The I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility (ICM) Project

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1 The I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility (ICM) Project ITE San Francisco Bay Area Section Presented by Randy Durrenberger February 21, 2013

2 Presentation Outline Introduction / Background Project Element Strategy Video Operations and Delivery Strategy Current Status

3 Project Location I-80 and San Pablo Avenue (SR 123) San Pablo Ave. I-80 Mainline

4 Why the I-80 Corridor? Ranked as one of the most congested corridors in the region, approximately 300,000 vehicles per day Over 20,000 vehicle-hours of delay per day Inconsistent level of service (C to F) Variable speeds (stop & go to 65 mph) Un-reliability of travel (20 to >60 min) High incident rates: over 2,000 incidents annually

5 Recurring Congestion & Loss of Capacity

6 Accident Profile Westbound (Average of one accident per day during peak hour)

7 Project Stakeholders Alameda County Transportation Commission Contra Costa Transportation Authority West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee California Department Of Transportation Metropolitan Transportation Commission California Highway Patrol Federal Highway Administration Federal Transit Administration AC Transit Western Contra Costa Transit Authority Water Emergency Transportation Authority BART Amtrak Contra Costa County City of Albany City of Berkeley City of Emeryville City of El Cerrito City of Hercules City of Pinole City of Richmond City of Oakland City of San Pablo

8 I-80 ICM Strategies Incident Management Surveillance/Monitoring Adaptive Ramp Metering Freeway and Arterial Strategies - Freeway Systemwide to and Manage Metering Arterial Detection Algorithm Incident Traffic - CCTV Advanced Uses Tools Cameras from Queue all Systems Detection - Monitor Coordination Mainline led and by Ramp Caltrans - HOV End-of-Queue Preference Freeway Management Arterial Management Lane Use Signs Transit - Trailblazer Variable Management Signs Advisory Speed Signs - Transit Traffic Signal Signal Priority for Traveler Interconnect Information AC Information Transit and WestCAT - Display CMS/VMS Multijurisdictional Signal Boards Ramp Meter Priority Coordination - Information Display Boards Comparative CMS/VMS Transit Travel - Highway Advisory Radio Times System Detection and East Bay SMART CCTV Cameras - Park-n-Ride Compatibility Corridor Integration

9 Selected Alternative Corridorwide: Traffic Operations System (TOS) Adaptive Ramp Metering End-of-Queue Warning (Variable Advisory Speed Signs VASS) Information Display Boards Trailblazer Signs Westbound Only: Lane Management: Central to Powell Information Display Board Existing CMS Approximate Sign Structure Location Variable Advisory Speed Sign (VASS) Lane Management and VASS

10 Information Display Board (IDB) SFO via min SFO via min Ashby Ave 8 min Travel Time Trend Hayward via min Hayward via min Accident 880 at 98 th Ave 80 TRAVEL TIME University Ave Accident at Gilman Trend OK for all Carquinez Bridge 32 min SFO via SFO via to SFO 40 min 30 min 63 min EXIT Central Avenue Departure Times: 7 min, 22 min, 37 min Parking Available Vallejo Concord San Francisco Dublin San Jose 580

11 Project Video Google: i-80 icm

12 System Integration

13 High-Level Integration Approach Integrate agency subsystems Utilize existing networks Integrate traffic incident management responsibilities

14 Incident Response Strategies Arterials Trailblazer Signs Incident Timing Plans CCTV Cameras

15 Incident Response Strategies Freeways Lane Use Signs CMS/VMS VASS Ramp Meters Detection / CCTV Cameras

16 Key Incident Management Concepts No active direction for drivers to use alternate routes Caltrans will control local traffic signals during incidents using pre-approved timing plans Caltrans wants an EASY button Provide notification to all agencies when strategies are deployed Post-incident debrief All stakeholders have signed MOU

17 Delivery Strategy Procurement Package Freeway Construction Projects Arterial Construction Projects System Integration PROJECT 1: System Integration DEFERRED

18 Current Status Project 1 System Integration: Ongoing Project 2 Material Procurement: Evaluating Material Submittals Project 3 Traffic Operations System: Construction Complete Project 4 Adaptive Ramp Metering: Under Construction Project 5 Active Traffic Management: Under Construction Project 6 San Pablo Arterial & Transit: Construction Complete in April 2013

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