BittLend. BittLend is the digital solution for money transaction throughout the globe

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1 L T B BittLend BittLend is the digital solution for money transaction throughout the globe

2 Table of contents 1. Shortcomings of the old fashioned money transaction approaches 3 2. What is BittLend and how it revolutionize the traditional money dilemma 4 3. Innovative Features of BittLend 5 4. BittLend Program 6 5. Road Map BittLend Wallets and Mobile App BittLend Internal and External Exchanges 12

3 Shortcomings of the old fashioned money transaction approaches For a very long time, we have been restricted by the norms of traditional money transaction methods followed by the market. Mostly all transactions were based on hard cash. This approach created a lot of inconvenience and finally Cashless transactions were adopted and preferred by people. Money transfer from one country to another became easier but it still involved visiting the banks, filling up papers, submitting proofs etc. While transfer of funds from one location to another seemed like a comfort, it also comes with a variety of drawbacks. The approach adopted by the institutions demanded the user to shell out a high amount as transactions fees across borders. To make things worse, various other charges were also applied. Making the fund transfer experience even more bitter. Moreover, the transfer of funds across border was a time consuming process and took couple of days or more for our recipient to receive the transferred funds. Certain governing laws and administrative norms were also challenging. Making the entire process of money transfer a troublesome task. BittLend was designed with a view to change the inefficient traditional methods of money transactions. BittLend Platform aims to build a decentralized global network, based on shared benefits for its members. Effortless, Secure, cost-effective, swift, a steady means of payment and exchange are our priorities. In order to meet these goals, BittLend platform is structured in a thoughtful manner to offer a secure wallet, integrated exchange, and specialized BittLend coins, designed with built-in rate constancy. Engineered for anyone interested in entering the crypto world, BittLend allows even the newest user to learn and reap the benefits of this new technology. 3

4 What is BittLend and how it resolves the deficiencies of the existing system Statistics of BittLend : Name : BittLend Transaction Code : Platform : Bitcoin $0.65/ ICO Price $50/ ICO Supply : 16,200,000 Total Supply : 27,000,000 For Airdrop : 70,000,000 $5/ Target Price by December 2018 Target Price by May 2018 BittLend is a Bitcoin based member to member digital money transaction system. BittLend is a highly advanced money transaction method which allows instant transfer of ownership from one member to another across borders. BittLend can be accessed whenever and wherever you are in need. There is no restrictions or boundaries as to how much you can buy, sell, stake, lend or transfer. Moreover, the system is decentralized and no administrative barriers are applicable while transacting in BittLend. This facilitates purchasing or selling products and services, transferring money to your family members or friends in need, instantly without any issues. All these facilities come with an added advantage of extremely low cost transaction charges. The transactions made through BittLend are extremely safe and secure. Payments are processed through secured servers at all times. The platform used in designing the system eliminates the chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference. The application functions exactly as it is designed to function. You will receive prompt confirmation of your transactions. All the applications are specially designed to be user friendly and reliable. 4

5 Innovative features of BittLend? New Age Transactions Bitcoin Based Platform BittLend is a digital crypto currency designed to facilitate quick and cashless transactions. The application is designed in a user friendly manner with a focus on transactional activities like Transfer of funds, Payments, trading, lending, staking, mortgaging, buyback process etc. BittLend is based on Bitcoin which is one of the most preferred platforms for crypto coins around the globe. Bitcoin accentuates on the block-chain technology and eliminates the chance of fraud, censorship or thirdparty interference. The blockchain is a public ledger that records bitcoin transactions, an innovative solution that accomplishes this without any trusted central / regulating authority. User Friendly Only Gain, No Pain Operating BittLend account is very easy, convenient and hassle free. The application is designed in a user friendly manner with a focus on transactional activities like Transfer of funds, Payments, lending process, staking, trading, mortgaging etc. that gives the user a pleasant experience. BittLend offers several unique benefits to investors. One of its key benefits is that BittLend Guarantees a monthly profit to all its investors on a sustainable basis as its Income is generated using non Volatility software. 5 Engage & Mortgage We Buy Back & You Relax BittLend offers an UNIQUE feature that provides investors the opportunity to Mortgage holdings and avail 75% loan equivalent to Bitcoin value in the form of bitcoins. While you are doing your transactions through BTC availed, your mortgaged crypto money will keep appreciating, thereby offering you an UNIQUE benefit of earning exponential profit. BittLend offers several key benefits to the investors, buy back guarantee is one of them. It is an instant liquidity option where your shares can be easily bought back by the company any time. This opportunity will be available from June 2018.

6 BittLend Program BittLend Trading Program Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) Buy BittLend () Buy, Sell or Trade BittLend () Trading in BittLend as the name suggests means to buy, sell or trade BittLend in the authorized market. It is similar to the Forex Market where we buy EUR or sell USD or trade in any currency. Similarly, For trading in BittLend Exchange, you will have to deposit bitcoin on the provided Bitcoin deposit address. You can then buy or sell BittLend on BittLend Exchange. 6

7 BittLend Staking Program Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) TL Buy BittLend () Stake BittLend () Staking involves buying the BittLend coin and holding it in your wallet for a certain fixed period. This helps the company maintain security of the network and in return the company will provide interest on your staking balance. You require to hold your BittLend Coin minimum for 15 days to start earning Staking interest. Hold your coins for minimum 15 days and you will start earning annually 12% staking interest. I.e. 0.5% for 15 days. This interest will be accumulated in your USD wallet. 7

8 BittLend Lending Program Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) on given Bitcoin Deposit Address on Exchange Buy BittLend () coins from Exchange Lend BittLend() on Exchange and start earning guaranteed profit daily BittLend is an innovative and progressive solution for global money transaction and payment system. BittLend s lending program allows you to lend your BittLend to the Company with a view to earn interest on the value of coins you have lent. Consequently, BittLend demand is always high and through our lending program, we ensure that demand for BittLend will increase rapidly resulting in a significant upsurge in BittLend s price. 8 BittLend lending program assures steady and reliable yield despite price fluctuations. With a monthly profit of up to 52% guarranteed, BittLend Lending Program proves to be a great choice to achieve financial security.

9 Lending Packages Start Grow Amount Range : $50-$1000 Amount Range : $1001-$5000 Lock-in Period : 230 days Lock-in Period : 200 days Interest per day : 1% Interest per day : 1% Bonus : NIL Bonus : 0.25% Total Interest Per Day : 1% Total Interest Per Day : 1.25% Guaranteed Interest Per Month : 30% Guaranteed Interest Per Month : 37.5% Connect Succeed Amount Range : $5001-$10,000 Amount Range : $10,000 and above Lock-in Period : 150 days Lock-in Period : 100 days Interest per day : 1% Interest per day : 1% Bonus : 0.50% Bonus : 0.75% Total Interest Per Day : 1.50% Total Interest Per Day : 1.75% Guaranteed Interest Per Month : 45% Guaranteed Interest Per Month : 52.5% You need to convert your to USD in order to lend. We offer guaranteed 1% Interest per day and guaranteed bonus as per above mentioned package to our investors. Your per day Interest amount will be directly accumulated in your USD Wallet daily. Minimum withdrawal limit is 200 USD. 9

10 Roadmap January 2018 Bittlend Launch Defining Team Structure Secure Platform Development Implementing Security Constraints February 2018 BittLend Pre ICO BittLend Post ICO BittLend Windows Wallet March 2018 Lending Platform Staking Platform Internal Exchange May 2018 External Exchange June 2018 More External Exchanges Buy Back Program August 2018 BittLend Andorid Wallet BittLend ios Wallet Mortgage Program November Lac Merchants Maximum Customers Engaging Resources and Implementation 10

11 BittLend Wallets The main attributes considered while offering BittLend wallets are : Safe and Secure User Friendly Hack Free Reliable Quick Accurate Keeping these characteristics in mind, we offer the below wallets to our users: Desktop wallet : Window Web wallet : Mobile wallet : Android App, ios App BittLend Mobile wallet app is attentively designed imparting highest level of security and has a userfriendly design to make your transaction experience a pleasant one. BittLend Mobile App We have developed a highly innovative Mobile App for all our members. The mobile app can be easily downloaded on your mobile devices and you will be able to use the advanced features of the app for executing your desired transactions with a click. The multifunctional app permit our members to execute their transactions wherever and whenever they wish. The troubles of going down to the bank and filling up forms in order to transfer money overseas can now be eliminated. Our members can make the transfer from the comfort of their homes in a fast safe and hassle free manner. The state-of-art mobile app provides various facilities to our members for easily performing all BittLend activities like, Trading, Lending, Staking, Transferring, Buy and Sell, Purchasing etc. The mobile app is specially integrated with advanced methodologies to ensure risk free and secure transactions. Our main aim throughout the designing phase of the mobile app was to develop a solution that will ensure Security, User-friendliness and will make our members transactions stressfree. 11