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1 In EMAG s TrackMotion automation system, the TransLift unit runs through the modular machines and links them via a rail system rapidly conveying parts between machines and part storage. Flexibility Yields Best Cost Per Part Pallet systems offer high-mix, low-volume production versatility Jim Lorincz Senior Editor The reasons to automate are as many as are the ways to do it. The lack of skilled workers, the desire to free workers from repetitive menial tasks and lead them to higher value-added activities, the desire to maximize throughput with minimal handling of workpieces both large and small all apply. Automating devices range from bar feeds, load/ unload devices, gantry loaders, pick and place devices, articulated robots, linear and rotary pallet handling each with its own best use applications. For large complex machined workpieces where cycle times are relatively long, shuttle-type pallet handling devices represent an important investment in high-mix, low-volume production. The challenges are picking the right configuration, bridging islands of automation to include peripheral needed technologies, and doing it flexibly. Flexible Automation Offers Lowest Cost Per Part There shouldn t be any doubt that flexible automation offers the lowest cost method of manufacturing, said John Lenz, CMS Research (Oshkosh, WI). The reason is that advanced automation is capable of providing minute-by-minute management of March 2016 55

2 the flexibility to maintain planned efficiency. Unfortunately, many of today s suppliers are missing out on the benefits that an investment in advanced automation can bring because of their reliance on standard cost pricing, which locks in past performance to determine future part pricing. Because no one relates cost to productivity, there is no incentive to increase productivity. In addition, standard cost quotation or pricing doesn t account for overcapacity or low utilization, which are the primary contributors to establishing standard cost, said Lenz. Lenz supplies this real-life example comparing three machining cell scenarios: an existing two-machine cell with one operator (benchmark); a proposed expansion to a threemachine cell; and a flexible automation two-machine cell. When the supplier isn t able to meet the daily production demand for a customer with the two-machine cell in which one machine processes the first operation and the second machine processes the second operation, the supplier requests a cost-sharing adjustment of $300,500 from the customer to purchase a third machine. The daily demand is 10 parts per day from a family of three part numbers where the actual production is about eight parts per day. Each part has two machining operations with the first operation being from 100 to 130 minutes and the second operation being minutes. The supplier is operating the benchmark cell 25 days per month to keep up and has no overtime available for demand fluctuation. Modeling the three cell configurations using simulation software confirms that each of the three machine configurations could meet the monthly demand of 200 parts. Because machine hours are identical in each of the three cells, standard part cost is identical in all three cells after adding standard cost of $85 per machine hour. The cost sharing request is trying to be justified based on capacity needs alone. The simulation cost modeling software contains a cost model component that is used to compute an actual cost per part. The actual cost model allocates annual machine replacement cost and hourly cost of labor to determine a cost METROLOGY SOLUTIONS TAKE CONTROL OVER QUALITY. SOLUTIONS FOR DIMENSIONAL INSPECTION ON SHOP FLOORS. Experience Creaform s portable CMM and 3D scanners: - Save time - Reliable and accurate - Easy-to-use - Measure everywhere March 2016

3 per part. The cost per part multiplied by the annual demand is summed to the total cost of machine replacement and labor. When this costing method was applied to the three cell configurations, dramatically different results can be observed. Clausing Knee Mills Free Accessory Installation With the Purchase of Any Clausing Knee Mill up to a $1,400 Value Add Productivity... Choose From One of These Three Leading DROs FAGOR ACU-RITE NEWALL A Large Range of Accessories Available Power Feeds Power Drawbar R-8 Round Collet Sets Milling Chuck Kit Chip Tray Riser Blocks Clamping Kit Right Angle Milling Attachment Horizontal Milling Attachment VS Models Table size up to 10" x 54" X and Y axes travel up to 41.3" x 15.4" Z knee travel up to 15.6" Variable spindle speeds rpm Model 2VS Shown with Optional DRO and Power Feed Free Installation offer good through 04/30/2016 Clausing Offers A Full Range of Heavy-Duty Variable Speed and EVS Knee Mills... If you re looking for a Heavy-duty Standard Vertical Milling Machine, at an affordable price, Clausing Knee Mills are what you re looking for. Designed for precision, the Clausing Mills deliver all the power, precision and versatility you need to handle your toughest applications. EVS Models Table size up to 11" x 58" X and Y axes travel up to 38.2" x 16" Z knee travel up to 17.7" Variable spindle speeds rpm Call or visit Celebrating A Century in the Machine Tool Business The cost model showed the following results keep in mind that all three configurations have the same machine cycle time and same machine hours: Current Benchmark Cell: $ 145/part Three-Machine Cell: $ 190/part Two-Machine Flexible Cell: $ 120/part Analysis reveals that the current cell has higher cost because of the different number of days the cell operates to meet monthly demand. The current cell configuration must operate 25 days per month whereas the flexible cell operates 21 days per month. The three-machine cell cost per part is high because of the replacement cost of three machines instead of two machines. The additional replacement cost of the third machine could be absorbed with higher demand but demand is not going up, and so the same demand must absorb the replacement cost of the third machine. For decision makers, the implications are clear. Including efficient use of capacity and direct labor into a future cost provides a justification for an advanced automation alternative. Cost modeling can lead to justifying the impact of advanced automation on cost per part into their future-oriented manufacturing decision making, said Lenz. Lay a Good Step-by-Step Foundation for Automation A lot of people think that they have to make a big investment to get into automation to be cost effective and productive, especially with skilled labor being so scarce, said Gisbert Ledvon, director of business development, GF Machining Solutions (Lincolnshire, IL). Robots may be a solution in the long run, but there is a lot to be said for getting started by taking a step-by-step approach with basics. For example, installing a good reference system, a tooling system of a chuck and 58 March 2016

4 pallet which repeats within microns or less when you take the pallet out of the chuck and reclamp it, is a good starting point, said Ledvon. Basically, with an investment of a few thousand dollars you can get buy in from your toolmakers or machinists about the ability to transfer a part from one machine to another with very repeatable accuracy. Then when you have automation with a robot or a pallet changer, they will trust the automation system without having to double check its performance. For example, our diesinker EDMs use a reference system with electrodes mounted on a System 3R pallet handling system that enables repeatable and accurate handling and positioning, said Ledvon. GF Machining Solutions is able to integrate its full line of products, including wire and sinker EDMs, high-speed Mikron five-axis machining centers, as well as other machines and processes like CMMs, into automated linear cells. It has even demonstrated integrating its laser texturing machines into its cells. Integrating multiple technologies, we can extend the rail system up to 12 machines depending on the types of machines. With our Workshop Manager, users can control the entire production process from one station with complete flexibility, even including integrating other brand machines into the cell, said Ledvon. GF Machining Solutions compact Mikron MILL P 800 U ST machine, for example, combines milling and four-axis simultaneous turning for highly productive single setup Liebherr s PHS linear pallet handling systems can handle large payloads with long-cycle times and are available in four sizes to parts production transport loads ranging from 100 to 6500 kg. for small-tomedium-sized shops. This advanced combination of milling and turning capabilities allows shops to eliminate transfer-related part runout and errors for increased finished part quality. The machine is also equipped with pallet changers for 2, 7, 9 or 12 pallets, and can be easily integrated into existing automation systems, including our System 3R automation solution, said Ledvon. Most of our machines have MT Connect capability which enables users to track parts throughout the production process, said Ledvon. This is especially important for aerospace and medical applications. With these smart machine capabilities our customers are able to identify the causes of problems like vibration and spindle growth and make the appropriate process adjustments. For example, our high-end wire EDM machines are equipped with Integrated Vision System that automatically compares the first part to the workpiece print, drawing, or model and automatically corrects toolpath and material removal to specification, said Ledvon. PRODUCTIVITY MADE Active Coolant Control delivers more tool life or higher metal removal rates. Chip Breaking Effect Fan Effect Beyond Evolution EASY kits are currently 50% * OFF when you order using the promotion code: B01KGL1C116-P3 * Savings compared to sum of kit component list prices. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts/offers. Offer ends June 30, Only available through participating distributors. CALL March 2016 59

5 匀吀伀倀䈀䰀唀䌀伀䌀伀刀倀伀刀䄀吀䤀伀一アハ ート㔀吀栀愀礀攀爀䌀漀甀爀琀 ⴀ 䄀甀爀漀爀愀 Ⰰ 䤀䰀㘀㔀㐀眀眀眀 䈀䰀唀䌀伀 挀漀洀 ⴀ 㠀 ⴀ 㔀アハ ート㔀 ⴀ アハ ート㔀 Bridging Islands of Automation system is designed to bring high levels of efficiency to highmix, low-volume production as well as high-volume operation, Mazak Corp. (Florence, KY) has led the way with successful and robust automation with its Palletech systems and said Paul Robinson, engineering manager for Mazak Sales gantry loaders for the better part of 30 years. The Palletech Engineering and Automation Systems. Palletech is compatible with our range of horizontal machining centers, Multi-Tasking machines and Orbitec 20 machining center for largepart machining. Because of its modular, pre-engineered construction, Palletech easily expands to accommodate up to 16 machines, pallets and up to eight loading stations, A basic Palletech, for example, offers one load station and six stockers for one machine tool and is easily expanded with additional stockers and load stations handling multiple machines of different types in one cell. Machines might include a five-axis e-ver Integrex, a four-axis horizontal machining center, and even an Orbitec turning center that is built on a HMC platform, similar to the cell we have operating in our Florence HQ and manufacturing plant, said Robinson. We are definitely seeing more requests for automation in all forms and industries including medical device manufacturing and aerospace, as well as job shops. In medical manufacturing, one reason is the cost of material that medical device manufacturers are working with. PEEK [polyether ether ketone] is so expensive, for example, that remnant control is extremely important. We have an advantage with the advanced communication barfeeder interface we developed with LNS America. This interface allows us to continually track and monitor the amount of stock that is left, minimizing as much waste as possible, said Robinson. Similarly, these customers want to use as standard as a solution as possible, but with the necessary modifications required to protect a 60 March 2016

6 sensitive part from damage. As an example, we recently modified one of our standard workpiece unloader options so the finished part drops into a chute lined with similar material to the part and then onto a convey where each part must be segregated from one another to prevent marking or damage and retain their traceability, said Robinson. Another growing area is the need to incorporate in peripheral equipment and processes like gaging, deburring, and cleaning into the production cells. This is where articulated robotic solutions help to provide the greatest flexibility and adaptability for our customer s ever changing needs explains Robinson. It s not enough to just tend the machines anymore; instead our customers are needing to tie operations upstream and downstream of our machines to provide a complete solution. Automation can take many forms, though, like in aerospace where they must be able to monitor the entire machining process. Using systems like the Marposs Artis Monitoring Solutions (MMS) makes it possible to monitor a machine and process SURFACE FINISH MADE Triple-V Seating Functional stability Minimizes vibration Smooth surface finish Top and Bottom-V V-Back Design Palletech Systems can handle a mix of different machines like the five-axis Variaxis, the four-axis horizontal machining centers, and the Orbitec turning center configured in the four-machine PMC cell in Mazak s Florence HQ and manufacturing plant. to secure the manufacturing process. By monitoring spindle and linear axis torque values plus different sensor technology ranging from coolant flow to vibration helps to protect the cutting process and ensure consistent, high quality parts while also optimizing the machining cycle time. The next step is not only to collect this data, but to make it visual and actionable right at the machine. This is the whole next generation of the IoT. Using the MTConnect standard, for example, with our SmartBox will immensely aid the preventive/predictive analysis and maintenance that will be required for smart manufacturing. The SmartBox was developed in conjunction with Cisco to provide secure connectivity right at a machine to a factory network, and allows the free flow of machine information to management systems via MTConnect for Utilization or OEE, said Robinson. Handling Large Workpieces with Long Cycle Times Liebherr Automation Systems (Saline, MI), which is well known for its gearhobbing, shaping, grinding and gear chamfering machine tools, is also a Beyond Evolution EASY kits are currently 50% * OFF when you order using the promotion code: B01KGL1C116-P3 * Savings compared to sum of kit component list prices. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts/offers. Offer ends June 30, Only available through participating distributors. CALL March 2016 61

7 supplier of automation including pallet handling, robotic, and linear overhead gantry systems. Liebherr s linear and rotary pallet-handling systems are primarily used for the automatic loading of machining centers not only to assist in reducing production costs, but also to permit shortterm and flexible responses to changes in the demands of the market. Pallet handling is especially well-suited for machining where there is a large payload, upward of minute cycle times, said Kevin Heise, vice president. In pallet handling, we may be working with pressure valves, or aircraft parts, for example parts that are difficult to handle that make more sense to have on a pallet with the automation handling the whole pallet. We have the ability to integrate all different types of machine tools, as well as the ancillary technologies that contribute to quality production, including inspection of the raw part when it comes in, machining data, and laser-marked traceability data, said Heise. There is absolutely a trend toward smart manufacturing and smart cells, said Heise. Our engineering team is able to work with many different software systems. There is not one software standard out there, and we are well versed with the different control architectures available from Siemens, FANUC, Allen Bradley, and Bosch Rexroth. Ultimately from the customer s point of view, it s all about spindle optimization and return on investment and our ability to provide efficient pallet handling and manage production with CNC data tools, software sharing, tool sharing, and tool life management, said Heise. Liebherr s PHS linear pallet-handling systems are available in four sizes to transport loads ranging from 100 to 6500 kg. The RLS rotary pallet handling system is available in two sizes and is designed to transport loads ranging from 500 to 1500 kg. Each automation system is modular and can be configured to the specific application with storage slots and the number of machines connected is variable. Expansion options are available to handle unmachined and finished parts on pallets March 2016

8 Rail Automation Links Modular Machines EMAG LLC (Farmington Hills, MI) has developed its new modular TrackMotion automation system to link a wide range of its modular turning, grinding, hobbing, and induction hardening machines. TrackMotion automation consists of two components the rail system or track and the lifting and rotating TransLift unit that moves along that track. The TransLift is a lift and turnover carriage with programmable electric gripper that rapidly conveys the parts between the machines and the part storage facility, covering 480' (150 m) in a minute, The TransLift not only transports the part, but can rotate it as well. A Z axis can lift the part up to 25.5" (650 mm), allowing the use of stackers for infeed and outfeed, or the deployment of measuring and marking stations at different heights along the track, which is located at the rear of the machines, right behind the machining area. To make room for it, the modular machines energy container has been offset from the rest of the machine body. The resulting tunnel behind the machines permits speedy transportation of parts on the track. This extremely close arrangement of automation system and machine makes it possible to construct manufacturing systems in very tight spaces. The TrackMotion automation system is modular in structure. Standardized end pieces are fitted at the start and end, containing the electric motors for the horizontal movement of the TransLift. The electric grippers can be programmed easily to adapt to the diameter of the specific workpiece. Setup of the entire system is extremely easy and can be carried out centrally from the machine control unit. For instance, the TransLift receives the information about the transported workpiece (such as its diameter) directly from the machine control and is programmed accordingly. The part determines the size and number of the machines and the technologies required, and the TrackMotion automation system is then simply adapted to the length of the manufacturing system and the diameter of the part. A complete manufacturing system with TrackMotion consists of three coordinated units: the modular machines, the TrackMotion automation system, and the infeed and outfeed conveyors. These conveyors, which act as storage units for the parts, can be laid out flat (for large workpieces) or in a three dimensional structure as stackers for smaller workpieces. The latter option, in particular, offers top performance in a very small space, allowing several hundred workpieces to be stored ready for processing. The machines themselves are usually equipped with an L-shuttle automation component, which transports the parts to and from the pick-up station. With only a few workpieces on the move at any given time in the entire system, the status of every?cms Research single workpiece / can be ascertained on demand / EMAG LLC This dramatically GF Machining Solutions simplifies quality / management, as Liebherr Automation Systems parts with deviating / values are easy to Mazak Corp. identify / SAVING MONEY MADE Up to 30% higher productivity Beyond Evolution, featuring Active Coolant Control, Triple-V Seating, and Beyond Drive grades with Wear Detection Technology, provides longer tool life, maximum stability, and higher metal removal rates, resulting in up to 30% higher productivity 100% 130% +30% Beyond Evolution EASY kits are currently 50% * OFF when you order using the promotion code: B01KGL1C116-P3 * Savings compared to sum of kit component list prices. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts/offers. Offer ends June 30, Only available through participating distributors. CALL March 2016 63