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2 ABOUT US Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd is a legally registered, fast growing Energy Company specializing in the marketing, supply and transportation of petroleum based products. As a growing marketing company, we have perfected our business in the downstream sourcing and marketing of petroleum. We specialize in refined petroleum products which include Motor Fuels, Industrial Oils, LPG, Aviation Fuels, Lubricants and various other specialist oils. We are a top importer and are slowly expanding our range of products. We are focusing on projects in Africa, Middle East and the world at large. Our corporate focus in Energy and Logistics Services is to develop least cost solutions for customers that are environmentally responsible and reliable sources. The development of a diverse, domestic and stable source of energy for all demand sectors including transport and logistics is our primary focus. OUR VISION To become an International Company in energy solutions. OUR MISSION To become a market leader through improving and increase quality and total value of our products and services while focusing on our customer s needs.

3 OUR CORE VALUES We believe in the principles of good corporate governance, which include accountability, integrity, transparency, ethics and best practice We insist on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business practices, and expect the same from our contractors and suppliers We conduct our business in an efficient, responsible and safe manner in order to establish long-term benefits to our employees, customers and the society We respect each other, our communities and the environment Performance - We strive for excellence and deliver on our promises Teamwork - We help and challenge each other to achieve our goals

4 OUR DIRECTOR S Mohamed Hassan Turbi Chairman With over 22years' expertise in the oil & gas sector, Mr. Turbi has wide experience in various roles of the corporate management and has also been part of the core team that initiated Business Development activities at its Corporate Office for diversification of business and integration both upstream and downstream. He also has considerable global exposure, having headed successful projects in Uganda, DRC, Dubai and South Sudan respectively wherein he contributed to its turnaround into a profitable venture, which declared maiden dividend to its shareholders. Farah Mohamed Managing Director Mr. Farah is a graduate from University of Nairobi with an MBA (strategic management) with awards in the petroleum sector from PIEA. He has multiple roles within the finance function - controlling, treasury, audit, financial planning and analysis, or business unit finance. Being involved in high capital-intensive industry, he has broad experience in operations, strategy, marketing, or general management.

5 OUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd markets and distributes bulk unleaded Premium Mogas, Automotive Gasoline, Illumination Kerosene, Jet A1, AF Gas, Fuel Oil, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas. We ensure a constant supply to our partners within the industry at the most competitive and consistent pricing by securing partnerships with most of the major commodity trading companies. We not only offer quality products that meet global standards, but ensure that our services fulfil our customer expectations at all levels; development, distribution, storage and at the retailing end. Beyond our in-housing requirements, we are looking to establish learner supply lines to meet the energy needs of the African continent at a more cost effective level. In the future, we look to expand our capacity to eventually trade on an international level, in-house, effectively support our distribution network and subsidiaries.

6 LUBRICANTS All of our products are backed by extensive warranties and product guarantees. Whether your business is automotive, construction, trucking, or industrial, when you purchase from Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd you can be confident that the lubricants and greases you receive meet or exceed industry standards for performance and quality. LPG - LIQUIED PETROLEUM GAS Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd now offers a fully-fledged LPG gas through its extensive network across the region in bulk supply. Our product offers customer s quality, safe and reliable gas. Our core strength in the LPG market lies in the fact that we offer the right quantities to our customers and on demand.

7 OTHER SERVICES INCLUDE:- TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS Our complete range of Transport & Logistics services means we are able to offer clients a single point of contact to handle all their Transport & logistics needs around the globe. We have formed an extensive worldwide network and strategic alliances with partners in both local and global networks. This is our commitment in ensuring meticulous handling of our customers cargo at all time, and ultimately, ensures that all cargo arrive in tip-top condition on all cargo entrusted to us as when they were shipped.

8 Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd. s logistics services will allow greatest flexibility and tailored solutions for our clients to the diverse needs of our customers. We are capable of handling cargo of all sizes, volumes and types. We provide an immense range such as Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Container Load (LCL) Turbi Logistics has achieved milestones by investing into it s business model that continues to grow stronger. Realizing the customer needs and expectations have always been the driving principles in the milestones that Turbi Logistics has achieved over the years. This has resulted in setting benchmarks to improve the overall quality and standards of the Transport and Logistics industry. OUR GOALS & OBJECTIVES Customer satisfaction consistent with professional standards and ethics Efficiency in providing high quality services at a fair price WHAT WE DO Freight Forwarding - Air Freight - Sea Freight - Land Freight - Rail Freight Customs Clearance and Transportation Warehousing and Distribution


10 Air Freight Turbi Logistics Air Freight services in Kenya allow our customers to choose an optimal balance between time, space, frequency, and cost. We are partners with premier air carriers. Our long standing relationships and commitments help us deliver the space allocation, on-time service performance and flexibility our customers are looking for. Our Air Freight hub in Kenya is located at the Jomo Kenyaa International Airport, Wilson Airport and Moi International Airport, Mombasa. Sea Freight Turbi Logistics being one of the fastest growing Sea Freight forwarders in Kenya, its activities concentrate on a portfolio of major global carriers to ensure the space, sailings and transit times that our customers require. Turbi Logistics offers a global LCL concept as well as reliable and attractive FCL connections. The Port of Mombasa is our main place of activities. Road Freight Turbi Logistics Land Freight priority and standard service connects our customers with the entire Eastern and Central Africa. With our owned diversified trailers and trucks, Turbi Logistics has the expertise and resources to deliver prompt and consistent services.

11 Transport & Logistics Our complete range of Transport & Logistics services means we are able to offer clients a single point of contact to handle all their Transport & Logistics needs around the globe. We have formed an extensive worldwide network and strategic alliances with partners in both local and global networks. All types of freight services are offered including: Heavy Hauls, Oversized Loads, Bulk Materials (Dry & Liquid), Specialized Projects, Regular shipments of any kind, Temperature Controlled and Expedited Services. We are unique because; Our dedication to enhance your existing Supply Chain, or help develop new strategies using our cost-effective professional approach Our commitment to developing long-term relationships with like-minded companies who rely on price sensitive logistics solutions We encourage an open dialogue with our clients so as to fully understand individual requirements. Our proven track-record to deliver no matter how big or small your shipment. Our global presence ensures a fast, reliable, secure and professional supply chain solution always. Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd has a network of dedicated professionals which results in a truly comprehensive service.

12 WAREHOUSING Customers can take advantage of the Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd Warehousing and Distribution facilities to streamline their supply chain management operations. Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd will provide you the most cost-effective solution in compliance with your ideal time. We can offer you a really complete package of logistic services. Whether you require simple overflow storage space or more sophisticated logistics, we can make a logistic solution; handle it all for you. Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd Warehousing and Distribution services include:- National and Regional Distribution Warehouse Storage Packing (E.g. Crating / Packaging/ Shrink Wrapping) Containers Cargo Movement Trucking Services

13 COMPANY EXPERIENCE Turbi Energy & Logistics Ltd has been doing business in the past years with various reputable multinational companies in Middle East particularly Dubai, East Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Southern Sudan and Congo. Some of the Companies we have worked with include: National Fuel Corporation, Ltd- Supply of DF2 and JET A1 to Somalia. Kenyan Army - Inconjuction with Banoda Oil. International Committee of Red Cross. HAC International UNICEF UNHCR Twin Traders Co. Ltd Arctic Health Limited Banoda Oil Hass Petroleum Hashi Energy Fast Energy Kengas

14 ENVIRONMENT & CSR As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work. We also care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which our employees work to safeguard it. Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment continue to pay off by maintaining high standards in both Upstream and Downstream operations. Contributing to sustainable development is integral to the way we do business. As we work to help meet the Africa s growing energy needs we aim to share benefits with local communities and reduce impacts of our operations, including tackling greenhouse gas emissions. We look after our people and our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people have been laid out in our General Business Principles for over many years.

15 SAFETY Our diverse and highly skilled global workforce consists of approximately 30 employee including head office, depot and service station employees. Turbi Energy & Logistics Limited had until recently spread its wings to market its products in most of the countries in the region. We are focused on providing first class services in service, quality and competitive pricing.

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