CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall nd, Nov [Six Sense Consulting Group] Jisook Park, Remy Sanghwa Lee, Sanghee Shin

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1 CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall nd, Nov 2010 [Six Sense Consulting Group] Jisook Park, Remy Sanghwa Lee, Sanghee Shin 1

2 Project Overview CRM Strategy Customer Acquisition Customer Retention and Expansion Joins NewsMap Conclusion CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall


4 JMnet Company Overview 1 JoongAng Ilbo JoongAng SUNDAY IHT-JoongAng Daily The Korea Daily 2 Isplus Joinsland Ilgan Sports JMnet (JoongAng Media Network) 3 Q-Channel Cartoon Network JGolf Ch.joins (DMB) 4 Monthly JoongAng Newsweek Korean edition ECONOMIST/ Forbes Korea Women s JoongAng/ Sure/ Ceci Cosmopolitan Korean edition Movie Week CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

5 Current Issues 1 Media Big Bang (JongPyun Channel) - The Korean media industry s biggest transf ormations in history Implications Should be ready for new CRM strategy Success of Jong Pyun Channel 2 Emergence of New forms of Media - Internet TV, Mobile, DMB 3 Changes of Customer Behavior - More active participation, Sharing informati on through SNS, Smartphone Should serve customers in different ways from traditional ways Enable to detect personal needs and behavior by using internet, mobile Control user experience & Increasing user par ticipation are important CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

6 Project focusing to.. JMnet s initial request How to satisfy our new customers Secured ratings of JongPyun Channel How to provide contents matched with ne w media platform Our team suggest Customized contents to customers according to their viewing patterns Increasing interactivity with customers Activate social community for user participation Offer user-create contents (Joins News Map) Increase user loyalty on JMnet contents Decide to focus to After meeting with JMnet How to match viewers pattern detection and pushing contents Developing Joins News Map How to activate user participation and increase loyalty CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

7 6-Sense CRM Slogan CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

8 Overall CRM Flow Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Customer Expansion Attract potential customers to online Identification of Potential customer Detect customer behavior Construct JMnet eco-system Offer customized contents based on their behaviors Activate customer participation Increase loyalty through loyalty program Offer differentiated NewsMap CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall


10 3 Ways of Customer Acquisition by JMnet 3 Acquisitions Examples Effects 1 Good qualified program Program with attention 2 Increasing No. of deliver y channels Super Star K KBS YTN MBC Google News Attention business Program -> Attention Good response Word of mouth effects Real time Internet Broadcasting DMB, Cable TV, Satellite Smart phone s Apps igoogle service Key word based offer Good program will increa se customers attention a nd then rating will increa se Customers will be expose d to many channels rega rdless of his/her situation 3 Personalized approach b ased on customers tastes CNN Collaborative filtering based news offer icnn service Key word based differentiated news offer Personalized contents wil l be offered to different c ustomer group CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

11 How to attract user to online for first step of identifying customer? Potential Custo mer User Lock-in Push Contents Detect user viewing patterns Contents Community CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

12 How to Identify Potential Customer? No Moment of T ruth Any time Any Place No Physical Tran saction Mega Trends No POS Interactivity Smart Phone as a Loyalty Card!! CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

13 How to Detect Customers Behavior? Monitor contents consuming behavi or Record preference s & patterns of co nsuming 13 Analyze behaviors with simple statistic s Location based filtering Collaborative based filtering Contents based filtering CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

14 How to Monitor Customers Behavior? - Categorizing of News Contents News Contents Politics Society Economy International Culture Life Entertainment IT Science Sports 1 NA/Party Accident Stocks Japan Weather Movie IT Football 2 Blue House Education Real Estate China Life Info Pop Science Admin Local Diplomatic Defense North Korea Labor Life Economy Environment Financial North America Asia Health TV/Drama Beauty Fashion Gossip Mobile Phone Welfare Industry Europe Religion Oversea News Communication Golf 6 Media Job South America Concert/Exhibiti on/book Game International Football Baseball International Baseball Basketball 7 Minority M.E./Africa Travel/Leisure Volleyball 8 General General General General General General General General * Minority News = N 2 7 CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

15 How to Monitor Customers Behavior? - Categorizing of TV Contents News TV Contents Drama Current Events Culture Education Entertainment Sports 1 Politics Romantic Talk Classic Children Movie Football 2 Society Action In-depth report Documentary Language Pop music International Football 3 Economy Comedy World Art Middle school Oversea news Baseball 4 International Oversea Life economy Travel/Leisure High school Reality show 5 Culture Life 6 Entertainment History Crime Food University Golf Beauty Fashion International Baseball Basketball 7 IT/Science Animation Volleyball 8 Sports General General General General General General * Reality Show = T 6 4 CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

16 How to Record Customers Behavior? Smart Phone Access News Contents TV Contents N1. Politics N2. Society N3. Economy N4. International N5. Culture/Life N6. Entertainment N7. IT/Science N8. Sports T1. News T2. Drama T3. Current Events T4. Culture T5. Entertainment T6. Education T7. Sports T8. Chatting N11. Political Party N12. Blue House N13. Admin/Local N14. Diplomat/Defense N15. North Korea N16. General T21. Romantic T22. Action T23. Comedy T24. Oversea T25. Crime T26. History T27. Animation T28. General CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

17 How to Record Customers Behavior? N 1 1 T 1 2 T 2 1 T 2 7 T 6 2 T 7 1 N 1 2 N 6 2 N 6 1 T 2 7 T 1 2 T 2 7 N 2 7 T 7 2 CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

18 How to Analyze Customers Behavior? N 1 1 T 1 2 T 2 1 T 2 7 T 6 2 T 7 1 N 1 2 N 6 2 N 6 1 T 2 7 T 1 2 T 2 7 N 2 7 T 7 2 Frequency(N) = 5 Frequency(T) = 9 Frequency(N1) = 2 Frequency(N2) = 1 Frequency(N6) = 2 Frequency(T1) = 2 Frequency(T2) = 4 Frequency(T6) = 1 Frequency(T7) = 2 1. This customer consumes TV contents more than News contents. 2. This customer consumes Drama more than any other TV contents. 3. This customer have interest in News and Sports as well. CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

19 Filtering Based Contents Offering - How to offer personalized contents to customers? Step 1: Contents Based Filtering Collaborative Based Filtering Step 2: Collaborative Based Filtering Step 3: Location Based Filtering Contents Based Filtering Location Based Filtering CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

20 Contents Based Filtering Contents User Preferences Detected in Smart Phone News Stocks Politics TV Drama 1. Stock index 2. Other market news 3. Politics news 1. Next drama schedule 2. VOD list 3. Sports schedule Contents Filter Filtered Contents Smart Phone 1. Based on customers preferences, customer filter will be set up. 2. Among many contents, preferred contents will be sent to customers. 3. By pressing Home key, customers can access all the contents as well. CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

21 Collaborative Based Filtering CUSTOMER CLUSTER 1. Similar persons are more likely to consume simila r contents. 2. Important contents to the same cluster are more l ikely to important to customers as well. 1. Stock index 1. Next drama schedule Smart Phone Most consumed contents by other c luster member will be displayed at t he top. CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

22 Location Based Filtering 1. Stock index 1. Next drama schedule 1. Local news Smart Phone 1. If persons in certain region consumes certain contents highly, that c ontents will be recommended in customers smart phone. 2. UCC news will be displayed in customers smart phone. CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall


24 JoJo eco-system value proposition JoJo mileage would be overly used in all JoongAng s contents including News Map. As a two-sided platforms, contents provider and consumer are both JoongAng and g eneral people. Suppliers and Partne rs Contents provider myjoins contents m aker Produce, upl oad, sell See, buy Download Produce, upl oad, sell See, buy Download Consumers General contents consu mer JoongAng producers Value for JoongAng Could find out each consumer s tendency Develop CRM and customized marketing Collect information about where something ha ppened quickly(ex. Rain pour) Value for customers Quickly check all context around them (disaster, weather, events, gossip, 맛집,) Could know news more deeply and widely Fun when their news is shown in realilty CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

25 JoJo mileage in eco-system JoJo mileage is used in all JMnet eco-system. Customers earn points when buying co ntents, achieve any itle and recommend Jmnet to their friends. The more they partici pated in Jmnet, the more points they can earn. JMnet eco-system Earn points Uploading the mynews Participate in the program through community Get achievement and title from News map (Picked as a weekly / monthly reporter) When customers recommend friends Buying contents form JMnet Redeem points Buy contents in JMnet market Send mileage to other member s as a gift Exchange coupons which could be used in offsite CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

26 Increase customer participation News Map JoJo need strategies for customer retention and strengthening customer relationship persistently. Customers have to have some fun and play in the JMnet s eco-system. Journalist Chef, Guider of Dae-Jon Fame Honorary Reporter InternaBonal reporter Editor- in- chief Journalist Reporter Rookie Category achiever Explorer Guider (province, city, ) Climber Diplomat Chef President Share their experience and their news under the name of their own. Have fun in upgrading their fame and increasing the number of achievements. Earn JoJo points and use them to buy and see JMnet contents. CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

27 Increase customer participation News Map Company need JoJo to increase customer s participation for the JMnet and develop CRM strategy. They participated voluntarily in the community and eco-system of JMn et. Customer participation, everywhere In newspaper: Good news and opinion for m customers used in real newspapers At the end of the TV news: Customers' pict ures cut would be risen During the TV news: news made by custo mers could be used, different point of view from professionals. Weekly reporter Lee, Sanghwa Mok- Dong To increase customres participation, show customer s news in the real contents To increasing attention from others, post the weekly or monthly reports news. This should be expanded in TV program and all JMnet s eco-system CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

28 Successful Community Participation Case - Drama( 성스 ) & Entertainment ( 슈스케 ) Webpage Preview of drama Number of comments SNS Number of clicks CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

29 How to activate community participation in JoJo App? In JoJo App, Get more information of contents Share their feelings, opinions with friends and others Have fun! - Real-time comments (on the air) - Get viewers posts, voting, etc. (after broadcasting) Give preview of contents + hot micro video clips in JoJo App User level upgrade benefits : gifts, points, weekly honor Invite your friends Send QR code to friends by mobile, e Friends can see immediately JoJo App QR code on their smartphon CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

30 Boom up in Drama Community of JoJo App Best Netizen s Board Hot micro video clips Best Reviews Preview VOD Reviews No. of clicks Search places i n drama (Café, Shop) Best scene / Actor / Story Voting results Search fashion in drama Events Real-time comments (on the air) CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall


32 IV. Joins News Map - Integrating content and maps: where the news is happening! - Increasing customer participation and interactivity - Real-time data and social media friendly - City/district-based news geo-localization - Join News Map: By You & For You! Customers will be able to upload their own news into the map to let everybody know of what is happening - Real-time and instantaneous upload Sharing through social networks CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

33 IV. Joins News Map Three layers of information on the map Three layers of information on the map CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

34 IV. Joins News Map 1 st layer: Official JoonAng Daily news Official JAD news appear on a map relatively to where the story takes place. Then, there is possibility to pinpoint a specific area of a city to know about the news of this zone. City: Seoul Area: Yeouido CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

35 IV. Joins News Map 2 nd layer: Users news uploads: Possibility to voluntarily activate a second layer of news/images on the map. This will additionally show the news/images uploaded in real-time by users through various media. 3 rd layer: Events news uploads: Users can pinpoint events taking place in a certain area by field (e.g. sport, music, theater, opera, fashion, etc.). So, people could promote events they know about and share their knowledge with users looking for a plan somewhere in the concerned city. CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

36 Log in to My Joins News Map!

37 News Map JoonAng Daily Citizens Events Map Events Display all

38 IV. Joins News Map Share the world, upload it! - An unexpected event occurs (accident, fire, etc) - Take a picture Get rewards - Log in to My Joins News Map - Use your JMnet account Share Your position is geolocalized by GPS - Select appropriate News Category - Add caption/text - UPLOAD to My Joins News Map! CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

39 IV. Joins News Map Incentives: Customer Acquisition & Retention Use of Boom Up News Community: Value users and give them public recognition Reward them for contributing to Join News map Upload News Content Events - Self sa1sfac1on: feel like a journalist - Embed the Join News Map on your blog/website, share with your friends on social networks - Get public honor [in newspaper / on TV news] - Earn points, increase your Join News Map community level, buy JMnet content, receive 2D purchase coupons by text. Promote your own events, and share with people (social networks) Take advantage of JoonAng Daily partnerships with event providers to know about fun events of your interest CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall

40 IV. Joins News Map Benefits to JoonAng Daily Identification of logged users behaviors Ability to push targeted content to them: News Content Events Push Criteria Category + Geo- localiza1on News / Events opbmal suggesbons CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall


42 Technology enables the Personalization!! JMnet CRM Model Personalization :Offer personalized contents to custo mers Unique Reward :Various reward pro gram Using smart phone as reward card, JMnet could detect customers behavior patterns and could offer personalized contents to customers. Various unique reward program including mileage, publishing user contents and ranking system will increase customer retention. Community :Community building & increase participation Community building and active customer participation in JMnet program will increase customer loyalty and will help customer expansion. CRM Strategies & Cases, Fall