A new world of service.

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1 A new world of service.

2 COMMITMENT A new world of service keep it simple. «The key is to empower motivated and competent experts, supported by individual back-up and essential tools & systems. Finally minimize the bureaucratic hurdles!» Sam Blaser, Operations Manager & CEO AST Turbo is committed to meet the service needs of rotating equipment in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world. Our company is a proudly independent business, staffed by experts in all aspects of turbomachinery service. All of us are dedicated and passionate about what we do and we strive constantly to build an outstanding reputation for customer-aligned services. Our target customers are turbo machi nery owners mainly active in the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry and the Energy Sector. Our focus is to keep their process gas compressors and steam turbines running reliably at peak availability and the lowest cost of ownership. We realize that in order to achieve this comprehensive goal we must build our company with great employees. We entrust and empower our people. Given their unique experience they enjoy considerable responsibility. We continuously train and develop their competencies based on individual strengths and needs. AST Turbo is able to make decisions quickly by way of our short chain of command. This also translates directly into the way we work: we enjoy a flat management structure and a refreshing absence of bureaucracy. At the same time we believe in continuous improvement and thus follow a structured regime in all aspects of our business. Since AST Turbo is owned by key staff that all have thorough Field Service experience, you are never more than a phone call away from a decision maker - a decision maker that can carefully evaluate risks, benefits and challenges ahead. It is our aim to maintain a continuous dialog with our customer to better understand their needs and continuously align our services accordingly.

3 COMPANY A new world of service new concept. Our team consists of well educated, thoroughly trained and experienced people in their field of expertise. They gained experience at some of the biggest installations worldwide working on critical rotating equipment over many years. At AST Turbo we can count on experience accumulated from installations around the world. Our staff worked on critical rotating equipment of the largest refineries, the biggest petrochemical plants, the remotest LNG plants and in the rough environment of North Sea installations. Our hands-on leadership for a diverse range of projects - from installation through commissioning and handover, large scale major multi body overhauls including comprehensive multi-vendor rerate installation projects are our key strengths. We offer an unparalleled track record including planning, preparation and execution. The management tools developed over the years allow us to complete large projects safely, on-time and on-budget. Another significant area of competence lies in extensive trouble shooting for our customers. We look beyond the machinery flanges - we include adjacent systems as required and we certainly interview all stakeholders from the customer. We don t stop when we feel it should be ok - our engineers wish to understand the true nature of the problem and will put in the effort to have the root cause identified even if it is not easy. All above experiences help us to understand which systems work and which usually don t. This places us in a unique position to offer system upgrades and associated products. These are practical solutions that have worked in the field before, maybe in a different set of circumstances, but for sure not only on the drawing board. AST Turbo people meet many customers and understand their individual needs. Every customer is different and has different needs which is why AST Turbo is committed to customer aligned service solutions to meet individual objectives. EQUIPMENT SERVED We primarily serve critical rotating equipment such as steam turbines and process gas compressors of all brands. > multistage compressors (horizontal & vertical split) > multistage, multivalve turbines (backpressure & condensing) > single stage, single valve turbines > integrally geared compressors (air & gas) > gear boxes > support systems INDUSTRIES Our customers operate petrochemical plants, refineries, oil & gas plants or fertilizer installations. In addition, we serve turbines and compressors in similar applications such as power generation. AST Turbo is certified OHSAS 18001:2007 and SCCP:2010. We work in line with ISO 9001: certification is in progress. Our staff have VCA, BOSIET (HUET) and other industry specific certificates. SERVICE SOLUTIONS Every customer s key objective is to operate rotating equipment in his plant at peak reliability. The way to achieve this goal is often very individual and depends on various factors. AST Turbo is aware of this diversity and with the experience on board has the ability to support from various angles such: > provide technical support in a QA/QC role > execute turnarounds in a supervisory role with customer personnel > take on a comprehensive project management role > engineer and implement equipment upgrades > provide training to customer staff AST Turbo always seeks an open dialog early in the project in order to ensure the service solutions are customer specific and properly aligned.

4 SOLUTIONS A new world of service - new solutions. Our services and solutions, while diverse, are primarily focused on areas where we can truly add value to the customer s business objectives. We understand that every customer has different needs. The circumstances on an offshore installation in the North Sea will likely remain different compared to the petrochemical plants in the desert of the Middle East. Before we rush in a product delivery scenario we always strive to understand the customer s needs and requirements. AST Turbo will continue to benefit from the vast experience gained by solutions that were successfully implemented elsewhere. Combining experience with the understanding of the technology and the customer s needs, AST Turbo is ideally positioned to offer bespoke solutions to individual challenges. Further, should the in-house know-how be limited in certain areas, we are proud to have a considerable network of independent experts we can trust. AST Turbo is continuously seeking innovative solutions. We understand however that innovation also implies the connotation of risk and exposure. It is our goal to avoid risk and exposure as far as possible or at least to reduce it to an acceptable and manageable level. Our customer is invariably involved in the decision making process in a comprehensive and transparent fashion. FIELD SERVICE We overhaul your equipment at your site. You enjoy full flexibility in determining how we can achieve this. We can tailor call-off rates, long-term maintenance contracts or fixed-price projects to suit your needs. AST Turbo takes on various grades of responsibility, from technical advisory activity up to full project management responsibility. It is in our nature to take an active role and to direct the projects to on-time and on-budget completion at the highest safety and quality standards, regardless of the type of engagement. TROUBLE SHOOTING Trouble shooting of all kinds of rotating equipment problems including compressor, turbines, controls, support systems is one of AST Turbo s core activities. We trouble shoot problems until the root cause is identified, even if the source may be found in systems beyond the critical rotating equipment. MAINTENANCE PLANNING You need to schedule and scope the maintenance program of your plant. AST Turbo has experience on diverse sites and many geographic regions and is familiar with what works and where difficult situations may be encountered. AST Turbo offers you that expertise to ensure you succeed with your turnaround. FACTORY INSPECTIONS/PERFOR- MANCE TESTS This service is primarily intended for overseas companies that have major equipment on order in Western Europe. We attend factory acceptance tests and inspect equipment in your vendor s factory representing your company. Our background allows us to compare specifications with actual as-built packages, confirm equipment performance and issue meaningful reports. You will benefit from the combination of competent engineering resources and lower travel expenditure. CONSULTING/EXPERTISE There is always the odd situation where you need independent, unbiased and qualified resources to carry out a meaningful expertise. This may be on equipment installation or maintenance projects, system upgrades or trouble shooting. AST Turbo with its experienced team can competently review and analyze essential parameters and compile concise reports that clarify situations before they become a headache. QA/QC We complement your team during turnaround events and carry out a professional QA/QC role on your side. Our presence ensures your contractor fulfills all tasks in-line with the purchase order and standard engineering practice. TRAINING Training is the engine that takes your staff to the next level of competence. Our training is based on practical experience and can be enhanced with hands-on instruction. Talk to us to tailor your rotating equipment training. UPGRADES / MODIFICATIONS Nowadays extended turnaround intervals dictate reliable execution of upgrades and modification to the ageing fleet. Our background places us in a prime position to develop and implement your upgrade projects. One of our key strengths is the successful completion of upgrade projects within a short turnaround window. Our experience on how plants are operated is incorporated into the solutions. We understand which solutions work - and which don t quite work that well. Our upgrade experience involves control & monitoring systems including bracketing, shaft end seals (dry/wet), support systems (buffer gas, oil, etc.) and coupling upgrades. TOOL KITS, SPECIAL TOOL KITS Looking back at a long list of complex turnaround projects AST Turbo staff understands the importance of effective toolsets. AST Turbo staff developed a range of toolsets that shorten turnaround projects by measurably reducing non value added time. Besides, proper tools fit for purpose are safer to use, motivate the workforce using them and better conserve equipment bolts and components. Different toolsets are available ideally structured for the task on hand.

5 EXPERIENCE A new world of service worldwide. OUR EXPERIENCE Experience besides personal integrity is a key criterion for Field Service personnel. The building of experience is an important process that is usually time consuming. At AST Turbo we support this process by a frequent and structured exchange between the individuals. This map depicts where our staff accumulated experience over the many years including those before AST Turbo even existed. Our network of experience is tightly knit and maintained with the objective to LIST OF COUNTRIES: Algeria Argentina Bahrain Belgium Botswana Brazil Chile China Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt France Germany Ghana Guatemala India Indonesia Ireland Italy Jamaica Kuwait Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Peru Poland Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Trinidad & Tobago United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Venezuela Yemen gain experience without a preceding undesirable condition. The process facilitates efficiently furthering and widening experience across the team.