SUMÁRIO What is Nasdacoin? 4 3. Nasdacoin Technology Nasdacoin Specifications 6 5. ICO ICO Distribution. 8 7.

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1 EN WHITEPAPER PROJECT DESCRIPTION Available soon on our official site the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, as well as relevant contact address to get in touch with us should you have any further questions or enquire.

2 SUMÁRIO 1. Greetings 3 2. What is Nasdacoin? 4 3. Nasdacoin Technology 5 4. Nasdacoin Specifications 6 5. ICO 7 6. ICO Distribution 8 7. POS Mining 9 8. POW Mining Trade Investment Program Affiliate program Binary Team APP Credit Card Road Map Market Place Casino 20

3 GREETINGS FROM THE CO-FOUNDER I am James Baptist, a committed person with strong passion for the information and technology market who is always on the lookout for new trends in the financial world. I have joined forces with some partners to design an innovative and revolutionary project. Nasdacoin Project is structured with the best features of the two universes, the cryptocurrency market and the affiliate market. Our performance is committed to the total transparency and professionalism to the same standards of an authentic cryptocurrency, but using the power of duplication on the Affiliate Program to achieve unprecedented results in an international project, totally safe and sustainable. Designed to generate satisfactory and sustainable income for visionaries entrepreneurs, the Nasdacoin Project is not confined by barriers between the two worlds... Those who only want to trade our NSD currency enjoy the security and Blockchain Technology, with fast and secure transactions, as well as being able to trade in several exchanges using our currency. For those people with a more daring profile and the power of duplication, our Affiliate Program provides extraordinary income, using a system developed with professionalism and total security, ensuring that your work is always optimized to the maximum. Our Project has already achieved an international level of expression and safe operation environment. The power of our Affiliate Program will certainly be the catalyst of Nasdacoin strength as a reference in the international market. Welcome to the Nasdacoin universe! JAMES BAPTIST Co-Founder Nasdacoin Project. PAGE 3

4 WHAT IS NASDACOIN? Nasdacoin is an encrypted and decentralized virtual, open source, peer-to-peer currency, developed with the scrypt algorithm in the POW/POS Hybrid format, allowing people with entrepreneurial and passionate financial and technological market profile to store and invest their wealth in a safe currency not controlled by any government and even earn a substantial amount of interest on the investment. Nasdacoin can be mined by anyone anywhere in the world using Asic mining or Rig CPU/GPU through Nasdapool ( People who do not have any technical knowledge or mining company can opt for mining POS acquiring NSD and storing in a Windows Wallet for a minimum period of 15 days. As a growth strategy for our community, we offer the Affiliate Program. When used wisely this NSD tool can help turn our community into one of the biggest on the cryptocurrency market on a very short time. PAGE 4

5 NASDACOIN TECHNOLOGY DECENTRALIZED 100% digital currency, unrelated to any government and without any Central Bank control. ANONYMOUS 100% anonymous currency guarantees more security and privacy to our users. ENCRYPTED Nasdacoin is totally encrypted. This ensures even higher levels of security to users. SAFE We apply Blockchain Technology as an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions and mathematical cryptography. Nasdacoin is safe across the entire network. BLOCKCHAIN Storing blocks of information continuously processed across the network. PAGE 5

6 NASDACOIN SPECIFICATION Coin Algorithm: Scrypt Format: (PoW/PoS) Maximum Supply of Coins: 84 Million (NSD) Pre-mined: 15 Million (NSD) Base Maturity of Currency: 60 Blocks Reward per Block PoW: 25 NSD Block Spacing: 2 Minutes Minimum Stake Age: 15 Days Maximum Stake Age: 90 Days Block Reward Halving Rate 1,380,000 Network Confirmations: 6 PAGE 6

7 NASDACOIN ICO At Nasdacoin ICO, the first lots of cryptocurrency are sold to early supporters of the project in exchange for other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin e Dash). Unlike other projects, utilizing upfront money offer to finance a project from scratch, Nasdacoin already starts the ICO with most of its structure already in place, such as Windows Wallet, MAC Wallet, Mining Pool and Blockchain technology for consultation. This was achieved with funds from our investors and partners. ICO LOT DIVISION NSD - 15% 1 LOT 03/12 to 03/ NSD - 10% 2 LOT 03/23 to 04/ NSD - 5% 3 LOT 04/04 to 04/14 PAGE 7

8 ICO DISTRIBUTION 20% 20% 25% NSD RESERV FUND NSD FOUNDERS NSD GLOBAL MARKETING ALLOCATION OF FUNDS Total Coin Supply NSD Founders - 20% Team - 5% Legal - 5% Community Security and Exchange - 10% Development of New Technologies - 15% Reserve Fund - 25% Global Marketing - 20% PAGE 8

9 POS MINING Any user can earn income with POS (Proof of Stake) mining. They just need to acquire a certain amount of NSD and keep them stored in their NASDACOIN-QT for a minimum period of 15 days until their coins start mining new blocks, and for a maximum period of 90 days. After this period, user needs to move currencies and return them to their wallet for more income. POS MINING PROOF OF STAKE 15% 10% 8% 7% 5% JAN 2018 ~ JUN 2018 JUN 2018 ~ DEC 2018 JAN 2019 ~ JUN 2019 JUN 2019 ~ DEC 2019 JAN 2020 ~ ONWARDS PAGE 9

10 POW MINING Any user can earn income with POW (Proof Of Work) mining, with CPU or GPU. User just need to download the pooler and edit the file with the number of your desktop wallet. NSD per Block: 25 REDUCTION TIME of the Reward by half : 1,380,000 blocks between the blocks: 120s POW MINING PROOF OF WORK PAGE 10

11 NASDACOIN TRADE Nasdacoin community users can trade in on our internal and external Exchange and earn potential profit from a fluid system with very low rates. Users can convert NSD into BTC and vice versa, at any given time. Available on partner exchange: Make Trade in our internal or partner Exchange. PAGE 11

12 INVESTMENT PROGRAM Our investment program offers the possibility of obtaining up to 25% profit + a fixed daily bonus according to the value invested in the community. This profit is paid daily in USD. $100 - $1,000 up to 25% Start Bonus 365 days or 300% performance $1,100 - $5,000 up to 25% + 0.1% Daily Bonus 365 days or 300% performance $ $ up to 25% + 0.2% Daily Bonus 365 days or 300% performance $ $ up to 25% % Daily Bonus 365 days or 300% performance $ $ up to 25% + 0.3% Daily Bonus 365 days or 300% performance Only investments with multiple values of U$100 and a maximum limit of U$100,000 per transaction will be allowed. New applications made from the reinvest button will not be considered as points for the team. Only a new loan contract will add up points. P A G E 12

13 AFFILIATE PROGRAM With the advent of the Internet, few people could ever imagined how much communication would be affected and how people could actually do business worldwide using this new wonder. Today, we live in times of great opportunities and with new technologies available, new channels are open for us to interact with consumers offering our services This is an opportunity for those who wish to take advantage of this huge change in business and earn a big profit at the same time. That is the reason why Nasdacoin created its Affiliate Program applying revolutionary technique, tools and new resources so that users can work from anywhere in the world and EARN a good profit without the need to purchase goods or make any other investment. 1% Level 1 1% Level 2 1% Level 3 1% Level 4 1% Level 5 1% Level 6 1% Level 7 With Nasdacoin Affiliate Program you will be able to help in the growth of the NSD and EARN commissions from up to 7 levels of indication. P A G E 13

14 BINARY BONUS Binary Bonus is one of the best bonus of the Affiliate Program and has a unique ability to pay up to infinity, but with a maximum receiving ceiling, thus ensuring the sustainability of the business. In order to be able to achieve this outcome, it is essential that you are actively participating and have created a great team of affiliates, therefore able to receive global spillover. At NASDACOIN, a team creation bonus of 10% of the investment volume of the smallest team will be paid daily, limited to the maximum ceiling of $10,000. = 1 POINT Used as basis for points calculation. Considering that our focus is the strengthening of our currency, Nasdacoin reserves the right to change the Affiliate Program at any time. P A G E 14

15 NASDACOIN TEAM JAMES BAPTIST Co-Founder Blockchain Developer RAJAB ALI (Rawalpindi, Pakistan) Developer and Website Designer SEO Expert DMITRY YAKOV (Novosibirsk, Russia) Senior ios & Android Blockchain Engineer PAGE 15

16 APP NASDACOIN Available in APP STORE Available in PLAY STORE Our Android or IOS app allow you to access or exchange services wherever you are. You can buy or sell all top cryptocurrencies, as well as compare rates and find the best buying and selling options on the market. PAGE 16

17 CREDIT CARD Our Nasdacoin Card is the fastest way to turn your NSD on to cash. Charge dollars into your Nasdacoin Card using your wallet and the funds will be immediately available. You can use your credit card to make online purchases at any establishment which accepts Visa credit card. PAGE 17

18 ROAD MAP 2018 MAR 2018 APR 2018 MAY 2018 ICO - Desk. Windows/Mac Wallet / Official Mining Pool / Blockchain Explorer Linux Wallet Community / Investment Program / Exchange Own JUN 2018 JUL 2018 AUG 2018 Community Security Updates Listed in other exchanges and Coin Market Cap. Analysis of stability of the community and exchange and correction of possible bugs. SEP 2018 OCT 2018 JAN 2019 International Credit Card Nasdacoin Market Place Nasdacoin Casino MAR 2019 Annual Ceremony Nasdacoin PAGE 18

19 NASDACOIN MARKET PLACE Nasdacoin Marketplace is a multilateral platform that connects sellers and buyers of new and used products to do business with each other and use their NSD at will. BUY VARIOUS PRODUCTS WITH NASDACOIN NSD BUY NOW NSD NSD NSD BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW PAGE 19

20 NASDACOIN CASINO Use your NSD to play and profit on our NASDACASINO platform with MORE THAN 200 GAMES PAGE 20