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1 Team3Xtream Travel Consultant Training 2018

2 Tell everyone you know that you are a travel agent Collect names and addresses for future contacts Write a newsletter and leave it in places advertising your specials Develop an list of potential clients and send a weekly of your specials Join professional and business organizations 2

3 Use Your Resources They are Your Friends 3

4 Funjet Bonus Cash Commission 75% Bonus cash $25-$75 per room Travel Agent Reward $25-$50 per room MLT Vacations Commission 75% Rewards to Go Travel Agent Reward $25-$50 per room And so much more. 4

5 Discover Experience Collaborate Anticipate Design Reserve 5

6 Discover their travel dreams! Meet with your clients so that you can understand who they are, what they want, and which travel experiences are on their bucket list 6

7 Collaborate on wants, needs, and desires. Discuss your client s specific travel preferences from airline choice and seat preference, to rooms and what is their favorite view. Accessing suppliers and maintain open communication. 7

8 Design their customized experience. Working with client and our travel partners, research all of the options, edit the choices, and present recommendations that fit the client s lifestyle and meets their budget. 8

9 Reserve their travel experience. Put all of your global contacts to work, so that your client receives perks, privileges as well as the VIP upgrades they may get on their own. 9

10 Anticipate the vacation experience. Help clients to relish the joy of anticipation. Stay in touch with clients during this phase. The anticipation of a trip is as powerful as the experience itself. 10

11 Experience a trip of a lifetime! It s time to go! Be there with your clients every step of the way. Let them know that if they should need you at anytime during the trip that you are available to assist. 11

12 Encourage feedback Encourage your client to share their experience along with their pictures, and offer their feedback. Let s begin planning the next amazing experience! 12

13 Promote YOU and YOUR TRAVEL PRACTICE, not suppliers! Clients expect a great website! Smart, interesting, intelligent content Website looks clean, organized, modern Built on solid marketing principles Marketing Funnel Good Search Engine Optimization Blogging Cross-promotion Social Media Marketing and advertising marketing 13

14 Opaque travel specials drive the client to speak with you, the Professional 14

15 Xstream s sites are very SEM ready and we have given you a headstart Go back and review past SEM and SEO guidance on our Help Pages. We will also be doing more in the future. Be sure to do in page SEM Page titles Site Map Mobile Responsive Key Words Analysis works List your business locally 15

16 Blogging shows your expertise Very important to SEO Key work analysis important Post your blog entries on Facebook and Twitter Exchange blog posts with retailers 16

17 Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram Display your domain name Don t sell Spend time with your strategy Facebook, boost posts Find communities and participate Always link back to your site 17

18 The Travel Suite Xstream Travel Website Group $25 Set-up fee/$25 per month Or $242 annually (no set up fee) 18

19 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 19

20 Tip #1 - Bookmark all the Agent Login pages in a Favorites Folder Tip #2 - A common question is What Resort/Hotel/Cruise line should I put my clients? What Vendor should I use? Create a list of 3-5 options/suggestions for the different types of clients Family friendly, Honeymooners Adults Only, Romantic Getaways, Adventure, All-Inclusive, etc. 20

21 Tip #2 (cont) You can find this information in your back office under Vendors listed. Using Vendor s site, choose the list of their best (4-5 Star) and Mid-grade (3 Star) resorts they offer. Using Vendors list in back office determine which destinations they offer. Do they offer independent travel or guided tours When in doubt, submit a Travel Referral Ticket listen to what the referring agent is suggesting. Pay attention to their communication style, this will help you increase your level of professionalism. 21

22 Tip #3 How can I compete with Groupon or the Internet? You don t want to. That is not what a Travel Consultant does. Travel Consultants don t sell travel and we don t book trips based on the price. A Travel Consultant offers service. We provide travel suggestions based on what s best for the client, at the time. We do research (saving client time and money) We are available for questions (helping to minimize upon client frustration We make sure everything is booked correctly and legally. 22

23 Tip #4 Create an Marketing List Whether it s with Impact Marketing (offered through Xstream Travel Website) or if you have your own Marketing Responder. Send clients a Newsletter, a link to your Blog, or send them your Travel Specials Communicate If you have open space on a Group Cruise you need to sell, then send out a Special Offer/Space is Limited promotion. Provide Did you Know insight, tips and tricks, but most importantly ad Value. Remember, you actually sell, by not always SELLING 23

24 CLIA Premier Agency Member 29 Premier Agency Members out of 9,862 Travel Agency Members Xstream Travel Agents enjoy additional benefits $50 off CLIA annual dues ($65 instead of $115) $300 worth of CLIA online courses any six!! Exclusive CLIA logo touting industry status Executive advocacy on Capitol Hill 24

25 What is CLIA? Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the unified global organization that helps its members succeed by advocating, educating and promoting for the common interest of the cruise community. Becoming an Individual Agent Member Enroll at a live event or at Xstream Travel must approve your membership EMBARC ID ships from CLIA directly to you Access benefits on the MyCLIA online dashboard 25

26 To Travel is to Possess the World! Burton Holmes 26

27 CONGRATULATIONS! Team3Xtream Leadership