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1 Job Descrpton Job ttle: Faculty Placements Offcer Department/School: Faculty of Humantes & Socal Scences Grade: 6 Locaton: Department/Placements Offce Purpose of the job: The postholder wll form part of the Faculty s Placements Team, takng responsblty for all aspects of support for one or more dscplne(s), ensurng that servces are effcent, effectve and adapt to changng crcumstances. The team wll work together under the gudance of a Faculty Placements Manager, developng common systems and processes standardsed on best practce and ensurng that relevant legslaton, ncludng Unversty regulatons and procedures s adhered to. Ths s a busy and vared role nvolvng daly communcaton wth academc staff, students and current/potental employers, so the post holder wll need to have excellent organsatonal sklls, demonstrate a good use of ntatve and have the ablty to mult-task and prortse. Source and nature of management provded Faculty Placements Manager Staff management responsblty Placements Admnstrator (where applcable) Dutes and responsbltes 1. Man dutes and responsbltes specfc to the role To mplement a set of common core busness processes delegated by the Faculty Placements Manager, standardsed on best practce to support the placements lfe cycle and undertake regular revews to ensure contnuous mprovement, balancng the needs of ndvdual departments/dscplnes wth effcency benefts of aggregaton and standardsaton. To develop and mantan a culture of commonalty across the Faculty wth regard to placements processes and procedures. Act as the man pont of contact for students, staff and employers, dealng wth enqures, provdng support and gudance. v Establsh, mantan and use clear, effectve means of communcaton wth all stakeholders.e. emal dstrbuton lsts, notce-boards, Moodle, web pages etc v Mantan accurate records detalng students, placement provders, personal tutors and placement offcers/admnstrators. v Mantan the Moodle portal, ncludng uploadng placement gudelnes, advertsng opportuntes and makng general updates as requred to support students and placement provders seekng nformaton. Ensure that other meda such as web pages, dsplays, presentatons are kept up-to-date.

2 Dutes and responsbltes v Contrbute to the annual revew of placement handbooks, forms and employers nformaton packs and other materals for staff, students and employers. Talor documentaton to specfc dscplnary needs where necessary. v Actvely partcpate n meetngs wth the Placements Team, the Unversty Tutor Forum and the Careers Servce; represent the Unversty at conferences and external meetngs where approprate. x Keep up-to date wth current HE placement legslaton, polcy documents and good practce e.g. the Health and Safety Executve, professonal bodes, Qualty Assurance Agency and Unversty Qualty Assurance to ensure that all aspects of the placement procedure are fully complant wth all statutory and other requrements. Dssemnate nformaton where approprate. x Mantan effectve lason wth the Unversty Legal Advsers as necessary to ensure the wrtng and development of placement contract agreements. x Ensure that ndvdual employers comply wth local Health & Safety standards and carry Employer s Lablty nsurance. Partcpate n student rsk assessments for overseas students. 2 Students All members of the FPT are requred to work wth students wthn ther allocated prmary departments to advse, assst and enable students to dentfy and secure sutable placements and maxmse ther beneft n terms of academc, personal and long-term career development. Ths ncludes, but s not lmted to, the followng: v v v Work wth the Careers Advser for the Faculty to delver effectve hgh qualty group teachng n self-marketng sklls (CVs, letters, applcaton forms, ntervew sklls, assessment centres and apttude tests) and provde one-to-one assstance where requred Advse students about placement choce (ncludng future career development and gudance) and how to locate a placement ether n the UK or abroad. Arrange placement ntervews on and off campus Bref students on organsatonal culture, approprate conduct, use of nternet and emal at work etc. Supervse and montor students throughout the placement perod, assessng and resolvng ther demands, enqures and problems Organse and undertake workplace vsts to students on placement v Ensure that the approprate reports are completed and submtted for assessment v Advse academc staff, Personal Tutors and Placement Tutors of ndvdual and general placement ssues x x x Work wth Placement Tutors on matters relatng to specfc academc dscplnes Undertake placement vsts to students/employers on behalf of the Placements Tutor as requred Organse and run pre-placement sessons for outgong students and debrefngs for returnng students through dscusson, consderaton and evaluaton of personal and professonal development through placement. Organse placements conferences where applcable. Delver presentatons to prospectve students and parents at Open Days and attend other relevant events.

3 Dutes and responsbltes 3 Employers All members of the FPT are requred to establsh and mantan good relatons wth exstng and prospectve employers, to support employers n developng good-practce placement procedures and programmes and to offer advce and assstance to employers n the selecton and short-lstng of sutable student canddates. The FPTL wll take on a smlar operatonal role whch ncludes, but s not lmted, to the followng: Research and develop new opportuntes to generate new placements n the UK and abroad. Manage and further develop good relatonshps and strong lnks wth employers n ndustry, commerce, the publc sector etc. and promote the creaton of partnershps between busness, the Faculty and ts Departments. Assess all placement employer demands, problems and enqures and resolve them n a tmely and effectve manner. Make arrangements for hostng employer ntervews on campus where requred. v Ensure post-placement employers apprasal of student placement performance s carred out wth approprate feedback and detals of lessons learnt. The postholder wll, from tme to tme, be requred to undertake other dutes of a smlar nature as may reasonably be requred by hs/her lne manager. The post s Faculty based and there may be occasons when the postholder s role and skll set may be requred elsewhere wthn the Faculty, so flexblty wll be essental. Addtonal hours may be requred when vstng locatons at a dstance.

4 Person Specfcaton Crtera Essental Desrable Assessed by Qualfcatons Educaton to degree level or equvalent Experence & Knowledge Lason wth and experence of ndustry ncludng the role of placement students wthn organsatons Experence of workng wth and/or knowledge of professons wthn the relevant dscplne/feld Experence of Hgher Educaton and the student learnng experence Prevous experence of customer/clent contact especally establshng and developng effectve lnks wth companes n the relevant dscplne/feld Experence of lasng/negotatng wth a range of people Experence of teachng/tranng other staff. HR/personnel experence relevant to the recrutment sector App form Int Experence of workng wth young adults Experence and ease of use of VLE s (e.g Moodle)-set-up, addng nformaton etc Sklls Excellent IT sklls ncludng word processng and use of databases Refs Profcent user of unversty systems (SAMIS, Busness Objects) Ablty to communcate effectvely and professonally wth a varety of people Excellent wrtten and oral communcaton sklls ncludng report wrtng Excellent organsatonal sklls Attrbutes Must be able to work flexbly to meet the needs of the placements servce, and be wllng to undertake external vsts

5 Crtera Essental Desrable Assessed by Must be a team player and be able to negotate and consult wth all those engaged nternally and externally wthn the placement space Must have a professonal, frendly atttude and a wllngness to help Must be able to work to QA complance App form Int Refs