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1 TCE ENVIS - Plastic Waste Management Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Environmental Information System TCE ENVIS Web: Mail ID:

2 Annexure State-wise summary of Implementation of PWM Rules, 2011 ( ) Name of the SPCB/PCC Estimate d Plastic Waste generati on Tons Per Annum (TPA) No. Of registered Plastic Manufacturing/Recycling (including multilayer, compostable units) (Rule 9) Plastic units Composta ble Plastic Units Multila yer Plastic units No. of unregistere d plastic manufacturi ng Recycling units. (in residential/ unapproved areas) States/UTs issued separate Act/ification if any (Attach copy of notification or executive order) Implement ation of Plastic Waste Manageme nt (PWM) e.g. Collection, Segregatio n, Disposal (Coprocessing road constructi on etc.) (Rules 6) (Attach separate sheet) Partial or complete ban on usages of Plastic Carry Bags (through Executive Order) (Attach list of Plastic/Cities/T owns) Status of Marking Labelling on carry (Rule 8) Andhra Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh Assam 37.7 Ban in few districts Explicit Pricing of carry (Rule 10) Recommendati on of State Level Advisory (SLA) Body along with the recommendatio ns on Implementation (Rule 11) No. of violations and action taken on noncompliance of provisions of these Rules Number of Municipal Authority under jurisdiction and submission of Annual Report to CPCB Bihar Chhattisgarh No No advisory issued 12 1 Govt. of Chhattisgarh 03 cement Vide notification, issued notification plants in dated regarding ban on plastic Chhattisgarh for complete ban carry has been on plastic carry granted permission for coprocessing of plastic waste 10

3 Goa Goa Non-biodegradable Act MoU Signed with M/s ACC,WadiVa nvadatta cement works for coprocessing of plastic waste generated in the State of Goa Gujarat No During April 2014 to March 2015, total MT waste is coprocessed in cement plants Haryana Himachal Pradesh 1004 HP Non-biodegradable Garbage Control Act 1995 Enacted Manual segregation waste was being carried out at the plant site by the operator & RDF was sent for coprocessing in cement industry No Complete ban in Gandhinagar City (Vide notification no. VM(14)ENV ) use of carry. There is no plastic carry bag manufacturing unit in the State Suitable Action is taken in cased violation Goa Nonbiodegrad able act Monitoring cum working Committee on Solid Waste Management and high level task force compiled No to SCN issued: 121, ices of direction: 16, Direction (closure): 87 (municipal authority imposed penalty/cease d plastic carry less than 40 micron thickness) 28 out of 167 Out of 56 only 28 Local Bodies have submitted information 11

4 Jammu & Kashmir J&K Non-Biodegradable (Management, Handling & Disposal Act 2007) Jharkhand Separate notification for provisions related to use and sell carry /packaging SRO-182: plastic carry, excluding healthcare establishment No carry bag manufactu ring unit is consented by the board Partial ban yet constituted quintals of carry seized so far 1 78 Karnataka Kerala Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra HP JaivAnaashyaApshishthaNiy antranabhiyan MT PW coincinerated in cement kilns Manipur 25 9 No MPCB has requested different stakeholders for strict compliance of PWM Rules sub-standardized carry Ban on plastic carry less than 40 micron thickness Yes Few Local Bodies have decided carry bag's pricing Yes Constituted and recommended strict Compliance of PWM Rules in the jurisdiction of concerned authority/departm ent kg of plastic carry are seized 2. One court case and letter issued to two other manufacturing industries 45 notices issued to shopkeepers/ sellers for use carry less than 40 microns 205 Meghalaya The Meghalaya Prohibition of Manufacture, Use, Sale and Throwing of Low Density Plastic Bags Act, 2001 (less than 40 micron) MPCB asked all the cement plants to use plastic in coincineration Complete ban on plastic carry less than 40 microns No carry bag maufactur er in the State 12

5 Mizoram (Aizawl City only) Nagaland Registration of stockist and manufacturer carry to i.e. less than 40 micron thickness 3 1. NPCB constructed bitumin polymer road within office premises 2. NPCB requested CPCB Zonal Office, Shilong for the propsal trial of coincineration facility in Bokajan cement plant in Assam Odisha Few urban local boadies are sending their plastic waste to M/s ACC Ltd. Bargarh 13 1 Complete ban on use carry, poly wef Few ULBs have banned use of plastic carry partially or completely, through executive order Started in Kohima city properly labelled and marked No Constituted 3-municipal boadies and 6-town councils Minimum price fixed 1. Mass awareness among public 2. Vigilance squad formation for checking min. thickness (40 micron) 3. Discouraging use of plastic carry 4. Use PW in road construction 5. Action plan for plastic waste processing unit in dumping area 21 out of 111

6 Punjab The Punjab Plastic Bag (Manufacture, use and disposal) Control Act, 2005; 2.No. S.As per O.438/p.A.9/1994/S30/201 6 (dated ) Gram Panchayat shall completely prohibit manufacture, stock, distribute, recycle sell or use carry in their respective jurisdiction Rajasthan Sikkim Direct disposal along with MSW Ban on carry having thickness less than 40 micron Most of the units are making labelling on carry Tamil Nadu Telangana Tripura Order for complete ban on all type of carry (no. all type started 51 Date: ) carry Uttar Pradesh Gazette ification No. 2448/(k)-2000 dated by Urban Development Department of UP Govt. Uttarakhand manufacturing, import, storage, transportation, sale and use of plastic carry. followed by the manufactu rers Prices to be fixed by local bodies applicable Necessary actions for execution/imple mentation of complete banning order in Tripura are in force 1 closure order issued 43 ices have been issued under Air Act and Water Act Local Bodies, No Annual Report is submitted by any Local Body West Bengal 92 availa ble Polymer bitumen roads have been constructed at some ULBs (Ban on use of plastic carry in ecologically fragile area and certain heritage and tourist place) Responsib ility of ULBs No record received from SLA 127 under jurisdiction 14

7 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Chandigarh Dadra and Nagar Haveli Daman and Diu Lakshadweep Delhi NCR 2737 ification No. 202, Dated: for complete ban on use, storage, import, manufacture, transportation, sale and disposal carry Puducherry G.O. Ms. No. 20/Envt/2009, Dated 9th December It is being implemented by PPCC TOTAL 7,88, tons waste is transported to mainland for disposal % door to door collection of MSW by PBMC in 18 wards and segregation of waste in 2 wards PWD has used plastic waste for road construction under pilot study ification No. 202, Dated: for complete ban on use, storage, import, manufacture, transportation, sale and disposal carry Does not arise Being carried out Does not arise Being followed 1. PBMC has banned plastic carry completely 2. Vigilance squad for enforcing rules 3. Plastic waste is stocked & transported to mainland through authorized agency. Constituted One case under section 19 of EPA was filed 5 15