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1 GOVERNMENT OF KENYA EXPRESSION OF INTREST Vision Be the leader in transforming Kenya into a regional ICT hub and a globally competitive digital economy Mission To champion and harness ICT for efficient and effective public service delivery, wealth creation and well-being of Kenyans NO. ICTA/EOI/01/ FOR PROVISION OF PUBLIC RELATIONS, EVENT MANAGEMENT, MEDIA RELATIONS, CREATIVE WORKS AND BRANDING SERVICES The Information and Communications Technology Authority P.O. Box Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: , Website: Page 1 of 10


3 INTRODUCTION The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Authority is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology. The corporation was established in August The Authority is tasked with rationalizing and streamlining the management of all Government of Kenya ICT functions. Our broad mandate entails enforcing ICT standards in Government and enhancing the supervision of its electronic communication. We also promote ICT literacy, capacity, innovation and enterprise in line with the Kenya National ICT Masterplan The mandate of ICT Authority is to: - Set and enforce ICT standards and guidelines for human resource, infrastructure, processes, systems and technology for the public office and public service. - Facilitate and regulate the design, implementation and use of ICTs in the public service. - Promote ICT literacy and capacity. - Promote e-government services. - Facilitate optimal electronic form, electronic record and equipment use in the public service. - Promote ICT innovation and enterprise. - Establish, develop and maintain secure ICT infrastructure and systems. - Supervise the design, development and implementation of critical ICT projects across the public service, and - Implement and manage the Kenya National Spatial Data initiative. It operates under three pillars, which are: e-government services ICT as driver of industry Developing Kenya ICT Businesses. Please read through this document carefully and provide the requested information together with ALL the required supporting documents. INVITATION TO EXPRESS INTEREST ICTA invites applications for expression of interest from competent and eligible candidates to offer the following services a. Public Relations; b. Event Management ; c. Media relations; d. Creative Works and e. Branding Services. The service provider will be tasked with providing communication services around the various projects and communication activities that the ICT Authority is implementing. Page 3 of 10

4 Completed EOI documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, marked with the EOI number and name; Expression of Interest for Provision of Public Relations, Event Management, Media Relations, Creative Works and Branding Services and addressed to: Ag. Chief Executive Officer ICT AUTHORITY, 12 FLOOR Telposta Towers- Kenyatta Avenue P.O. BOX , NAIROBI, KENYA. Website : So as to reach him on or before 5 th December, 2017 at a.m. The EOI will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the candidates representatives who chose to attend at ICT Authority, Telposta Towers, 12 th floor Main Boardroom: IMPORTANTS NOTES TO THE CANDIDATE a. The questionnaire is to be fully and comprehensively completed in all respects b. All documents must be submitted in English Language c. If insufficient space has been provided on the questionnaire for the answers, please provide the answers as supplementary on separate sheets. d. Please note that by responding to this questionnaire you accept that all answers provided are legally binding and should the need arise, may be used as evidence in a court of law. Further, ICTA reserves the right without further recourse to verify at its own cost the accuracy of any answers provided herein. e. Applicants to kindly note that this does not amount to any contractual obligation on the part of ICTA, and that ICTA is not obliged to invite tenders/quotations from any or all who express interest by responding to this prequalification process. f. Applicants will meet all cost associated with preparation and submission of their applications g. Any information given and later found to be incorrect shall lead to disqualification of the Applicant h. The completed document shall be signed off and initialed by Director/Partner of the Organization and rubber stamped on each page and signed on the last page in the space provided i. Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification of the Applicant. j. Late submission will not be acceptable. Any application (s) received after the date of closure will be considered as late and disqualified. MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS You shall be required to attach the following mandatory documents where applicable; 1. Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership deed/business registration for sole proprietorship. 2. Trading Certificate where applicable 3. Pin Certificate 4. Certificate of registration with relevant regulatory authorities or regulator s license where applicable 5. VAT registration certificate 6. Tax Compliance Certificate Page 4 of 10

5 The documents must be provided in the order in which they appear in the above list. Failure to provide any of the above documents will lead to disqualification. The following additional information is required; 1 Details of relevant experience in similar services 2 References from other organizations that have received services from the supplier in the past. 3 List of Directors 4 List of shareholders 5 The organization structure 6 Details of establishment (office location) 7 Details of capacity (number of staff, equipment and other relevant resources) 8 CV s of Senior Staff 9 Certificate of membership of professional organizations if available 10 Details for professional indemnity cover 11 A copy of the latest audited financial statements/certified bank statements for the past 6 months Page 5 of 10

6 PREQUALIFICATION QUESTIONAIRE PART A GENERAL INFORMATION 1 Name of Organization 2 Postal Address P.O Box..Code.. 3 Physical location of Business Premises Town. Street Building Name Floor 4 Contacts Telephone. Fax No.. Website 5 Nature of Organization (e.g. Sole Proprietorship, Public Limited Company, Partnership etc.) 6 Names of the Proprietor, Directors or Partners - Proprietor 1. - Partnership Public Limited Company Business Operations Year established. Duration of Business Operation. 8 Company Registration No. ( Attach Copy) Number.. 9 VAT Registration No. (Attach Copy) PIN Number.. Number.. Yes Attached copy? No. 10 State Credit Period ( Minimum proposed is 30 days) 11 Contact Person Job Title. 12 Registration with Regulatory relevant bodies Registration Body.. Category of Registration Page 6 of 10

7 PART B FINANCIAL INFORMATION Banker Financial Information in Kshs. Annual Turnover Name of the Bank Branch Actual: Previous TWO years 1 2 Total Assets Current Assets Total Liabilities Current Liabilities Profits before Taxes Profits after Taxes Page 7 of 10

8 PART D REFERENCES Provide contact details for three referees for previous/current work that is similar or the same to the one now applied for. Note that the referees may be contacted without further reference to you. ( Attach documentary evidence of existence of the contract) How Many references are you indicating? ( Tick one) A Have you previously been contracted by ICTA? (Tick one) YES NO Describe the contract and nature of works When.and for how Long. B 1. Others Organization Name Contact Name and Position Office & Mobile Tel No. Address Service provided.. 2. Organization Name Contact Name and Position Office & Mobile Tel No. Address Service provided 3. Organization Name Contact Name and Position Office & Mobile Tel No. Address Service provided Page 8 of 10

9 PART E ELIGIBILITY Do any of the following apply to your Organization, or to (any of) the Director(s)/Partners/Proprietor(s) Have you or your principals been subject of legal Yes/No If Yes give details proceedings for insolvency, bankruptcy, receivership or your business activities suspended for related reasons? Has been convicted of a criminal offence related to business or professional conduct Yes/No If Yes give details Have you had any contracts terminated for poor performance in the last five years, or any contracts where damages have been claimed by the contracting authority/client? Have you fulfilled your obligations to pay taxes and social security contributions for the last three years? Yes/No Yes/No If yes give details Page 9 of 10

10 PART F EXPERIENCE A) How many years has your firm been engaged in the business? b) Describe nature of work performed by your firm c) How many years of experience have you had in the type of work described in (b) above? d) State the labour force engaged at any one time by your firm Maximum Minimum.. PART G CERTIFICATION I/We do hereby state: - 1. That the information given is correct in all respects 2. We acknowledge that the expression of interest is not a contractual agreement between us and the ICT Authority but rather a right to submit tenders. Full Name: Designation/position: Signature: Date: Company Stamp PART H EVALUATION CRITERIA AND SHORTLISTING a. Evaluation Criteria Criteria Description Maximum Score Qualifications of technical staff Years of relevant experience(for subject matter experts 30 Technical/professional qualification Diversity of skills(related to the industry) within senior management team- Experience/ability/capacity in Number of staff 30 providing similar services in the Relevant assignments past Numbers of years of firms existence Awards and recognitions References and reputation Type and caliber of clients served by the agency 20 Quality Control processes in place, Availability of the requisite insurance covers 20 relevant insurances eg indemnity Available training plans for the staff- b. Only candidates scoring 80% and will be shortlisted Page 10 of 10