Ewire has three different modules for quicker and easier transactions

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2 Universal access to financial services is within reach - thanks to new technologies, transformative business models and ambitious reforms... As early as 2020, such instruments as e-money accounts, can significantly increase financial access for those who are now excluded. Jim Yong Kim President, World Bank Group Ewire is a future driven digital app which acts as a complete virtual bank. It serves the consumers with digital banking facilities on the move. It can be used as a pre-paid instrument from anywhere with funds transferred through mobile. As a digital wallet, it can be used by multi-users for multi-purposes that includes recharges, transfer of money, withdrawal from ATM, online purchases, bill payments, shopping and many other value added services. Recharges Money Transfer ATM Withdrawal Online Purchase Bill Payment Shopping Ewire has three different modules for quicker and easier transactions Merchant - Merchant facing module, which lets merchants be a part of the ecosystem, through which they can accept payments. Agent - Responsible to do transactions on behalf of the user. Able to do cash-in for customers and register customers and provide other services. User- Available in application stores for customers.

3 If all of us start transacting through online and mobile banking, it will be our great contribution towards eradicating corruption and black money from our country. Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India In India, the government is now giving particular focus to two areas of development Digital India which seeks to bring the advantages of digitalization to grassroots level. The second focus area is Financial inclusion which aims to bring access of financial institutions to the vast majority who are out of it. Combining these two objectives, the government hopes to usher in a Cashless Economy. Ewire s core objective is DIGITAL FINANCIAL INCLUSION, to make digital financial services available to as many as possible in an easy to use app which acts as a virtual bank. It is reliable, secure and only needs a mobile for activation and transactions. Ewire is a future driven digital platform This will be a virtual boon for internet users in India whose number is expected to reach 500 million in 2018, (Source: Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)) who can have the convenience of virtual banking on the go. Ewire, thus will be pioneering the concept of cashless economy which is future India. Ewire is different from conventional cards and other digital pre-paid instruments As an end to end digital platform that provides solutions for all digital payments, the Ewire app eliminates the need to go to a bank to open an account or do transactions. Virtual banking can be done with a mobile, lap and Ewire card. Even without them, payment can be made to a merchant with MTN.

4 The digital payment wallet or Pre-Paid industry has experienced a significant transformation over the last year. While in July 2016 there were less than 100 million transactions completed through PPIs, by July 2017, this number had risen to more than 270 million, i.e. an increase of over 300%. The catalyst is the willingness of the government to evolve into a cashless economy. The future, is therefore, all set see digital revolution in India. Analysis on SBI regulation for PPIs Ewire allows to track and control the spending of beneficiaries in multi-user platform Ewire helps in forming groups and in contributing donations As Ewire allows to have supplementary accounts, individuals in a family can have their own cards. Thus, expenses and spending needs of each person can be taken into account when the money is transferred to the account, resulting in financial discipline. It s for the first time in India that the advantages of social media groups such as whatsapp have been combined with the digital wallet concept, that makes Ewire even more effective, beneficial and exclusive. This special feature of Ewire is a facility to form a group, much like a social media platform. This allows for social mobilization and quick group action. Members of any group can mobilize funds and make donations. The added advantage of having a group in the Ewire platform is the benefits it entails. The group mechanism is a powerful tool in getting offers and discounts from merchants. In a group that is based on an organization, Ewire can be used as salary card too. The group mechanism also enables to have crowd funding, which is increasingly catching up in India, as fund mobilizer. Ewire is simple, fast, secure and reliable One of the biggest advantages of having an Ewire account is that your primary account in a bank is never revealed to anyone at any time during payments. The transaction process is as simple as sending a message from a mobile, from anywhere.

5 The government expects about 1,800 crores of digital transactions in , a 67 per Ewire can entail discounts and offers at many merchant stores This is another striking feature of Ewire. As a bulk channelizing digital payment platform, along with inherent strength of the combined group of companies, Ewire platform enables merchants to give discounts and offers to customers. cent jump from the 1,076 payments made last fiscal. According to data from the Reserve Bank of India, the total number of retail digital transaction between April and October 2017 amounted to 799 crore, and were valued at `7.48 lakh crore. Ewire combines the security of bank and the speed of instant money transfer As an Over The Top platform, Ewire is basically linked to banking system and confirms to all its regulations. Working on an open loop system, the Ewire app enables the transfer of money as instantly as a money transfer agency. Ewire has safeguards of a bank and the speed of instant money transfer. The Indian diaspora have the advantage of Ewire is a multi-functional pre-paid instrument transferring money from anywhere. The amount can be used by the beneficiary in multiple ways withdraw as cash from any ATM or make payments through mobile or MTN. Ewire uses RESTful API, an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, Ewire uses the latest technology Ewire customer care is one of the most elaborate PUT, POST and DELETE data. This enables ewire customers to have access to their accounts in merchant s data. Thus, standing instructions can be made and account statements can be reviewed. Customer care based 24x7 services operating from central and regional offices will ensure prompt and efficient services to customers.

6 People behind Ewire In December last year, the government also Mohammed Bin Mutlaq Al-Gadhi Chairman Mohammed Bin Mutlaq Al-Gadhi, is a well-known businessman and philanthropist based in Saudi Arabia. He is the founder and head of the THC Group. Headquartered in Riyadh, the Group s companies provide value-added professional, technical and consulting services to major government agencies and commercial construction projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Trained as an engineer, he began his entrepreneurial journey with a rare vision and conviction. These along with his integrity, determination and keen observation has earned him laurels and recognition. In his quest to make the future better than the present, he contributes much of his time in promoting new ideas in global economic and social activities, where his benevolence has shown a strong dedication in helping others. Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay Working Chairman Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay, who has served as the Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) of two leading Indian Telecommunications PSUs - BSNL and TCI, is a seasoned professional with 40 years experience in the telecommunications sector. He has greatly contributed in the areas of strategy formulation and implementation, regulatory affairs, customer services delivery and execution of complex domestic as well as overseas projects. He has successfully directed multicultural global teams and conducted dialogue and international negotiations at the highest levels. He formulated and led the strategy for a range of initiatives for the introduction of cutting edge technology in various parts of the world including many firsts. He is an expert about evolving global shifts and is adept in formulating effective local approaches for much broader objectives. D. Udayabhanu Managing Director D. Udayabhanu is a business entrepreneur and has more than 38 years experience in the Middle East and Asian countries. His core business focus is in Telecommunications Infra Structure development, which has enabled him to complete several big projects in India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other countries. Apart from telecommunications, he has a deep interest and understanding of advanced IT solutions, which enabled him to provide solutions in several projects that are still regarded as pioneering. He also foresees e-commerce as an economic revolution that will be a game changer for India. One of his initiatives in this regard a grocery online model in India under the brand name of biggro, is gaining in popularity across the state of Kerala. Along with Saudi Companies and Ewire, Mr. Udayabhanu is the guiding figure to many companies, as Managing Director of Knoll Mercantile Private Limited (KMPL), Tele Tek Pvt. Ltd, Impel Group of Companies and Pomona IT Services. Yunus P. Mohammed CEO Yunus P. Mohammed is a professional turned entrepreneur with more than 26 years experience in the IT field, whose zeal for creating innovative business solutions has led him to introduce many new initiatives in the Gulf nations, intially as an employee and later as a businessman. His keen eye for emeriging scenarios in economy has led him to introduce pioneering concepts in many fields. His vast experience in diverse fields gives him the added advantage of first hand knowledge of existing models and their limitations. The concept of Ewire is a direct result of this. With first of it kind features, it is intended to benefit a large section of the population by the way of financial digital inclusion, as India progresses to a cashless economy. Pankaj Kumar Director Pankaj Kumar s buisness philosophy is simple a vision that comprehends customers needs can never fail. From his experience as a student, the idea of money transfer through the convenience of a mobile application struck him deeply. It is this idea that has led a start up to grow into a 30 crore business house. MSEWA, the company he founded along with his friend, has been recognized for its vision and innovation, especially as India steers towards a cashless economy. VpayQwick, MSEWA S digital wallet along with Vijaya Bank, was one of the pioneering apps that was a one-stop payment solution to many services. Today, MESWA has expanded and has presence in many countires and also tie ups with leading banks and telecom service providers. It aims to introduce many new features, including world s first Multi Currency Wallet. announced that it would bear the merchant discount rate (MDR), the charges merchants pay to banks on payments of up to `2,000 made with debit cards, BHIM App or Aadhaar pay. The facility, which is available for two years, started on January 1. Business Line

7 Ewire Softtech Pvt. Limited, 64 /3834 Ujjayini, Vyloppilli Lane, Azad Road, Kaloor, Ernakulam , Tel: