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1 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 1/9 Type: Policy CONTENTS 1. PURPOSE SCOPE RESPONSIBILITY ND UTHORITY DEFINITIONS POLICY METRICS RELTED DOCUMENTS REVISION HISTORY PURPOSE The objectives of this policy document are to: Detail policy principles; Interpret policy statements; Refer to procedures; and Indicate roles and responsibilities. 2. SCOPE The requirements outlined in this policy apply to all employees and directors of The Group and its Subsidiaries. This policy covers all leave entitlements available to DSV staff and includes: nnual Leave Sick Leave Family Responsibility and Compassionate Leave Study Leave Maternity Leave Paternity Leave Unpaid Leave Religious Leave ccumulation of leave COPYRIGHT NOTICE This document contains proprietary information of DSV. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored, copied, or transmitted in any form or by means of electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the express consent of DSV. This document is intended for internal circulation only and not meant for external distribution

2 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 2/9 Type: Policy 3. RESPONSIBILITY ND UTHORITY In the following table, there can only be one (ccountable) party. This is the party that assumes ultimate accountability for the outcomes of the procedure. R indicates a responsible party required for the execution of the procedure, C represents the parties consulted for the procedure, and I stands for those informed throughout the execution of the procedure. Role R C I Scope of Role Manager 4. DEFINITIONS Term Managers (GG Specialist positions) Industrial Engineers; specialized IT Definition 5. POLICY Procedural requirements 1. nnual Leave Employees will be entitled to: Executives, Directors & General Managers Managers (GG Specialist positions) ll other employees Twenty Five (25) working days per annum (capped) Twenty (20) working days per annum Fifteen (15) working days per annum and will increase as per 1.1 This provided after the completion of a Calendar year s (12 months) service. This excludes any and all specified public holidays falling within this period as defined by the relevant legislation s a reward for five (5) years continuous service, permanent full time employees who have received fifteen (15) working days per annum will be entitled to a further five (5) working days annual leave per annum. The additional five (5) days can be taken from the end of the sixth (6 th ) year, as additional accrual starts in the first (1 st ) month after completion of the fifth (5 th ) year Such leave as DSV is obliged to grant an employee in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment ct must be taken by the employee within six (6) months after the end of each period of twelve (12) consecutive months for which he/she is employed.

3 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 3/9 Type: Policy n employee is required to take at least the minimum of leave days as detailed below: Executives, Directors & General Managers Managers (GG Specialist Positions) ll other employees Twenty (20) working days per annum Fifteen (15) working days per Ten (10) working days per annum or fifteen (15) working days should the employee have achieved the additional five (5) days on completion of five (5) years Employees will be allowed to accumulate five (5) working days from the current leave cycle to their next leave cycle but may not exceed seven (7) days of their annual leave accumulation Employees will be entitled to all statutory public holidays unless they are required to work on that day, in which event they may be compensated as provided for in law in the event that they qualify for such compensation Should an employee retire, leave the services of DSV for any reason, become medically disabled or die before reaching retirement age, any vacation leave accumulated by such employee, but subject to the maximum days that may be accumulated in terms of this policy, shall be paid out to such employee or his/her estate The amount due will be taxed in terms of statutory requirements No annual leave may be taken during strikes and during an employee s resignation period Employees must submit an application for annual leave on the prescribed form at least four (4) weeks in advance and the leave must be authorized by the relevant manager taking into account any operational constraints before the leave is taken Should leave balance exceed available leave available, such days will be deducted as unpaid from the employee Employees with longer than one (1) years service may in exceptional circumstances, go into a negative annual leave status of no more than five (5) days Leave is only deducted in the month that leave is actually taken Responsibility rests with the employee to ensure that they have enough leave days available when they are submitting leave NBCRFLI bargaining unit employees need to apply for leave as per the provisions of the main agreement Certain operations may shut down for a period of time each year. The decision to shut down, as well as the dates and duration of the shutdown will be decided at the discretion of Management and/or the client. The shutdown periods will vary. Leave days taken over this shutdown period will be deductible from your annual leave. 2. Sick Leave 2.1. Employees will be entitled to the number of days normally worked during a six-week (6) period, during each three-year (3) cycle, i.e. thirty (30) days during each three-year (3) cycle.

4 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 4/9 Type: Policy 2.2. Employees in the bargaining unit for the NBCRFLI and NBCCI are referred to the main agreement in terms of sick leave entitlements 2.3. Sick leave accrues at one (1) day for every twenty six (26) days worked during the first six (6) months of employment n application by an employee for paid sick leave for a period exceeding two (2) consecutive working days must be substantiated within three (3) days of return to work by a certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner stating the period of incapacity If an employee takes sick leave on a Friday or a Monday or a day immediately preceding or following a public holiday or on any two separate occasions in an eight (8) week period, the application must be substantiated within three (3) days of return to work by a certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner stating the nature and period of incapacity Should an employee become ill while on vacation, leave may, subject to the submission of a medical certificate, be converted into sick leave Sick leave is to be utilized for genuine illness of the employee only. DSV reserves the right to expect the employee to submit him/herself for medical evaluation by an DSV appointed doctor if excessive sick leave is taken. It is important that all employees are given the opportunity to work in a safe and healthy environment Employees need to contact their direct Manager on the first day of illness to inform them of the absence and the anticipated date of return. The following ONLY will be accepted as sick notes for proof of absence: certificate from a registered medical practitioner certificate from a Traditional Healer provided that such healer is registered with the Traditional Healers Board. These certificates will be accepted provided the illness is no longer than 3 days and are made on a properly headed certificate The following could be construed as abuse of sick leave: Regular absence on a specific day of the week Using a variety of doctors for minor illnesses Exceeding / trending to exceed 10 sick days per annum for minor illnesses Failure to follow the laid down procedure Leave for employees who cannot attend work due to an illness but who has exceeded their sick leave days for the sick leave shall be unpaid Should an employee not produce the required sick leave medical certificate within the required timeframe, such days will be deducted off the employee s salary as unpaid and further corrective action may be instituted 3. Family Responsibility Leave In recognition that employees have individual and family responsibilities, DSV frica offers more than what is prescribed by the Basic Conditions of Employment ct and employees should note that the legislated minimum of three (3) days as stipulated by the BCE is included in this category of leave.

5 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 5/9 Type: Policy 3.1. Employees will be entitled to a total of ten (10) days paid family leave and three (3) days unpaid family responsibility leave per calendar year Employees will be entitled to this leave, for when the employee s child is ill, for the birth of an employee s child ( paternity leave) and for the death of an employee s parents, adopted parents, grandparents, siblings, life partner or spouse, child or adopted child or grandchild, brothers, sisters and in-laws, or for circumstances at the sole discretion of DSV. This leave is non-accumulative DSV requests the employee to produce a certificate from a registered medical practitioner in this regard or other reasonable supporting documentation for any application for family responsibility leave ( e.g. a death certificate, birth certificate,funeral /burial letter, etc) 3.4. DSV does not provide for transport that relates to family responsibility leave DSV may grant up to a maximum of two (2) days for religious leave under family responsibility leave This section applies to the employees who have been in DSV s permanent employment for longer than four (4) months and who work for at least four (4) days a week Temporary employees will qualify for three (3) days family responsibility leave after four (4) months of their contract period NBCCI bargaining unit employees are referred to the industry agreement on family responsibility leave 3.9. Employees requesting family responsibility leave will need to substantiate their leave with supporting documentation. Should no documentation be presented, such days will be deducted from the employee as unpaid. Further corrective action can also be instituted. 4. Study leave DSV agrees to grant paid study leave to permanent employees (approved and non approved training) on the following conditions: Examinations: 4.1. Study leave is granted to employees who are enrolled for training and development related to the working environment at a recognized Educational Institute, during examination time The Company grants one (1) day before such an exam as study time, as well as the day of the examination, limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) days per calendar year. Study leave will not be granted more than once for the same subject/s. Should you require more days, refer to annual leave Proof of an examination timetable and a leave form must be submitted to the employee s immediate supervisor, at least sixty (60) days in advance of the examination date The Company may also require proof of registration at the educational institute Should the employee not comply by submitting the required documentation as per 4.3 the days will be unpaid and further corrective action will be taken ny employee who exceeds their study leave days available and requires more time/ days needs to discuss this with his/ her manager for approval. If the manager approves these days, the employee may request such to be taken from their annual leave. Should the employee not have any annual leave available to them it will became unpaid time/ day/s off work.

6 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 6/9 Type: Policy Post-graduate studies: 4.7. MB: Company sanctioned a maximum of twenty (20) days per the first (1 st ) two (2) years accompanied by corresponding timetable. You may not accrue this leave. If they are not utilized during the year such will be forfeited. (Refer to MB contract. Employee will also be required to remain in DSV s service for a period of two (2) years after completion of the MB.) Should employee not complete their MB within the two (2) year period then the employee will need to apply for normal study leave under section of the leave policy. Section 4.9 MB becomes effective 1 February ll special study leave will be granted if the reasonable operational impact has been discussed and the leave application approved by the relevant Manager Employees studying towards an MB which are not company sanctioned will unfortunately not qualify for this leave category and will need to refer to the guidelines provided for under section four (4) of the normal study leave section of this policy. This section applies to the employee who has been in DSV s permanent employment for longer than four (4) months and who works for at least four (4) days a week. 5. Maternity leave 5.1. Paid maternity leave shall be granted by DSV for a period not exceeding four (4) months The company shall grant partly paid maternity leave to permanent employees with more than one year continuous service of employment DSV shall grant full paid maternity leave to permanent employees with two (2) years continuous service of employment, excluding NBC grade employees 5.4. The employee must submit a medical certificate confirming the expected date of confinement, issued by a registered medical practitioner, at least one (1) month before such absence is to commerce If an employee fails to return to work after maternity leave on the date stipulated or fails to continue working for DSV for a period of six (6) months, DSV will have the right to deduct a pro rata or full amount from the employee salary Paid maternity leave shall commence four (4) weeks prior to the employee s expected date of confinement and shall expire twelve (12) weeks after the date of confinement Employees are requested to advise management of their pregnancy in their second (2 nd ) trimester 5.8. n employee who has a miscarriage or bears a still born child in the third trimester is entitled to maternity leave for six (6) weeks after the miscarriage or a still birth whether or not the employee had commenced maternity leave at the time of the miscarriage or still birth. The company shall grant paid maternity leave in this instance No employee may work for a period of six (6) weeks after the birth of her child unless a medical practitioner or midwife certifies that she is fit to do so The employee must confirm with the manager at least four (4) weeks in advance of her intention to return to employment and is required to specify the date of return.

7 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 7/9 Type: Policy When an employee returns to work at the end of the maternity leave period, the following conditions will apply The employee will be guaranteed her job at the same rate of pay, except if a restructuring exercise has taken place in her absence, in which case a similar job at the same rate of pay will be provided if possible The terms and conditions of the employee s employment will continue ll benefits will continue doption leave for the purpose of adoption shall also be granted by DSV for the purpose of physically caring for the child Employee will need to advise management immediately upon commencement with the adoption process Paid adoption leave shall commence on the date when custody is taken of the child Such adoption leave shall expire: Four (4) months fully paid, if the age of the child is twelve (12) months or younger; Four (4) weeks, if the age of the child is more than twelve (12) months older ; Two (2) weeks if the child is older than eighteen (18) months but younger than two (2) years n employee who willfully terminates a pregnancy is entitled to a maximum of five (5) days paid leave. Paternity leave included in family responsibility DSV shall grant paid paternity leave to permanent employees with twelve (12) months continuous service of employment The father of a new child, under any of the above circumstances, will be granted days leave with pay on the birth or adoption of the child, under family responsibility The employee must notify his/her relevant manager in advance of intention to take leave and of approximate dates. 6. Unpaid leave 6.1. Unpaid leave will be granted only under exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of DSV ny form of absence which is unauthorized shall be allocated as unpaid. This does not preclude the use of disciplinary measures If unpaid leave is for a continuous period not exceeding one (1) month, the employee will continue to contribute to the various benefit funds as normal If the period of unpaid leave exceeds one (1) month, the employer will stop all pension contributions and cover for the risk benefits only. (death, disability) 7. Religious leave ny employee wishing to take time off to celebrate religious holidays must obtain prior authorization from his/her manager. ny days taken as religious leave will be deducted from Family/ Compassionate Leave

8 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 8/9 Type: Policy 8. Sports leave Sporting events qualifying for special paid leave are confined only to sports (where provincial or national colours are awarded) and provided the selection is for provincial or national teams. This leave should not normally exceed five days per annum. Official proof of participation is required in advance and approval will be subject to operational requirements and at management s discretion. Should no documentation be supplied, such leave will become unpaid and further corrective action will be followed with the employee. dditional leave days in this category of leave will need to be applied for as annual leave, should annual leave be available and with the managers approval based on the operational requirements of the business. 9. ccumulation of leave 9.1. In the event that after an employee has taken the number of days leave required of him/her each year and the employee has leave owing to him/her, that leave may be accumulated at five (5) days per annum but not exceeding one and a-half (1.5) times the annual leave entitlement value The employer reserves the right to deduct leave days in excess of the employee s annual leave entitlement x one and a-half (1.5) days or as defined by a specific business unit. This can automatically be deducted on the 31st of January of each year without compensation 10. Leave commutation The objective of this once off policy is to reduce the outstanding leave balances and have better control over leave. This is a once off arrangement and will not continue to operate as company policy. This policy will be applicable to all employees. Employees may not accumulate leave; on the 1st February of every year (starting 1 February 2012) all leave days more than seven (7) days. DSV reserves the right upon notification to employees to deduct leave balances accord to the above without compensation. 11. General ll leave, with the exception of annual leave, is not transferable and may not be accumulated or converted into cash Leave forms must be submitted for all categories of leave irrespective of the number of days applied for WC leave to be accompanied by appropriate documentation. 6. METRICS N/ 7. RELTED DOCUMENTS Document Number Document Title

9 H-L-F-PY-0004-EN Pg #: 9/9 Type: Policy 8. REVISION HISTORY Revision Date Owner Description of Change