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1 Smarter everyday personal banking

2 Eight easy ways to smarter banking 1 Use contactless payments Contactless is a handy, safe and quick way to pay for everyday items, from a newspaper to your morning coffee, up to 30. Just tap your card on the reader it s that simple. And it works at home and abroad. 5 Use your Visa Debit card Your card can be used in-store or online, within or outside the UK 2. It s safer than carrying cash and, if you pay for goods or services and they fail to arrive or are damaged, we can help you recover your payment. 2 3 Go for e-statements Convenient, secure and kinder to the environment. Your e-statements are available in one place online, and you can access them whenever you like. So if you want to avoid having to file your paper statements, you re worried about having them stolen or want to help the environment, choose not to receive paper statements. Use digital banking 1 or the Post Office Finding time to visit the branch isn t the only way you can bank with us. There s a lot you can do on 365 online and on our tablet and mobile banking apps to stay on top of your finances. Bank whenever you want, wherever you want. And you can also access your money through Post Office branches throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK Stop writing cheques With Pay to Mobile you can send money to another Bank of Ireland UK account simply by using the mobile number of the account holder. Or you can go online and send money within or outside the UK 3. Get up to 100 cashback Getting cashback in participating retailers when making a debit card payment in pounds with your Visa Debit card is free and will save you a trip to the cash machine. Use Money Manager Could you do with a little help to manage your money better? With Money Manager you can track, analyse and understand your spending, check upcoming expenses and plan for any savings in the future. 4 Receive free text alerts Want to know when there isn t enough money in your account to pay a direct debit or standing order, a payment was refused due to lack of funds or your account has gone into unarranged overdraft? All we need is your up-to-date mobile number. And if you want to update it just use the 365 Online Service Desk. 1 For customers over 16 years. 2 Charges apply if you use your debit card outside the UK. 3 Terms, conditions and limits apply. Charges apply if you send money outside the UK in Euros going outside the EU/EEA or in a currency other than Euros (no charges apply for sending money in Sterling to Bank of Ireland accounts in ROI).

3 Day to day banking the smart way Coffee Pay an annual bill/ subscription Pay utility bill Lunch Pay a friend for concert tickets Pay for holiday abroad Groceries Shopping abroad Don t Pay with cash Post a cheque Pay in-branch Receive cheque from friend Get cash at cash machine Fill in form in branch Get cash at cash machine Get cash at cash machine Do Use contactless payment Pay bill online Pay online instantly Use Pay to Mobile Get cash at Post Office Send money outside the UK online Use Visa Debit and get cashback at retailer Pay with Visa Debit card Bank smarter using digital options At Bank of Ireland UK, we know that you like managing your money on the go, that s why we have created new and convenient ways for you to do your banking at a time and place that suits you, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Online Banking Simply log in to from any computer with your User ID and PIN. Mobile app Download our mobile banking app from the App Store (iphone) or Play Store (Android) by searching for Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking. Log in using your 365 Online User ID and PIN. Tablet Banking app Download our app from the App Store (ipads) or Play Store (Android) by searching for Bank of Ireland Tablet Banking. Log in using your 365 online User ID and PIN details.

4 What you can do on 365 online, our tablet and mobile apps 365 online tablet app mobile app Balance and transactions Check your account balance and your transaction history Search and export your transaction history * View your estatements * Send money within the UK/ make bill payments Money Transfers Send money outside the UK Set up, amend or cancel standing orders Pay to Mobile Add and delete payees Cards Check your credit card balance and transactions View when payment is due on your credit card and pay your bill Let us know you plan to use your credit card outside the UK * Re-order a cash or debit card Order duplicate statements, interest and balance certificates Use Money Manager Online Service Desk Search for the nearest branch or cash machine Change or re-order your 365 or Debit Card PIN Add your BOI accounts Update your postal address * A reduced amount of functionality is available for these services on this channel.

5 Want to apply for a new product? You can do this over the phone or online Services available for personal customers Pay to Mobile explained Additional current account Student accounts Arranged overdraft Classic Saver account Loan Credit card Mobile banking app customers can send money to any registered Bank of Ireland account in the UK just by using the mobile number of the account holder. It s a really convenient and fast way of sending money within the UK to family and friends, and it s also safe and secure. Simply click Transfers, Pay to Mobile option and select from your contacts list the person you want to receive the money or type in their mobile phone number. Payments are sent within the same working day 4 and in most cases instantly. To receive money, all you need is to have registered your mobile phone and nominate which account you d like to receive payments into (see how to register your mobile phone and nominate an account on the next page). When another Bank of Ireland UK customer wants to send money to you, all they need to know is your mobile number it s that easy. Understanding Money Manager Ever wonder where all your money goes? Do you ever wish you were better at managing your money? That you felt more in control of your finances? Money Manager is a new service on 365 online that helps you to better analyse and understand your spending. Using Money Manager, you can: Track your finances Understand your spending Plan for the future. Money Manager enables you to view and classify transactions across a number of categories such as household, bills and utilities, and entertainment. It will track your spending habits, so you can see where you re spending most of your money each month, and it shows you a snapshot of upcoming expenses, so that you can plan ahead and decide whether to save or spend. Money Manager can also help you to make sure there is always money in your account to avoid unarranged overdraft charges or to know when to apply for an overdraft if things get a little tight. Check out our Money Manager step-by-step tutorials on money-managertutorials to see how easy it is to get control of your finances. 4 This is subject to the relevant Bank of Ireland cut-off times.

6 How to get up and running Debit Card You will receive your Debit Card at your account address. For security reasons we ll post your card and PIN separately you should receive both within 5 7 working days. Digital Banking As a new customer once you open a new account with us (and if you are over 16 years of age) you will automatically receive your 365 PIN at your home address in 5 7 working days. You will need to follow the simple steps below to activate your 365 online account. If you are an existing customer and would like to start using 365 online you can also follow the simple steps below. a. Get active Call our dedicated activation team on (from Northern Ireland or Great Britain). Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm. Have your bank account number with you and answer three simple questions to verify your identity. Have your 365 PIN to hand. You will have received this in the post. If you haven t received your PIN or you have misplaced it you can set up a new one. Our agent will then give you your Unique User ID and will register your mobile phone number to receive security codes. b. Get online Go to with your User ID and 365 PIN and follow the instructions there. c. Get your mobile phone registered For online security, some tasks like adding new payees will require that you enter a specific security code. Our dedicated activation team can register your mobile phone as part of the Get active steps above. Alternatively, you can do it yourself on 365 online: Click Manage Accounts on the left hand menu Click Get Security Codes by Mobile Phone and provide your mobile and addresses Click Register Mobile Within 5 7 working days, you ll receive a letter with a code to activate your mobile. Follow the instructions and you ll have your mobile activated so you receive security codes, instantly, in future. Pay to Mobile Download our mobile banking app now to be ready to make Pay to Mobile payments once your 365 profile has been activated. To use Pay to Mobile first have your mobile phone registered to receive security codes. Then simply register for this service on by nominating the account you wish to use: Click Money Transfer on the left hand menu Click Pay to Mobile Registration. Your registered mobile phone number will appear Simply choose the account you would like to nominate for Pay to Mobile payments. estatements Your estatements will be automatically available online. Go to the Manage Accounts/Manage Statements section on 365 online to opt out of paper statements. You can change your mind anytime simply go to 365 online and opt in again. Money Manager To start simply log in to and click the Money Manager link in the left-hand menu. We ll load your last 6 months transactions onto Money Manager to get you started. To activate and access Online, Tablet, Mobile and Phone banking you will need your account number. Your account Number is Sort Code Account Number Call our dedicated activation team on (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm) to activate your 365 registration and start using online, mobile, tablet and phone banking. Bank online at Download the mobile and tablet banking app. Phone Banking: (NI or GB) or (overseas).

7 Get active in 5 minutes Call our dedicated activation team to get set up Bank of Ireland UK is a trading name of Bank of Ireland (UK) plc. Registered in England and Wales (No ), Bow Bells House, 1 Bread Street, London EC4M 9BE. CMC UK N.4 (10/18)