New informatical demands in the agricultural government. Szilárd Szénás 1, Miklós Herdon 2

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1 New infrmatical demands in the agricultural gvernment Szilárd Szénás 1, Miklós Herdn 2 1 Central Agriculture Office, Debrecen 2 University f Debrecen Abstract T simplify prcedures in cnnectin with applicatins fr area payments the The Agricultural and Rural Develpment Agency (ARDA) (Mez gazdasági és Vidékfejlesztési Hivatal; MVH) and the Central Agriculture Office (CAO) (Mez gazdasági Szakigazgatási Hivatal; MgSzH) started t intrduce electrnic filling and submissin f applicatin frms in Already in 2007 it was pssible fr clients (mre than 200 ha area) receiving unified area payments (SAPS) (hereinafter referred t as selected farmers) t submit Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS), Tp-Up and in cnnectin with thse lands with unfavurable cnditins relating (KAT) and the Agr-envirnment Management Prgrams (AKG) thrugh the electrnic frm submissin system (hereinafter referred t as e-admissin). In 2008 every client had the pssibility t create and submit his/her applicatin fr area payment electrnically with a PC. The status f agriculture has changed significantly bth frm the side f the market and the scial expectatins in Eurpe. The CAP has had t be adjusted t the current changes. The refrm prcess f the EU is still abut the radical alteratin f the market rganisatins, and a part f the alteratin is the separatin f the direct payments frm the prductin (incme dnatin) and they increase the prices in the Cmmunity s as t reach the wrld prices (pressure frm the WTO, liberalisatin in the market). By definitin the EU fcuses nt n the quantity rather the quality and the aspects f envirnment, cnsumer prtectin and animal health when giving the dnatins (crss cmpliance). This means the changever t the SPS (Single Payment Scheme) in the Hungarian Agriculture in the next years. The new SPS means such a dnatin system fr the dmestic farmers which desn t frce the farmers t the prductin f the unsalable prducts. The changever t the SPS als means the decupling f the dnatins frm f the prductin. Hwever, in case f certain underlined ecnmical and sectr and scial plitics dnatin titles fr example animal husbandry r hrticulture the biding f the dnatin is pssible t the prductin. The cnditin f the dnatin f the farmers is the bservance f certain envirnmental, animal health and fd quality standards. These cnditins tgether mean the Crss Cmplience system. The intrductin f the crss cmpliance is the key task f the MgSZH in The cnditin f the agricultural dnatins is nt the prductin but the bservance f the requirements f the crss cmpliance. Keywrds: infrmatin systems, area payment, crss cmpliance, gvernmental databases 1. Intrductin Filling and submitting the applicatins electrnically ensures that the data will be exact and the applicatin technically flawless and this can be the basis fr the payment f frmer financial supprt and avidance f sanctins r subtractins due t technical faults. In practice this means that after lgging in thrugh the Client Gate farmers can find their applicatins frm frmer years and can actualize all their data (they can mdify data fr his parcels, parcel drawings etc.). After cmpleting this they can submit the applicatin frm electrnically. The prgram checks the technical apprpriateness and cmpleteness f the data 960

2 simultaneusly with data input s the clients d nt need t wrry abut sanctins due t frmalities. 3 steps f submitting an applicatin electrnically: 1) The client r the advisr/ lcal stakehlders identifies himself and dwnlads the 2008 applicatin frm fr the parcel. 2) With the help f the internet-based frm filling sftware they actualize the applicatin data fr 2008 (i.e. new crp type, adding a new parcel, creating a new parcel drawing, etc.) 3) Submitting the cmpleted frm thrugh the Client Gate electrnically. 2. The applicatin prcess If the client has registered in the Client Gate he can dwnlad the applicatin fr 2008 after lgging in. If the client is nt registered, then he can call in a lcal stakehlder s r a cunsellr s aid. The client supplies his lgin name and passwrd and then he can dwnlad the applicatin fr area payment fr the year Client Gate registratin Fr submissin it is recmmended t be registered in Client Gate. Registratin can take place in any ffice f the persnal dcuments, ID-card, persnal address card and an address are needed. Electrnic applicatin package Drawing in the agricultural parcels n unique blck-maps in cnnectin with parcelrw data is pssible thrugh the e-admissin gegraphic infrmatin system with MePAR sftware. Befre submissin data can be saved and edited any time. After cmpleting and clsing the applicatin its data cannt be mdified electrnically. The electrnic frm-filler applicatin can be fund at 3. Lgging in the System 1) Lgging in is pssible thrugh MVH Prtal ( Click n the fllwing icn: 2) Press this buttn: ; 961

3 Lgin t the Client Gate with yur lgin name; Then press this buttn: ; 3) Frm the list titled Kérelem típusa ( Type f applicatin ) chse 2008 Területalapú kérelem ( Area payment applicatin 2008 ), r 2008 Területalapú kérelem módsítása ( Mdificatin f area payment applicatin 2008 ). Main frm handler functin buttns: Exit (Kilépés): Return t the previus interface. Map view (Térkép nézet): by pressing this buttn the client can start MePAR and is able t draw in the parcel. 4. Editing applicatin header data Editing land parcel s data Here the parcel data apprved by the farmer in 2007 are present. As in the case f the header (main page) all data can be verwritten, mdified, expanded r deleted. T make any rw active just click n any f its cells with the left buttn. 962

4 The farmer has t check persnalized data t see if they suit the actual parcel data f If any f them has changed the crrect data must be written t the given cell f that data type. This way the data in the mdified cells will be the basis fr the area payment in Displaying errrs and warning messages The sftware basically checks the technical crrespndence f data and the cnnectins f the data cells in the filled frm (i.e. des the given land blck exist, hw big area is qualified fr payment, etc). As lng as all errrs are nt eliminated there is n way t cmplete the frm and send it thrugh the Client Gate. At the bttm f the web page all errrs are listed. By clicking n the cde number detailed explanatin is available. 6. Drawing parcels with the drawing interface Mre explanatin fr the drawing interface: Values fr given parcel data are als displayed n the drawing interface (and f curse they crrespnd t the data given n the main page). Drawing parcels: the vectr-pints f each parcel must be drawn with the duble click f the muse. Vectr pints already given can be mved arund with drag-and-drp using the left muse buttn. 963

5 If the farmer wuld like t add a new blck in 2008 (maybe because he bught r leased a new area) he culd did s by searching n the MePAR interface. Save: Saving gemetry. Online saving t a server. The prgram warns the user if the sketch drawn tuches an area r blck nt qualified fr area payment. Checking: with this functin the sftware warns t errrs made during drawing the map. Parcel drawing data imprt/exprt Recently many parcels were measured exactly with GPS. These files can be laded t the e- SAPS system. At the same time the map drawings created with the system can als be exprted. Last year s map: previus year. Shws the blck s image that was scanned during the 7. Cnfirming and printing the applicatin Cnfirmatin: Only pssible if the applicatin has n errrs. It is shwn by the fllwing text n tp f the applicatin: Dcument may be saved and submitted ( Menthet beadható biznylat ) and at the same time the Cnfirmatin ( Véglegesítés ) buttn becmes active. Methds f submitting the applicatin: Electrnically thrugh the Client Gate: in this case nly the legal warrants must be signed and electrnically sent t the Client Gate; On paper: in this case all pages f the applicatin must be signed and sent by pst t the authrized ffice f the ARDA; By pressing Print ( Nymtatás ) we can create a *.pdf dcument cntaining the applicatin, save r print the applicatin; Acknwledgement: After sending the cnfirmed applicatin thrugh the Client Gate t ARDA the sender receives tw s; One f them is the time stamp (its functin is the same as the time stamp cntaining the time and date f bringing the dcuments t the pst ffice in the case f paper-based applicatins) The ther cntains a reference number (als present in the sent by the ARDA abut the receptin) t identify the client with the applicatin. 8. The Single Payment Scheme The Single Payment Scheme (SPS) is the principal agricultural subsidy scheme in the Eurpean Unin. Under the scheme farmers have greater freedm t farm t the demands f the market as subsidies are n lnger linked t prductin, and envirnmentally friendly farming practices (knwn as crss cmpliance) are better acknwledged and rewarded. 964

6 Crss cmpliance requirements apply t anyne wh receives direct payments under Cmmn Agricultural Plicy (CAP) supprt schemes r receives payments under certain Rural Develpment schemes. There are three types f crss cmpliance requirements: specific Eurpean legal requirements, knwn as Statutry Management Requirements (SMRs) dmestic legal requirements requiring land be kept in Gd Agricultural and Envirnmental Cnditin (GAEC) requirements t maintain a level f permanent pasture nt included in the crp rtatin fr 5 years r mre this is nt currently a crss cmpliance requirement fr individual farmers, but may becme ne in future years. Crss cmpliance requirements apply in additin t underlying bligatins under Eurpean and UK legislatin. All agricultural activities are cvered by crss cmpliance and claimants must cmply with the requirements acrss the whle agricultural area f their hlding, regardless f the amunt f land entered int the Single Payment Scheme (SPS). The Hungarian Agricultural Gvernment wuld like t intrduce this system in the near future. Intrducing this new system requirements new infrmatics demands which will have new challanges. 9. Cnclusin Based n the experiences f the users we can say that the develpers f the system have created a well-cnsidered prgram which is easy t learn and accessible t anyne ver the Internet. The limitatin f the system is the capacity f the server prviding the service (f curse nly if we assume that users fulfil the minimum requirements f the sftware). The MgSzH has really cmpsite and incmpatible infrmatics systems and the inner business administratin cntrl is cmpletely missing. The adequacy f the abve mentined requirement insures a standard basic database and substitute the cmpsite and bslete systems and prvides mdern service fr custmers. The prgram requires mre institutins cperatin because the functin f FVM and the MVH and MgSZH are cncerned respnsible fr different tasks. References MgSzH-MVH tájékztató a évi területalapú támgatáskkal kapcslatban. 42/2008. (IV. 4.) FVM rendelet az Európai Mez gazdasági Garancia Alapból finanszírztt egységes területalapú támgatáskhz (SAPS) kapcslódó évi kiegészít nemzeti támgatásk (tp up) igénybevételével kapcslats egyes kérdésekr l. 39/2008. (III. 29.) FVM rendelet az Európai Mez gazdasági Garancia Alapból finanszírztt egységes területalapú támgatás (SAPS) évi igénybevételével kapcslats egyes kérdésekr l. 88/2007. (VIII. 17.) FVM rendelet az Európai Mez gazdasági Vidékfejlesztési Alapból a mez gazdasági területek erd sítéséhez nyújtandó támgatás igénybevételének részletes szabályairól. 965