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1 Retail Mobile platform for retail

2 Pantheon pro GmbH is a mobile software development company with offices in Germany and Russia. We specialize in custom mobile application development, Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions, digital marketing and social media management. Our mission is to build cutting-edge and remarkable products with the prospect of shaping modern business as well as to deliver the most advanced technology to our clients. At Pantheon pro, we believe in building agile, innovative and inspiring products for a wide range of industries, including retail, ecommerce, aviation, insurance, banking, education, telecom and many others.

3 WHAT IS RETAIL 2.0? Retail 2.0 is designed for shopping malls and their retail tenants. The mobile solution bridges the gap between retailers and shoppers by creating a highly functional ecosystem of retail. Brands reach their audience through a mobile application that drives in-store visitor traffic, increases sales and brand awareness, while shoppers get access to amazing special offers, discounts and secret deals. Retail 2.0 apps take customer engagement to another level thanks to precise segmentation, combination of online and offline techniques, personalization, and targeted marketing campaigns. Retailers get a lot of benefits from the use of the solution: they receive a new effective communication channel with their customers understand and shape customer s journey shape in-store behavior improve customer engagement through compelling content, exciting offers and gamification.

4 About Retail 2.0 Retail 2.0 is a user-friendly and multifunctional mobile service tailored to meet the needs of shopping centers and brands in conjunction with the most advanced technological trends Store directory, restaurants, entertainment. Visitor information. Easy-to-use search engine Analytics based on customer behavior Customer segmentation, audience targeting Information about offline promotions of retailers, current and future events Registration and user profile Interactive maps + Easy Parking Indoor positioning and navigation Cinema show times and ticket booking, Virtual floor. Exclusive deals from B2B partners Best practices to win back lost customers Online-To-Offline (O2O) tools Visit planning, including online ticket booking Ratings and reviews of stores, looks, photo collages, virtual showroom Seller s workplace (feedback and staff motivation) Loyalty and reward points systems. Targeted ads & push notifications based on customer s preferences Receipt scanning and recognition tool. Promotions, rewards, coupons. Special offers, events and activities Gamification, personalization, quests, cross promo, SMM, CMS Integration with websites & existing loyalty programs Customer feedback, in-app messenger

5 BUSINESS MODEL Main revenue sources: Customer loyalty system with virtual points Special offers Contextual advertising in the mobile platform B2B partners (commission for products and services) Marketing analytics and operational reporting Games + quests Exclusive marketing campaigns for all participants Exclusivity for B2B partners of each shopping center

6 Model of business cooperation with shopping malls, retailers and b2b partners

7 Monetary rewards Discounts on certain items Buyer Promotional discounts, nondiscounted items with reward points, quests, in-app games, purchases through the application. Cashback Free gifts Free delivery Discounts on delivery Seller Point-based sales performance can be monitored in employee s personal account. Shop assistants get bonus points for every in-store sale. Non-monetary rewards Bonuses for loyal customers Exclusive access to sales VIP services Charitable donations Personalized products and services

8 OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT - Lead generation - Influence shoppers s path to purchase and analyze visitors in-store behavior patterns - Influence indoor visitor traffic - Satisfy consumers needs (both connected and not connected with direct monetization) - Reach the synergy of interests of the following participants: Shoppers Shopping centers Retailers B2B partners of the project - companies that are not tenants of the shopping center, but are interested in providing their services to visitors of the shopping center such as : virtual business partners offering online services business partners offering offline services outside the shopping center (especially in the nearby area) companies offering technological solutions for retail (technology partners of the shopping mall).

9 BENEFITS FOR PROJECT PARTICIPANTS Shopping centers Retailers and brands Mobile service Shoppers Increase revenue through the use of interactive indoor navigation by retail tenants providing customized directions to specific stores Improve customer loyalty management Drive marketing campaigns and strategies of the shopping center via interactive web panel including ads, targeted offers and other information Increase footfall and customer loyalty Interactive indoor navigation makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and significantly save their time Increase website traffic Manage retail rental rates through innovative use of technology in the shopping center Capitalize on technology to make the customer s journey easier and more enjoyable Boost footfall and conversion rate and improve turnover Building stronger connections with customers by understanding shopping patterns Improve brand visibility by sharing special offers and event promotions Manage loyal customers via enhanced mobile platform using cost-friendly push notifications (which cost less than mass s and text messaging) Optimize marketing campaigns via web panel including offers and event promotions Higher user satisfaction and operational efficiency Discovery of shops made easy by integrating customized indoor maps Provide comprehensive information about the product or service via convenient mobile format. Increase the number of impulse buys in store Improve customer engagement Improved customer experience and increased interest in in-store shopping thanks to personalization and gamification features (including targeted discounts and offers based on personal preferences and shopping patterns; customized interactive maps guiding to favorite stores) Latest information on mobile devices about special offers and events based on current location, personal preferences and buying habits Save time when searching for products, stores, or parking space Additional services are available due to the fact that the shopping center becomes a single integrated system containing a wide range of various types of services Increased customer engagement via rewards and loyalty programs held by retailers or shopping centers as well as social media sharing options

10 PROJECT SCOPE Project Retail 2.0 includes major shopping centers and retail chains of Moscow and Moscow Region. Currently there are 30 successful implementations. The project also applies to events, including conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars, fashion shows, theme and luna parks, hotels, zoos, museums, leisure parks, places of interest, etc.

11 CUSTOMER RETENTION Customer retention is achieved through the combination of special offers, cross-promotions, loyalty programs of retailers and rewards programs of the shopping center Complex marketing mechanics are effectively delivered in a user-friendly mobile format.

12 CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT AND LOYALTY PLATFORM Flexible approach Bonuses, gifts, rewards for purchases made in the shopping mall, through website or mobile app Personalization Rewards programs Personalized offers, discounts and promotions Personalized selection of products /services and recommendations Earn bonuses by performing certain activities/tasks Referral bonuses (Bring a Friend) Tiered customer loyalty programs that give different rewards based on what tier a customer is in Advanced technologies Integration with retailers loyalty systems Bonus points and gifts for social media posts and shares Special mobile application for the loyalty programs of each individual store Integration with third-party services that collect information about loyalty programs

13 SCAN RECEIPTS AND GET REWARDS Scanning of receipts is available via "Scan QR Code. The feature enables indoor positioning and navigation and unlocks special offers and promotions. Depending on the amount spent on purchases per day, users receive reward points for scanning their receipts. The points balance is displayed in the user profile. Collected points can be redeemed for unlocking special offers and discounts.

14 STORE YOUR LOYALTY CARDS IN THE APP The app shows available discount and loyalty cards of retail tenants of the shopping mall. App user can add different loyalty cards to the profile by scanning the barcode via our app or entering the card s number manually. It takes just a few steps to add a loyalty card to the app. Users can edit already added cards or add new ones. Shoppers can easily use their loyalty cards without rummaging their wallet.

15 RETAIL 2.0 & THE GAME Retail 2.0 apps take customer engagement to another level thanks to adding gamification elements to the mobile apps of shopping centers. The game is an integral part of the mobile application combining entertainment features (mini games, quests, accumulation of reward points, coupons, augmented and virtual reality elements) and significant economic benefits for shoppers. Playing a game is an additional resource of accrual of bonus points redeemable for great discounts at retail stores located in shopping malls. All registered users of the app are immediately involved into the game environment whilst in the shopping center.

16 The idea is to simplify the gameplay and the game mechanics and to make them as userfriendly as possible, taking into account the whole idea with mandatory renting or bidding for sectors is supposed to be turned into optional or into a type of missions.

17 MISSIONS GAME CONCEPT MINI GAMES The intermediate goal of the game is to earn coins while the ultimate goal of the game is to use these coins. SINGLE ACTIONS LOOKS The game is aimed at maximizing the benefits from visiting the shopping center. To do so the player needs to start from scratch by visiting the shopping mall, collect bonus points, rewards and unlock secret deals.

18 CREATION OF LOOKS Mobile platform Retail 2.0 enables to implement any marketing mechanics related to design and fashion: app users are rewarded (with coins) for the creation of fashion looks from available collections of the retailers.