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1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 INTRODUCTION Federal Mandate for State Rail Plans Stakeholder Consultation Ongoing Planning Process STATE RAIL ACTIVITY IN OHIO Ohio Rail Development Commission Formation and Purpose Ohio Rail Development Commission Functions Rail Funding in Ohio ORDC Structure Ohio Rail Studies Ohio s Involvement in Multistate Rail Planning Ohio Freight Rail System Profile Class I Railroads CSX System Norfolk Southern Canadian National Regional Railroads Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad Indiana and Ohio Railway Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Short Line Railroads Abandoned or Discontinued Rail Lines OHIO RAIL FREIGHT TRAFFIC Rail Traffic Commodity Profile Rail Traffic Geography Profile Rail Traffic Trends Rail Traffic Densities The Role of Ohio s Freight Rail System in Multimodal Transportation Ohio s Role in US Freight Transportation Logistics Ohio s Role in International Freight Transportation Logistics Intermodal Rail Freight Growth in Ohio Existing Rail Intermodal Clearances in Ohio Proposed Rail Intermodal Development in Ohio Heartland Corridor Project Table of Contents - i

2 5.5.2 CSX National Gateway Project Ohio Intermodal Container Terminals Rail/Truck Bulk Transload Facilities in Ohio Rail/Water Transfer Terminals The Ohio River System Great Lakes System Impacts of Freight Rail Transportation in Ohio Economics Environment Land Use Energy Community and Quality of Life Impacts Summary RAIL SAFETY AND SECURITY Rail Safety Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Rail Safety Inspection Program Hazardous Materials Positive Train Control Rail Security Federal and State Roles in Rail Security Strategic Rail Corridor Network Emergency Response Summary OHIO FREIGHT RAIL SYSTEM EVALUATION The Impact of Ohio s Rail Freight System on its Economy and Citizens Existing and Projected Rail Capacity Constraints on Ohio Mainlines Ohio Freight Rail Bottlenecks Summary Rail Passenger Service in Ohio Existing Intercity Passenger Rail System Routes Existing Intercity Passenger Rail System Stations Intercity Passenger Rail System Performance Ridership On-Time Performance Intercity Passenger and Local Transit Connections Existing High Speed Rail Systems Existing Commuter Rail Systems Existing Tourist Railroads Table of Contents - ii

3 10.0 Rail Passenger Service Plan for Ohio Intercity Rail Passenger Service The Beginning of Passenger Rail Planning in Ohio High Speed Rail Planning History Creation of Ohio High Speed Rail Authority Conventional Speed Passenger Rail Planning Efforts The Midwest Regional Rail Initiative Ohio Corridors Receive Federal Designation Planning Studies and Reports C Quick Start Service Development Program High Speed Passenger Rail Service Midwest Regional Rail Initiative Ohio s Long Term Vision for Passenger Rail- The Ohio Hub System Commuter Rail Service Commuter Rail Planning in Ohio Cleveland Commuter Rail Columbus Commuter Rail Cincinnati Commuter Rail Cost Savings for Commuter Rail Development Technology Synopsis of Recent Ohio Intercity and High Speed Rail Studies RAIL FUNDING AND FINANCE OPTIONS Existing Rail Assistance Programs State Programs State General Revenue Funding Federal Programs Other SAFETEA-LU Programs Other Federal Programs Prospective Changes to Federal Rail Assistance Programs Ohio Rail Investment Programs Long Range Investment Program Ohio s Short-Term Rail Investment Program Benefits Calculator Table of Contents - iii

4 Appendix A: Stakeholder Outreach APPENDICES Attachment 1: Recommendations for Ohio s State Rail Attachment 2: Stakeholder outreach documentation Appendix B: Commuter Rail Checklist Appendix C: Long Range Investment Program Appendix D: Short-Term Rail Investment Program LIST OF EXHIBITS Exhibit 3-1 Ohio Rail Network Exhibit 3-2 Ohio Class I Railroads Exhibit 3-3 CSX Network Exhibit 3-4 CSX Subdivisions in Ohio Exhibit 3-5 Norfolk Southern Network Exhibit 3-6 NS Districts Exhibit 3-7 Ohio Regional Railroads Exhibit 3-8 Ohio Central Railroad System Railroads Exhibit 3-9 RailAmerica in Ohio Exhibit 3-10 Wheeling & Lake Erie in Ohio Exhibit 3-11 Ohio Short Line Railroads Exhibit 3-12 Ohio Abandoned Rail Lines Exhibit 4-1: Ohio Rail Traffic Type Estimated Volumes Exhibit 4-2: Rail Tons (Millions) Originated in Ohio in Exhibit 4-3: Rail Tons (Millions) Terminating in Ohio in Exhibit 4-4 Rail Carloads/Intermodal Units (10,000) Originating in Ohio in Exhibit 4-5 Rail Carloads/Intermodal Units (10,000) Terminating in Ohio in Exhibit 4-6 Rail Traffic Passing Through Ohio by Tonnage (Millions) in Exhibit 4-7 Ohio Intrastate Rail Traffic by Tonnage (Millions) in Exhibit 4-8 Distribution of Interstate Rail Traffic Originated in Ohio Exhibit 4-9 Distribution of Interstate Rail Traffic Terminating in Ohio Exhibit 4-10 Historic Ohio Rail Tonnage Trends Exhibit 4-11 Forecasted Ohio Rail Traffic by Type Exhibit 4-12 Forecasted Ohio Rail Traffic by Commodity Exhibit 4-13 Ohio Rail Freight Density Exhibit 5-1 State Gross Domestic Products Exhibit 5-2 International Trade Routes Exhibit 5-3 Clearance Requirements for Rail Intermodal Equipment Exhibit 5-4 Ohio Rail Clearances Exhibit 5-5 NS Corridor Improvement Projects Heartland Corridor Exhibit 5-6 CSX National Gateway Project Exhibit 5-7 Intermodal Facilities in Ohio Exhibit 5-8 Truck/Rail Intermodal Container Terminals in Ohio Exhibit 5-9 Class I Railroad-Truck Transfer Facilities Table of Contents - iv

5 Exhibit 5-10 Key Rail/Marine Connections in Ohio Exhibit 5-11 Toledo Area Operational Rail Served Lake Terminals Exhibit 5-12 Cleveland Rail Served Lake Terminals Operated by Port Authority Exhibit 5-13 Cleveland Rail Served Private Lake Terminals Exhibit 5-14 Lorain Area Rail-Lake Terminals Exhibit 5-15 Fairport Harbor & Grand River Area Rail Served Lake Terminals Exhibit 5-16 Ashtabula Area Rail Served Lake Terminals Exhibit 5-17 Conneaut Area Rail Served Lake Terminals Exhibit 5-18 Sandusky-Huron Area Rail Served Lake Terminals Exhibit 6-1 Rail Traffic Originated in Ohio Exhibit 6-2 Rail Traffic Terminated in Ohio Exhibit 6-3 Greenhouse Emissions by Industry Sector Exhibit 6-4 Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Exhibit 6-5 Rail Fuel Consumption Exhibit 7-1 Total Rail Accidents/Incidents in Ohio ( ) Exhibit 7-2 Total Annual Public Grade Crossing Incidents in Ohio ( ) Exhibit 7-3 Trespasser Deaths (2009) Exhibit 7-4 STRACNET Map Exhibit 8-1 Primary Class I Rail Corridors Exhibit 8-2 Projected Ohio Class I Freight Rail Corridor Growth Rates Through Exhibit 8-3 Projected 2035 Freight Service Levels Major Corridors Exhibit 9-1 Cardinal Service Segments & Mileage Between Stations Exhibit 9-2 Capitol Limited Service Segments & Mileage Between Stations Exhibit 9-3 Lake Shore Limited Segments & Mileage Between Stations Exhibit 9-4 Current Amtrak Service Routes in Ohio Exhibit 9-5 Amtrak-Served Stations in Ohio Exhibit 9-6 Amtrak Riders in Ohio from FY 2006 to FY Exhibit 9-7 Amtrak OTP for Routes Travelling through Ohio FY Exhibit 9-8 Major Causes of OTP Delay in July Exhibit 10-1 Vision for High-Speed Rail in America Exhibit C Corridor Exhibit 10-3 Midwest Regional Rail Plan Exhibit 10-4 Regional Rail Corridors Connecting to the Ohio Hub System Exhibit 10-5 Ohio Hub plus MWRRS Eastern Routes Exhibit 10-6 Future Daily Train Frequencies within and outside Ohio Exhibit 10-7 NeoRail Proposal for Cleveland Commuter Rail Exhibit 10-8 Proposed Lakefront Bypass Exhibit 10-9 COTA Vision 2020 Rail Corridors Exhibit Proposed Cincinnati Rail System Exhibit FRA Compliant DMU Vehicle Table of Contents - v