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1 2018 RCI Points Guide

2 RCI Points Guide from Holiday Max An RCI Points membership thru Holiday Max helps you get more benefit and enjoyment from your timeshare points ownership by providing exchange vacation opportunities at thousands of exciting destinations around the world. 1 Own An RCI points Ownership Buy the amount of points you want from the great softly priced range at Holiday Max with their low yearly maintenance fees 2 Fresh RCI Points To Use Every Year Your RCI Points are automatically allocated into your RCI Points account every year. You can then spend your points at over 4000 affiliated resorts Worldwide in more than 100 Countries. RCI have over 3.8 million members Worldwide 3 Choose Your RCI Points Vacation! Search for you booking using your points, be it a vacation, short break, weekend or by the day. You can even get vacations without using your points 2

3 Your RCI Points Your Holiday Max resort has affiliated with RCI, so owners, like you, can travel to approximately 4,000 resorts resorts across the world. As an RCI Points Subscribing member, you have dual membership so can choose whether to visit your Holiday Max resort or consider exploring other vacation destinations around the world through the RCI Points. Your membership with RCI can give you the flexibility to use your Points for time at other resort destinations at any time of year. Choosing new vacation opportunities is exciting and easy! Simply, your timeshare ownership is given a n RCI Points allowance from which you can use your Points to book a vacation at an RCI resort (known as exchanging). It s that simple. Please keep in mind that RCI does not build, own or sell timeshares, but does provide the exchange opportunities. Buying the right RCI points ownership thru Holiday Max can save you thousands on purchase costs and with low maintenance fees every year deliver low cost high quality vacations. 3

4 Here s a brief overview of your RCI Points Ownership Your Own Home Resort: Is where you own your RCI Points vacation ownership Week or weeks with specific values used as RCI Points automatically every year Your Resort maintains the resort property for all owners as well as runs it Collects maintenance fees to keep the ownership in tip top shape With Holiday Max is Quaysiders Club in the UK or Belwobyn in Sweden Your Holiday Max RCI Points Membership: Access to exchange vacation options at resort locations around the World Any time, Any Size, Any Location, you just need to own enough points to search for your vacation Any RCI Resort, Any RCI Award Level Of Resort, Standard, Hospitality, Silver Crown Or Gold Crown RCI Points Resorts As Well As RCI Weeks Resorts, Book RCI Points And Book RCI Weeks (Dual) Points discounts and special offers. Last Call, Last Minute And More Access to member-only priced cash vacations at resort properties (no exchange of Points needed) Additional Travel Benefits exclusively for RCI members, Car Parking, James Villas, City Breaks, Attraction World Use Points towards Cruises, Car Hire, Hotels, Cottages, Theme Passes, Flights and more Subscription to RCI Endless Vacation magazine 4

5 RCI Points: Howit Works Your RCI Points provides you with the most flexible way to swap your timeshare points for time at other resorts around the world. Your timeshare week or weeks are assigned a specific Point value depending on a range of factors. This Point value is the number of Points you are allocated each Use Year to exchange for vacation time at your choice of approximately 4,000 RCI affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries plus other great RCI membership benefits. Your vacation ownership, when combined with the benefits of your RCI Points, gives you access to the largest vacation exchange network in the world. Here s a quick look at how it works You buy a timeshare with Holiday Max at an RCI Points affiliated resort at a fixed value in points. You give the use of your timeshare weeks to RCI for them to let other RCI members use every year. In return, every year, RCI automatically give you the agreed Points value added to your account balance, so you can use these to visit other RCI members weeks Now for the fun, of exploring all your vacation possibilities begins! 5

6 Your RCI Points Exchange vacations With your RCI Points, you have access to vacations at over 4,000 RCI affiliated resorts in great places around the world. Your RCI Points are so flexible the world is your oyster. With RCI Points you can book one night, a three-day weekend, a full week, 10 days or even a month! Search Any size of apartment, Any time of year, Any location. Once in your account, click Search for a Vacation. select the Available Units tab to choose a week or a short stay and book your vacation! You can browse photos, videos, member reviews, room details, area info and more. See a full list of all the dates available as well as the Points needed for each specific week. Select the what you want, pay the exchange fee and you re ready to start packing! Dual Exchange Also, as a Holiday Max RCI Points member, not only can you exchange your Points to get access to RCI Points affiliated resorts; you can also make reservations at RCI Weeks resorts. RCI Cruise Exchange Choose from thousands of RCI Cruise Exchange vacations. Exchange 20,000 Points toward the purchase of a select cruise and save $200 USD or more per cabin. Or exchange 40,000 Points and save $500 USD or more per cabin toward the purchase of a select cruise. RCI Cruise offers itineraries with most of the major cruise lines that can take you to some of the most interesting ports of call in the world. RCI Points Partner program Exchange a portion of your Points, if eligible to participate in the Points Partner program, for discounts on travel products and services, like hotel stays, airfare and rental cars. In your use year, you may use up to third of your yearly Points (up to a maximum of 250,000 Points) or 25,000 Points, whichever is greater. RCI Platinum members may use a higher proportion of their Points up to a half of their yearly Points (up to a maximum of 250,000 Points) or 40,000 Points, whichever is greater. Last Call Vacations Last minute, week-long, resort vacations always less than USD$300 per week, starting at 45 days or less from check-in. You will find incredible vacation opportunities at the last minute. One member s cancellation might turn into the dream vacation you never thought possible! Extra Vacations Getaways Cash vacations no exchange of Points needed on 7-night getaways often for less than the cost of a hotel! Prices start as low as USD $399 per week (only $57 per night). 6

7 RCI Points & Maintenance Fees Explained What Is Your RCI Points Running Cost To understand why there are RCI Points fees you need to get how RCI Points works in basic terms. RCI points in a nutshell - works like this. You buy a week or weeks from Holiday Max including an agreement direct with RCI to have points every year, instead of the weeks. From then on your are an RCI Points Owner. It is as easy as that. Here is how RCI Points works for you in nice and easy terms You, own the apartment week and have an RCI Points agreement with RCI, created thru Holiday Max, set to run from wherever you live in the World. Your side of the bargain. In return for your apartment RCI give you a fixed amount of points every year for every apartment you are letting them use. Your value in points is in the agreement you sign with RCI when you buy your points through Holiday Max, so you know how many you get each year. Your Maintenance Fee (MF for short). You own your own week or weeks at the Holiday Max resort, so pay a MF to your resort every year, this keeps your resort in top shape for other RCI members to use on exchange. Holiday Max have low maintenance fee resorts with great points values which means low cost vacations. You now have your own points which you can use as you so wish. RCI Fees. When you use the points you pay a fee to RCI to arrange the reservation at any RCI Resort you are booking, just as you would in the old RCI weeks exchange. Every year RCI automatically get to use your apartment, RCI can do what they like with it, which means putting in other RCI members just like you on exchange. You maintain your own week and other owners maintain their weeks and RCI get to use them for exchange availability for everyone to choose. You own this week and so pay a maintenance fee to keep it in good condition to your resort Your Week To RCI Every Year RCI Helps another RCI Points member to book and stay in your week using their points Your Points From RCI Every Year Your Points Your book Points Vacations Every Year as you like with your own points You pay RCI an exchange fee for making the reservation with an RCI resort using your points. This is how RCI earn their money You also pay a small yearly subscribing membership to RCI to be a member and that entitles you to use the extra vacations, points partners and all the other extras you get with your login. RCI Fees depend on your home address and location, choose the location link on our websites below Choose the link to your location RCI Points Fees 2018 USA RCI Points Fees 2018 UK RCI Points Fees 2018 Canada RCI Points Fees 2018 Australia & New Zealand 7

8 Your RCI Points Explained Saving, Borrowing and Extending Points Your Use Year is the recurring 12-month period on which your RCI membership is based. A Use Year always starts at the beginning of a month and ends 12 months later. For example, if your Use Year starts on June 1, 2018, it ends on May 30, Borrow 2019 Points Use Year Points Borrow Points Save Points 2019 Use Year Points Points Saved to 2019 Extend Points 2020 Use Year Points 2018 Points Extended 2020! Any Extended Points will expire at the end of the third Use Year. If you use some but not all of your Points in the USE YEAR they were allocated in, you can SAVE the unused Points for your next Use Year. If you need more Points, you can BORROW some from your next USE YEAR, provided that you have paid the RCI membership fee for your next Use Year. If you don t use saved Points in that second USE YEAR, you can pay a fee to EXTEND them for a third Use Year. 7

9 Your Reservation Window To Book With Your RCI Points Your reservation window is a window of opportunity when you can request a specific type of booking with less competition from other RCI members. RCI POINTS RESERVATION You want to choose from any of the other available RCI Points affiliated resorts. 10 months before check-in date RCI WEEKS RESERVATION You want to choose from any of the available vacations at RCI Weeks affiliated resorts Using Your Points. 2 years or less before check-in date HOME WEEK Using the weeks you own at your own resort months before check-in date HOME RESORT Booking other weeks at your own resort months before check-in date As a Holiday Max week/s owner you have an opportunity to book your Own Home Week/s before they are made available to other RCI members. You can book RCI Points AND RCI weeks Resorts with your HOLIDAY MAX RCI Points. 9

10 Holiday Max RCI points At Holiday Max we have the experience of having sold RCI Points since they were started. We look for a long track record of successful resort management with a history of maintenance fees that reflect that success. Choose our UK RCI Gold Crown Awarded resort on the shores of Lake Windermere, where the resort is all two bedroom sleep 6 apartments, red time year round because of the demand. The resort apartments have been completely refurbished from within the maintenance budget and so is as new, with new kitchens, bathrooms, lounges. Up to 5 owners on the deed and 5 RCI users (no extra cost). Alternatively use our Swedish resort, where the maintenance fees have not risen for 10 years and there are no plans in the near future to raise them either as there is a surplus in the maintenance fund. Hand back any time no penalty, resell or pass on to family. Lasts forever. Two perfect resorts for your RCI Points Ownership. See our websites for further details or us at to get a tailor made special offer stores.ebay.co.uk/holiday-max-rci-points All ownerships come with a full RCI Points account, local to where you live in the World 10