Proceedings of the. 7 International pamir Conference. Fundamental and Applied MHD. And. COST P17 Annual Workshop 2008

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1 Proceedings of the 7th 7 International pamir Conference Fundamental and Applied MHD And COST P17 Annual Workshop 2008 Presqu'Ile de Giens, France September 8-12, 2008 ^pamir Chairman : Co-chaimen: Secretary: A. Alemany J.P. Chopart J. Freibergs B. Collovati SIMAP/EPM/pamir, France DTI, Univ. de Reims, France IPUL, Latvia Grenoble INP, France P U n i ««r S I t y o f L a t v i a Colastitute of Physics Grenoble ), i

2 Volume2 FUNDAMENTAL MHD II Solar forcefree magnetic fields N. Seehafer, M. Fuhrmann, G. Valori, B. Kliem 507 Helical shell modeis for MHD turbulence T. Lessinnes, D. Carati 513 An alternating magnetic field driven flow in a spinning cylindrical Container and its threedimensional linear stability analysis V. Shatrov, G. Gerbeth, R. Hermann 525 Turbulent melt flow in a cylindrical vessel under the action of superposition of two anharmonic RMFfs E. Golbraikh, A. Kapusta, S. Lesin, B. Mikhailovich, B. Tilman 531 Lorentz Force Velocimetry: Development and Application Y. Kolesnikov, C. Karcher, A. Thess, V. Minchenya 537 Analytical Solution to the mhd problem on the influence of cross flow on the main flow in the plane Channel at the hartman large numbers E. Ligere, I. Dzenite 541 Experimental studies of the mhd processes at the inlet elements of the liquid metal blanket S. Ivanov, E. Platacis, I. Platnieks, R. Krishbergs, A. Flerov, A. Shishko, A. Zik 553 Influence of the friction on the kelvin-helmholtz instability M. Zizi, A. Bouabdallah, Y Laghouati, A. Alemany 559 Experimental studies of the streng magnetic field action on the corrosion of RAFM steels in pbl71i melt flows F. Muktepavela, E. Platacis, GS.R. Krishbergs, A. Shishko 565 Rotating turbulent MHD flow in crossed electrical and magnetic fields E. Golbraikh, A. Kapusta, B.Mikhailovich, A. Shapiro, I. Zilberman 571 Perturbations of MHD flows caused by the presence of an electric potential probe C. Mistrangelo, L. Bühler 575 Role of crosshelicity in fully developed MHD turbulence /. Mizeva, R. Stepanov, P. Frick 581

3 Experimental studies of effective electro conductivity of turbulent liquid metal (betaeffect) P. Frick, S. Denisov, V. Noskov, R. Stepanov 587 Inverse kinetic theory approach to fluid and MHD turbulence M. Tessarotto, M. Ellero, P. Nicolini 593 Inverse kinetic theory for incompressible magnetofluids M. Tessarotto 599 INTENSE MAGNETIC FIELD Experimental investigations of liquidmetal mhd flows in a mockup of a helium cooled leadlithium test blanket For ITER K. Starke, L. Bühler, S. Horanyi 605 Conducting fluid flow around a rising particle in a vessel under a strong vertical magnetic field K. Ueno, M. Watabe 611 Analysis of paramagnetic fluid behavior in a differentially heated cubical enclosure under a strong nonuniform magnetic field S. Kenjeres, E. Fomalik, T. Bednarz, W. Wrobel H. Ozoe, J. S. Szmyd 615 CRYSTAL GROWTH Effects of magnetic fields on crystal growth A. Kao, G. Djambazov, K. Pericleous, V. Voller 621 Experimental study of traveling magnetic field driven instability in a thermally stratified liquid gallium cylinder A. Klyukin, I. Grants, G.Gerbeth 627 Vertical Gradient Freeze growth in a combined magnetic AC/DC field O. Pätzold, R. Lantzsch, I. Grants, M. Steher, G. Gerbeth 633 3D unsteady modeling of the influence of applied magnetic field on the melt flow in FZ Si Single crystal growth K. Lacis, A. Muiznieks, A. Rudevics, N. Jekabsons, B. Nacke, G. Ratnieks 637 Threedimensional transient modeling of the melt flow in a TMF VCz System for GaAs crystal growth B. Nacke, H. Kasjanow, A. Krauze, A. Muiznieks, FM. Kiessling, U. Rehse, P. Rudolph 643

4 Physical modelling of largediameter Silicon Single crystal growth in a rotating magnetic field L. Gorbunov, A. Pedchenko 649 Application of rotating magnetic fields to crystal growth under microgravity (Experiments on FOTON M3) /. V Barmin., A.S Senchenkov, A. Greif, O. Pätzold, A. Cröll, A. Mitric, T. Lyubimova 655 MAGNETIC FLUIDS AND MAGNETIC PARTICLES Thermal fluctuations of magnetotactic bacteria in ac magnetic fields L. Alberte, K.Erglis, A.Cebers 661 Thermoosmosis in magnetic fluids in the presence of a magnetic field E. Blums, G. Kronkalns, M.M. Maiorov 667 Bubble velocity measurement using magnetic fluid T. Kuwahara, F. De Vuyst, H. Yamaguchi 673 Migrating and interacting microbubbles immersed in a conducting liquid under the action of uniform ambient electric and magnetic fields A. Sellier 679 Natural Convection in a Ferrofluid submitted to a Uniform Magnetic Gradient A. Bouhrour, M.Gheraba, D. Kalache 685 The role of shape of fine magnetic particles on structural transitions in ferronematics P. Kopcansky, N. Tomasovicova, M. Koneracka, V. Zavisova, M. Timko, A. Dzarova, A. Sprincova, L. Tomco, N. Eber, K.FodorCsorba, T. TothKatona, A. Vajda, J. Jadzyn 691 Iron oxide based magnetic nanoparticles bearing cytotoxic silylated alkanolaniines /; Segal, A. Zablotskaya, E. Lukevics, M. Maiorov, D. Zablotsky E. Blums, A. Mishnev, I. Shestakova, A. Gulbe 697 Handling of magnetic particles in microfluidic devices for the study of chemical reactions and bioanalysis S. A. Peyman, A. lies, N. Pamme 703 Magnetohydrodynamic interaction in a vertical slot filled with ferrofluid A.A. Bozhko, S.A. Suslov, G.F. Putin 709 Investigation of heat transfer efficiency of theimomagnetic convection in ferrofluids D. Zablotsky, V.Frishfelds, E. Blums 715

5 Wave hyperbolic model of ferrofluid motion 7. Selezov 721 Complex magnetic susceptibility of cobalt ferrite ferrofluid: influence of carrier viscosity and particle concentration M. M. Maiorov, G. Kronkalns, E. Blums 725 Spontaneous oscillations in ferrofluid convection A.A. Bozhko, K. Bratukhin Yu, G.F. Putin, T. Tynjala 731 Dielectric properties of transformer oil based magnetic fluids M. Timko, P. Kopcansky, L. Tomco, K. Marton, F. Herchl, M. Koneracka, 1. Kolcunova TS! Ultrasound attenuation in ferrofluids M. Mond, M. Shliomis 743 Deformation of a magnetic fluid surface due to ferromagnetic bodies in an applied uniform magnetic field V.A. Naletova, K. Zimmermann, I. Zeidis, V.A. Turkov, D.A. Pelevina, T. Friedrich, R. Richter 141 MAGNETOSTATIC Effects of heat treatment under an external magnetic field on the soft magnetic properties in FeCobased nanocrystalline alloys I. Skorvdnek, J. Marcin, J. Turcanovä, J. Koväc, P. Svec 753 Phase transformations in high magnetic field monitored by in-situ measurements S. Rivoirard, T. Garcin, E. Beaugnon 759 Electromagnetic levitation - ESRF experiments P. Schetelat, T. Breville, M.Di Michiel, J. Etay 765 Crystallographic structure of titanium under imposition of strong magnetic field Y. Sakaida, K. Iwai, S. Asai 771 NUMERICAL SIMULATION Numerical Simulations of the Flow in Round Bloom Strands with Electromagnetic Stirring M. Barna, M. Javurek, M. Lechner 775 Numerical computation of liquid metal flows driven by the gravity, rotation and surface tension in the presence of a magnetic field T. Tagawa 781

6 APPLIED MHD Calibration of the Lorentz Force Velocimeter for HighTemperature Melts V. Minchenya, C. Karcher, Y. Kolesnikov, A. Thess 785 Analysis of the behaviour of conducting particles dispersed in an insulating liquid under a time-periodic magnetic field S. Chatzidakis, G. Cognet, Y. Fautrelle, R. Ernst 789 Thermoacoustic mhd electrical generator G. Hasan, M. Alradi, A. Alemany 797 Magnetoconvective intensification of heat transfer based on permanent magnets E. Blums, A. Mezulis, G. Kronkalns 803 Determination of harmonic and pulsed eddy current distributions in a liquid metal J. Forbriger, V. Galindo, G. Gerbeth, F. Stephani 809 Force-free and contactless electromagnetic flow rate sensors J. Priede, D. Buchenau, G. Gerbeth 815 Experimental Validation of a Dynamic Method to Determine the Thermoelectric Power of Metallic Liquid Alloys A. Bojarevics, Yu. Gelfgat, Y. Fautrelle, J. Etay 821 Electromagnetic pump for a liquid metal spallation target: calculation.diagnostics, reliability S. Ivanov, A. Flerov 827 Concept of Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal Target for Swiss Spallation Neutron Source S.Dementjev, F.Groeschel, S.Ivanov 833 MHDpumps operating on the principle of the interaction of the alternating magnetic field with the induced current R. Khalilov, S. Denisov, G. Gerbeth, S. Khripchenko, I. Kolesnichenko 839 MHD technique for production of leadlithium eutectic alloy /. Platnieks, J.E. Freibergs, J. Klavins 845 Numerical modeling of the growth of smalldiameter intermetallic Compound crystals by a twophase RF floating zone method A. Krauze, J. Priede, R. Hermann, G. Gerbeth 851 Modeling of quasi-two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence S. Smolentsev, R. Moreau 857

7 3D modeling for the square-shaped Silicon crystal growth process by FZ method K. Lacis, A. Muiznieks, A.Rudevics, H. Riemann, A. Ludge, J. Fischer, F.W. Schulze 863 Orientation Behavior of Anisotropie Crystal under Magnetic Field by Using XRay Diffraction T. Kohama, K. Iwai 869 Numerical modelring of large-diameter Silicon Single crystal growth in a rotating magnetic field L. Gorbunov, A. Pedchenko 873 Solidification of metal alloys under the influence of pulse-modulated magnetic fields P.A. Nikrityuk, D. Räbiger, K. Eckert; S. Eckert, G. Gerbeth 879 The experimental liquid metal hear transfer investigations applied to fusion reactor V.G. Sviridov, N.G. Razuvanov, Yu.P. Ivotchkin, Ya.I. Listratov, E.V. Sviridov 885 Dynamic properties of a magnetic obstacle E. Ramos, A. Beitran, S. Cuevas, S. Smolentsev 891 On the flow hydrodynamics in the Channel of a cylindrical induetion pump with no core M. Abricka, Y. Gelfat 897 Generation and spreading of pulse mhd flow in solidifying ingot by continuous steel casting V. V. Buriak, A.A. Kolesnichenko, A.F. Kolesnichenko 903 The contact layer between wave tin and cooper in a solidification process Z. Lipnicki, A. W. Bydalek 911 Analytical study of modified Czochralski crystal growth problem F.Mokhtari, A.Bouabdallah, M.Zizb, S.Hanchi, A.Alemany 917 Experimental study of interfacial instability in aluminium reduetion cells A. Pedcenko, S. Molokov, P.J. Thomas, A. Lukyanov, J. Friede 923