How HRTPO Helps Freight Move. Presented by Robert B. Case, PE, PhD Transportation Technical Advisory Committee Agenda Item #13 April 1, 2015

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1 How HRTPO Helps Freight Move Presented by Robert B. Case, PE, PhD Transportation Technical Advisory Committee Agenda Item #13 April 1, 2015

2 Overview This summary was originally prepared for FHWA s Talking Freight Webinar : An Overview of MARAD's StrongPorts Program Summary Sections FTAC Identifying and Testing Projects for Moving Freight Addressing Impact of Rail on Highway Transport Promoting Freight Projects 2

3 FTAC The Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC): Advises the HRTPO Board Comprised of freight professionals, e.g. Va. Maritime Association CrossGlobe Group Givens Transportation Norfolk Southern R/R Canon Walmart COSCO Container Lines 3

4 FTAC The Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC): Staff: Port of Virginia Jeff Florin Prepares agendas Provides meeting space including refreshments and lunch Identifies candidate members Funded and managed video preparation (below) Managing toll impact study (below) Funded and managed freight summit (below) 4

5 Identifying and Testing Projects The HRTPO conducted corridor studies along routes with high truck volumes: forecasted traffic analyzed intersections, and recommended improvements Holland Road [US 58] Corridor Study, 2008 Pruden Boulevard [US 460] Corridor Study, 2010 US Route 460 Corridor Study [IW], 2011 US 58 and US 460: Two of main routes serving port 5

6 Identifying and Testing Projects HRTPO staff conducted a regional freight study: weight and value of products imported and exported by port enumerated delays currently experienced by trucks recommended a major highway project for addressing those delays Hampton Roads Regional Freight Study,

7 Identifying and Testing Projects Existing and Future Truck Delay in Hampton Roads, 2013 builds on the 2012 study forecasts truck volumes and delays uses the new truck component and time-of-day capability of the regional travel demand model to forecast truck volumes and congestion Ports added as special truck generators advice from FTAC used as input to Project Prioritization Tool for LRTP 7

8 Impact of Rail on Highway Transport HRTPO also examined the impact on regional highway congestion of a hypothetical inland port on the edge of Hampton Roads freight carried to/from the port could change modes to/from truck/rail at inland port in order to minimize congestion advice from FTAC and VPA staff finding: Although other impacts may be significant (e.g. development of distribution centers), impact to regional congestion would be small. Traffic Impact of an Inland Port in Hampton Roads,

9 Promoting Freight Projects Prioritization Tool (2010) to score the effectiveness of candidate projects for the Long-Range Transportation Plan Prioritization Tool reflects freight needs Points awarded to a candidate highway project if it increases access to port facilities Points are awarded to a candidate intermodal project if it increases access to the port, improves freight movement by rail, or has a positive impact on truck movement Points are awarded to a candidate bridge or tunnel project if it increases access to port facilities 9

10 Seeking Funding for Freight Projects HRTPO staff also identified and analyzed a base network of highways anticipated to be part of the National Freight Network. Addressed several required elements of the National Freight Strategic Plan Goal: strategically position the State of Virginia and the Hampton Roads region for future freight infrastructure funding initiatives. Positioning Hampton Roads for Freight Infrastructure Funding: MAP-21 and Beyond,

11 Promoting Freight Benefits Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC): Produced a regional freight video (2011) A Region United (managed & funded by VPA) Hosted 2011 Virginia Freight Transportation Summit (managed & funded by VPA) Identified freight-beneficial projects to be considered for 2040 Long-Range Trans Plan (2015) Managing a study of tipping point for toll amounts impact on trucks and economy (2015) Funded by HRTPO Managed by VPA 11

12 For More Information FTAC: About Us Reports: Reports & Data 12

13 Jeff Florin, P.E. Vice President of Port Development TTAC April 1, 2015 Regional / MPO Perspective of MARAD StrongPorts Program

14 The Port of Virginia's Master Plan The Port of Virginia has a Master Plan to grow its terminals for the next 30 years But we can t do it alone Strong ports require integrated planning among many agencies and stakeholders 2

15 Elements of a Successful Port Deep Water Good Port Infrastructure Good Inland Transportation Connections 3

16 Integrated Planning Ports used to mainly focus on inside-the-gate operations and development Successful ports now rely on broader planning and outside-the-gate transportation connections MARAD StrongPorts Program encourages partnerships to assist with port development Planning and Engagement Financing Project Support 4

17 Partnerships Leverage Port Elements Deep Water US Army Corps of Engineers Port Infrastructure Railroads Trucking community Federal, state, and private investors Inland Transportation Connections Federal agencies HRTPO & MPO s VDOT Localities 5

18 Deep Water Collaboration with US Army Corps of Engineers 50 foot channels being deepened to 55 Allows Post-Panamax ships to continue calling at VPA 50/50 cost-share between VPA & Corps 55 CIEE

19 Port Infrastructure Terminal improvements often require innovative financing mechanisms HRTPO CMAQ grants Virginia DRPT Rail Enhancement Fund (REF) grants Federal TIGER grants American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus) funding 7

20 Regional Financing Assistance HRTPO Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Grants The Port of Virginia Green Operator Program Financial incentive for truckers to replace diesel trucks with low emission models Port of Richmond mobile harbor crane Supports continued cargo growth 8

21 State Financing Assistance Rail Enhancement Fund (REF) Grants NIT Central Rail Yard direct access to Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor NIT Marshalling Yard improved rail operations Port of Richmond Rail improved access to terminal and private industrial properties 9

22 Federal Financing Assistance TIGER grant NIT North Gate Complex Reduces truck wait times; improves terminal operations and local traffic with direct access from terminal to Interstate Federal Stimulus Program Median Rail Line Provides direct access from VIG to Heartland Corridor 10

23 Inland Transportation Connections Inland transportation connections require integrated planning, financing and project support at local, regional, state and federal level Ports are challenged by increasing congestion and aging transportation infrastructure Infrastructure improvements bring economic benefits to localities State and nation also benefit from improved transportation and growing commerce 11

24 Heartland Corridor Public-Private Partnership between Norfolk Southern, FHWA, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia Eliminates 230 miles from The Port of Virginia to Chicago truck trip 12

25 James River Barge Line Partnership between MARAD, Richmond MPO and Hampton Roads TPO Weekly calls between The Port of Virginia and Port of Richmond Green transportation 13

26 I-564 Connector Partnership between FHWA, VDOT, VPA, US Navy and City of Norfolk Provides safe, direct access to Interstate from Port and Naval Station Norfolk Project Location 14

27 VPA / HRTPO Collaboration: FTAC VPA-sponsored HRTPO subcommittee of private freight operators Provides insight to regional decision-makers on freight community needs and issues Advocates for system-wide regional transportation improvements that promote freight movement and economic growth 15

28 Port of Virginia Gateway Planning & financing through FHWA, VDOT, VPA, City of Suffolk, US Army Corps of Engineers Five projects that improve safety and mobility Extends dedicated road and rail corridor to marine terminals; connects to Heartland Corridor 16

29 I-44 VDOT, HRTPO & FTAC coordinating with North Carolina transportation agencies for Hampton Roads to Raleigh Interstate-designated corridor Promotes economic development in both states Congressional support for legislation 17

30 The Port of Virginia supports MARAD s StrongPorts Program as a way of encouraging innovative solutions and partnerships to port development 18

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