Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Poster Session, 19:00-22:00

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1 Poster - Nano Films PO2001 Vacancies in MONTAN a mechanism for tuning hardness toughness relationship Fedor Klimashin 1, Nikola Koutná 1, David Holec 2, Paul H. Mayrhofer 1 1 TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, 2 Montanuniversität Leoben, Leoben, Austria PO2002 PO2003 PO2004 PO2005 PO2006 PO2007 PO2008 The (in)stability of process control mechanisms in reactive DC sputtering deposition Koen Strijckmans, Roeland Schelfhout, Diederik Depla Ghent University, Gent, Belgium On the growth of TiOx coatings by reactive magnetron sputtering from metallic and ceramic targets: a joint modelling and experimental story Romain Tonneau 1, Moskovskin Pavel 2, Pflug Andreas 3, De Bosscher Wilmert 4, Lucas Stéphane 2 1 University of Namur, NSIM, LARN, Namur, Belgium, 2 University of Namur, Namur, Belgium, 3 Fraunhofer Institute IST, Braunschweig, Germany, 4 Soleras Advanced Coatings, Deinze, Belgium Copper oxide thin films by reactive magnetron sputter deposition: chemistry vs. mobility Dulmaa Altangerel, Diederik Depla DRAFT, Ghent University, Gent, Belgium Comparison of mechanical behavior of TiN, TiNC, CrN/TiNC, TiN/TiNC films on 9Cr18 steel by PVD Xingguo Feng, Hui Zhou Lanzhou Institute of Physics, Lanzhou, China Black aluminium thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering Michal Novotny 1, Joris More Chevalier 1, Morgane Poupon 1, Jiri Bulir 1, Ladislav Fekete 1, Premysl Fitl 2, Petr Hruska 3, Jan Valenta 3, Yuri Dekhtyar 4, Jan Lancok 1 1 Institute of Physics CAS, Prague, Czech Republic, 2 University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic, 3 Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 4 Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia Hard (Zr,Ti) alloy films with small amount of oxygen resistant to cracking Zuzana Čiperová 1, Jindřich Musil 1, Sergei Zenkin 2, Radomír Čerstvý 1, Stanislav Haviar 1 1 University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, Czech Republic, 2 Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russian Federation Photoactive TiO2 and Ta doped TiO2 1D nanotubes grown by electrochemical anodization of Ti and TiTa films deposited by DC pulsed magnetron sputtering on FTO transparent substrates Stepan Kment 1, Zdenek Hubicka 2, Radim Ctvrtlik 1, Hana Kmentova 1, Yalavharti Rambabu 1, Alberto Naldoni 1, Mukta Kulkarni 1, Patrik Schmuki 1, Radek Zboril 1 1 Palacky University Olomouc, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2 Institute of Physics ASCR, Prague, Czech Republic

2 PO2009 PO2010 Tunable optical and electrical properties of IGZO thin films prepared by reactive HiPIMS Pavel Baroch, Jiří Rezek, Jiří Houška University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, Czech Republic Optical and electrical properties changes induced by cation size in rare-earth vanadates REVO3 (RE : La, Pr, Nd and Sm) Christophe Celindano 1, Emile Haye 2, Fabien Capon 1, Patrice Miska 1 1 Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy, France, 2 LISE, UNamur, Namur, Belgium PO2011 PO2012 PO2013 PO2014 PO2015 Deposition of Oxyfluoride Thin Films by Cold Plasma Process for the Energy and Environment Domain Sara IBRAHIM, Angelique Bousquet, Pierre Bonnet Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand, AUBIERE, France Sputtering and evaporation mechanisms in magnetron process using a hot target CAILLARD Amael, Robin GRAILLOT-VUILLECOT, Christophe CACHONCINLLE, Eric MILLON, Thomas LECAS, Anne-Lise THOMANN, Pascal BRAULT, Nadjib SEMMAR GREMI CNRS/Univ Orléans, ORLEANS, France Mechanical properties of sputter deposited (Zr,Y)N thin films David PILLOUD, Pauline LEVERONE, Marius GIPPERICH, Jean-Philippe JEHL, Hervé RINNERT, Jean-François PIERSON Institut Jean Lamour, NANCY, France Effect of tantalum addition on Cu-Zr binary galss metallic thin films properties. sofiane ACHACHE, fréderic sanchette UTT, Nogent, France Effect of substrate bias on the growth behavior of iridium on A-plane sapphire using radio frequency sputtering at low temperatures Frank Meyer 1, Sabine Oeser 1, Andreas Graff 2, Eduard Reisacher 1, Eva-Regine Carl 1, Alexander Fromm 1, Marco Wirth 1, Lukas Groener 1, Frank Burmeister 1 1 Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg, Germany, 2 Fraunhofer IMWS, Halle, Germany PO2016 Influence of reactive oxygen species during deposition of iron oxide films by high power impulse magnetron sputtering. Rainer Hippler 1, Viteslav Stranak 2, Martin Cada 3, Zdenek Hubicka 3, Robert Bogdanowicz 4, Harm Wulff 1, Christiane A. Helm 1 1 Universität Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany, 2 University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 3 Institute of Physics AVCR, v.v.i., Prague, Czech Republic, 4 Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland

3 PO2017 PO2018 Electrical and optical properties of hydrogen- and niobium-doped TiO2 electrodes Michael Weise, Rainald Mientus, Klaus Ellmer, Stefan Seeger OUT e.v., Berlin, Germany E-beam evaporation vs. rf-sputtering: Comparing the growth behavior, crystallinity, and morphology of heteroepitaxial iridium (001) films on sapphire (11-20) Frank Meyer 1, Andreas Graff 2, Eduard Reisacher 1, Eva-Regine Carl 1, Sabine Oeser 1, Alexander Fromm 1, Marco Wirth 1, Lukas Groener 1, Frank Burmeister 1 1 Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg, Germany, 2 Fraunhofer IMWS, Halle, Germany PO2019 PO2020 Photocatalytic activity of Bismuth vanadates under visible light irradiation: Applications in photoelectrocatalysis and inactivation of bacteria Matteo Pedroni 1, Espedito Vassallo 1, Tiziana Silvetti 2, Stefano Morandi 2, Milena Brasca 2, Gian Luca Chiarello 3, Elena Selli 3, Maurizio Canetti 4, Dario Ripamonti 5 1 Istituto di fisica del plasma, Milano, Italy, 2 CNR-ISPA, Milano, Italy, 3 Dipartimento di Chimica UniMI, Milano, Italy, 4 CNR-ISMAC, Milano, Italy, 5 CNR-ICMATE, Milano, Italy High deposition rate magnetron sputtering Pavels Nazarovs, Valery Mitin, Vladimirs Kovalenko, Aleksandrs Parfinovics SIA Schaeffler Baltic, Riga, Latvia Poster - Protective and Tribological Coatings PO2021 The trajectory of the secondary electrons in the magnetic field and this determines the form of the erosion race track in a magnetron cathode Stephen Muhl 1, Johans Restrepo 2, Julio Cruz 3 1 Instituto de Inv. en Mats. UNAM, Mexico, Mexico, 2 Sadosa, Mexico, Mexico, 3 CNyN UNAM, Ensenada, Mexico PO2022 PO2023 PO2024 PO2025 Morphology and thermal emissivity study of multilayer PVD metal-oxide/diacrylate polymer onto different plastic substrates/parts for automotive industry André Pinto 1, J. Rosa 1, R. Carvalho 1, A. Joskowiak 1, J. Silva 1, M. J. Lopes 1, M. Ribeiro 1, B. Moura 1, S. Melo 2 1 CeNTI, Vila Nova de Famalicao, Portugal, 2 Simoldes Plásticos, S.A., Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal Zr and Mo thin films with reduced residual impurities uptake under high vacuum conditions at room temperature Marcel Meško 1, Jana Bohovičová 2, Frans Munnik 3, Jörg Grenzer 3, René Hübner 3, Ľubomír Čaplovič 2, Mária Čaplovičová 4, Ľubomír Vančo 4, Viliam Vretenár 4, Matthias Krause 3 1 Slovak university of technology, Trnava, Slovakia, 2 MTF STU, Trnava, Slovak Republic, 3 HZDR, Dresden, Germany, 4 STU Centre for Nanodiagnostics, Bratislava, Slovak Republic Growth of porous thin films by reactive magnetron sputtering using particle collimators Rafael Alvarez 1, Aurelio Garcia-Valenzuela 2, Victor Rico 2, Jose Cotrino 3, Agustin R. Gonzalez-Elipe 2, Alberto Palmero 2 1 Dept. Applied Physics I (US), Seville, Spain, 2 ICMS (CSIC-US), Seville, Spain, 3 Universidad de Sevilla, Seville, Spain Enhanced ion assistance during the deposition of hard metal nitrides with

4 HiPIMS voltage reversal 30% increase of deposition rate. Ivan Fernandez 1, Ivan Fernandez 1, Jose Antonio Santiago 2, Ambiorn Wennberg 1, Victor Bellido 3, Lucia Mendizabal 4, Raquel Gonzalez-Arrabal 5 1 Nano4Energy SL, Madrid, Spain, 2 Imdea Materiales, Madrid, Spain, 3 Gencoa Ltd, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 4 IK4 Tekniker, Eibar, Spain, 5 ETSII-UPM, Madrid, Spain

5 PO2026 PO2027 PO2028 PO2029 PO2030 PO2031 PO2032 PO2033 Propagation of the microstructure and engineering the humidity tightness in multilayer thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering at oblique angles Alberto Palmero 1, Aurelio Garcia-Valenzuela 2, María del Carmen Lopez-Santos 2, Rafael Alvarez 3, Victor Rico 2, Ana Isabel Borrás 2, Rafael C. del Campo 4, Miguel Holgado 5, Agustín R. Gonzalez-Elipe 2, José Cotrino 3 1 Materials Science Institute of Seville, Seville, Spain, 2 ICMS (CSIC-US), Seville, Spain, 3 University of Seville, Seville, Spain, 4 Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 5 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain Avoiding Target Poisoning in Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Depositions at Oblique Angles Rafael Alvarez 1, Aurelio Garcia-Valenzuela 2, Maria del Carmen Lopez-Santos 2, Victor Rico 2, Jose Cotrino 3, Agustin R. Rodriguez-Elipe 2, Alberto Palmero 2 1 Dept. Applied Physics I (US), Seville, Spain, 2 ICMS (CSIC-US), Seville, Spain, 3 Universidad de Sevilla, Seville, Spain Structural and optical characterization of Cr1-xAlx(O)N films prepared by HiPIMS T. Cristina Rojas, Alvaro Caro, Gabriel Lozano, Juan Carlos Sánchez-López ICMSE-CSIC, Sevilla, Spain Optimization of plasma assisted reactive sputter deposition processes for optical coatings Edmund Schüngel, Silvia Schwyn-Thöny, Silvio Gees Evatec AG, Truebbach, Switzerland Increasing the thermal stability of thin films by incorporating co-sputtered nanoparticles Laszlo Pethö, Mikhail Polyakov, Rachel Schoeppner, Keith Thomas, Bence Könnyü, Xavier Maeder, Johann Michler EMPA, Thun, Switzerland Titanium coating of ceramics for vacuum chambers for PSB RF system Wil Vollenberg, Pedro Costa Pinto, Mauro Taborelli CERN, Geneva, Switzerland Growth Morphology of AlN Thin Films Deposited by Reactive DC Magnetron Sputtering and its Influence on the Piezoelectric Properties Mathis Trant, Maria Fischer, Kerstin Thorwarth, Hans Josef Hug Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland Physical and tribological properties of sputtered silicon-containing carbon coatings at high temperatures Parnia Navabpour 1, Bruno Rodriguez 2, Joanne Stallard 1, Hailin Sun 1 1 Teer Coatings Ltd, Droitwich, United Kingdom, 2 University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom

6 PO2034 PO2035 PO2036 Plasma Surface Metallurgy of Non-ferrous Surface Wenping Liang, Zheng Ding, Jinwei Yi, Hao Lin NUAA, Nanjing, China Plasma Surface Metallurgy of Ceramic Surface Qiang Miao, Zheng Ding, Hao Lin, Jinwei Yi NUAA, Nanjing, China High speed gear hobbing with customized AlCrBN coatings Martin Beutner 1, Andreas Lümkemann 2, Jozef Sondor 3, Max Köchig 1, Dominik Bloesch 2, Tibor Cselle 2 1 Institute of manufacturing technology, Magdeburg, Germany, 2 Platit AG, Selzach, Switzerland, 3 Liss a.s., Roznov p. Radhostem, Czech Republic PO2037 PO2038 PO2039 PO2040 PO2041 Chemical, mechanical and stability of air annealed cathodic arc evaporated CrAlON coatings Gonzalo García Fuentes, Eluxka Almandoz AIN, Cordovilla-Navarra, Spain The new Hybrid LACS Technology (Lateral ARC and Central Sputtering by Rotating Cathodes) Radek Žemlička 1, Mojmír (Sr.) Jílek 2, Mojmír (Jr.) Jílek 2, Andreas Lümkemann 1, Tibor Cselle 1, Dominik Bloesch 1, Vladimír Krsek 2 1 Platit AG Advanced Coating Systems, Selzach, Switzerland, 2 Platit a.s., Šumperk, Czech Republic Surface morphology and mechanical analysis of nanolaminate (TiAlSiY)N/ZrN and (TiAlSiY)N/MoN condensates deposited by vacuum-arc Yaroslav Kravchenko 1, Emerson Coy 2, Vyacheslav Beresnev 3, Alexander Pogrebnjak 1 1 Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine, 2 Adam Mickiewicz University, NBMC, Poznan, Poland, 3 Kharkiv National University, Sumy, Ukraine Application of the electron beam evaporation for high-rate coating of 3D-parts Jens-Peter Heinß, Heidrun Klostermann Fraunhofer FEP, Dresden, Germany Influence of Thickness on Properties of TiN/Ti Coatings Guangyu He 1, jiao chen 2, mingrui geng 1, danyang sun 1 1 Air Force Engineering University, Xi'an, China, 2 Xi an Jiaotong University, Xi an, China

7 PO2042 PO2043 PO2045 PO2046 PO2047 PO2048 PO2049,,,, Self-Affine Growth of Nylon-Sputtered Nanoparticles Andrey Shukurov 1, Artem Shelemin 1, Pavel Pleskunov 1, Daniil Nikitin 1, Renata Tafiichuk 1, Jan Hanus 1, Ivan Khalakhan 2 1 Charles University, KMF MFF, Prague, Czech Republic, 2 Charles University, KFPP MFF, Prague, Czech Republic Pulsed Plasma Polymerization of Acrylic Acid for the Synthesis of Carboxyl-Functionalized Nanoparticles Pavel Pleskunov 1, Daniil Nikitin 1, Renata Tafiichuk 1, Artem Shelemin 1, Jan Hanuš 1, Ivan Khalakhan 2, Andrei Choukourov 1 1 Charles University, KMF MFF, Prague, Czech Republic, 2 Charles University, KFPP MFF, Prague, Czech Republic Synthesis of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Daniil Nikitin 1, Pavel Pleskunov 1, Artem Shelemin 1, Miroslav Cieslar 2, Renata Tafiichuk 1, Valerii Titov 3, Andrei Choukourov 1 1 Charles University, KMF MFF, Prague, Czech Republic, 2 Charles University, KFM MFF, Prague, Czech Republic, 3 Institute of Solution Chemistry of RAS, Ivanovo, Russian Federation Tracking of cycling growth of hydrocarbon plasma polymer nanoparticles by in situ diagnostics Artem Shelemin, Daniil Nikitin, Jaroslav Kousal, Mykhajlo Vaidulych, Ondrej Kylian, Andrei Choukourov, Danka Slavinska, Hynek Biederman Charles University, KMF MFF, Prague 8, Czech Republic Enhancing the Palladium Nanoclusters deposition rate with the introduction of O2 in a Gas Aggregation Source (GAS) William Chamorro 1, Amaël Caillard 1, Pascal Brault 1, Christophe Coutanceau 2, Steve Baranton 2 1 GREMI-Université d'orléans, ORLEANS, France, 2 IC2MP-Université de Poitiers, Poitiers, France

8 PO2050 Molecular Dynamics simulations of plasma sputtered nanocatalyst growth William Chamorro 1, Pascal Brault 1, Amaël Caillard 1, Christophe Coutanceau 2, Steve Baranton 2, Erik Neyts 3 1 GREMI-Université d'orléans, ORLEANS, France, 2 IC2MP-Université de Poitiers, Poitiers, France, 3 PLASMANT group, Antwerp, BelgiumKapfenberg, PO2051 PO2052 Effect of the nature of plates taped on the powered electrode on dust-particles generated in a CH4 radio-frequency discharge William Desdions, Isabelle Géraud-Grenier, François Faubert, Maxime Mikikian, Véronique Massereau-Guilbaud GREMI, Bourges, France Nanoparticle cloud evolution in an acetylene dusty plasma William Desdions 1, Zahra Marvi 2, Erik Von Wahl 2, Isabelle Géraud-Grenier 1, Véronique Massereau-Guilbaud 1, Maxime Mikikian 1, Holger Kersten 2 1 GREMI, Bourges, France, 2 IEAP, Kiel, Germany PO2053 PO2054 PO2055 PO2056 In-situ monitoring of nanoparticle generation in plasma Oleksandr Polonskyi, Alexander Vahl, Jonas Drewes, Alexander Hinz, Thomas Strunskus, Franz Faupel Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel, Kiel, Germany Hydrogen Influence on the Synthesis of Tungsten Nanoparticles by Magnetron Sputtering Combined with Gas Aggregation. Tomy Acsente 1, Lavinia Carpen 1, Gheorghe Dinescu 1, Elena Matei 2, Christian Grisolia 3 1 I.N.F.L.P.R., Magurele, Romania, 2 I.N.C.D.F.M., Magurele, Romania, 3 CEA IRFM, Saint-Paul-lez-Durance, France Synthesis of particles from different metals by an atmospheric pressure plasma jet: a comparative study Andrada LAZEA-STOYANOVA 1, Valentina MARASCU 2, Gheorghe DINESCU 2 1 I.N.F.L.P.R., Magurele-Bucharest, Romania, 2 I.N.F.L.P.R. / Faculty of Physics, U.B., Magurele-Bucharest, Romania Gold nanoparticles preparation by converging-type Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Yu-Lin Kuo 1, Je-Wei Lin 2, Kuen-Yu Tsai 2 1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Taipei, Taiwan, 2 NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan PO2057 Nanoparticles produced by magnetron sputtering and its application in catalysis chemistry Jinlong Yin, Giuseppe Sanzone, Hailin Sun Teer Coatings Ltd, Droitwich, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

9 PO2058 PO2059 PO2060 Characterization of various plasma reactors dedicated to nanoparticle functionalization Cédric Vandenabeele, Anna Usoltseva, Stella Mathioudaki, Christophe Rigaux, Simon Wallon, Stéphane Lucas LARN, University of Namur, Namur, Belgium Adding advanced functional properties to nanoparticles via low-pressure plasma coating Anna Usoltseva, Christophe Rigaux, Simon Wallon, Cedric Vandenabeele, Stella Mathioudaki, Stephane Lucas Namur University, Namur, Belgium Metallic powder treatment by the magnetron sputtering technique: application to additive manufacturing axel hemberg 1, Morgane Herbin 1, Thomas Godfroid 1, Damien Thiry 2, Rony Snyders 2 1 Materia Nova, Mons, Belgium, 2 Umons, Mons, Belgium PO2061 PO2062 PO2063 PO2064 PO2065,,,,,, Characteristic Material Loading of Coupled Thermal and Dynamic Effects Generated by High-Intensity Pulsed Ion Beam X.P. Zhu 1, Q. Zhang 1, L. Ding 1, K.L. Han 1, A.I. Pushkarev 2, M.K. Lei 1 1 Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China, 2 Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russian Federation First stages of surface modification by low kinetic energy helium ions produced in a dedicated ICP-RF plasma source Anne-Lise THOMANN 1, Lucile PENTECOSTE 1, Amaël CAILLARD 1, Thomas LECAS 1, Pierre DESGARDIN 2, Marie-France BARTHE 2, Pascal BRAULT 1 1 GREMI CNRS/Université d'orléans, Orléans, France, 2 CEMHTI CNRS, Orléans, France

10 PO2066 PO2067 On the origin of the high time constant for reaching stationary superficial nitrogen content in plasma diffusion treatments of austenitic stainless steel Gregory MARCOS, Aurore Andrieux, Thierry Czerwiec Institut Jean Lamour, NANCY, France Artificial Neural Networks for the Prediction of Plasma Nitration Results Markus Mejauschek 1, Pierre Landgraf 2, Jörg Pribbenow 2, Weber Martin 1, Hanno Paschke 1, Günter Bräuer 1, Thomas Lampke 2 1 Fraunhofer IST, Braunschweig, Germany, 2 IWW - Chemnitz University, Chemnitz, Germany PO2068 Novel Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Technology for Treatment of Fibrous Materials: Low-Cost, High-Speed Finishing of Nonwoven Fabrics and Low-Temperature Calcination of Inorganic Submicron Fibers Dusan Kovacik 1, Veronika Medvecka 2, Richard Krumpolec 1, Jozef Rahel 1, Mirko Cernak 1 1 CEPLANT, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, 2 Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic Poster - Multifunctional and Smart Coatings PO2069 Investigation of surface pretreatment on cemented carbide cutting tools by plasma electrolytic polishing (PEP) for enhanced hard coating adhesion Sehoon An 1, Roland Ihrke 1, Antje Quade 1, Hendrik Riemer 2, Mirjana Petersen 3, Hanno Paschke 4, Maik Fröhlich 1 1 INP Greifswald e.v., Greifswald, Germany, 2 Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 3 Albrecht + Schumacher Oberflächentechnik, Bassum, Germany, 4 Fraunhofer IST, Braunschweig, Germany PO2070 PO2071 PO2072 Investigations on the antimicrobial effect and the surface modifications on cutting blades by atmospheric plasma jet treatment Antje Lehmann 1, Thomas Arnold 2, Thiemo Albert 3, Anna J. Dittrich 3, Peggy G. Braun 3 1 Leibniz Intitute of Surface Engineering, Leipzig, Germany, 2 Leibniz-Institute of Surface Engineering, Leipzig, Germany, 3 University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany Surface modification of oxide-covered zinc and zinc alloys by means of DBD treatment Steffen Knust 1, Andreas Czerny 2, Teresa de los Arcos 1, Claus-Peter Klages 2 Array 1 University of Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany, 2 Technische Universität Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of polyurethane foams with oxygen containing feed mixtures Vincenza Armenise 1, Fiorenza Fanelli 2, Francesco Fracassi 1 1 Dpt of Chemistry, University of Bari, Bari, Italy, 2 Institute of Nanotechnology,CNR, Bari, Italy PO2073 PO2074 Surface Modification of Polytetrafluoroethylene by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma of Dielectric Barrier Discharge with Ar/Liquid Vapor Mixture Gas Hideki Yajima 1, Izumi Serizawa 1, Masahiko Tani 2, Hiroshi Furuta 2, Akimitsu Hatta 2 1 ORC Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chino, Japan, 2 Kochi University of Technology, Tosayamada, Kami, Kochi, Japan Surface Modification by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet for Texturing Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Jhao-Yu Guo, Yu-Lin Kuo, Hsien-Po Wang

11 NTUST, Taipei City, Taiwan

12 PO2075 PO2076 PO2077 PO2078 PO2079 PO2080 PO2081 Solder Wettability Improvement in Copper (Cu) Substrate using Direct Current Atmospheric Plasma Sagung Kencana 1, Hsien-Po Wang 2, Andromeda Laksono 2, Jhao-Yu Guo 2, Wallace Chuang 3, Eckart Schellkes 3, Yee-Wen Yen 2, Yu-Lin Kuo 2 1 Taiwan Tech. (NTUST), Robert Bosch Taiwan Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan, 2 Taiwan Tech. (NTUST), Taipei, Taiwan, 3 Robert Bosch Taiwan Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan Surface Modification of Soda-Lime Glass by Low-Pressure Glow Plasma and Gliding Arc Plasma Treatments Pedram Ghoorchi Beigi 1, Leila Zahedi 1, Mohammad Reza Khani 1, Babak Shokri 2 1 Laser and Plasma Institute, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran, 2 Department of Physics, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran Batch Microwave Plasma Cleaning for Robustification of Automotive Devices Ghizelle Abarro 1, Rod Delos Santos, Jr. 1, Ariel Tan 2, Alvin Denoyo 1, Manny Ramos 1 1 ON Semiconductor Philippines Inc., Carmona, Cavite, Philippines, 2 ON Semiconductor Philippines Inc, Carmona, Cavite, Philippines,, Adaptations in diffusion treatments enable the tool life time enhancement of forging dies Hanno Paschke 1, Markus Mejauschek 2, Martin Weber 2, Kai Brunotte 3, Martin Siegmund 3, Lennard Lippold 3, Dominik Lenz 4, Guenter Braeuer 2, Bernd-Arno Behrens 3, Peter Dueltgen 4 1 Fraunhofer IST, Dortmund, Germany, 2 IST Institute for Surface Engineering, Braunschweig, Germany, 3 IFUM Institute for Forming Technology, Garbsen, Germany, 4 IFW Institute for Tool Research, Remscheid, Germany An investigation on pulsed microwave-driven plasma jet etching for borosilicate glass Faezeh Kazemi, Thomas Arnold Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering, Leipzig, Germany Fundamental research into a microwave-driven remote plasma source Mario Dünnbier 1, Joachim Schneider 1, Oliver Deppert 1, Klaus Baumgärtner 1, Steffen Riegger 2, Andreas Schulz 2, Matthias Walker 2, Günter Tovar 2 1 Muegge GmbH, Reichelsheim, Germany, 2 IGVP, Stuttgart, Germany PO2082 Optimization of novolak-based photoresists for ion beam planarization of aluminium mirrors Melanie Ulitschka, Jens Bauer, Frank Frost, Ulrich Decker, Ingrid Reinhardt, Thomas Arnold Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering, Leipzig, Germany