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1 Special steel profiles

2 Contents 4 Company Products: Automotive industry Mechanical engineering Door and safety systems Other application areas Standard high precision profiles Elevator guide rails Specialties 14 Process 16 Quality

3 4 Company From our service center in Hoyerswerda and office in Dresden we can promptly respond to the customer needs and provide the full range of pre- and post-sales services to our customers from Central and Western Europe. VOL-Stahl GmbH is a subsidiary of the Russian steel mill Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant, the leading producer of special steel profiles in Russia and CIS countries with an overall production experience of more than 230 years. Omutninsk, Russia With its own steel-making furnaces, rolling mills, cold drawing benches and milling machines our parent company is able to control the production processes on all stages of the value chain. Dresden, Germany One of the competitive advantages of Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant is that it is a complete steel mill and is able to influence the chemical composition of material and create specific alloys in order to meet particular requirements to the profile.

4 6 Products 7 We deliver hot rolled, cold rolled, as well as cold drawn special steel profiles. All products can be produced from a wide range of steel grades with additional heat treatment, if required. In cases the steel grade is not determined by the customer, our technical experts can always advise an appropriate material, depending on the application area and mechanical requirements to the product. Surface roughness: Ra < 2.5 μm Precision: from h12 to h9 Cross section: from 10 mm2 to 2000 mm2 Length: from 2 m to 6 m, or in 800 kg coils

5 8 Automotive Mechanical 9 industry engineering For the automotive industry VOL-Stahl GmbH delivers a wide range of profiles that are used in the production of door hinges, pole shoes, valve cotters, truck wheels and other parts of vehicles. Tight tolerances, high smoothness of surface, wearresistant alloys - these are some of the most common requirements to the profiles applied in machine building industry. Especially for the needs of automotive industry our engineers have designed a steel composition that combines high mechanical properties of material with outstanding machinability. Implementation of profiles produced from this steel enables our customers to significantly increase the durability of milling instruments. VOL-Stahl GmbH provides producers of machines, tools and instruments with a variety of cold drawn profiles sectors, wedges, and various types of linear guides.

6 10 Door and safety systems Standard high precision profiles 11 Standard DIN and ISO profiles round, square, flat, hexahedrons, T-nuts and other profiles can be produced by different methods depending on the requirements to the quality of the surface. For producers of door systems and safety elements VOL-Stahl GmbH offers a range of hot rolled and cold drawn profiles that are employed as intermediates in the production of door elements, various parts of locks, keys and door hinges of safes. Other application areas We supply cold rolled and cold drawn standard sections as well as peeled round bars with a surface quality of up to h9. Application of special steel profiles is not limited by a set of industries. Profiles supplied by VOL-Stahl GmbH are applied in diverse branches of economy - from production of plastic windows to automatic rifles. Profile type Round Square Hexahedron Flats T-Nuts Dimensions from 10 to 70 mm from 10 to 50 mm from 10 to 50 mm (16 127) x (4 30) mm from M4 to M48

7 12 Elevator guide Specialties 13 rails A specialty in the delivery program of VOL-Stahl GmbH are elevator guide rails cold drawn (A), machined (B), as well as high quality (BE) guide rails and corresponding accessory parts. All our guide rails are produced in compliance with ISO Products that also distinguish us from other producers of special steel profiles are seamless pipes, hollow profiles and twisted drilling rods. Seamless pipes are commonly employed in the production of bearings, whereas for example hollow hexahedrons are usually applied as extension drilling rods in mining industry. For producers of elevators and elevator components we also deliver various cold drawn profiles that are applied in the production of lift cabins and door systems. Product Dimensions Dimensions Weight per meter from T45/A to T127-2cl4/B from 3,3 to 23,2 kg Seamless pipe Hexahedron from 23x6 to 51x10 mm from 10 to 50 mm Cross section from 4,25 to 29,53 cm 2 Length 2500 mm; 5000 mm

8 14 Process 3 Hot rolling Square billets produced on a previous stage are heated to the temperature of about 1150 C and then rerolled into the desired shape. In order to obtain a small profile from a billet, material must be sequentially rolled on several lines, which is set by a high draft ratio for small sections. Cold rolling At this production step hot rolled material is used as semiproduct for further cold deformation. 1 Steel melting At this stage scrap is melted into steel. 2 Continuous casting After steel arrives to the required temperature and chemical composition, a ladle with molten steel is transported to the top of continuous casting machine. Going through the continuous casting machine molten steel gradually cools down and obtains square shape, which is suitable for further deformation. Hot rolled semiprofile is rolled in a cold condition, which allows to better control deformation process and obtain higher precision in comparison with hot rolling. Cold drawing At this production step hot rolled material is used as semiproduct for further cold deformation. Hot rolled semiprofile is drawn through a stiff tungsten carbide die in order to deform material and achieve necessary geometry of profile. During melting process chemical composition is being constantly controlled and alloying components are added in order to achieve the desired steel grade. For profiles with complex shapes and narrow tolerances up to 8 drawing steps might be required to reach the desired value. Between each drawing step material spends hours in a heat treatment furnace. Heating to a high temperature and a subsequent slow cooling (annealing) release internal stresses in steel, refine microstructure and thus remove hardness from cold deformation and prepare material for the next drawing step.

9 17 Quality Quality obtains tremendous attention on the Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant, the key supplier of VOL-Stahl GmbH. The continuous control over the technological processes is conducted on all stages of the production and timely adjustments are carried out if needed. In order to be labeled as finished products go through several inspection points, which include both stream inspection and sample checks on defectoscopes. Such approach allows completely exclude products that do not comply with the specified parameters. All business processes on the enterprise are in line with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2001 and ISO TS for automotive production and relevant service part organizations.


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