STEAM STERILIZER. A New Shape. A New Standard. The Amsco Evolution Steam Sterilizer

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1 STEAM STERILIZER A New Shape. A New Standard. The Amsco Evolution Steam Sterilizer

2 AMSCO EVOLUTION STEAM STERILIZER AN EVOLUTIONARY ADVANCE IN STERILIZER CONTROL The difference in Evolution s controls is obvious, even from across the room. The end results improvements in efficiency and productivity will be just as clear. A dramatic redesign of Evolution s controls and displays includes crystal clear, high-resolution graphics and an Ethernet-enabled PC control. With one touch, operators can begin to learn it and put the control to work. Look forward to Evolutionary differences in your Sterile Processing Department with greater throughput, reduced downtime and improved efficiency. One-touch control display at ergonomic height Sterilizer settings are easily customized according to department needs

3 Password protected, operator adjustable cycle parameters Amsco Evolution s new advanced control technology yields significant benefits now and for the future: Productivity and efficiency > Large 8.4 touch screen - high resolution graphics > Intuitive navigation > Multi-lingual > Front mounted temperature and pressure gauges Connectivity and cycle documentation compliance > On-board permanent ink printer > Instrument tracking system interface > Proactive remote monitoring system High performance > Precision control consistent, reliable processing > 12 programmable cycles gravity, prevacuum, liquid and optional steam flush pressure pulse (SFPP) > Faster, deeper vacuum improved conditioning and drying Bold color graphics clearly indicate cycle phase and status Large time remaining display is visible from across the department

4 AMSCO EVOLUTION STEAM STERILIZER Elliptical chamber provides maximum capacity for maximum productivity AN EVOLUTIONARY ADVANCE IN FORM AND FUNCTION Open the door and look inside. This is where Amsco Evolution s unique shape really shines, providing consistent quality, reliability and productivity beyond other chamber designs. Evolution s inherently strong round or elliptical form promotes even pressure distribution within the chamber. The 26 wide chamber opening facilitates the loading of wide instrument sets and the processing of large volumes of instruments with minimal steam consumption. The fully jacketed chamber promotes even heating and minimizes the formation of excess condensation. Evolution s steam activated gasket lessens the possibility of air entering the chamber, helping to ensure safe, efficacious processing for your patients. Staff safety and productivity are enhanced with the new Evolution loading system and patented door lock system. The self-aligning transfer carriage makes loading effortless and the loading car nearly doubles instrument processing capacity compared to previous generation sterilizers. Operator contact with hot load contents is virtually eliminated and the low-effort door lock opens in seconds. With a unique form, which improves function and helps to reduce operating costs over time, Evolution is an advance worth looking into. Round chamber provides strength, durability and efficiency

5 One-piece door gasket requires no lubrication and is warranted for two years Evolution eliminates the stress points associated with 90 bends in chamber metal. Inherently strong shape promotes even pressure distribution. Amsco Evolution s unique features combine to optimize functionality and create maximum value for healthcare facilities and patients alike. Quality > Corrosion resistant, solid 316L stainless steel construction chamber and jacket > Fewer welds less metal fatigue > Fully jacketed less internal condensation Productivity and efficiency > Wide chamber > High capacity loading Evolution features an ergonomic loading system with precision alignment Staff and patient safety > Easy open doors > Ergonomic loading equipment > Steam activated gasket Productivity Comparison Sterilizer Chamber Size Trays per Load Lbs. per Tray Lbs. per Load* Evolution 66" Previous Generation 60" *Validated load weight Our manual door lock mechanism on hingeddoor models requires minimal time and effort.

6 AMSCO EVOLUTION STEAM STERILIZER AN EVOLUTIONARY ADVANCE IN INSTALLATION AND OPERATION Space is always at a premium in the sterile processing department. To minimize service clearance requirements, Evolution s exquisitely engineered modular piping and electrical system can be rolled into place to the left or right of the chamber with all the connections completed in about five minutes. Leading edge plumbing components work together in a freestanding design that makes perfect sense for ease of installation, operation and service accessibility. But inside is where quality parts make a real difference in system performance and uptime. Evolution s modular piping system features reliable, high performance Burkert valves to minimize service and maintenance requirements. Sensors securely transmit information to STERIS s ProConnect remote monitoring system to proactively monitor system performance and improve service support - all to keep your department at its most productive.* The Evolution high efficiency two-stage vacuum pump improves drying and reduces water usage compared to other vacuum systems. Additional sensors minimize water and steam consumption to help reduce operational costs. Quick, flexible connections to utilities and drain. Available with stainless piping and triclamp fittings. Long-life Burkert valves for maximum uptime *Requires connection to the ProConnect Response Center.

7 Powerful 72 kw integrated steam generator in carbon or stainless steel Two-stage vacuum pump reduces water consumption and provides quick, quiet, consistent chamber evacuation Completely modular, completely portable The Amsco Evolution modular piping system provides your department with tangible benefits beyond the norm. > Quick, easy, flexible installation that conserves valuable department space > Maximum system uptime and productivity - Reliable, long-life components - Improved service accessibility - Proactive remote monitoring system - Improved drying - Available clean steam capability > Economical, green operation - High efficiency electric vacuum pump - Sensor technology minimizes utilities usage

8 AMSCO EVOLUTION STEAM STERILIZER AMSCO EVOLUTION ACCESSORIES Evolution can be accessorized to meet specific environmental and workflow requirements for maximum productivity and improved throughput in your Sterile Processing Department. Door Options and Cabinet Packages > All models can be recessed in the wall or fully enclosed in a cabinet. > Evolution is available with manual hinged or fully automated door operation. Hinged Horizontal Vertical Chamber Dimensions 26 x 37.5 x 42in 26 x 37.5 x 54in 26 x 37.5 x 66in Chamber Dimensions 26 x 37.5 x 42in 26 x 37.5 x 54in 26 x 37.5 x 66in Chamber Dimensions 26 x 37.5 x 39in 26 x 37.5 x 49in 26 x 37.5 x 61in Loading/Unloading System > High capacity for maximum throughput > Eliminates operator handling of hot loads > Swivel casters for easy maneuverability > Low profile docking mechanism for easy alignment > Racks and shelves for selected chamber sizes Printed with Soy based inks and water based coatings on FSC/Green Seal-certified paper. Document # M3088EN , Rev. C Printed 10/2012, STERIS Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. STERIS Corporation 5960 Heisley Road Mentor, OH USA