Omni-channel mobile in retail Presenter: Trinh Van Hoa Company:Nguyen Kim Trading Company a member of Central Group Vietnam

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1 Omni-channel mobile in retail Presenter: Trinh Van Hoa Company:Nguyen Kim Trading Company a member of Central Group Vietnam

2 Vietnam Customer Landscape and the influencing of Mobile, the change evolution, & development Economy US$175 Bil US$1.9 Bil marketing burning per year US$1,923 GDP per capita 52% Population use internet 95,2 Million Population 42% Population use internet via mobile dividers 24 mil Household 37% Population use social channels 16 mil of rural Household difficult to access (65%) 69% Urban population use mobile (6 of 10 smartphone) 7.5 Mil Household income > 400$/month 22% Rural population use smartphone

3 Customer is changing their behavior so fast Retailer should change - Retailer should define and update the customer touch points 4 BIG VIETNAM CONSUMER TREND Advertising channels that consumers first learn of their purchased product. Leaflet Newspaper In store ads TVC I have the power to buy It s all about me I am on the move Connect me to the world Online -DIGITAL touch points Banner Ads PPCSocial Ads Review Blog Media Website AWARENESS CONSIDERATION PURCHASE RETENTION ADVOCACY App Newsletters Social network Community Blog PR TVC/Radio Word of Mouth Direct mail Call center Store Support/FAQ -PHYSICAL touch points Base: Internet users Answering based on a recent purchase Became aware of product through advertising, n=949 Promotion

4 Design The Touch points 70% mobile traffic System of Engagement System of Record Yesterday Desktop first 10AM #purchase online 12AM #lunch Today Mobile first 8AM #go to work 4PM #chat Tomorrow Mobile focus 1 DAY ROUTINE WITH MOBILE 8PM #social

5 Retail shifts to another state and will not stop it keeps on changing so do not wait There is no completed model Single channel 2011 Multi-channel Cross channel Omni channel Be a part of the change upgrade your loyal customer by following your step of change

6 Why we Omni - Tại sao phải đa kênh? Live Chat Single- Channel Multi-Channel Cross-Channel OMNI-CHANNEL Lượng truy cập 1 website 100 x lượng tham quan 1 cửa hàng = 63/63 10 x lượng tham quan 1 SHOPPING MALL Điều đó không có nghĩa là thay thế mà là cộng hưởng That does not mean substitution but resonance Unique retail message Unique Customer Experience Seamless Communication Customer Convenience Focus Customer can access anywhere, any tools/points, any place as a retailer you needs to be there to serve them and fulfill their needs before the competitors do

7 Omni Benefit Omni helps to reduce cost with a higher efficiency vs pure online & multi-channel Omni tiết giảm được chi phí và đem lại hiệu quả Omni help to increase traffic & revenue because Doanh số tăng thêm vì - Customer want access anywhere, any tools/points, any place, their I is key=> Omni the customer contact to reduce the cost of double contact and seamless personal contact. - Promote virtual assortment, Increase brand, and easy Diversify assortment reduce the display stock and reduce inventory at each of store Thêm nhãn hàng và đa dạng hàng hóa. Giảm lượng hàng hóa trưng bày, giảm và điều tiết lượng hàng tồn tốt hơn tại mỗi cửa hàng. - Increase new customer Thêm khách hàng mới - Increase the sale opportunities Thêm cơ hội bán hàng - Able to identify a real time customers 'needs and give a real time commercial decision. Phân tích chi tiết hành vi khách hàng realtime để ra quyết định và phản ứng nhanh hơn. - Increase the choices at low cost for the small stores via virtual sale Thêm sự lựa chọn các cửa hàng nhỏ.

8 Omni Mindset to set a right thinking and behavior to all organization Xây dựng cách nhìn đúng đắn về mặt cơ cấu tổ chức Online sale development will dispossess the sale of store Store will loss the traffic of the buying offline customers Online sale can generate any where, any time, any place with the multi profit Online helps increase traffic at the offline stores Sale men at store will loss a part of incentive to online Customer needs Online channel to search and buy The sale men at offline store did not support Online Centralized promotion and focus customer behavior via Online Channel Online will not integrate to the organization Online help increase both revenue and profit

9 Omni Mindset and Strategy Execution planning Clearly define the role and companion responsibility of both channels Online and offline retail Store is one of sale channel Store is one of touch point CX for Online Point of delivery, customer service, and aftersale of all channels Online is also a sale channel Online is a sale channel for CX at Offline Diversify Assortment and Category - Consistent Omni direction at all organization - Smart investment on improving system infrastructure - Organization restructure - Integrate both channels - Re-branding powerfully at both channels - Investment allocation between channels - Sharing the related responsibility O2O - Consistent message (Internal and External) - Integrated system and reinvent the up-to-date processes - Online has no limitation ability to serve products & services via expanding the purchase methods (Marketplace, Cross border ) - Reinforce the strength of the brand: Nhất nghệ tinh Nhất thân vinh - Set up the distribution network within and with out - Reinforce the sale service & aftersales services Each company will have your own operation DNA acc. to your future ambitious

10 Key note for Omni Mobile How Omni Mobile is important Make sure of your 70% success Define the Touch Points Mobile friendly Design the Customer Journey for each of the touch point to the dividers linked to your back end system to be well received, analyzed, and well prepared the entrance personal services. Set up strategy for each UX Prepare the front end services, linked seamlessly the back end system to be able to support your detail commercial decision to understand and serve better every single needs of your customers Keep on watching, capture the newness by your own way, and moving forward

11 Key note summary Smart Big ears Big eyes Filtering Do not wait for the final model of retail because there is no completed model its keep on changing So be a part of the change by your own way & your own strategy Do not hesitate to leapfrogging immediately to apply the up to date model then grow from that Looks for the good partners to move, they would become your 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th eyes, hands, aims, legs to help you to move forward faster Keep on moving keep on changing create your own way to serve for your beloved customers keep on hungry to look for the best and give it to your customers to keep them loyal w you Do not forget to do the charity to help other people and encourage your workers who together w you physically and mentality to drive the result Care and Share Together we all moving forward, Together for more success

12 Remember of my beloved father Sir. Trinh Khuong (22/11/ /3/2017)