Age Populations in Major Countries (%) UN Population Division, World Population Prospects: EU China India Japan USA Canada

10 Global Leaders in Gross Fixed Capital Formation 8. Canada ($.37 trillion) 10. UK ($.34 trillion) 5. Germany ($.55 trillion) 2. USA ($2.0 trillion) 6. France ($.48 trillion) 8. Italy ($.37 trillion) 1. China ($3.2 trillion) 3. Japan ($1.2 trillion) 4. India ($.59 trillion) 7. Brazil ($.42 trillion) 9. Australia ($.35 trillion) Global Total for 2011: $14 trillion Source: EIU Views Wire December 2010

11 The Impact of the emerging gap Locally declining work force Need for increased investments Study of 11 major economies for PMI: 8.2M new project-oriented employees needed by 2016 $4.5T additional GDP from projectized industries Up to $200B at risk from PM skills shortage

12 Drivers of Organizational Needs Pace of change increasing Need for Innovation of all types Complexity What skills are necessary 12

13 Skills Gap Research EIU study commissioned by PMI 600 senior executives worldwide said: 95% - Skilled talent needed to be successful 75% - Lacked skills critical to success

14 Skills Gap Research Over the next five years, which of the following skills will be most important to your company s success? Project Management skills

15 PMI s Response Key Goals Growth and retention 1. Address the pipeline/gap issue Stimulate Academia/Professional Development 2. Address the skill needs of organizations Drive organizational adoption Drive organizational project management excellence 3. Accelerate eminent influence value proposition Partner with our supply chain chapters/ REPs/RCPs/RxPs 4. Provide Value for leaders/volunteers/members 15

16 Address the pipeline - Academic Relations Program Objective Expand the number of teaching, research and degree programs in project management through, awareness marketing, outreach via channel partners, and resource support of the academic community.

17 School Census Research 1994 Primarily construction management degrees 2 Bachelor and 9 Master level PM degrees Current Global Census* 3,348 institutions teaching 5,769 PM courses 481 schools with 649 PM degrees 206 schools with 276 certificate programs BUT - 4,617 Schools with no PM at all

18 Goals GAC Accredited Schools with Degree Programs but no accreditation Schools with only certificate programs but no degree programs Schools with full PM courses but no degree or certificate program Schools with no PM or only embedded PM in courses

19 AEPS Program Chapter Partnership PMI is SIFE partner Students, faculty, industry leaders use projects skills to deliver business value to community 16 workshops now include a pm modules Academic Resources Program Collaborate with researchers Gain first use of results and researcher at chapter meeting Academic Relations Chapters as partners in outreach -Academic Workshops Preplanned in region Engage Academia, Organizations Provide content and interim lecturing

20 Phase 2 Academic Relations Program Pilot Field test APPROACH, MATERIALS AND RESOURCES WITH CHAPTERS Identify Pilot Chapters Previous experience in academic relationships AR team in place High concentration of target schools in area (PM oriented disciplines, PM teaching status: AEPS database information) English speaking (primarily NA and EMEA) Willingness to commit resources and assign high priority 2011 PMI

21 PMI Chapters as Academic Partners PMI Minnesota Chapter s Education Alliance Program Nine local academic institutions are benefiting In addition to aiding these schools with their PM offerings Organized job fairs for students Educational dinner meetings for faculty and students Advertizing the schools offerings Mentorship program Guest lecturers We are incorporating project management [teaching] across the business college. The relationship allows students to come away with adaptive skills learned directly from PMI folks who come into our classroom Joel Schuessler, Chairman IT Management Program, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN 2011 PMI

22 Summary The pipeline and skills gap is being addressed by the AEPS program Opportunities exist and more will come for collaboration in the program Adjunct faculty Workshop partnership Partner with researchers???

23 Organization Market Strategy Global Government Relations Program Global Corporate Relations Program Global Executive Council PMI Registered Education Providers Registered Consultancy Providers Chapter Network Registered Tool Providers

24 Global Executive Council striving for excellence Community of elite and influential organizations Program agendas focused on: Thought Leadership Research Networking Tangible offerings for organizations (e.g., benchmarking) Council is influential in PMI and the PPPM community

25 Global Executive Council Executive Development Best Practice Research Networking Local Meetings & Workshops Benchmarking Benchmarking Executive Development Local Meetings & Workshops Best Practice Research Networking Implementation Implementation Thought Leadership Local Community Section of Website Local Community Council Nth Local Community Thought Leadership Local Community Section of Website (Annual Global Conference & Website)

26 New introductions by GOC Supporting the goals of Growth and retention and pm excellence Standards Navigator Standards benchmark 26

27 PMI Standards Navigator Designed for organizations that already understand and use project management Provides the information needed to increase productivity encourage sharing of project management knowledge and deliver business results Ensures alignment across all the PMBOK Guide domains, knowledge areas and processes Presentation Title

28 PMI Standards Benchmark A survey-based product for project and program management where organizations can quickly see where they are and where they need to improve. Features include Creation of a baseline Comparative reports to accurately measure improvement Identifies areas to improve using the PMBOK Guide s nine knowledge areas and The Standard for Program Management Presentation Title

29 Summary The organizational market strategy Focus on adoption, growth and excellence Account relationships The Council Navigator Benchmarking products

30 Value Delivery Chapters GOC programs Practitioners, Their employers, Their suppliers

31 Delivering value through the Web channel Communities of Practice Shift focus from transition to Value Drive awareness to website(user Based Access Model UBAM &SEO) Drive engagement (MYPMI, new features) Chapter Benchmarking Volunteer Service Excellence Mobile APPs (PMNet, congress program pilot at EMEA) Leadership Development Practitioner value Chapter value Automated DEP Initial exploration of web hosting models for chapters in need

32 UBAM Solution Increase visibility of PMI content, products and services by offering abstract/teaser views to all user types and search engines (redefining paywall restrictions) Helps enable PMI s Knowledge Strategy: be the preferred source and resource for knowledge of the profession for all customer segments Drive and incentivize individuals to increase their engagement with PMI up to the highest levels Greater access to knowledge drives improved satisfaction drives improved membership growth and retention drives increased revenue

33 Chapter benchmarking reports Evolved from SAPR Rolling out in 2011

34 Effective Practices for Chapter value delivery- Growth and Retention SAS evolves to learning vehicle for effective value delivery From Compliance reporting to excellence models Census of member satisfaction against core and extended services Online anonymous report Regional Mentor and staff transparency Broker partnerships in the chapter network Peer to peer consultation LIM workshops by BIC s

35 Volunteer Service Excellence PMI Core Value Volunteers and effective volunteer partnerships with staff are the best way to accomplish the Institute s goals and objectives. Increase Leadership Institute Program (LIP) value Develop plan to integrate Regional meetings into LIP Provide increased region support Clearly defined volunteer positions and requirements (skills, competencies and duties)

36 Volunteer Service Excellence Leadership development framework aligned to roles Consistent recognition for volunteers Tools and resources for volunteers and staff Staff training to provide uniform quality support To find out more, log on to and click on Get Involved.

37 Volunteer Service Excellence - Delivery Volunteer Management System Role clarity/standardization Suitability of qualifications Application status transparency Provide for high quality training Volunteer Development Center PMI learn PMI Learn moves to Learning Management System Developing in current role Moving up to next challenge Link roles to training and experiential learning

38 Mobile Apps -Congress Application Available now in the App store and at some location for Android users! Functionality includes Daily Schedule Session details and survey Speaker listing Attendee Networking Exhibitor Info Exhibit hall and area maps More to come!

39 DEP What s New? Provides more Functionality IT has provided a utility (Windows only) that Chapters can use to access the service Runs 10x faster Runs in interactive mode Runs in cmd line mode (allows chapter to use the utility to automate their download process)

40 Chapter Website Hosting Efforts are underway to define the requirements and the value proposition that would allow PMI to offer a turnkey solution for Chapters Provide Web Application Framework Provide Hosting Participation by Chapters will be optional Core Team including Business Owner and Project Manager has been created. Core Team has received approval to proceed with building the Business Case to support the effort. Chapter Website Hosting

41 Marketing support for Strategy Implementation

42 PMI.org/Marketing Portal You ve chosen your role Select Brand Resources Choose your business objective Marketing Planning & PMI Brand Identity Region 5 January 2011

43 PMI.org/MarketingPortal

44 PMI.org/Marketing Portal

45 Summary PMI has a robust ongoing program to support the profession Standard, research, credentials, Organizational Market strategy Our drive to support the value-delivery networks Chapters SAPR benchmark, Volunteer service excellence, Technology enablers One team approach for outreach Coordination, tools, training and materials for market impact

46 Thank You Questions? Key Vice President contacts: Practitioner Market: Organization Market: Global Alliances and decision support : Technology: Brand Management: 2009 Project Management Institute, Inc. All rights reserved 46