Facilities Guide NORTH & SOUTH HARBORS S E AT T L E TAC O M A, U. S. A.

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1 Facilities Guide NORTH & SOUTH HARBORS S E AT T L E TAC O M A, U. S. A.

2 CONTAINER TERMINALS Size Ship Berths Berth Depth Cranes Truck Lanes Scales Reefer Plugs Rail Ramps NORTH HARBOR SEATTLE T-8 SSA T-5/ T-0 SSA 96 acres 79 ha 70 acres 8 ha 4400 ft 700 ft 5. m 5. m 0 6x4 wide x wide x9 wide 6 x wide x wide Gate Gate Gate 7 On-dock 45 Near-dock T-46 TIL 8 acres ha 00 ft 5. m 5 x wide x6 wide 9/ Near-dock T-5 Lynden 70 acres 8 ha ft 0 ft 9. m Barge 8/6/ Near-dock SOUTH HARBOR TACOMA West Sitcum APMT 5 acres 55 ha 00 ft 5 4x8 wide x4 wide 8/ Near-dock Husky ITS 9 acres 8 ha 700 ft 4 x8 wide x7 wide x6 wide 7/ On-dock East Sitcum TCT 54 acres ha 00 ft 4 x5 wide x4 wide 5/ 00 On-dock PCT Ports America 40 acres 57 ha 087 ft 7 7x wide 0/ On-dock WUT WUT acres 50 ha 600 ft 6 4x8 wide x4 wide 9/ On-dock TOTE TOTE 48 acres 9 ha RO/RO ramps N/A 5/ Off-dock Leased acreage, excludes on-dock intermodal yards in South Harbor

3 NON-CONTAINER TERMINALS Size Ship Berths Berth Depth Wharf Height Cargo Rail Ramps NORTH HARBOR SEATTLE T-5 85 acres 75 ha 900 ft 5. m 9 ft 5.8 m Breakbulk Autos On-dock SOUTH HARBOR TACOMA T-7 acres 5 ha 800 ft 8 ft 5.5 m Breakbulk Autos On-dock East Blair One 0 acres 8 ha 00 ft.5 ft 6.5 m Breakbulk On-dock Blair 8 acres ha 600 ft ft 6.7 m Autos None West Hylebos 8 acres 7 ha 800 ft 5 ft m ft 6.4 m Bulk Off-dock LAND & FACILITIES Land ownership 758 acres (7 ha) in King and Pierce counties, Washington state Container terminals 0 acres (40 ha); 0 terminals, berths, 47 cranes Non-container terminals 4 acres (98. ha); 5 terminals Waterway depth & tidal range - MLLW (- MLLW) or greater; tidal range is ft Intermodal rail facilities Five on-dock intermodal yards Hyundai Intermodal Yard, South Harbor.5 acres (9. ha) North Intermodal Yard, South Harbor 6 acres (0.5 ha) PCT Intermodal Yard, South Harbor 5. acres (0. ha) Terminal 5, North Harbor 6.4 acres (6.6 ha) Terminal 8, North Harbor 0 acres (4 ha) Three near-dock intermodal yards South Intermodal Yard, South Harbor 7.8 acres (7. ha) BNSF Seattle Intermodal Gateway, North Harbor 58 acres (.4 ha) Union Pacific Argo Yard, North Harbor 90 acres (6.4 ha) One off-dock intermodal yard BNSF South Seattle Intermodal Facility, North Harbor 48 acres (9.4 ha)

4 DISTRIBUTION RESOURCES Warehousing PUGET SOUND AREA DISTRIBUTION CENTERS Adjacent to the nd largest concentration of warehousing on the West Coast. Everett Under 75,000 ft 75,000 to 00,000 ft Near terminal transload facilities 00,000 to 00,000 ft Multiple locations with specialized buildings, equipment and skilled-labor for handling retail, agricultural and industrial cargo. 90+ facilities in the greater Puget Sound. Seattle 00,000 to 550,000 ft North Harbor 550,000 to.6m ft 90 0 mile radius to port Cold storage facilities Privately-owned and operated, offering one million square feet of warehouse space for storage of frozen, chilled and temperature sensitive commodities. By Square Footage Tacoma South Harbor FTZ #5 & #86 Olympia zones, serving both harbors. Activate your own site or partner with a PL operating within our zones. 5 Centralia Fumigation services Conveniently located near container terminals in both harbors. On-terminal fumigation available for breakbulk shipments. RAIL SERVICE SEATTLE & TACOMA Class railroads BNSF & UP Morning service to Chicago Weekly departures Portland Weekly short-haul round trips to Portland -4 Oakland St Paul DAYS Omaha Denver Los Angeles Los Angeles Chicago Kansas City St Louis 4-5 Oakland DAYS Memphis Dallas 6-7 DAYS BNSF RAIL UNION PACIFIC RAIL RAIL CONNECTIONS TRANSIT TIME -4 DAYS TRANSIT TIME 4-5 DAYS BNSF RAIL UNION PACIFIC RAIL International & Domestic rail service CONNECTIONS available at RAIL both harbors TRANSIT TIME -4 DAYS TRANSIT TIME 4-5 DAYS TRANSIT TIME 6-7 DAYS D Denv SEATTLE & TACOMA Portland Houston New Orleans TRANSIT TIME 6-7 DAYS

5 GATEWAY TO THE WORLD Two Harbors One Gateway All major international carriers offer weekly service between the Pacific Northwest and major load centers in Asia, Europe, South America, and other ports around the globe. Strategically located in the Northwest corner of the U.S., we offer shorter transit times from Asia and are the first and last call for many liner services. More than 80% of commerce from the lower 48 to Alaska crosses our docks. Coupled with on-dock intermodal service, flexible transload capabilities, high & heavy expertise and maritime support services, The Northwest Seaport Alliance terminals move your cargo quickly and efficiently. HARBORS GATEWAY Seattle Tacoma To Europe International liner services 5 weekly fortnightly monthly Direct port connections Including 7 in Asia Weekly rail arrivals & departures

6 GATEWAY TO SOLUTIONS Make our competitive advantages yours The Northwest Seaport Alliance is a marine cargo partnership between the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, two of the nation s premier harbor complexes. We are the first alliance of its kind in North America. Our combined terminal facilities, carriers, and support services provide flexible options to suit your unique supply chain needs. Our commitment to working hand in hand with our supply chain partners to provide cost effective, innovative shipping solutions is unparalleled in the industry. It s all about helping you get the job done! Big-Ship Ready Room to grow Hassle-free connections Cargo handling experts Best-in-class customer service For more information, please contact our business development team Sue Coffey John Tullis Tom Bellerud Steve Balaski Georgette Reidburn Todd Bring Andre Elmaleh Mike Reilly P.O. Box 985 Tacoma, WA nwseaportalliance.com