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1 Transportation Update Projects Underway Norview Avenue About the Project: The Norview Avenue Interchange Improvement Project will eliminate the existing weave movement associated with the on- and off-ramps along this corridor. The existing I-64 east Norview Avenue loop ramp will be replaced with a ramp north of the existing Norview Avenue on-ramp. Lightweight aggregate, the product most often used in ramp construction, will be replaced with an innovative new product, Geofil LD, a cellular concrete fill. Due to the poor soil conditions, Geofil LD will reduce the time and amount of settlement expected at the ramp location site. The settlement could be shortened by nearly three months with this innovative material. Current Status: The existing I-64 east Norview Avenue loop ramp has been replaced with a ramp north of the existing Norview Avenue. The paving of the ramp has been completed. The new traffic signal poles are in place. Project at a Glance Project Manager: Blaine Tudor Contract Amount: $3.9 million Completion Date: September 2013 Status: On Time/Within Budget Contractor: E.V. Williams For more information: 1

2 Projects Underway I-64 Concrete Replacement Project Contract Amount: Phase One - $5.05 million Contract Amount: Phase Two - $14 million Contract Amount: Phase Three - $2.62 million Total Cost: $25.8 million Status: On Time/ Within Budget Contractor: Dorey Electric (Phase I and III); Curtis Contracting (Phase II) About the Project: This three-phase project replaces temporary asphalt patches on I-64 with concrete insets. Work began in April 2011, on the westbound lanes, from the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel to Little Creek Road in Norfolk. Phase II began in March 2012, replacing temporary patches from Little Creek Road to the Twin Bridges in Norfolk. The third and final phase, which began in summer 2011, completes the replacement project from the Twin Bridges in Norfolk, to Greenbrier Parkway in Chesapeake. Current Status: Work has ceased due to cooler temperatures. Operations will resume in spring Phase One Status: 25% more work was added to the contract. The contractor was given until August 2013 to complete this additional work. Phase Two Status: The project is 41% complete. Phase Three Status: This project was completed in September Hampton Boulevard Underpass Project Contract Amount: $38 million Completion Date: Summer 2013 Status: Within Budget and 82% complete Contractor: American Infrastructure About the Project: The Hampton Boulevard Improvement Project will create a grade separation that will remove the conflict point between the railroad and the roadway. The under/over pass will eliminate the need for traffic interruptions at the Naval Base Gate 6 facilities while maintaining the same vehicular capacity. A temporary roadway was developed to eliminate congestion associated with construction. This traffic shift will remain in place until project completion. Current Status: Crews have installed 98% of all utilities and both bridges, one leading over the railroad and one to Pier 3 Gate Access Road, have been completed. Crews have also replaced North Gate Road. The new railroad tracks leading into the port are near completion and VDOT is awaiting final acceptation of the tracks by Norfolk Southern Railroad (NSX). The roadway pump station is 95% complete and crews will perform testing of this equipment in early spring Crews estimate the project will be completed in fall 2013.

3 Proposed Projects Air Terminal Boulevard Estimated Cost: $60 million About the Project: Previous Department of Defense legislation authorizes the U.S. Navy to request that VDOT construct the Air Terminal Interchange in consideration for providing the requisite easement for the I-564 Intermodal Connector. This interchange will serve Chambers Field Air Station and Naval Support Activity, an adjoining support base to Naval Station Norfolk. Current Status: The Navy and VDOT conducted a design charette in September 2012, to determine a new preferred location for analysis in the Interchange Justification Report. The proposed location is currently undergoing a fatal flaw analysis. I-564 Intermodal Connector Estimated Cost: $169 million About the Project: The purpose of this project is to provide a safe, high-speed, highway connection from the existing I-564 to Norfolk International Terminals and Norfolk Naval Station. This road realignment will alleviate congestion on city and Naval Station roadways. The I-564 Connector would be the first section of the proposed Patriot s Crossing. Current Status: VDOT and FHWA hosted a citizen information meeting in mid-december. The Navy and VDOT agreed to the basic layouts of the Intermodal Connector and the Air Terminal interchange in September. Currently, VDOT is working with FHWA to obtain concurrence about the Interchange Justification Report (IJR) process. Both IJRs have expired and VDOT has collected and analyzed new traffic data. At the same time, the design team has been revising the project layout to reflect critical issues raised by the FHWA as well as refining design elements discussed with the Navy. The contract could go for bid in spring I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Study and Environmental Impact Statement Study Cost: $5 million Contractor: RK&K About the Project: TThe Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are conducting a study of the I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT) corridor from I-664 in Hampton to I-564 in Norfolk (approximately 11 miles). The purpose of this study is to develop alternative solutions to address insufficient transportation capacity and correct roadway, bridge and tunnel deficiencies in the corridor. The alternatives will be evaluated using several criteria including their potential environmental impacts. The final report, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), will be prepared using input from the public and from various state and federal agencies, in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Current Status: The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is available for public and agency review and comment. All comments are due by February 13, The final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is scheduled to be completed in March Two public hearings have been scheduled to offer citizens an opportunity to review the alternatives and provide input to VDOT. Public hearings are scheduled for: January 23, 2013 from 4-7 p.m. Granby High School, Norfolk (Snow date: January 30, 2013) January 24, 2013 from 4-7 p.m. St. Mary Star of the Sea School in Hampton (Snow date: January 31, 2013) About the Intermodal Connector: The Port of Virginia and the presence of the Navy and other military installations combine to make Hampton Roads an economic powerhouse for the commonwealth, said Governor Bob McDonnell. Extending this route between Interstate 64, the port and through Norfolk Naval Station is one more step my administration is taking to streamline the transportation network into and around the Hampton Roads region. 3 4

4 Under Study Third Crossing About the Project: The Hampton Roads Third Crossing Study was initiated in late 1993, to investigate methods of improving mobility across Hampton Roads and relieving congestion at the Interstate 64 Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) selected candidate Build Alternative 9, known as the Third Crossing, and consists of: A new bridge-tunnel and roadway from the existing I-664 Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel to I-564 in Norfolk, with four conventional travel lanes and two lanes for multimodal use Widening I-564 to eight conventional travel lanes and two multimodal use lanes Widening I-664 on the Peninsula to eight conventional travel lanes and two additional lanes for multimodal use Widen I-664 on the southside to six conventional travel lanes A new bridge-tunnel parallel to the existing I-664 Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel with two tubes of the tunnel carrying four conventional travel lanes and one tube carrying two multimodal use lanes A four-lane connection from the new facility, just east of Craney Island, running south to Route 164 (Western Freeway) in Portsmouth Current Status: VDOT is reevaluating a portion of the Hampton Roads Third Crossing Environmental Impact Study (EIS). That portion is known as Patriot s Crossing and includes the Craney Island Connector and a new bridge-tunnel that would connect I-564 and I-664. Funding sources have not been identified. A public-private partnership (P3) procurement is being considered. Patriot s Crossing Estimated Cost: Ranges from $3.1 billion to $4.2 billion About the Project: This proposed project is the last and final stage of the Navy Triangle Improvement Strategy and consists of three of the five phases of the Hampton Roads Third Crossing project. Patriot s Crossing would not include: Widening I-664 The addition of a new tunnel parallel to the I-664 Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel A multi-modal rail component under the Elizabeth River Patriot s Crossing would include a new four-lane tunnel and bridge system between the I-564 Intermodal Connector in Norfolk and the I-664 Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (MMMBT) and a connection to Craney Island in Portsmouth. Current Status: The revised environmental documents for this portion of the Third Crossing were sent to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in early fall Comments have been received, additional data has been provided, and discussions have been held in order to finalize the re-evaluation. The final document is expected to be submitted by late January A decision by FHWA is not anticipated until project funding is identified. Hampton Roads District Project Information Available at: 4

5 Upcoming Projects Military Highway Estimated Cost: $113 million Status: Partially funded in the FY13 Six Year Improvement Plan (Preliminary Engineering Phase funding only) About the Project: The widening of Military Highway in Norfolk was originally slated to be a three-phased project encompassing a mile and a half of total roadway. The project calls for improvements to the southern section of Military Highway from Lowery Road to Broad Creek, from Broad Creek to the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks and the northern section of Military Highway near I-64 and Robin Hood Road. Current Status: Right-of-Way Acquisition is complete on Robin Hood Road and Lowery Road, and utility relocations are currently underway on Lowery Road. The Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) is currently under design. The three projects, Lowery Road, the CFI and Robin Hood Road, will be packaged together as one Design Build project. The intent is to proceed to a Public Hearing in summer 2014; release the Design Build RFQ in fall 2014; with the RFP to subsequently follow in spring Anticipated award is fall 2015.ompletion Date: To be determined Hampton Roads District Project Information Available at: I-264 Berkley Bridge Rehabilitation Estimated Cost: $20 million About the Project: This project will replace all the electrical, mechanical, and control components of the drive systems of this movable bridge. Current Status: The design consultant was given notice to proceed on November 30, The construction advertisement is scheduled for November Completed Project I-264 Concrete Replacement Project Contract Amount: $2.9 million Completion Date: Fall 2012 Status: On Time/Within Budget Contractor: Denton Concrete About the Project: In spring 2011, crews began replacing 19,000 square yards of concrete pavement on I-264 between Broad Creek Bridge and Claiborne Avenue in Norfolk. The project calls for full-depth and lane-width concrete replacement patching. The first section of roadway being replaced is on I-264 west from Claiborne Avenue to downtown Norfolk. Current Status: Crews finalized work in all westbound lanes and the right, eastbound lane only due to cost overruns which occurred because of the extensive deterioration of the concrete in the westbound lanes which occurred between advertisement of the project and construction. VDOT is currently working on a follow up contract to complete these remaining eastbound lanes. 5