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1 NEW BUILT TO LAST (BTL) Retail fixtures & fittings DDI s range of Built To Last displays, fixtures and fittings are Exclusive to the Australian Market, Our BTL range is tough and heavy duty.

2 BTL range DDI s Built to Last (BTL) range can be made to fit your needs with a variety of size and configurations available. Striking, durable and resilient BTL will make an excellent addition to any Convenience Store, Pharmacy, Service Station, Hardware Store, Auto Repair Store or Supermarket. The BTL fittings and fixtures are easy to assemble systems and come complete with simple how to instructions. BTL can cater for P & C channels, newsagency, supermarkets, health and beauty, retail, automotive, pet needs and so much more. With a variety of attachments you can merchandise anything. Benefits & Values Fully adjustable gondola shelving system Heavy gauge steel Hard wearing Finish Shelves hold up to 280kgs each 2110mm wall bay heights x 1000mm wide shelves Double sided systems available Alternative heights available Various depth shelf / bracket options Starter Bays + Add on bays Built to Last Outrigger systems available Full range of fixtures & fittings on demand weight loadings Weight loads for wall shelving and gondolas in kg s SLOT DIMENSION 2110mm Height Upright 370mm 470mm 570mm 670mm 770mm 870mm 60x30mm* 260kg 210kg 150kg NA NA NA 80x30mm 410kg 360kg 300kg 250kg 200kg NA 110x30mm 600kg 510kg 450kg 400kg 360kg 470kg SLOT DIMENSION 1610mm Height Upright 370mm 470mm 570mm 670mm 770mm 870mm 60x30mm* 290kg 230kg 190kg NA NA NA 80x30mm 490kg 390kg 320kg 270kg 240kg NA 110x30mm 600kg 510kg 450kg 410kg 380kg NA

3 products Supermarket Shelving Available in two sizes 2110mm H x 1000mm W Gondola 1510mm H x 1000mm W Gondola Outrigger System 2110mm H x 1000mm W x 470mm D Wire System 2110mm H x 1000mm W x 470mm D bakery system 1510mm H x 1000mm W x 570mm D

4 Accesories Rear Support 625*25*25 BTLA_0001 Bar 1000*25*25 BTLA_ *25*25 BTLA_0003 Double hook 6*250 BTLA_0004 6*350 BTLA_0005 6*450 BTLA_0006 8*350 BTLA_0007 8*450 BTLA_0008 P50 Single hook 6*250 (without T Bar) BTLA_0009 8*300 (without T Bar) BTLA_0011 Tube hanger 350 BTLA_ BTLA_0028 Faceout bar 350 BTLA_ BTLA_0026 Straight hook 350 BTLA_ BTLA_0018 Sloped hook 350 BTLA_ BTLA_0020 Purse hooks 14 BTLA_0029 Z Hook 350 BTLA_ BTLA_0022 Curved 450 BTLA_0024 hanger Faceout bar 350 BTLA_0025 Tube hanger 350 BTLA_ BTLA_0028 Round plate holder 350*150 BTLA_ *150 BTLA_0031 Ladder/Ironing board retaining arm BTLA_0033

5 Accesories Ball holder 22 BTLA_0036 Hair -dry BTLA_0037 Cushion display 460*200*150 BTLA_0035 Water heater hook BTLA_0038 Vacuum cleaner holder BTLA_0039 TG sidekick x394x127 BTLA_0040 Wire basket shelf 1000*370 BTLA_ *470 BTLA_0042 Wire basket divider 370 BTLA_ BTLA_0044 Overlapped Wire Basket 1000*470*300 BTLA_0047 Overlapped Wire Basket Divider 470*300 BTLA_0048 Metal shelf with lighting (include bracket) 1333x x x x x470 BTLA_0049 BTLA_0050 BTLA_0051 BTLA_0052 BTLA_0053 Glass shelf with light (include bracket) 1000x300mm 1000x470mm BTLA_0054 BTLA_0055 Acrylic Riser 1333x75H BTLA_ x135H BTLA_ x75H BTLA_ x135H BTLA_0059 Acrylic divider 370 * 75 BTLA_ * 75 BTLA_ * 75 BTLA_ D*75H BTLA_0063

6 BTL information How to Order 1. Visit our website and add your items into a shopping cart, you will then receive a call from a member of our sales team to finalise the order; Or call our sales hotline on Our sales team will then send you an invoice with payment details displayed 3. Once payment is received the team will organise the delivery of your goods P E 14/339 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia