Managing of Negotiation System

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1 Managing of Negotiation System Uk Dong Gim Hyundai Motor Company

2 Contents I. II. Ⅲ. Ⅳ. Ⅴ. Ⅵ. Background of Electronic Negotiation Forward of Electronic Negotiation Expected Effects Actual Activities Plans in detail Facing Concerns and Proposal

3 Company History 1967 Hyundai Motor Company Established 2002 Launch of China JV plant (BHMC) Launch of Korea s first independently designed & manufactured automobile, PONY Beginning of export to Ecuador (PONY) First Export of EXCEL to the US Total exports of EXCEL exceeds 1 million units Ranked 2nd with Honda for Consumer Report reliability study Yearly exports exceed 1 mil. units Completion of U.S. Plant (HMMA) Completion of Env. Tech Research Center Hyundai enters the Top 100 Global Brand list 1991 First in Korea to independently develop gasoline engine - ALPHA (α) engine 2006 Highest rank for JD Power s IQS (non-luxury) Development of world s highest class V Completion of the commercial vehicle plant diesel engine S engine Completion of the NamYang R&D center Completion of Indian Plant (HMI) 2007 Completion of Indian 2nd Plant 2008 Launch of the premium model, Genesis 2000 Acquisition of Kia Motors Korea s first Auto Business Group established Genesis Wins 09 Car of the Year in the US Launch of Hyundai Assurance Program

4 2008 Global Vehicle Sales Mazda Sales Rank: 16th 5th * Includes Ssangyong & FSO (Unit : 10,000) * Hyundai Motor Group (Hyundai + Kia) Source: Company sales volume data (2009)

5 Overseas Plants W. Europe M/S 1.9% * HMMC 300K China M/S 5.5% * BHMC 600K US M/S 3.0% HMMA 300K Growth Momentum to outpace the global leaders North American Presence to better compete in the U.S. market Turkey M/S 7.0% * HAOS 100K India M/S 19.0% HMI 500K Korea M/S 47.6% Korea Plants 1,760K Centralized Export Center of the Eurasia Region Global Production Base for small and mini-car Note : Market share and production capacity data as of 2009 ( * Market share of 2008) 5

6 Backgrounds of Electronic Negotiation Innovation in Negotiation Process will benefit Reduction Cost Green! Efficiency Competitiveness 6

7 Forward of Electronic Negotiation 1 st stage Drive of Local Electronic Negotiation (L.E.N) Advising Bank Negotiating Bank Exporter (HMC) Shipment Aim of Electronic Negotiation Issuing Bank Importer 2 nd stage Drive of global Electronic Negotiation (G.E.N) Advising Bank Exporter (HMC) Shipment Issuing Bank Importer Whole Process of Negotiation will be operated in electronic. 7

8 Expected effects 1 st Stage 1. Reduction Negotiation Period 2. Flexible cash utilization Exports portion is high 3. Interest Expense effect 2 nd Stage 1. Decrease in Commission Reduction of Less Charge Reduction of Delay Charge 2. Increase efficiency for Exporter and Importer 8

9 Actual Activities(1) December, 2008 March, 2009 August, 2009 December, 2009 Form of Working Group Definition of Systematic issues Development of System System Open 9

10 Actual Activities(2) Shipping Company B/L Insurance Company I/P Not yet decided Korea Chamber of Commerce C/O E-L/C - Electronic Letter of Credit B/L - Bill of Lading I/P - Insurance Policy C/O - Certificate of Origin Hyundai Motor Company C/I, P/L E-L/C UTH Utrade Hub System 10 Negotiating Bank

11 Plans as step by step 1 st step Banks Car Carriers 2 nd step 3 rd step Global Electronic Negotiation (G.E.N.)

12 Concerns waiting Solution Foreign Banks In Korea Shipping Company Foreign Banks In Global Additional Doubtful, Skeptical Point of view Acceptance of electronic documents Lack of voluntary participation Lack of perception about E.N. Approval works - Embassy signing - Original signing (not electronic)

13 Proposal for Solution Foreign Banks In Korea Shipping Company Foreign Banks In Global Additional To Request Cooperation between government and Financial Sector Holding Explanation fair about E.N. To Request Cooperation between government and Financial Sector Introduction & Sharing of Success Case about E.N.

14 Proposal for UNESCAP Proposal 1. Constant a matter of concern about G.E.N. Proposal 2. Support for G.E.N. Proposal 3. Promotion and encouragement Proposal 4. Technical assistant

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