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1 SPK Cutting Tool Division on cast iron and hardened steel Your Parts Our Competence in High-Performance Machining

2 Your Parts Our Competence Engineering the king of disciplines Engineering combines cutting materials and tools with parts, materials and the machine setting into processes with high productivity and safety. Aware of this responsibility and obligation, we create intelligent, highly efficient machining solutions indeed leading cutting technology for maximum cost-efficiency. Brake disc in grey cast iron 250 (GG-25) Requirements: Machining of part ready for assembly at a high level of productivity and process reliability. SPK machining solution: Machining in 3 clampings Definition of the machining sequence and cutting data α- / -SiAlON cutting ceramics Special tools Cycle time = 48 sec Recommended cutting data: Roughing: v c = m/min; a p = mm; f = mm Finishing: v c = m/min; a p = mm; f = mm Cutting materials: α- / -SiAlON ceramics SL 606 and SL 608; for "fresh" cast iron: SL 654C Even in the age of ultra-modern cutting materials, tools and processing machines, it is a huge challenge to machine parts in such a way that all the requirement parameters are complied with as fully as possible. The SPK Cutting Tool Division of CeramTec AG can call on their knowledge and experience of more than 50 years of high-performance machining. These are the best qualifications for solving the whole range of machining tasks with optimal technology and cost-effectiveness. In all the services we offer you our main objective is to raise your added value up to the high-performance level. The creation of individual, innovative and efficient machining solutions is our area of expertise regardless of whether it's mass production machining or machining of large one-off components. Our engineering competence Redesign and optimization of machining processes Process planning for optimal machining results Processing support Consultancy Design of cutting data Tool definition Our machining competence is geared to components from these materials: Grey cast iron Ductile cast iron Compacted graphite iron Hardened steels up to 68 HRC Chilled cast iron Hard material coatings Inconel Ni-Hard Sintered metals Super alloys 2 3

3 Ceramic Cutting Materials on Top SPK cutting materials innovations for optimal production and cost-effectiveness Our cutting ceramics have firmly established themselves in the machining of cast iron materials, and hard machining of steels and rolls. New applications for example in the aviation industry are being developed. The optimal solution for the machining job aims for the best cost-effectiveness with the highest process reliability. This is guaranteed by means of two essential criteria: a cutting material grade optimally adjusted to the machining task and material to be machined, and a tool design appropriate to ceramic cutting. Our cutting material competence Continous innovations in ceramic cutting materials with unique performance features Optimal adjustment of cutting material to work material for maximum material removal rates with best tool life World-leading ceramic cutting material range - / -SiAlON with Hard and extremely wear-resistant surface Fracture-resistant core The SPK cutting materials palette SPK silicon nitride ceramics (SL) - / -SiAlON's and -Si 3 N 4 PCBN, SPK WURBON (WBN) High and low PCBN content SPK Mixed ceramics (SH) SPK Oxide ceramics (SN) SPK Cermets (SC) SL 606 The all-round SiAlON cutting material for turning For maximum productivity and shortest machining times for finishing and semi-rough turning of grey cast iron materials. α- / -SiAlON cutting material with With high cutting edge stability and wear resistance Excellent toughness characteristics For long tool life at the highest cutting speeds WBN 105 The new high PCBN content cutting material type for maximum productivity on grey cast iron workpieces. This newly developed PCBN cutting material enables rough turning and finish turning in the shortest possible processing times. For extended tool changing cycle times and Minimum machine downtime Also comes with IKS PRO notch type clamping for maximum process safety For continuous and SL 608 High-performance rough turning The new high-performance grade for reduced cycle times in rough turning of grey cast iron and ductile cast iron workpieces. α- / -SiAlON cutting material with For "fresh" grey cast iron Especially for difficult cutting conditions, strong variations in depths of cut and Rough turning of grey cast iron in continuous and interrupted cuts Rough turning of ductile cast iron in WBN 565 For hard turning with tipped and solid inserts The new PCBN type WBN 565 in both tipped and solid models, meaning: Higher cutting depths are possible The longest possible length of cut For turning hardened steels (HRC 55 65) For continuous and SL 658C Sets new standards in turning ductile cast iron workpieces The new coated cutting material type SL 658C combines high-tech coating technology with superior ceramics expertise for maximum cost-effectiveness. SiAlON cutting material with multi-layer Al 2 O 3 -coating With IKS-PRO notch type clamping for even the most difficult cutting conditions For high cutting speeds and large chip cross-sections Maximum cost-effectiveness and productivity in series production Rough turning of ductile cast iron components In continuous and SL 858C Highest productivity in milling large components The high-power coating for highperformance milling of grey cast iron and ductile cast iron makes it possible to finish components in the shortest possible time with significant economic advantages. SiAlON cutting material with multi-layer Al 2 O 3 coating Maximum toughness and Extraordinarily high wear resistance With IKS-PRO notch type clamping for maximum safety For rough milling 4 5

4 SPK Tool Systems The Basic of High Performance High-performance machining does not just place particular requirements on the cutting materials, but also on the carrier tool, making it possible to machine in a manner that is highly productive and as cost-effective as possible. IKS-PRO: The new definition of process reliability The innovative clamping system for inserts made from ceramics and PCBN, with its technological characteristics and resulting advantages, including the highest process reliability in turning and milling, contrasts sharply with conventional clamping systems: Clamping of inserts with a thickness of 7.96 mm and 4.76 mm in the same toolholder The first clamping system in the world to allow the alternative use of SiAlON and PCBN inserts in the same tool system SPK MUS milling cutter range fast, highly productive and reliable for large components As far as performance can go... when milling with a large depth of cut and large face milling. Large components from cast iron materials are machined more quickly and effectively: Shorter processing times Frees up machine capacities Maximum process reliability using IKS-PRO top class for milling Best productivity and cost-effectiveness Unique clamping system suitable for ceramics with optimal introduction and distribution of the clamping force Form fit and frictional clamping for maximum clamping reliability "Tongue and Groove" for turning of hard metal rolls the new SPK tool system for maximum productivity and process reliability For larger chip cross-sections and higher cutting data thanks to greater stability Special tools the specialists for maximum performance Our special tools come from teamwork between our applications engineers and our clients. Whether it's multi-cutting tools for turning, special milling cutters, special boring heads or a special insert geometry for turning, grooving, milling or boring, the solutions we develop have often inspired our customers, resulting in considerably improving the process of creating added value with machining. Together with the PCBN-grade WBN 750, the newly developed tool system based on a tongue and groove joint with the insert offers: Maximum stability Highest production reliability Simple and safe handling Due to turning instead of grinding of hard metal rolls savings in machining time of 50% and more Synchronous production in manufacturing Our manufacturing process based on synchronous production enables us to fulfill our customers' wishes in the shortest time and with the highest delivery reliability. 6 7

5 50 Years of SPK High-Performance Cutting Materials 50 years of experience, that's 50 years' added value for our customers. This was a period marked by a continuous sequence of trendsetting developments in cutting materials and tools. The objective: To create technologically leadingedge machining solutions that are as cost-effective as possible. The CeramTec Company is in a league of its own in highperformance ceramics. An almost unmatched level of expertise in materials, production and applications makes us the leading international supplier. The SPK Cutting Tools Division of CeramTec AG is considered the market leader in the field of high-performance ceramics for machining. We have concentrated on application areas where the use of high-performance ceramics with their incomparable properties offers decisive competitive advantages and greater added value in machining for 50 years! CeramTec AG SPK Cutting Tool Division Hauptstr. 56 D Ebersbach / Fils Phone +49 (0) Fax +49 (0) WZ KML Printed in Germany