James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services. Providing integrated marine solutions for offshore import and export terminals.

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1 James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services Providing integrated marine solutions for offshore import and export terminals.

2 James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services / An introduction to Offshore Terminal Services James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services Improving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for all offshore terminals through the complete integration of complex marine services. James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services ensures asset reliability and availability, providing turnkey, end-to-end management of offshore terminals, allowing for safe and efficient product transfers. As an integrator of complex offshore projects, James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services (JFOTS) helps to significantly improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness through the provision of integrated marine solutions for offshore terminals. Asset integrity is ensured with services and products such as CALM buoys, CBM systems and FPSO/FSO offloading terminals. Utilising in-house capabilities as part of the James Fisher and Sons plc group of companies, James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services successfully undertakes complex and extensive marine, offshore and subsea scopes of work for its globally-based customers. With unparalleled marine operational expertise, JFOTS s comprehensive range of services includes the provision of vessels and personnel, routine daily operations and maintenance, inventory management and specialist software to manage the whole terminal, offering further operational efficiency, cost reductions and mitigation against supply chain interface risks. Features: Leading turnkey end-to-end marine services provider Experts in CALM buoy terminal operations and maintenance Extensive in-house capabilities World s largest mooring master pool Strategic partnerships providing complete vessel and added value solutions Fully accredited to ISO 9001, ISO and OHSAS Accreditations and approvals with all oil majors Benefits: Single-source contractual interface streamlines customer supply chain and eliminates margin-onmargin costs Reduces variation and interface risk Maintains excellent safety record Provides dependable and quality driven services Possesses financial strength to undertake major scopes of work Able to provide locally-sourced solutions Specialist areas of capability and services include: Concept/FEED engineering to develop the right terminal solution Partnerships with leading OEMs to provide the complete terminal mooring Installation, hook-up and commissioning of the offshore terminal Mooring masters to facilitate safe connection, loading/ offloading and disconnection from the terminal CALM buoy and CBM system operations and maintenance Specialist surveys of catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoys, conventional buoy mooring (CBM) and pipeline end manifolds (PLEM) Floating and submarine hose testing, repair and replacement Mooring hawser repair and replacement Diving inspection/intervention Refurbishment/overhaul of existing terminal mooring systems Regional offices in UK, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, UAE, India, Singapore, China and Australia Over 40 operational bases globally Over 170 years of operational experience W: E:

3 James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services / About James Fisher Delivering excellence and innovation James Fisher and Sons plc James Fisher and Sons plc, listed on the UK stock exchange, is a leading provider of specialised services to the marine, oil and gas and other high assurance industries worldwide. As a leading marine services provider, the group has a market capitalisation in excess of 826m with a turnover of 466m that is delivered by more than 2,700 staff in over 40 countries. As an innovative and fast-growing organisation, its highly skilled team and 170 year heritage enables it to deliver solutions for the most demanding operational and technical challenges faced by its customers worldwide. From its origins as a ship owner and operator, James Fisher has developed unparalleled operational expertise in the marine environment, providing comprehensive products, services and support to the oil and gas, marine renewables, shipping and defence industries. Why choose us? James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services (JFOTS) acts as the project interface between group s in-house expertise and services. This integrated model provides full access to the group s wider capabilities while maintaining a single interface, enabling an efficient and cost-effective mechanism of offshore terminal management. This integrated model enables direct access to industry-leading solutions incorporating support base set-up, marine management systems, diving, ROVs, surveying, monitoring, vessel and personnel provision, without any extra third party fees, thereby minimising the impact of margin-on-margin costs. To ensure that the highest level of quality and service is delivered, all internal group companies undergo the same rigorous audit process creating an integrated quality control process. Integrated marine services Safety - our #1 ethos Performance assured delivery Financially robust FTSE 250 plc Turnkey asset management Delivering solutions in the harshest of environments and at our risk oil transhipments per year Committed to supporting local supply chains throughout the world Complete lifecycle support 170 years marine heritage Dedicated to growing a succession of talent Services Global reach The global footprint of the James Fisher group reflects the diverse range of clients and markets served. With a significant network of group company facilities, partners, agents and support bases, James Fisher operates extensively throughout Northern Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas to deliver flexible, highly responsive and localised support to its customers. Integration Quality, health, safety and environment James Fisher understands the importance of occupational health, safety, quality and environment (QHSE) and as such employs a fully integrated system that is BSI Assurance UK Ltd (BSI) certified and managed at all levels of the company through a fully certified integrated management system (IMS). James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services is ISO 9001, ISO and OHSAS certified. Customer Delivery W: E:

4 James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services / Service capability Terminal management services JFOTS provides specialist management for offshore terminals, including the supply of vessels, marine equipment, offshore personnel, as well as diving, ROV and IRM services. With access to the world s largest pool of mooring masters, JFOTS provides regular and relief captains to ensure safe operation of terminals and visiting tankers. Project management With strong project management and multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities, JFOTS has an enviable reputation for effectively delivering large and highly complex projects and capital programmes for its customers worldwide.. Hose repair and change-out Offering all services related to floating and submarine hose change-out, JFOTS capabilities include onshore assembly, tow-out, hook-up and commissioning, removal inspections and testing to Oil Companies Interanational Marine Forum guidelines and repair of old hoses. Working with all major hose suppliers, we can also provide a packaged service for customers across the world. Installation and decommissioning From the provision of personnel to the chartering of offshore construction vessels, JFOTS provides both installation and decommissioning services. Utilising in-house resources we will execute the full campaign including pre-construction engineering, logistics, vessel clearance and full delivery of the installation/decommissioning project. A global supplier of marine equipment With access to the wider group s capabilities, JFOTS offers marine equipment for all aspects of the offshore terminal from single shackles through to complete installation of a bare CALM buoy, including anchors, chains, instrumentation, navigational aids, and submarine and floating hose strings. Utilising the global network of inspected and approved suppliers, JFOTS can supply and maintain high quality and cost-effective equipment to meet its customers needs. Refurbishment Where customers prefer to refurbish existing terminals instead of committing large CAPEX to new ones, JFOTS assists with and manages the complete refurbishment process. Initial offshore inspections, taking the buoy off-station, towage to a suitable refurbishment yard, stripping down and refurbishing, re-commissioning and installation back in the field, are all part of the services that JFOTS provide. Inspection, repair and maintenance JFOTS provides specialised inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) solutions for offshore terminals, delivering innovative solutions that promote operational and cost-effectiveness. With significant project delivery experience and dedicated resources, JFOTS is able to react quickly to fully support the rapid global mobilisation of critical projects. W: E:

5 James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services / Service capability Operations and maintenance JFOTS provides personnel and equipment to enable routine maintenance of terminals to ensure safe operations. Marine coordination Utilising its unparalleled operational expertise gained over 170 years, James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services (JFOTS) delivers exceptional marine coordination services. These include the provision of the bespoke Offshore Terminal Management System (OTMS) that delivers improved safety, increased productivity, greater operational efficiency and cost reductions. Diving and ROV A leading diving and life support equipment designer and manufacturer, JFOTS provides a wide range of air/nitrox diving, ROV and subsea survey services, including inspection and routine maintenance, salvage, and the identification of unexploded ordnance (UXO). Offshore support An integrator of complex offshore projects, JFOTS provides a comprehensive range of specialist services, support and equipment rental packages to the global offshore energy, subsea and marine industries. Monitoring and instrumentation An innovative provider of cutting-edge monitoring and control solutions for the global offshore terminals industry, JFOTS supports customers operating in hostile marine environments. Delivering simple solutions for complex challenges, JFOTS s systems monitor the demands placed on structures in the offshore environment, helping to maintain asset integrity and instil operator confidence during challenging operations. JFOTS is the world s leading manufacturer of bespoke load monitoring systems for offshore environments. Personnel provision JFOTS has provided professional offshore personnel worldwide for customers in the marine, renewables, telecom, defence and oil and gas industries for over 25 years. Utilising existing strategic relationships, we provide the required personnel to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your terminal. Emergency response JFOTS s in-house emergency response teams can deliver bespoke offshore emergency solutions to customer terminals working in collaboration with leading emergency authorities and in accordance with local requirements/obligations. W: E:

6 James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services / Case studies Case studies Oiltanking MEA, Ghana (2017) CALM buoy and CBM system and pipelines IRM Air diving IMCA D023 and SRP diving Tema oil refinery operations and maintenance contract Tanker berthing, CBM, SPM inspection and maintenance Chevron, Nigeria (2013) CALM buoy refurbishment Inspect, refurbish and commission the Escravos GTL CALM buoy and PLEM Assemble and test floating hose Inspection of anchor piles and moorings GEPetrol (Exxon), Equatorial Guinea (2016/2017) Inspection of FPSO, mooring chains and floating hoses SRP air diving D040 off daughter craft Main clients - Nobel Energy, Hess, Megi FPSO UWILD annual campaigns MOD, Falklands (2012) SPM refurbishment SPM change-out, including chains and subsea hoses PLEM modifications to fit new hoses Saturation and air diving using Mermaid Siam MODEC/Tullow, Ghana (2016) Floating hose change-out Emergency reconfiguration of floating hose to install Pusnes QCDC coupling Engineering assessment of additional hose end equipment Return hose string to shore, break down, inspect and test each section Towage to offshore location, remove hose string and hook up Acergy (Maersk), Qatar (2011) SPM installation, PLEM modifications and SPM removal SPM change-out, including chains and subsea hoses PLEM modifications to fit new hoses Al Shaheen Field - water depth 60m Saturation and air diving ENI, UK (2016) Floating hose inspection and testing BP Angola (2009) Export tanker support services Onshore inspection of hose sections Testing in accordance with OCIMF guidelines Full inspection and recommendations report issued Pilotage and mooring masters for tandem and CALM buoy berthing Operations and logistics Hose management, supply and change out Diving services W: E:

7 James Fisher Offshore Terminal Services T: +44 (0) (UK) T: (Singapore) E: W: V1